Association of Paddlesurf Professionals (APP)

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APP cancels first two events, moves to three-event season starting September

The APP have confirmed the first two stops on their elite-only super tour have been cancelled, with the 2020 series now condensed into three events spanning six weeks from late October through early December in Japan, Spain and Paris.

The two cancellations (sounds like they’re straight up gone for this year as opposed to a postponement) were the race in France at the end of June and the Maui event in July.    → READ MORE

The Waterman League Announces Final Schedule for Its 2017 ‘APP World Tour’ (the New ‘Stand Up World Series’ with Big New $$)

red-bull-heavy-water-stand-up-paddle-race-san-franciscoThe Waterman League has announced the final schedule for its bold new APP World Tour, the rebranded version of the old Stand Up World Series that comes with a lot of new hype alongside a major new investment round that may finally see the League fulfill the ambitious vision it’s been working towards for more than half a decade.

After a determined but under-funded five years that saw the World Series run on a shoe-string and often encounter financial difficulties, the Waterman League has landed a multi-million dollar investment from a Hong Kong-based private equity firm that will give them a fresh new start and secure the elite circuit for at least the next few years.   → READ MORE