Confirmed: The 2013 Battle Of The Paddle BRAZIL Is On

Battle of the Paddle BrasilIt’s official: The Battle of the Paddle Brazil is ON, with organisers today confirming new dates and a new location today as the iconic SUP race gets set to leave U.S. shores for the first time this October.

The venue and the name have changed slightly but everything else looks the same. Battle of the Paddle Brazil will have the same BoP format the same BoP prize money that we know and love from California, but in a much more exotic locale…   → READ MORE

What’s Up For Grabs At Dana Point? A Closer Look At The Battle Of The Paddle Prize Money

Battle of the Paddle prize money There are only 56 days until the 2013 Battle of the Paddle lights up Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California… 56 days until the world’s best paddlers will duke it out for the glory and bragging rights that come with winning the Super Bowl of SUP. It’s all happening September 28th & 29th and even though that’s nearly two months away, we figured it’s never too soon to start dissecting every little detail… First up: PRIZE MONEY.

No surprises if you’ve followed the BoP in the past: It’s still $25k and most of that still goes to the main event, the Elite Race. But click through to see a full break down of the Battle of the Paddle prize money plus an interesting look at the split in $$ and participation between men and women (just in case the ‘prize money debate’ fire needed any more fuel…).   → READ MORE

It’s Official: The Poster Is Out And Registration Is Open For Battle Of The Paddle 2013

Battle of the Paddle 2013 The countdown to the 6th Annual Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle Of The Paddle is officially on, with registration open and a familiar looking poster doing the rounds of Facebook. For the sixth year in a row the world’s best will head to Dana Point, California to do battle and chase the glory & bragging rights that come with winning the biggest race of the year.

It’s all happening September 28th & 29th. The format and prize money is more or less the same, the only noticeable change is that women will now be racing 14 footers in the distance race, same as the men.

We also heard this week that BoP 2012 officially set the record for the most ever competitors in a SUP race, with 404 paddlers completing the Open Race last year (strange coincidence… 404 paddlers… the same year that Danny Ching dominates the event… what’s his board brand called again?)

This year the Rainbow Sandals crew are hoping to step it up, with a new record for “most paddlers in a race” plus the uber novelty award: Most Surfers On A Single Wave (the record was only narrowly missed last year…).   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle 2013: 100 Days And Counting…

Jamie Mitchell's JM100
You can officially start getting excited: only 100 days until the 2013 Battle of the Paddle. 100 days until we return to the place where it all began: Dana Point, California. It’s the biggest race of the year. It’s the Super Bowl of SUP. In fact it’s the race that kick-started this whole sport..

The 2013 Battle of the Paddle is happening September 28th & 29th and as always will feature the very best Stand Up Paddle racers in the world. One of those is Jamie Mitchell, a former BoP winner and permanent fixture on the podium who this year wants to step things up a notch. Forget his 10x World Paddleboard Titles and “JM10″ …this is the JM100.   → READ MORE

Today Officially Marks The “BoP Equinox” – Dana Point Is Only Six Months Away

Battle of the PaddleSUP race fans, trivia nerds and astronomical observers rejoice: Today marks the “BoP Equinox”, the halfway point between the last Battle of the Paddle and the next one.

It was exactly six months ago today that Danny Ching and Annabel Anderson were victorious in Battle, and it’s exactly six months until we head back to Doheny State Beach in California to do it all again. So as far as the world of SUP racing goes, today is the shortest day of the year. From here on in the countdown to the BoP is on. Time to start getting excited…   → READ MORE

Battle of the Paddle Rio Postponed

Battle of the Paddle Rio date changeWhat is set to be one of the biggest SUP races of 2013, the Battle of the Paddle Rio, has been postponed. The event was due to happen on April 5th, 6th & 7th, but has now been moved to October.

The event is definitely not cancelled, it’s just postponed until October. The decision was only just made and the official announcement went straight up on the official BoP Rio Facebook page.

We’re going to chat with the organisers this week and give you more details on why this happened, as well as what sort of fun we can expect in October. It’s a major bummer that this happened (especially if you already booked flights), but hey, it’s Rio… and it’s the Battle of the Paddle… how can it not be fun?   → READ MORE

Save The Date: 2013 Battle Of The Paddle California

The Battle of the Paddle, the biggest and most prestigious event in the sport of SUP racing, has selected its dates for 2013. The 2013 Battle of the Paddle California will be happening the weekend of September 28th & 29th at the usual spot: Doheny State Beach, Dana Point.

