Ludovic Teulade has won the GlaGla race for a second time, out-sprinting Germany’s Norm Weber to repeat his 2019 success while young Dutchman Donato Freens was very impressive in third. Kaelan Lockhart from Australia looked strong all race but settled for fourth place just ahead of Denmark’s Christian “Polar Bear” Andersen.

Switzerland’s 19-year-old star Anna Tschirky finally got top step on the podium after a convincing performance, with the 19-year-old crossing almost a minute ahead of Dutchwoman Petronella van Malsen.

In true GlaGla fashion, the weather in the French Alps was sunny but absolutely freezing.

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“T-shirt Storytime” …a trip down memory lane

I found an old bag full of SUP racing event t-shirts from over the years, and I thought it might be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and share some stories from the pages of paddling history.

Live… Tonight… (and hopefully tonight only because I’m still having trouble breathing after putting on a dozen t-shirts at once) I present you with: T-shirt Storytime

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Last Paddler Standing was an emotional rollercoaster—and a disruptive new frontier for SUP racing

Kelly Margetts called it a Netflix series. That’s a bold assertion for a humble SUP race, yet by the time Paolo Marconi claimed victory after 48 hours of slow-moving suspense in Sarasota last week, Kelly’s comment was starting to sound like an understatement.

Last Paddler Standing was unlike anything we’ve seen in the world of SUP. It was less of a race and more of a journey. An emotional rollercoaster that swept up everyone it touched and somehow turned a simple, never-ending live stream into compelling viewing complete with its own vocal community. This whole event is an innovative, disruptive format for SUP racing and it might just be a new frontier for how our sport is shared.   → READ MORE


Last Paddler Standing was billed as the craziest race of the year and it didn’t disappoint. Two days of slow-moving drama and emotion as 18 paddlers attempted to be the last one standing.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in live for this grand experiment — you can now watch a replay of the final 12 hours from our 50-hour non-stop live stream (youtube won’t save longer than 12 hours).

NOTE: YouTube clipped this replay right as Paolo was completing his 48th and final lap, but we’ve uploaded “Paolo’s Finish” as a separate video below.



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Paolo Marconi (Italy)

John Knippers [retired after 47 laps]
Alex Somoano [DQ’d after 43 laps]
Bobby Johnson [retired 41]
Göran Gustavsson [retired 40]
Joshua Lanphear [retired 26]
Aleksey Synkov [retired 24]
Brendon Prince [retired 19]
Brian Richardson [retired 18]
Tony Peters [retired 16]
Denise Forner [retired 13]
Josette Lata [retired 12]
Patrick Broemmel [retired 12]
Tracy Cullinane [retired 12]
Brandon Grundy [retired 8]
Heidi Stapula [retired 5]
Anton Synkov [retired 4]
Bryant Ransom [retired 3]

Who will be the last paddler left standing in Sarasota this weekend? Meet some of the contenders in the craziest race of the year

Last Paddler Standing is the craziest race of the year. It’s part paddling, part strategy and total mindf**k. It’s also the most interesting new race format I’ve seen in a long time.

The idea is simple enough: you paddle 3.3 miles (5.3km) around a flat water canoe/kayak lake in Sarasota, Florida. If you finish within an hour you get to start the next lap. And the next, and the next, and the next until you’re literally the last paddler left standing. With predicted finishing times of 2-3 days, you will almost certainly have to paddle all day, all night, all day and all night again if you want to be crowned champion of this Kafkaesque odyssey.   → READ MORE