Arthur Arutkin, Susak Molinero Win the Paris Crossing as 700 Paddlers Brave Freezing Weather to Celebrate the Sport


In brief: France’s Arthur Arutkin and Spaniard Susak Molinero have won the world’s largest SUP race, as 700 paddlers braved zero-degree weather today to participate in the bucket list adventure that is the Paris Crossing.

Arthur won a photo finish with defending champ Bruno Hasulyo, while the Viking Casper Steinfath was just seconds behind. Susak was a clear winner in the women’s, with Frenchwoman Melanie Lafenetre claiming the runner-up spot.

But the real result from today’s race was the number of paddlers on the start line. At 700 participants (give or take depending on a few last minute withdrawals and additions), the Paris Crossing has firmly established itself as the world’s biggest race. Organisers have been building the event the past seven years, and the plan is to continue increasing registration by 100 each year until it hits 1000 competitors in 2020.

We’ll have a full recap as soon as we get our hands on the full results. In the meantime, here’s a replay of TotalSUP’s livestream plus my shameless selfie shot at the Eiffel Tower.

Edit: get the full results from the amateur division and pro race.

Pro Race Results

1Arthur Arutkin1:12:20--Open30.00
2Bruno Hasulyo1:12:21+0:01Open22.50
3Casper Steinfath1:12:26+0:06Open18.00
4Tom Auber1:13:07+0:47Open15.00
5Ludovic Teulade1:13:08+0:48Open12.75
6Marcus Hansen1:14:39+2:19Open10.50
7Arvis Iljins1:14:40+2:20Open9.00
8Leo Nika1:14:41+2:21Open7.50
9Paolo Marconi1:14:54+2:34Open6.75
10Paul Lenfant1:16:50+4:30Open6.00
11Joseph Gueguen1:17:04+4:44Open5.40
12Yanis Maire1:18:31+6:11Open4.80
13Pierre-Alain De Bois1:18:44+6:24Open4.50
14Thomas Hebert1:18:48+6:28Open4.20
15Riccardo Rossi1:18:49+6:29Junior3.90
16Grégoire Vitry1:18:50+6:30Open3.60
17Oliver Shilston1:18:46+6:26Open3.30
18Nikos Syrigos1:18:54+6:34Junior3.00
19Tom Villedary1:19:03+6:43Open2.70
20Axel Vanbaelinghem1:20:30+8:10Junior2.40
21Pampinella Tommaso1:20:31+8:11Open2.25
22Marius Auber1:20:32+8:12Junior2.10
23Alexandre Rouys1:21:34+9:14Open1.95
24Alexandre Gault1:21:41+9:21Open1.80
25Boujamaa Guilloul1:21:59+9:39Open1.65
26Franck Fifils1:22:05+9:45Open1.56
27Phil Mccoy1:22:11+9:51Open1.47
28Peter Žnidaršič1:23:56+11:36Open1.38
29Ghislain Romé1:24:47+12:27Open1.29
30Edouard Chata1:24:58+12:38Open1.20
31Sebastien Pichon1:25:31+13:11Open1.14
32Wolfgang Guetg1:26:17+13:57Open1.08
33Mickaël Dumont1:28:22+16:02Open1.02
34Stéphane Guillermin1:28:56+16:36Open0.96
35Jean Frédéric Tillié1:29:18+16:58Open0.90
36Franz Orsi1:32:37+20:17Open0.84
37Hugo Steylaers1:32:40+20:20Open0.78
38Théotime Hervy1:33:36+21:16Open0.72
39Henri Roman1:33:38+21:18Open0.66
40Carsten Schuur1:33:52+21:32Open0.60
41Ludovic Machinet1:35:11+22:51Open0.57
42Sebastien Le Meaux1:35:19+22:59Open0.54
43Etienne Pree1:37:01+24:41Open0.51
44Vincent Lion1:39:31+27:11Open0.48
45Ismail Hasan1:42:36+30:16Open0.45
46Apehau Tching Piou1:44:49+32:29Open0.42
47Paul Graindorge1:46:14+33:54Open0.39
48Stanislas Bizard1:46:19+33:59Open0.36
49Francois Larsonneur1:46:28+34:08Open0.33
50Paolo Nardini1:46:33+34:13Open0.30
51Frédéric Bour1:46:38+34:18Open0.00
52Damien Le Bihan1:47:09+34:49Open0.00
53Emmanuel Michaut1:52:11+39:51Open0.00
54Maris Freimanis1:53:28+41:08Open0.00
1Susak Molinero1:22:17+9:57Open20.00
2Melanie Lafenetre1:24:21+12:01Junior15.00
4Chevarria Angela1:27:31+15:11Open10.00
5Ines Blatgé1:27:55+15:35Junior8.50
6Neza Jarc1:28:50+16:30Open7.00
7Noelani Sach1:28:51+16:31Open6.00
8Konstantina Kontarini1:32:15+19:55Open5.00
9Mihailova Julija1:32:49+20:29Open4.50
10Holly Henderson1:33:01+20:41Open4.00
11Julie Paoletti1:33:16+20:56Open3.60
12Virginie Samson1:33:37+21:17Open3.20
13Sara Oddera1:37:10+24:50Open3.00
14Nadine Cartron1:38:00+25:40Open2.80
15Anne Sophie Maugey1:47:30+35:10Open2.60
16Babette Schuur1:48:05+35:45Open2.40
17Anna Occhiogrosso1:52:06+39:46Open2.20

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