Battle Of The Paddle: Civil War

Battle of the Paddle SUP race chaosMate Against Mate, State Against State: Country-by-country predictions for the biggest race of the year

Seeing how the Battle of the Paddle is going to be so tough to predict this year, I figured we should have some fun and look at the top contenders in each of the major countries and regions, rather than just the overall front runners. I’ll still be releasing my predictions for the Top 10 on Friday morning, however with conditions looking epic (for the spectators at least) it’s going to be VERY tough to get it right.

So I guess this is my way of throwing out as many names as possible and hopefully catching every contender in the net…   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Cheat Sheet: When, Where and What’s Happening In SoCal This Week?

Battle of the Paddle updatesThe countdown to the biggest race of the year is in full swing. Less than four days ’til Show Time. Four days til we find out who takes the glory and bragging rights for the next 12 months. Four days til we find out if 12’6 race boards can physically handle the waves at Salt Creek. Four days til the stand up paddling world stops for 48 hours…

There’s nothing quite like the Battle of the Paddle. And now, thanks to Starboard, is the home of the BOP. All this week we’ll be previewing the big dance, leading up to our 48-hour LIVE BLOG on race weekend, which will include real-time, play-by-play commentary of the racing.   → READ MORE

Help Name This Crazy, Giant, Oversized New Inflatable From Starboard (And Win Some Cool Stuff)

Starboard big inflatable stand up paddle boardStarboard Battle Week isn’t all about serious racing and painful carnage. It’s also about having fun. And right now nothing says fun like a giant, oversized, ridiculously-large inflatable stand up paddleboard.

This beast is Starboard’s new inflatable SUP board. It’s 18 and a half feet long. It’s 60 inches wide. It comfortably fits 8 paddlers at once. It even has proper fins for surfing. It’s bloody awesome. Only problem: It doesn’t have a name yet… And that’s where you come in.   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle: No Live Webcast Again This Year (So Here’s How You Can Follow The Action Instead)

Battle of the Paddle buoy turn 4“Is the Battle of the Paddle gonna be streamed live this year?” “Will the BOP have a webcast?” “Where can we watch the race?” “Where’s the webcast?” “Webcast?” “Webcast?!?”

Every year I get this type of question from hundreds of fans around the world. The Battle of the Paddle is the biggest race on earth and SUP die-hards across the globe wanna see it go down as it happens. However in recent years they’ve been frustratingly cut out.    → READ MORE

Oh The Humanity… 56 Photos That Show The Greatest Battle Of The Paddle CARNAGE Sequence Of All Time

Battle of the Paddle carnage photosFive days until the Battle of the Paddle, which means just five days until we get to see if Salt Creek lives up to the hype: Will we get the waves we’ve been hearing about for months? Will there be all-time carnage? Chaos? Flying paddles? Broken boards? We, the spectators, can only hope…

Though Salt Creek will have to really turn it on if it’s going to beat Doheny’s storied history of chaos and carnage. Each year we need to look no further than the infamous “Hammer Buoy” – the first inside turn on the Elite Race course – for an endless highlights reel of dings and destruction. And last year’s BOP gave us perhaps the most insane Hammer Buoy carnage sequence of all time…   → READ MORE

First Look At The Battle Of The Paddle Heat Draws (For The Men At Least – Straight Up Final For The Women This Year)

Battle of the Paddle buoy turn (0)Seven days until the Battle of the Paddle. That’s one whole week, which means a good chunk of the notoriously-tardy elite paddlers probably haven’t even registered yet. But while there’s still plenty of time left to sign up, I say it’s never too early to start looking at the form guide.

So with that in mind, here’s your first look at the Battle of the Paddle Elite Race heat draws.   → READ MORE

WATCH: 11 Clips That’ll Get You Amped For The Battle

Battle of the Paddle videosSeven days until the Battle of the Paddle. Seven days til we find out who’s going to step it up and take the glory. Seven days til we get to see exactly what the waves at Salt Creek can do to a 12’6 race board.

