Ryan Helm Goes Back To Back At The Rincon Beachboy, Over 300 Paddlers Raise Cash For Charity

Rincon Beachboy Stand Up Paddleboard race

The Rincon lineup (photo credit: Sandra Caro Public Relations)

Ryan Helm has taken out the Rincon Beachboy SUP race in Puerto Rico for the second year running today, as over 300 paddlers hit the water for a record-breaking 6th annual event.

Ryan finished the 8 mile (12.8km) elite course in just under 1 hour and 10 minutes, crossing the line 30 seconds ahead of rising Californian dark horse, Sean Pangelinan. Mexico’s Javier Jimenez (or “Bicho”), who trains with Ryan (and Fernando Stalla) down in Sayulita, showed his fighting spirit to steal third overall on his 12’6, while “local guy” Bill Kraft finished 4th overall to take one for the islands.

Over in the women’s race it was Ryan’s Riviera teammate, Helga Goebel, proving too strong, beating not only all of the women but almost two-thirds of the men as well.

The Beachboy race really seems to be one of those events that has a feel-good, laid-back vibe and a very loyal following. Apart from the fact it’s been going forever (for some perspective: the inaugural Beachboy event, way back in 2009, was held just months after the first ever Battle of the Paddle), the race is in a pretty kickass location (the world famous Rincon, Puerto Rico) and does a good job of promoting good causes (all the proceeds go to charity).

The 2014 Rincon Beachboy set a new record with a massive 310 competitors (from as young as 4 right up to 72 years old) descending on Puerto Rico’s west coast for the race. The event also helped raise over $6,000 for charity, while the top guys and girls got to share in $16,000 cash prize money (which I hear was paid out on the spot). This race has flown under the radar a little bit in the past, but it sounds like a massive, well organised event so I’m sure it’ll attract a stellar crowd next year. Could this be the Caribbean’s answer to the Carolina Cup?

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Rincon Beachboy

The Champs: Ryan Helm and Helga Goebel

2014 Rincon Beachboy: ELITE RACE RESULTS

Course: 8 miles
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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Ryan Helm01:09:5814139
2M2Sean Pangelinan01:10:2814227
3M3Javier Jimenez01:12:5212'6119
4M4Bill Kraft01:13:2114345
5M5Elvin Maldonado01:15:4014442
6M6Greg Jaudon01:16:0612'6253
7M7Belar Diaz01:16:3014537
8M8Ron Gossard01:17:0814639
9M9Jack Sauve01:17:5814726
10M10Austin Hollingshead01:19:1214815
11M11Patrick Lopez01:19:3214943
12M12Michael Vicens01:19:33141035
13M13Jorge Adrian Garcia01:19:4012'6337
14M14Jeremy Whitted01:19:4312'6439
15M15Alberto Colon01:19:53141145
16M16Kevin De Armas01:20:3012'6517
17M17Heifur Westerband01:21:23141235
18M18Michael Leason01:21:43141359
19M19Greg Carson01:22:43141446
20M20Armando Kiko01:22:57141540
21M21Meldrick Velez01:23:0912'6623
22F1Helga Goebel01:24:02F12'6137
23M22Tito Laffitte01:24:08141653
24M23Eric Bednorz01:25:15Surf137
25M24Eduard Rivera01:25:3212'6744
26M25Kelvin Maldonado01:26:2812'6816
27M26Art Wible01:26:4012'6952
28M27Miguel Angel Alvarez01:26:42141744
29M28Luiz Mendez01:27:07141841
30M29Nathan Mitchell01:27:52141925
31M30Jorge Guillermo Rivera01:28:13142043
32M31Stanley Comas01:28:55142147
33M32Enrique Padre01:28:59142238
34M33Javier Gorbea01:29:5612'61055
35M34Carlos Gonzalez01:29:59142346
36M35Orlando De Jesus01:30:00142440
37M36Raul De Pedro01:30:10142544
38M37Jose Rovira01:30:1412'61137
39M38Taylor Resnick01:30:2212'61232
40M39Guillermo De Pedro01:30:28142636
41F2Giselle Delgado Favier01:30:34F12'6238
42M40David Rico01:31:2812'61351
43M41Erbett Diaz01:32:50Surf237
44M42Corey Taylor01:32:5212'61428
45M43Carlos Rivera01:34:54Surf338
46M44Xavier Lay01:35:21142741
47M45Ramon Mercado01:35:2912'61539
48M46Luis Garcia01:35:34142841
49F3Kym Free01:36:34F12'6348
50F4Evelyn Odoherty01:37:13F12'6445
51M47Miguel Martinez01:37:16142940
52F5Kim Reilly01:41:37F12'6549
53M48Nicholas Kostallas01:42:40143023
54F6Juliana Perez01:43:20F12'6638
55F7Nydia Ralds01:43:38F Surf126
56F8Andrea Baibeche01:43:52F12'6745
57F9Pamela Baez Gonzalez01:44:24F12'6822
58M49Carlos Gonzalez01:45:22143134
59F10Aribelle Soto01:46:51F Surf234
60M50John Sloan01:47:21143228
61F11Cristina Martinez01:47:28F12'6931
62F12Kim Hillhouse01:47:32F12'61044
63M51Jose Cruz01:48:45Surf445
64F13Trish Miller01:48:47F12'61131
65F14Naomi Soto01:49:52F12'61237
66M52Jose Pomales01:50:43143345
67M53Jaime Barcelo01:52:59Surf554
68F15Camille Splain01:54:02F Surf338
69M54Juan Rosario01:56:32Surf638
70M55Victor Mu̱iz02:03:2412'61643
71M56Victor Piea02:03:50143438
72M57Jose Javier Ramirez02:06:39Surf743
73M58Dennis Farrell02:08:00143563
74F16Vanesa Rafols02:14:00F12'61349


