We’ll be live streaming the ‘Battle of the Bay’ from San Francisco on Saturday.

Battle-of-the-Bay-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-RaceNow that our shoulders and hands have recovered from the epic 11 City Tour, we’re on our way to San Francisco for the next big race on the international calendar: the 7th Annual Battle of the Bay.

With a unique combination of iconic landmarks and a stacked elite field, this 3-star “regional major” should give us a great show. But if you can’t make it to San Fran on Saturday don’t worry: we’ll be streaming the whole event on Facebook Live.

The Battle of the Bay includes the 8.5 mile distance race around San Francisco’s two iconic landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, which means we’re in for some pretty spectacular scenes during the event.    → READ MORE

Daniel Hasulyo Takes 11 City Tour Title from Brother Bruno; Brazil’s Lena Ribeiro Hangs on to Claim Women’s Crown (UPDATED)

Daniel Hasulyo
Daniel Hasulyo has shown that both of the Hasulyo Brothers are world beaters, matching brother Bruno’s heroics in Denmark by destroying the individual time trial on the final day of the 2017 SUP 11 City Tour presented by Mistral to claim victory in one of the toughest races on the planet, and in doing so give Team Starboard back-to-back 1-2 finishes in what was a grueling race even by 11 Cities standards.

Italy’s rising dark horse Martino Rogai was third, while Tahitian va’a superstar Rete Ebb finished the week strong for Team Mistral by picking up a third in the time trial that saw him take fourth overall.

Brazil’s Lena Ribeiro came home third in today’s 27km race against the clock, however the Brazilian had done enough hard work early in the week to maintain her lead all the way to the finish. Lena edged out her Mistral team mate Petronella van Malsen, with the home nation hero accepting the runner-up spot for the second year in a row.   → READ MORE

11 Cities, Day 3: Competitors Survive Rollercoaster Weather; Finish Line in Sight

This shot from @georgiasphoto pretty much sums up the @sup11citytour: green fields, canals and windmills… 🇳🇱 Day 3 was another tough one. It started nicely, with cloudy skies and an absence of both wind and rain producing perfect paddling conditions. Almost too perfect. But as competitors approached the end of the 43km stage in Dokkum, all hell broke loose. And by hell I mean the heavens: it started absolutely pissing down about 3km from the finish. We're talking monsoonal rains. I've never seen so much water fall from the sky in such a short period of time. It was so heavy that the evening news led with the story of flooded houses in the area. And this is a country that knows how to manage water better than any other, so that's really saying something. All of us – from the elite leaders to the amateur backmarkers – were caught in this biblical flood. When we finally reached the finish line soaked and shivering, the amazingly-tireless 11 City Tour volunteers were chaperoning us into a local high school gymnasium that looked more like a makeshift refugee camp. Hot soup, foil blankets and one hundred bewildered paddlers recounting what the hell had just happened. That's what this race is all about though: sometimes it's blue skies and smiles, other times it's grey skies and grimaces. But no matter what, it's always an adventure. An almighty one. And even though we all ask ourselves each day "Why the hell did I sign up for this?" we also all fall asleep each night with a certain sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. That accomplishment is almost complete, because tomorrow is the final, mercifully-short 27km stage back to the start/finish town (or "city") of Leeuwarden. However there is one last surprise in store for the elite and competition divisions: the new individual time trial with no drafting allowed, which will expose those of us who've been hanging on for dear life in the draft trains all week and add some even bigger time gaps to the overall leaderboard. Sitting on top of that leaderboard right now, and not looking like falling, are the Hasulyo Brothers from Team @starboardsup and Brazil's @lenagribeiro from Team @mistral_int. One day to go…

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CLICK HERE for Saturday’s stage results.