The 2012 BoP was a record breaker after 200 paddlers entered the Elite Race and over 400 competed in the Open Race, with the latter officially scoring the title of “largest ever SUP race” from the Guinness Book of World Records. The 2013 Battle of the Paddle should be even larger and word is the organisers are working hard to take things to the next level this year, particularly in terms of sponsorship and promotion.   → READ MORE

Top 10: Battle Of The Paddle Shorey Carnage Pics

Sure, the Battle of the Paddle was over a month ago, and it’s almost six months until the next one, but it’s always BoP Day as far as we’re concerned. And nothing says Battle of the Paddle quite like a bit of carnage…

Apart from perhaps photos of the Hammer Buoy chaos, the shorebreak gets more camera attention than any other part of the Battle. Even if there’s only 1-2ft waves, there’s still a lethal shorey thanks to the steep sand bank at Doheny State Beach.

The Dohney shorebreak has claimed plenty of victims, provides a boom for the ding repair industry every September, and always offers plenty of entertaining photos… So here are ten of the best from last month’s Battle of the Paddle.   → READ MORE

Where Are All The 20-Somethings…?

Here’s a random, kinda weird stat from last month’s Battle of the Paddle: Nobody in the Top 18 of the Men’s Elite Race was between the ages of 20 and 28 (aka the prime age for competitiveness in most sports…).

To make things even more odd, there was a perfectly even split on either side; virtually half the top finishers were under 20, while half were over 30. So where’s the missing generation of 20-somethings in our sport…?   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] The 2012 Battle Of The Paddle Comes Full Circle…

Chris Aguilar from Soul Surf Media came out with the very first video of the 2012 Battle of the Paddle. Just a few hours after the Elite Race wrapped up, Chris had released an awesome clip of the action that went on to collect 5,000 plays.

Now he’s back with the full-length version, featuring plenty of SUP racing action from the Bop, as well as interviews with Candice Appleby, Jamie Mitchell, Morgan Hoesterey, Daniele Guidi, Alison Riddle, Joe Bark, Sofia DeWolfe, Kimberly James, and Anthony Vela (and some random guy in a blue hat…).

Another Epic BoP Sequence…

Check out this awesome sequence of Jenny Kalmbach and Brandi Baksic at the Battle of the Paddle last weekend.

This was the end of Sunday’s Distance Race. After 1 hour and 46 minutes of paddling, Jenny and Brandi were neck and neck as they shared a wave towards the shore (and the final sprint up the beach to the finish line). Annabel Anderson and Candice Appleby had already finished, so these two were battling it out for 3rd place and the final prize money spot. Click through to see the full sequence…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Battle Of The Paddle 2012

What a crazy weekend.. the 2012 Battle of the Paddle has come to a close, but competitors, spectators and fans will be talking about this event for months and years to come.

There were so many highlights and memorable moments. From Danny Ching reclaiming his crown, to Annabel Anderson announcing herself as the new women’s champion, to a bunch of stoked young groms charging like crazy. They call the Battle of the Paddle “Super Bowl of SUP” for a reason…

We’ll have a full weekend recap soon, but in the meantime relive the action with the complete results from the 2012 Battle of the Paddle…   → READ MORE

SUPracer’s Battle Of The Paddle LIVE Coverage Archives

We’ve just wrapped up the 2012 Battle of the Paddle, and what a crazy weekend of SUP racing it was.

If you hit at any point over the past 48 hours, you would have seen we were covering the event live. It was a lot of fun and we had thousands of people following our live commentary and updates. Click through to relive the action…   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Kids Race: Epic Sequence

Check out this awesome sequence from the Kids SUP Race, which just took place down here at the Battle of the Paddle. This is young Trent Carter charging through to the beach. In the first shot it looks like he’s about to eat it, but he makes an incredible recovery to surf all the way through. Trent’s only 10 years old and even more impressively he hails from Lake Tahoe, so he’s not even used to the waves…   → READ MORE