2014 Rincon Beach Boy: OPEN RACE RESULTS

Click “M/F” to switch between men’s and women’s results
Click “Class” to show results from the different board classes
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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #Age
1M1Samuel Figueroa0:36:1514118
2M2Tony Escada0:36:3912'6133
3M3Juan Martinez0:36:5214258
4M4Miguel Jesus Alvarez0:37:2212'6216
5M5Carlos Mendez0:37:3812'6337
6M6Jose Martel0:37:4214343
7M7Luis Llorens0:37:4514444
8M8Jose Sanchez0:38:1914535
9M9Jm Kostallas0:38:2412'6428
10M10Edgardo Molina0:39:0112'6537
11M11Salvador Ayende0:39:0912'6637
12M12Yessiel Ayala0:39:1314628
13M13Scott Edrington0:39:18Surf159
14M14Antonio Laguna0:39:3014742
15M15Frank Figarella0:39:4112'6749
16M16Francisco Acevedo0:39:4514842
17M17Meshach Carson0:39:4912'6819
18M18Barry Beasley0:40:14Surf233
19M19Jose Olmo0:40:4914946
20M20Ibrahim Cordero0:41:13Surf352
21M21Jose Martinez0:41:25141048
22M22Armando Bustillo0:41:2712'6940
23M23Raul Vazquez0:41:2912'61047
24M24Louis Acevedo0:41:3812'61126
25M25Carlos Valverde0:41:4812'61247
26M26Jorge Vaz0:42:05Surf434
27M27Juan Carlos Rosa0:42:1312'61341
28M28Luis Sanchez Chaves0:42:1812'61438
29M29Enrique Paoli0:42:2212'61547
30M30Roman Lopez0:42:26Surf539
31M31Ricky Avila0:42:3612'61612
32M32Roberto Ruiz0:42:5412'61735
33M33Jose Bravo0:43:03141140
34M34Jason Woulfe0:43:24Surf638
35F1Myrna De Jesus0:43:33F12'6147
36M35Sergio Rodriguez0:43:4012'61842
37F2Geraldine Vargas0:43:46F12'6235
38F3Ana Bonnin0:43:48F12'6335
39M36Tomas Ramirez0:44:25141248
40M37Joselin Ramos0:44:2512'61942
41M38Manuel Aleman0:44:3612'62040
42M39Jorge Rivera Nieves0:44:37Surf716
43M40Filiberto Rodriguez0:44:4212'62142
44M41Ross Stevens0:44:4312'62230
45M42Mickey Nunez0:44:53Surf839
46M43Brett Doherty0:44:56Surf925
47M44Ernesto Yunes0:45:08141342
48M45Miguel Portela0:45:13Surf1039
49M46Jose Ortiz0:45:27141450
50F4Heather Whitehead0:45:31F Surf137
51M47Gustavo Bague0:45:32141542
52F5Doreingelly Nunez0:45:36F12'6416
53M48Jorge Bernier0:45:40141640
54M49Hector Babilonia0:45:4112'62346
55F6Kiara Alvarez0:45:50F12'6517
56M50Elliott Berg0:45:53Surf1156
57M51Richard F. Byrne0:45:58Surf1266
58M52Janson Colberg0:46:02Surf1357
59M53Demeb Array0:46:08Surf1436
60F7Maria Elias0:46:38F12'6647
61M54Reinaldo Agostini0:46:47141751
62M55Frank Milton0:46:47Surf1550
63M56Jonathan Pomales0:47:0912'62441
64F8Irelis Hernandez0:47:12F Surf236
65M57Jose A. Cesani0:47:1312'62552
66M58Ricardo Gonzalez0:47:38141845
67M59Mario Perez0:47:4912'62631
68F9Melisa Rivera0:47:57F12'6729
69M60Edgar Padre0:48:13141927
70M61Javier Torres0:48:14Surf1641
71M62Pedro Seda0:48:1612'62747
72F10Lizaida Hernandez0:48:20F12'6835
73F11Patricia Colon0:48:22F Surf316
74M63Jerry Muliz0:48:23142053
75M64Guy Peterson0:48:23Surf1758
76F12Lymary Santos0:48:35F12'6936
77F13Mei Gin Choi0:48:35F12'61015
78F14Linda Cirigliano0:48:37F12'61143
79M65Jorge Quinones0:48:39Surf1837
80F15Jodi Locke0:48:40F12'61247
81M66Diego Sotomayor0:48:41Surf1917
82M67Javier Marquez0:48:48Surf2032
83M68Bruce Ruiz0:48:50Surf2140
84F16Cristine Candelaria0:49:15F12'61324
85M69Cesar Irizarry0:49:2612'62851
86F17Desiree Hernandez0:49:27F12'61416
87M70Raymond Crespo0:49:31Surf2218
88M71Johnny Laconte0:49:34Surf2361
89M72Chris Mays0:49:37Surf2455
90M73Jorge Marrero0:49:5512'62934
91F18Kelley Tiffany0:49:57F Surf433
92M74Armindo Lopez0:50:2712'63060
93M75Enrique Ruiz0:50:27Surf2520
