Titouan Puyo Joins the Quickblade Family

Titouan Puyo stand up paddlerIn brief: Fresh off his big signing with NSP, world number five Titouan Puyo has added another sticker to his board, joining the Quickblade Paddles family.

The New Caledonian superstar officially became a Quickblade rider this week, joining NSP team mate/fellow world beater Travis Grant along with a dozen more of the world’s top paddlers…   → READ MORE

Contender: Michael Booth Wins the Forster Island Paddle Festival

Forster Island Paddle FestivalIn brief: Michael Booth has taken out the Forster Island Paddle Festival in Australia, beating a quality field and proving once again he’ll be a top 10 contender on the world rankings leaderboard this year.

Boothy won both the 10K and BOP races, with top 20 world ranked athletes Matt Nottage, Jake Jensen and Beau O’Brian sharing the minor placings.   → READ MORE

Danny Ching, Shae Foudy Win the Hal Rosoff Classic

Hal Rosoff ClassicIn brief: Danny Ching has taken out the Hal Rosoff Classic in Newport Beach, California, edging out his young 404 team mate Ryland Hart to claim one of the long-running classics of the SoCal Winter Series.

Anthony Vela stuck with the main pack on his 12’6 to claim third, while Daniel Russell and visiting Frenchman Greg Closier rounded out the top five.   → READ MORE

Is This the Next Generation of Inflatables? Reviewing Red Paddle Co’s Lighter/Stiffer “MSL” Boards

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPsWhen it comes to performance, inflatable stand up paddle boards are fast closing the gap on their carbon fibre cousins. Inflatables have proven themselves worthy (or even superior) alternatives on the rivers and in the humble world of recreational paddling, but the hardest nut to crack has definitely been the race board market.

Perhaps that’s about to change…   → READ MORE

Film Review: The Story of Casper Steinfath’s Unorthodox Life in ‘Standing On Water’

Casper Steinfath Standing On Water SUP MovieDark water, gale force winds, big surf, and three excited kids in thick wetsuits paddling out in stormy seas. The opening scenes from “Standing On Water,” Casper Steinfath’s new SUP movie that premieres in the U.S. this week, set the stage for a fascinating, hour-long journey into the life of stand up paddling’s most unlikely champion.   → READ MORE

EuroTour 2016: New Races, New Nations Set to Make Europe the Place to Be This Summer

Euro Tour
The 2016 stand up paddle race season is starting to take shape, and today another key piece of the puzzle falls into place. The new look EuroTour has just been announced, with new races, new countries and a whole bunch of cool new features set to make Europe the place to be this summer.

The EuroTour is a collection of standalone races spread across Europe from May to July, offering a unified platform to help the events, the athletes, the brands and the local paddling communities grow the sport from the grassroots up. And this season, the Tour is set to be bigger (and better) than ever…   → READ MORE

Massive Move: NSP Signs Titouan Puyo, Pairing Him with Travis Grant and Giving the Team Two of the World’s Top Five Paddlers

Titouan PuyoIn what can only be described as a ‘massive’ move, NSP has just signed world-beater Titouan Puyo, pairing him with world number two Travis Grant to instantly give the team one of the best lineups in the sport.

Formerly with Starboard, Titou has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past two seasons. He shot up to #5 on the SUP Racer World Rankings last year, and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t become #1 in the future…   → READ MORE

Unlimited Downwinder Down Under

downwind stand up paddle boardCheck out this great little clip from a new year’s downwinder in Brisbane, Australia.

That’s NSP’s own Dale Chapman wearing the GoPro, paddling the 17’10” unlimited that he helped bring to life along with NSP designer Alain Teurquetil. This is the exact same model board that Travis Grant paddled to victory in Molokai last year…   → READ MORE

Google Street View Goes Paddling

Stand Up Paddling Google Street ViewIn a world first, Google has used a stand up paddler to help bring its Street View imagery to new corners of the world. Brazilian world champ Caio Vaz took part in the special project this week, paddling around Gunabara Bay to help Google in their quest to map out all of the Olympic venues ahead of the 2016 Games in Rio.

Google has been getting more and more ambitious with its Street View project in recent years, employing these portable mapping backpacks everywhere from Stone Henge to the inside of an A380. However this is definitely the first time a SUP has been used for the project.    → READ MORE

A Cold Water Review of the Starboard Racer ‘Deluxe’ Inflatable

inflatable SUP boardInflatables are closing the gap on hard boards. They’ve already taken over in the rivers and have eaten into a huge chunk of the touring market, but even in the elite domain of racing, inflatables are rapidly improving. While the carbon fibre machines still have an edge, brands such as Red, Starboard and Mistral are all investing heavily in new inflatable stand up paddle board technology.   → READ MORE

Results, Photos and Video from the Amazing ‘GlaGla’ Race in the French Alps

GlaGla raceWhile the crew in Carolina were freezing their butts off and the Californians were enjoying a crisp morning at the Hanohano on Saturday, over in France there was yet another cold water race taking place.

The ‘GlaGla’ race, now in its third year, celebrates both the extremes of French winter and the beautiful scenery of the alpine lakes.   → READ MORE

The 2016 Race Calendar Is Filling up (Are We Missing Any Races?)

PPGs stand up paddle raceThe 2016 race season is starting to wind into gear, and while the majors don’t begin for another three months, there’s barely a single weekend free between now and December. The race calendar is already looking tight, and it’s only going to get tighter as hundreds more events get announced in the next month or two.

We’ve been adding dozens of events to the Rogue Race Calendar over the past few days, and over the next week or two we’ll add dozens more. There are now 215 races…   → READ MORE

Danny Ching, Erika Benitez Win the 500-Strong ‘Hanohano’ Race in San Diego

Hanohano SUP race 2016Danny Ching and Erika Benitez have taken out the 2016 Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge in San Diego’s Mission Bay, with 500 paddlers showing up on a crisp morning for this classic, early season race.

The Infinity speed freaks Dave Boehne & Slater Trout took line honours on their tandem SUP, while Rob Rojas snuck across for second over the line on his unlimited. But in the main battle of the 14 footers, Danny narrowly edged out his new team mate Noa Hopper, with Chase Kosterlitz, Chuck Glynn, Chance Fielder and Gabriel Beauchesne Sevigny all just seconds behind.   → READ MORE