While we’re waiting, let’s look back at some of the classic clips from Battle history that’ll surely get you amped for this year’s big race. If you’re looking for a lazy Saturday (or Sunday, if you’re in Australia) then here are a dozen of the best Battle of the Paddle videos that’ll kill a couple of hours for ya:   → READ MORE

The NEW Battle of the Paddle Course Maps

Battle-of-the-Paddle-Salt-Creek-Elite-Race-course-mapWe stirred up a lot of debate a few months ago by revealing the course maps for Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek. Well forget whatever your opinion was, because every single course (Open, Elite and Distance races) has been totally changed.

Here are the NEW Battle of the Paddle course maps. Though with some decent surf expected to hit Salt Creek on the eve of the event, we could see some additional, last minute changes to these courses, depending on the size and direction of the swell.   → READ MORE

Starboard Battle Week: The Countdown To The Battle Of The Paddle Is On…

Battle of the Paddle 2014
The Battle of the Paddle. The BOP. The Super Bowl of SUP. It’s the biggest stand up paddle race on earth. And it’s only one week away…

The Battle is a unique and very special event: It almost single-handedly gave rise to professional SUP racing as we know it. The Battle of the Paddle is the one race where virtually every single elite paddler in the world shows up to throw down. It’s the one event that virtually every stand up paddling fan gets excited about.

And this year’s Battle – complete with new location at the wave crashing Salt Creek – could be the most exciting year ever.   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle BRAZIL Returns: New Date, New Location, New Prize Money

Battle of the Paddle Brazil resultsDust off your skimpy beach outfits and brush up on your Portuguese: The Battle of the Paddle Brazil is set to return bigger and better this year.

The 2014 Battle of the Paddle Brazil (or Battle of the Paddle Brasil for the purists) will be happening on the weekend of November 22nd & 23rd. Prize money has been ramped up to $25,000 and the whole event is moving south.   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Riviera Take A Boat, Some Big Names And A Drone To Preview The Battle Of Salt Creek

Well that was freakishly good timing.

Just a few hours after we posted our First Look at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle Course Maps, the crew from Riviera Paddlesurf finished uploading their special new video: A preview of the BOP’s new venue at Salt Creek.

The Riviera guys, along with everyone’s favourite man-child Chuck Patterson (plus a few other big names) recently took their boat, boards and drone camera to Salt Creek to inspect the area. On what looked to be a perfect sunny day (is it ever not summer in SoCal?), the gang captured some amazing shots and cool insights about the place we’re all gonna be hanging out on the first weekend of October.

In short: Everyone seems pretty excited about the new venue. Looks like a beautiful beach and has the potential to host an all time race if conditions play along.   → READ MORE

First Look At The 2014 Battle Of The Paddle Course Maps: A Lot Has Changed… (UPDATED With Video)

Battle Of The Paddle Elite RaceSo it looks like the Battle of the Paddle crew updated the official event website a couple of days ago. Finally. That old design had been around for years aaaages and was getting very stale… The new design looks fresh, clean and makes the event way easier to navigate. But even if you’re not a design snob like me, today’s news isn’t totally irrelevant: With the updated site design comes a lot of new info about this year’s race, including a first look at the 2014 BOP course maps.

As we announced a few months back, the 2014 Battle of the Paddle is at Salt Creek, moving a few miles up the coast and away from its traditional home at Doheny. The new location has generated plenty of debate, with a focus on how organisers would deal with Salt Creek’s heavier surf.

The new venue of Salt Creek isn’t the only major change though, with radically redesigned Elite Race, Open Race and Distance Race courses on offer. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect on the first weekend in October…   → READ MORE

#comebackshak: Why Shakira Westdorp Was The #1 Athlete At The Worlds (And How She’d Be A Contender At The BOP)

2014 ISA Worlds Nicaragua Final Day (6)Australia’s Shakira Westdorp was the best all-round athlete at the ISA Worlds in Nicaragua. No question. An amazing performance, where she scored four medals across both surfing and racing, showed just how strong this humble paddler is and what could be in store if Shak ever wanted to take racing seriously.

