RESULTS: Hal Rosoff Classic At The Newport Aquatic Center

Hal Rosoff Classic stand up paddle race

Start of today’s Hal Rosoff Classic at the Newport Aquatic Center (photo: OnIt Pro)

Full results from today’s Hal Rosoff Classic in California.

Held at the famous NAC (Newport Aquatic Center) training facility, the Hal Rosoff Classic is a bit of an institution in the southern California paddling scene. This year the race once again attracted a strong field – in total over 200 paddlers were out there on Newport Harbor this morning.

Line honours in the 5.5 mile (9km) Short Course race went to Thomas Maximus on his unlimited.

In the battle of the 14 footers it was Daniel Russell narrowly edging out Chance Fielder for the win, while visiting Frenchman Greg Closier was just 8 seconds further adrift in third. Belar Diaz was 4th, with Chuck Glynn taking 5th overall but finishing the quickest of the 12’6 paddlers.

Meanwhile in the women’s, Riviera’s Shae Foudy put in a massive effort to claim both the division win and an overall victory. The Team USA young gun took line honours on her 12’6 in a time of 50 minutes 35 seconds, while Bailey Rosen was runner-up just over a minute behind. SoCal SUP stalwart Kristin Thomas was the 4th female over the line and comfortably won the Masters division.

Great to see so many paddlers getting out there for an early season workout.

It was also great to see a well-supported kids race, where two of the under 12 girls – Alexandria Higginson and Keagan Lamar – took the top two spots.

Full results below. Check OnIt Pro’s Facebook page in the morning for their usual batch of 300-400 race photos.



