Your breakfast briefing: Vikings, Japan and the world’s straightest SUP race.


Good morning and welcome to your daily briefing, Brekkie Bites. Each day I’ll be sharing a few bite-sized bits of news to keep you updated on what’s been happening in the SUP world.

This is episode #002 of Brekkie Bites; catch up on yesterday’s episode to find out why I started this new column.

Here’s the latest…



Casper Steinfath is crowdfunding the release of a new movie that chronicles his epic “Viking Crossing” between Denmark and Norway.

The athlete-turned-adventurer completed the crossing earlier this year after falling narrowly short back in 2017. Casper had a crew filming the entire adventure, and now it’s headed for the big screen.

The Viking is aiming to raise 100,000 Danish krone (about $15,000) via Kickstarter, and as of writing, he’s about to hit the magic mark.

Edit: The team has just hit the funding milestone, so keep an eye out for Casper’s new movie early next year (you can still contribute and score yourself a ticket to the premiere).

Viking Crossing – Documentary




Speaking of crossings, one of the most interesting races in the world happened earlier this month: The 8th Annual Corinth Canal SUP Crossing in Greece.

It’s an event I like to call “the world’s straightest SUP race” because it follows the 6.5km (4 mile) canal that cuts through the Isthmus of Corinth. The famous waterway is only 20 metres wide but the walls are 80 metres high, which produces some epic photos from above.

This year’s race set a new record of 500+ competitors, which puts the Corinth Canal in the big leagues alongside the GlaGlas, Chattajacks and Paris Crossings of the world.

Add it to your bucket list for 2019.




With elite racing becoming so “niche” and participation numbers at some of the more-famous events on the wane (PPGs, for example), it seems that “adventure racing” or just adventure paddling, period, is one of the most positive ways forward for the sport.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said the phrase “bucket list” over the past 18 months, but I do know it’s a term that gets me excited to go paddling. And I’m clearly not alone.

Which got me thinking: perhaps it’s time for an unofficial “Bucket List World Tour”? No points, no prize money, just one hell of an adventure around the world.

What would the obvious candidates be? The Corinth Canal Crossing, Krumlovsky, Paris, GlaGla, the 11 Cities, Red Dragon World Champs, Maliko, Hood River, Iceland… the list goes on. Let’s make it a thing.

The Corinth Canal SUP Crossing — a definite starter on the “Bucket List World Tour




The 7th Annual “All Japan Championship Race” aka the Japanese national titles were held last weekend in Enoshima (just south of Tokyo).

Long-standing #1 Kenny Kaneko held off the fast-rising kids to claim another title. (If Casper is the “Viking of SUP,” does that make Kenny the Samurai?)

The next generation is right on Kenny’s tail though: 15-year-old Rai Taguchi (who had a great result at last month’s 4-star Japan Cup) took second overall and staked his claim as a future number one. Akira Murata was third followed by Ryohei Yoshida.

25-year-old Rika Okuaki took the women’s crown off former champ Takayo Yokoyama. Rika hails from the tiny, tropical island of Zamami (home to The Paddle League’s Kerama Blue Cup) where she trains the local junior squad.

Japan’s highest-ranked athlete, world number five Yuka Sato, missed the event in order to race the epic Ultra T80 river marathon.

2018全日本選手権 VLOG プロフィールのリンク先から✅/ 2018 Japan SUP National Championships VLOG now up on YouTube. Link in Bio. #jpaustralia_sup #kanekopaddles #surftrump555 @zakuro_ya #自然電力 #aerotechocean #bravo! #patagoniajp #garminjp #teva #江戸一 #shotznutrition #vmgblades #spyopticjapan

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✔︎ ⁎ 全日本SUP選手権大会がおわり 座間味に帰ってきました〜✈︎ ⁎ 結果は、 ロングディスタンス 3位 テクニカル 1位 総合 優勝🏅 ⁎ 応援してくれた皆様、 本当にありがとうございました🤝 ⁎ 結果だけ見れば本当に嬉しくて 嘘なんじゃないかって思うくらいですが、 今は悔しい気持ちのが100勝ってます…🤭 レースの内容や私の技術・知識レベル 本当の実力はまだまだ全然足りなくて 納得のいくレースではなかったです💭 ⁎ トップ選手と同じフィールドで戦えたこと、 自分の位置を確認できたこと、 私に足りないところを見つけられたこと、 大きな収穫になりました🤲 ⁎ 自分の力で心から喜べる結果を出せるように 来シーズンに向けて再始動します💨 ⁎ 寒くてコンディションが悪い中 私たち選手の安全を確保してくださっていたオフィシャルの方々、 マリンスポーツが多い東浜での開催を 主催してくださった実行委員の方々、 わざわざ会場まで応援に駆けつけてくださった DRIFTERのお客様、日体大の先輩方、友達、家族、 そしていつもサポートをしてくださるSICの方々 同じフィールドでレースをしてくださった選手の皆さん、 私にこのような素敵な時間を本当にありがとうございました❤️ 感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです🙏 ⁎ これからも応援よろしくおねがいします📣 ⁎ #全日本SUP選手権大会#全日本 #alljapan#sup#standuppaddle ⁎

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