SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Paddlecast – Daily Quarantine Edition

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The sport might be on hold but the SUP community is still connected ✌️ I want to do my part and help provide your daily dose of SUP goodness, so the SUP Racer podcast, “Paddlecast,” will now be a DAILY SHOW. Each and every day, I’ll chat with an interesting paddler from around the world to get their perspective and find out what they’ve been doing during this downtime. And you can listen free on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Subscribe today and tune in tomorrow for my chat with the 🐐 Connor Baxter.


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The 2020 edition of the world’s most prestigious race, the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships (or just “Molokai” as it’s affectionately known) has officially been cancelled due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

Athletes were informed last night and the official word got released a short time ago on Facebook and Insta.   → READ MORE

WATCH: 170 paddlers in Russia commandeered an ice floe and turned it into the world’s largest paddleboard

While the idea that you can’t be on the water for several months of the year is suddenly dawning on much of world due to the spread of the coronavirus, in the far north it’s an annual feeling as long winters freeze the rivers, lakes and, some places, even the ocean.

This is why paddlers in Vladivostok, Russia seemed so happy to celebrate the “opening” of the 2020 paddle season yesterday, with more than a hundred adventurous souls gathering on an ice floe and turning it into the world’s largest paddleboard.    → READ MORE

NOW STREAMING: Watch Casper Steinfath attempt to paddle from Denmark to Norway in the epic film “Skagerrak”

And now for some good news! With all the event cancellations and quarantines in place around the world, we probably all need something to pass the time and inspire us through these crazy days.

Fortunately for us, Casper “Viking” Steinfath has just had his epic movie Skagerrak added to Red Bull TV, which means you can now stream it free.   → READ MORE

Okay virus, now it’s personal – the ‘Yukon River Quest’ just got cancelled…

Ok, virus, now it’s personal 😑

Canada’s Yukon River Quest, one of the grandest adventures in the world and an event so close to my heart I spent three days paddling it and another three months making a movie about it, has been cancelled due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). ⁣The mind-boggling, 715km-long race, where finishing times range from 40-70 hours, sleep is rare and wild hallucinations common, was originally scheduled for the final week of June.   → READ MORE

APP cancels first two events, moves to three-event season starting September

The APP have confirmed the first two stops on their elite-only super tour have been cancelled, with the 2020 series now condensed into three events spanning six weeks from late October through early December in Japan, Spain and Paris.

The two cancellations (sounds like they’re straight up gone for this year as opposed to a postponement) were the race in France at the end of June and the Maui event in July.    → READ MORE

World’s longest paddle race – the “Yukon 1000” – is being postponed til 2021 due to the spread of the coronavirus

The world’s longest paddle race, the mind-boggling Yukon 1000, which was set to take place across eight or nine days in July, has been postponed until 2021 due to fears about spreading the coronavirus in the remote Yukon communities and the health & safety of race participants. The strict measures imposed by the Canadian government and worldwide travel restrictions would have also made the event extremely difficult to run.   → READ MORE


Organisers of the Carolina Cup have postponed the iconic event until early November due to health concerns and restrictions caused by the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The 10th annual edition of the famous Carolina Cup will now be held 4-8 November in its usual home of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. The event was originally scheduled for 22-26 April, however the state – like much of the world – has seen a virtual ban on sporting events over the past week, and a postponement for next month’s event was seen as increasingly inevitable as things escalated over the past 72 hours.    → READ MORE