94M76Brent Murry0:51:23Surf2641
95M77Wilmer Marrero0:51:44Surf2734
96F19Yanibel Negron0:51:47F12'61526
97M78Gustavo Ruiz0:51:52142125
98M79Tito Ygartua0:52:0312'63159
99M80Norberto Medina0:52:18142251
100F20Hilda Quinones0:52:21F12'61646
101M81Domingo Melendez0:52:3012'63234
102M82Walter O De Jesus0:52:3312'63364
103M83Edward Hufnagel0:52:38Surf2872
104M84Carlos Comas0:52:48Surf2943
105F21Margarita Feranandez0:53:04F Surf550
106M85Juanma Jordan0:53:21Surf3039
107F22Teresa Rogers0:54:18F12'61754
108M86Jose Colon0:54:4112'63445
109M87Bill Rosenblatt0:54:44Surf3166
110F23Lara Toro0:55:01F Surf632
111F24Ivette Cruzado0:55:06F Surf738
112M88Hector M Lorenzo0:55:21Surf3257
113M89Jorge Cruz0:55:23Surf3343
114M90Pedro Frontera0:55:36Surf3447
115M91Esteban Lorenzo0:55:44Surf3513
116M92Ibrahim Mustafa0:56:18Surf3645
117F25Paola Rivera0:56:33F12'61815
118F26Adriana Quijano0:56:54F12'61932
119F27Sarah Gray0:57:00F12'62041
120M93Roberto Morales0:57:0112'63533
121M94Bambu Aponte0:57:01Surf3739
122M95Roland Qui̱ones0:57:2012'63648
123F28Ana Lorenzo0:57:30F Surf851
124M96Luis Hernandez0:57:3512'63745
125M97Axel Rodriguez0:57:5912'63839
126M98Luis Figueroa0:58:29Surf3852
127M99Jorge Torres0:58:32142347
129M101Leonardo Jimenes0:58:41Surf4015
130F29Adriana Valladares0:59:09F12'62139
131F30Alana Mendez0:59:48F12'62215
132M102Jose Noriega1:00:11Surf4133
133M103Roberto Lapetina1:00:13Surf4216
134F31Jennie Espada1:00:20F Surf942
135F32Georgeanne Loubriel1:00:30F Surf1052
136M104Cristian Colon1:00:57Surf4336
137M105Cesar Gomez1:01:0712'63939
138F33Juan A Morales1:01:08F Surf1147
139M106Kenneth Starrett1:01:10Surf4466
140M107Jose Marcano1:01:14Surf4528
141F34Maria Alemany1:01:25F14'125
142M108Guillermo Arbona1:01:5012'64036
143F35Ana Gomez1:02:22F Surf1238
144F36Juana Maisonet1:02:26F12'62348
145F37Ilka Soto1:03:20F Surf1343
146F38Theresa Colon1:04:15F Surf1450
147F39Delianny Jimenez1:04:18F Surf1540
148F40Kristin Muller1:05:20F12'62431
149M109Rafael Rivera1:06:03Surf4640
150M110Louis Desantis1:06:12Surf4765
151F41Miriam Lainez1:06:17F Surf1635
152M111Luis Garcia1:06:3912'64123
153F42Waleska Sallaberry1:07:42F Surf1741
154M112Fernando Oliver1:07:47Surf4842
155F43Nicole Gonzalez1:07:50F Surf1829
156F44Nicole Gonzalez1:07:53F Surf1929
157F45Kenya Gonzalez1:07:57F Surf2014
158F46Gabriela Berg-Quinones1:08:11F Surf2114
159F47Rosaly Rodriguez1:08:24F12'62534
160M113Omar Gomez1:08:3512'64236
161F48Alma Bertoni1:09:00F Surf2238
162F49Nicole Gothrie1:09:09F12'62642
163F50Simone Courtines1:09:24F12'62746
164F51Sandy Laconte1:09:44F Surf2356
165F52Andrea Puig1:09:47F12'62826
166M114Gersan De Santiago1:09:5012'64346
167M115Carlos Torres1:10:4212'64446
168F53Sheila Alvarez1:12:36F Surf2432
169M116Angel Manuel Vazquez1:13:2812'64561
170F54Marisel Aleman1:14:05F Surf2515
171F55Lizbeth Alvarez1:14:08F Surf2634
172M117Waldemar Centeno1:14:53Surf4937
173F56Gail Kotowski1:17:10F12'62964
174M118Jose Roic1:17:4012'64652
175F57Irma Cardona1:18:04F Surf2731
176F58Krystina Scott1:18:16F Surf2829
177F59Maria Babilonia1:23:31F Surf2940
178F60Anjelique Soto1:25:40F12'63016
179F61Karen Solares1:26:32F Surf3025
180M119Rolando Rivera1:27:09Surf5041
181F62Tania Soto1:27:23F12'63141
182F63Jazmine Ortiz-Quinones1:32:20F Surf3123
183F64Sonia Silva1:33:11F12'63251
184F65Gabriela Alemen1:33:26F Surf3218
185M120Nik Deems1:38:17Surf5129
186F66Marielis Irizarry1:50:03F Surf3337


