SUPtember Double-Header: ICF set to sanction 11 City Tour in 2022 (potential ‘Ultra World Championship’ in 2023)

In news that will excite those with a passion for paddling way too far, the classic SUP11 City Tour is set to become an even grander event in 2022 and beyond. The International Canoe Federation (ICF) and 11 Cities have agreed to collaborate and form a big double-header next September (or SUPtember), with the traditional, five-day version of the 11 Cities in the Dutch province of Friesland running back-to-back with the 2022 ICF Worlds in Gdynia, Poland.

The beloved ultra will become an officially sanctioned ICF event in 2022 but the longer-term goal is even more exciting: the potential for an “Ultra-Marathon World Championship” event starting in 2023.   → READ MORE

2022 ICF Worlds: dates confirmed for Gdynia, Poland

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) has confirmed dates for its 2022 Stand Up Paddling World Championships to be held in Gdynia, Poland. The “ICF Worlds” are slated for September 7-11 and will feature the usual disciplines of sprints, course race and marathon across junior, open and masters divisions.

We even got a beach.   → READ MORE

923 days later, the Carolina Cup finally returns (and so do my bold predictions)

Incredibly, it’s been almost a thousand days since the last Carolina Cup.

A lot has changed over the past couple of years (an understatement), and in certain ways our sport is unrecognisable from what we had just a few years ago. Many new names are on podiums while many former champions aren’t even on start lines. New events are capturing our attention while old favourites aren’t even happening.

The pandemic, combined with a cultural shift in the paddling world has reorganised our sport in both good and bad ways, and while change should be embraced it’s always nice to see a friendly, familiar old face. That’s why I’m excited to have one of the true classics on the SUP racing calendar finally making a return to celebrate its 10th anniversary.   → READ MORE