11 Cities: Lena Ribeiro, the Hasulyo Brothers Extend Leads on Mercifully Calm Second Stage

The @sup11citytour from above by @georgiasphoto for @starboardsup. Today's second stage was the complete opposite of yesterday: In place of piercing rain we enjoyed glorious blue skies, and instead of hellish headwinds it was a mixture of sheet glass and even some merciful little downwind stretches. After establishing a mammoth lead of 17 minutes on that brutal 50km opening stage, the Hasulyo Brothers @brunohasulyo and @danielhasulyo played defense and sat alongside a strong lead pack for the first 41 of 42km. Showing frightening levels of fitness, the dynamic duo still managed to sprint away at the end to narrowly capture yet another stage win, but @martinorogai (3rd overall), @reteebb, @bruno_tauhiro, @rafaelalexandre1 and @ricardohaverschmidt were all looking good today as well. The brothers now have a gap of about 18 minutes and seem virtually unstoppable in their quest for back-to-back 1-2 finishes. Once again, the top placings in seemingly every division were dominated by the Starboard and @mistral_int teams, with Mistral's Brazilian sensation @lenagribeiro extending her lead over talented teammate @petronella_van_malsen to a total of about 20 minutes and cementing her dark horse status in the process. The former king of the 11 Cities @bartdezwart, who opted to join the amateur "competition" division this year after draining himself in the 24hr non-stop tour earlier in the week, paddled virtually the whole day on his own to handily win his class and beat most of the elite guys in the process. The competition division is by far the biggest, with about 60 guys battling for bragging rights and personal victories in this mind-boggling four day test of physical and mental strength. Battling harder than most is SUP Racer's honourary team mate @caiogebaravaz, with the 2x SUP surfing world champ showing that he's pretty handy on a race board as well after leading the division's main pack for the first 30km today before crossing in a more than respectable 5th place. There have been plenty of commendable performances all the way through the field the past two days, while everyone the simply finishes this epic odyssey thoroughly deserves a medal…

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CLICK HERE for Friday’s stage results.

Hasulyo Brothers, Lena Ribeiro Establish Big Leads on Day 1 of Wet and Wild 11 City Tour

Congrats to the Hasulyo Brothers for smashing out a big win for Team @starboardsup in today's 50km opening stage of the @sup11citytour, and very well done to Brazil's @lenagribeiro from Team @mistral_int for claiming a massive early advantage on the women's leaderboard. Though really, anyone and everyone that simply finished today's race deserves a medal: Those were some of the toughest paddling conditions I've ever seen. The 11 City Tour has experienced more than its fair share of gnarly weather over the past nine years, but I can't imagine anything being much tougher than that. The event is billed as "The Ultimate Challenge" and today it certainly lived up to that title. The second half of today's 50km (31 mile) stage featured a seemingly-endless string of lakes that were getting battered by merciless 25 knot headwinds and stinging rains that soaked us to the bone and shattered whatever was left of the draft trains. At one point I'm pretty sure I was going backwards, and at several points my body and mind were screaming out for me to quit. Everyone I spoke to after the race seemed to have a similar experience, and most of us limped over the finish line more than seven hours after we started. Actually, I'm a little surprised I finished at all… It was a bloody nightmare out on those lakes, but it was also extremely satisfying (or at least it was at the finish). And in a weird and twisted way, I think I actually had fun out there today… I hope so anyway, because we've got three more days of this great big adventure still to come!! #sup11citytour #headwindsfromhell #cloudywithachanceofbiblicalfloods photo: @georgiasphoto ⛈️💥😳

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CLICK HERE for Thursday’s stage results.

11 Cities Update: Non-Stoppers Complete 24 Hour Epic; Gnarly Winds Cancel First 5-Day Stage

Nine brave paddlers have survived gale force winds and extreme exhaustion to complete the epic, 200+ kilometre “Non-Stop” 11 City Tour around the Dutch province of Friesland this week, as finishing times ranged from 24 to 32 hours while several others were forced to abandon their quests.

Dutchman Niek van der Linde won in a remarkable time of 23 hours 59 minutes and 48 seconds, coming home almost an hour ahead of 11 Cities veteran and pre-race favourite Bart de Zwart, while Frenchman Olivier Darrieumerlou finished runner-up for the second time after completing his odyssey in 24 hours 14 minutes.

Former champion of the five-day race Janneke Smits was the sole woman to finish the non-stop challenge this year, crossing the line after 31 cold and grueling hours out on the water.    → READ MORE

Next Stop… The Netherlands for the Epic “11 City Tour” Five Day Stage Race (UPDATED)

SUP 11 City Tour

We’re currently on the road from Denmark to the rural Dutch province of Friesland for one of the most epic and challenging events of the year: the five day, five stage, 200km SUP 11 City Tour.

To long-time readers of SUP Racer, the 11 Cities needs no introduction. It’s one of the classics on the calendar, offering bold competitors a challenge that is as much a mental test as it is a physical one.

Now in its 9th year, that mental test gets even tougher with the introduction of individual time trials, which will cement this race’s reputation as the “Tour de France of SUP.”   → READ MORE

ISA Worlds: Australia Wins Relay Gold to Retain Overall Teams Title Ahead of France and New Zealand

Team Australia

Team Australia has fended off a double attack to retain their overall teams title here at the ISA Worlds in Denmark, winning the relay on the final morning of competition to seal overall victory ahead of determined squads from France and New Zealand.

Quite fittingly, the top three placings in the team relay matched the final overall team standings, with Australia securing their fifth title in the six years of the ISA Worlds after a brave French attack fell agonisingly short, while New Zealand was also within striking distance all week but couldn’t quite close the gap.   → READ MORE