REPLAY: The “Duck Pond Challenge” live stream

Thanks to everyone who made the inaugural Duck Pond Challenge a great morning on the water here in Oz. Perfect conditions for the 13km flat water journey along Currumbin Creek. Well done to local darkhorse Jackson Cosgrove for smashing out the win after a sprint to the line against Johnny Hagan and Paul Jackson.

And thank you to everyone who tuned in on the live stream. Let’s do it all again soon! Join the Facebook Group if you want to know when Duck Pond #2 will be…

(heads up: the first 5 minutes of audio and last 10 minutes of video didn’t save; audio starts around 5 minutes 30 seconds)

(video not loading? watch on Facebook)

SUP Racer’s live streams return! I’ll be commentating the local fun race in Australia TOMORROW — “The Duck Pond Challenge”

Hood River, Oregon.

Dana Point, California.

Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina…

What do all these places have in common? They all pale in significance when compared to the mighty Currumbin Creek, Australia.

Currumbin Creek is the undisputed mecca of global stand up paddling. It’s the home of champions. The land of legends. A storied stretch of water that’s created some of the most iconic images and memorable moments in our sport’s history. Forget the Gorge, forget the BOP, forget Carolina — the infamous “Duck Pond Challenge” is surely the holy grail!   → READ MORE

Paddlecast #34: Meet the couple that’s traveling (and paddling) 16000km around the entire coast of Australia

Welcome back to Paddlecast!

I had the pleasure of chatting with an incredible couple about the awesome adventure they’ve just embarked upon. Nadia & Nico Schenk are traveling all the way around the coast of Australia in their motorhome, and just to make a little more interesting, Nico is paddling/running/riding the entire way. Yes, all 16,000km of it (that’s 10,000 miles…).

It’s an extraordinary odyssey…   → READ MORE

Paddlecast #33: Jim Terrell talks building canoes, competing in the Olympics and the early days of SUP…

It’s finally ready. After three attempts and a few days of editing, the marathon Paddlecast with Jim Terrell from Quickblade is done.

Jim Terrell is a four-time Olympian and the founder of Quickblade Paddles. We had a great chat about everything from building canoes to competing in the Olympics, the birth of QB and working with guys like Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton in the earliest days of the sport. We were also joined by Jimmy’s good friend and one of the original SoCal paddlers, Dane DeBoer, to chat about the first-ever Battle of the Paddle.    → READ MORE

Paddlecast #32: Andrey Kraytor talks “Olympics vs. Reality,” multiple passports and coaching Chinese canoe champions

Andrey Kraytor is an Olympic athlete who competed in sprint canoe at the 2016 Games and now coaches the Chinese national team. I had the pleasure of chatting with Andrey about the realities of being an Olympian, the incredible subtleties of paddling a sprint canoe and what it’s like to coach Chinese champions (spoiler alert: it’s a lot of pressure).

We also get to watch a whole bunch of canoe races, of which I’m becoming a big fan 🤨

Andrey was in the final of the C1-200m at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and these days lives in China where he’s the technique coach for the women’s national team. He’s also a total badass on a SUP even though he’s only been paddling on his feet for 2 or 3 years — he almost took the gold medal off Connor Baxter at the ICF Worlds last year in the fastest sprint race our sport has ever seen.    → READ MORE

Paddlecast #30: Tommy Buday talks Olympics, canoe racing and paddling in the bathtub

Tamas (or “Tommy”) Buday Jr. is a three-time Olympian and gun paddler from Canada (via Hungary). I love catching up with Tommy when we’re traveling to events — he’s got a great insight into paddling and is just an all-round good guy — so it was a pleasure to have him on Paddlecast today.

We had an interesting chat about Olympics, the cross-over between canoe and SUP, the introduction of women’s canoe events, his early days paddling with Larry Cain and Jim Terrell, and his first memories of pretending to paddle in the bathtub as a kid.    → READ MORE