2015 Hal Rosoff Classic – Short Course Results

Course: 5.5 miles (8.8kms)
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1M1Thomas Maximus0:45:21Unlimited140-491
2M2Scott Shoemaker0:46:26Unlimited240-492
3M3Michael Porra0:47:45Prone UL150-591
4M4Daniel Russell0:48:0114'120-391
5M5Chance Fielder0:48:0314'240-491
6M6Chuck Glynn0:48:0812'6120-391
7M7Gregory Closier0:48:1114'340-492
8M8Belar Diaz0:48:4714'420-392
9M9Garrit Barth0:48:5814'520-393
10M10Anthony Vela0:49:23Prone UL240-491
11M11Jeramie Vaine0:49:2514'620-394
12M12George Plsek0:49:26Prone UL340-492
13M13Nick Scheel0:49:2812'6216U1
14M14Tyler Schmuckle0:49:3614'720-395
15M15Ryan Knysh0:50:3314'820-396
16F1Shae Foudy0:50:35F12'6120-391
17M16Tyler Bashor0:50:5912'6316U2
18M17Clayton Walking Eagle0:51:1514'920-397
19M18Rodney Ellis0:51:1814'1040-493
20M19Phil Coffman0:51:2414'1140-494
21M20Ron Remeyer0:51:3014'1250-591
22M21Dale Marnati0:51:3614'1360+1
23M22Robert Howson0:51:5212'6450-591
24F2Bailey Rosen0:51:55F12'6220-392
25M23Patrick Cleveland0:52:3412'6516U3
26M24Keith Meter0:52:4012'6640-491
27M25Andew Mencinsky0:53:0114'1440-495
28M26Will Schmidt0:53:1914'1520-398
29M27Eric Diggins0:53:2212'6740-492
30M28Justin Van Dyck0:53:3312'6840-493
31M29Alan Chalom0:53:5014'1650-592
32M30Derek Turner0:53:5914'1750-593
33F3Erika Benitez0:54:20F12'6316U1
34M31Les Hopper0:54:2114'1850-594
35M32Ryan Ekedal0:54:3914'1920-399
36M33Dane Mcbride0:54:4812'6920-392
37F4Kristin Thomas0:55:02F12'6450-591
38M34Bob Crane0:55:0414'2050-595
39F5Lexi Alston0:55:05F12'6516U2
40M35Dale Goode0:55:0914'2150-596
41M36John Bland0:55:1114'2260+2
42M37Karl Treiberg0:55:1512'61050-592
43M38Adam Hart0:55:17Unlimited320-391
44M39Shawn Tierney0:55:5014'2340-496
45M40Brandon Sauls0:55:5214'2420-3910
46M41Tony Zandovskis0:56:1012'61140-494
47M42Chris Hammond0:56:2314'2540-497
48M43John Andel0:56:3112'61220-393
49M44Jack Hill0:56:4512'61319U1
50M45Stephen Baker0:56:5112'61416U4
51M46Liko Mcbride0:57:0112'61519U2
52M47Ernie Villanueva0:57:0614'2650-597
53M48Jim Baumann0:57:0914'2760+3
54M49Ray Nosse0:57:1714'2850-598
55M50Rob Griffin0:57:2112'61640-495
56M51Pete Bagoye0:57:3214'2950-599
57M52Garth Davis0:57:3314'3050-5910
58M53Jeff Sargeant0:57:5714'3160+4
59M54Dwayne Bora0:58:0114'3250-5911
60M55Dave Daum0:58:0214'3350-5912
61M56Lawrence Johnson0:58:0812'61750-593
62M57Erik Alston0:58:2112'61840-496
63F6Kerstin Ouellet0:58:30F12'6640-491
64M58Rick Stinson0:58:4014'3440-498
65M59Eric Thompson0:58:4514'3560+5
66M60John Hill0:58:4714'3650-5913
67M61Dave Boehne0:59:00Prone stock120-391
68F7Ruthy Vesler0:59:06F12'6720-393
69M62Kurt Benson0:59:2514'3750-5914
70F8Maggie Adams0:59:32F12'6850-592
71F9Jill Vickery0:59:37F12'6950-593
72M63Cameron Fraser0:59:4012'61950-594
73M64Brent Lacher1:00:1214'3840-499
74M65Pat Ryan1:00:2814'3960+6
75M66Juerg Geser1:00:3014'4040-4910
76M67John Gabriel1:00:3212'62020-394
77F10Helen Taylor1:00:36F14'150-591
78M68Terry Iles1:00:4614'4150-5915
79M69Jaime Moreno1:01:0514'4220-3911
80M70Larry Vickery1:01:2012'62160+1
81F11Gretchen Benedetto1:01:42F12'61050-594
82M71Greg Renna1:01:5114'4350-5916
83F12Steffi Schulz1:02:01F12'61140-492
84M72Chris Sinatra1:02:0514'4440-4911
85M73Michael Erlinger1:02:09Prone UL440-493
86M74Matt Chebatoris1:02:2112'62240-497
87M75Elijah Schoenig1:02:2312'62316U5
88M76Marc Nava1:02:5612'62420-395
89M77Terry Kipper1:03:0012'62560+2
90M78David Schwanbeck1:03:0212'62620-396
91F13Rosemary Vasquez1:03:21F12'61240-493
92M79Hugo Martinez1:03:3112'62720-397
93F14Suzie Yeo1:03:43F12'61350-595
94F15Maya Yoshida1:04:11F12'61420-394
95M80Nevvar Hickmet1:04:14Prone stock240-491
96M81Craig Stiff1:04:2912'62840-498
97F16Terri Wargo1:04:48F14'240-491
98F17Peggy Munoz1:05:10F14'360+1
99F18Lisa Hazelton1:05:13F12'61550-596
100F19Jill Austin1:05:21F12'61620-395
101M82Dave Ekedal1:05:5714'4560+7
102F20Loraine Gruber1:06:35F12'61750-597
103F21Jeanne Stavron1:08:06F12'61850-598
104M83Alexander Crosby1:08:45Prone stock320-392
105M84Thomas Arnold1:09:5912'62960+3
106M85Jim Brown1:12:22Prone stock440-492
107M86Rusty Doms1:13:4714'4660+8
108M87Sam Puleri1:14:0512'63020-398
109F22Jane Culp1:14:07F14'450-592
110M88Mark Meierhoefer1:15:1412'63140-499
111M89Kyle Kipper1:15:23Unlimited420-392
112M90Nate Gabehart1:15:3812'63240-4910
113M91Glyn Lister1:16:4212'63340-4911
114M92Jason Girvin1:18:3412'63440-4912
115F23Veronica Kingsbury1:19:04F12'61940-494
116M93Andy Duran1:23:0712'63520-399
117M94Jason Wexler1:23:3212'63620-3910
118F24Kathy Coryea1:25:08F12'62050-599
119F25Alida Ramganesh1:25:08F12'62140-495
120F26Julie Garrido1:25:10F14'540-492

Kids Race

Under 12 Girls
1st: Alexandria Higginson (0:07:44)
2nd: Keagan Lamar (0:07:46)
3rd: Belah Ellis (0:08:58)
4th: Lily Schryer (0:12:45)
5th: Dalila Escobar (0:14:20)

Under 12 Boys
1st: Keagan Lamar (0:07:48)
2nd: Gavin Rawle (0:08:13)
3rd: Gavin Mecinsky (0:08:16)
4th: Clinton Haltom (0:10:14)
5th: Micah di Stefano (0:10:25)

Under 10 Girls
1st: Kayla McLaucghlin (0:09:59)
2nd: Shyanne McWilliams (0:10:51)
3rd: Morgein Eash (0:12:10)

Under 10 Boys
1st: Zeke Rose (0:08:56)
2nd: Cooper Allen (0:09:01)
3rd: Chris Gregg (0:11:05)

Under 8 Boys
1st: Reagan Willey (0:09:40) *9th overall

Under 10 Girls Prone
1st: Abby Hatch (0:15:00)

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