After reaching the final of her preferred SUP surfing, the Aussie defied expectations to claim silver in the distance and then go one better in both the short course and team relay. As Shak said in her own words: “I came here to win the surfing but ended up winning the race… Can’t believe it!”

So now how about the Battle of the Paddle?   → READ MORE

The Battle Of Salt Creek: BOP California Gets A New Home, Says Goodbye To Doheny

Battle of the Paddle Salt CreekAfter months of rumours, whispers and behind the scenes negotiating, it’s now official: The 2014 Battle of the Paddle will not be at its traditional home of Doheny State Beach, but instead will move five minutes north to Salt Creek.

The Battle of the Paddle California, which for the past six years has been the biggest race of the season and the only race that’s been able to attract virtually all of the world’s best, will also be on a new weekend this year: October 4th & 5th, one week later than its usual last-weekend-in-September time slot.   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Drug Testing Results: Negative

Battle of the Paddle drug testingRemember the big fuss about drug testing at the Battle of the Paddle this year? It caused quite a debate when the news was announced a few months back, but since the event finished we haven’t heard a whole lot about how it went and, more interestingly, what the actual test results were…

And while there’s been no formal announcement, we’ve learned that the official results are in and can confirm NO athletes tested positive. Every athlete passed. That’s obviously very good news for the BOP event and the sport of SUP racing in general – the last thing a sport this young needs is a drug scandal.   → READ MORE

Heads Up: 2014 Battle Of The Paddle California Dates Are Not Yet Set…

Battle of the Paddle CaliforniaThis is a public service announcement for all die-hard Stand Up Paddlers… Put a hold on your bookings for Dana Point in September 2014: Next year’s Battle of the Paddle California has not yet set its exact dates and may actually be moving away from the traditional “last weekend in September” time-slot.

In a sport that has more event changes, postponements and cancellations than a nervous bride, the Battle of the Paddle California is generally one race that locks in its date more than twelve months ahead. That’s not the case right now though, as the organisers are still working (or rather, battling) with the local authorities to get the right weekend set in stone.

The event is definitely happening, no question, it’s just a matter of which weekend. For the past few years it’s been held the last weekend in September, which has given paddlers a rock to anchor their entire season around. But next year it might have to move…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell Sets New Record: Only Paddler To Compete In Every Single Battle Of The Paddle

Jim Terrell Stand Up PaddlerJim Terrell: Four-time Olympian. Quickblade Paddles founder. Equipment (and technique) pioneer. Forward thinker. The Mad Scientist of SUP…

Well now Jimmy has a new feather to put in his crowded cap: The only paddler in the world to have competed in every single Battle of the Paddle Elite Race.

All nine of them… Six in California, two in Hawaii and now one in Brazil.

From that first ever Battle of the Paddle way back in 2008 (where he got 5th) through to Dana Point 2013, as well as side trips to the 2x Battle of the Paddles Hawaii and his recent adventures in Brazil, Jim Terrell is the only paddler that’s been on the start (and finish) line of every single Elite Race.    → READ MORE

[VIDEO] 2013 Battle Of The Paddle Highlights Reel

Battle of the Paddle video 2013Riviera has released a video for every single Battle of the Paddle California, stretching right back to the inaugural event in 2008. Every year they do a great production that captures the vibe of the BOP and 2013 is no different…

So watch this snappy little three and a half minute clip from Dana Point last month to see plenty of race footage and just get a good feel for the event in general (oh and you’ll get to enjoy some pretty sweet door-surfing skills…).   → READ MORE

WATCH: Video Footage Of That Crazy Hammer Buoy Crash

Battle of the Paddle Hammer BuoyAnother day, another post about Battle of the Paddle carnage… We saw some great Hammer Buoy photos yesterday, but now here are a couple of videos showing the same sequence.

Watch the beautiful chaos in all its glory below. This is why we love the BOP…

(I swear the Hammer Buoy is becoming more famous than most of the paddlers who go around it)   → READ MORE