Boys aged 10-12

1st: Dave Allen, 12, 0:03:56
2nd: Bryan Miguel Alvarez, 12, 0:04:16
3rd: William Cruz, 12, 0:04:24
4th: Lukas Rosario, 10, 0:04:54
5th: Maruicio Mustelier, 11, 0:04:58
6th: Giancarlo Mendez, 10, 0:05:31
7th: Joselin A Ramos, 11, 0:06:00
8th: Arturo Portalatin, 12, 0:06:21
9th: Ian Gonzalez, 12, 0:06:34
10th: Edwin Cornier, 11, 0:07:07
11th: Javier E. Torres, 10, 0:07:18
12th: Rafael Rivera, 10, 0:09:13

Girls aged 10-12

1st: Andrea Forestier, 12, 0:05:51
2nd: Ariana Rivera, 10, 0:06:13
3rd: Karina Perez, 11, 0:06:14
4th: Courtney Brown, 12, 0:06:45
5th: Lara Victoria Abrula, 11, 0:06:53
6th: Ailyn Rodriguez Santiago, 10, 0:07:17
7th: Cecilia Yunes, 10, 0:08:17
8th: Isabel M Torres, 12, 0:08:20

Boys aged 7-9

1st: Alek ramos, 9, 0:01:37
2nd: Eduardo Caro, 9, 0:01:44
3rd: Julian Carreira, 9, 0:01:51
4th: Andrew Lebron, 9, 0:02:06
5th: Gelliam Cruz, 9, 0:02:07
6th: Kiran Mendez, 8, 0:02:56
7th: Pablo Colon, 9, 0:03:03
8th: Manuel Zeno, 9, 0:03:44

Girls aged 7-9

1st: Zeo Ramos, 7, 0:02:17
2nd: Andrea Bague, 9, 0:02:24
3rd: Mar Aponte, 9, 0:02:52
4th: Darielle Bustillo, 8, 0:02:55

Boys aged 6 & under

1st: Jakob Rosario, 4, 0:03:33