Your breakfast briefing: Larry Cain claims five-straight in Tennessee; Seychelle goes back-to-back.


Good morning and welcome to your breakfast briefing for Sunday, October 28. After two days out of the kitchen, we’re back into our daily updates from the world of SUP.

Here’s the latest…


Olympic gold medalist and ageless robot Larry Cain has claimed an incredible fifth-straight Chattajack title, earning himself both a place in the sport’s history books and a priceless belt buckle8 at the same time.

The Paddle Monster coach outlasted John Batson and Brandon van Elslander along 31 miles of the scenic Tennessee River Gorge. The Paddle Monster coach was full of praise for his fellow race leaders:

Chattajack has quietly built itself into one of the world’s premiere stand up paddle races. Over 500 starting spots sell out in hours every year (six months out form race day), while the event has earned the nickname “The Inland Molokai” for its mix of challenge and prestige.

* Chattajack also gives out a very special belt buckle to all paddlers who successfully complete five-straight Chattajacks. There were 18 competitors in contention this year.




While Larry Cain had close company in the men’s race, Seychelle was far too strong in the women’s, claiming her second-straight Chattajack crown in convincing fashion and chilly temperatures.

The victory caps off one hell of a season for the Floridian — Seychelle won her third 11 Cities title last month and finished fourth on The Paddle League World Tour.

Indeed, Seychelle reminisced about her other big victory when I asked her about the conditions: Chattajack was “Holland weather on a cooler day” said the champ.

“Everyone in the first 1/3 of the pack, including myself said it was pretty good”,” Seychelle continued “Low 50s [50 Fahrenheit is 10 Celcius] and a little bit of rain, light headwinds the whole time and not too bad with the current pushing us along. But strong headwinds for the last few miles which was really tough…”

Here’s how Seychelle summed it up in her own words. We’ll have full results posted as soon as we can find them.

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I am sure there are a million better quality photos being posted later this week, but I can’t wait. So I’m using the few I have on my phone to tell the story of yesterday’s 32 mile race. Stoked to 1st place in the 14’ women’s division. It’s a little disappointing when everyone immediately forms draft trains off the start and you’re not allowed to join them because of your gender. But I didn’t let it bother me. Instead I just took the opportunity to have a really beautiful, really long paddle down the Tennessee River. Enjoyed the views of the leaves changing and the misty mountains. The weather was mostly great. It was upwind almost the whole time but only really bad for about 3 miles. We also had less current than expected pushing us down stream. So even though I had my best and strongest Chattajack race yet, no crashes, no lulls in energy, no cramps, and no negative mental chatter, it was my slowest finishing time of the 3 years I’ve done this race. Yes it was tough. Yes it hurt. But there is this amazing thing that happens with experience, the confidence to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. I am so proud of everyone who got out there yesterday and gave it there all! Even those that had to make the brave decision to pull out, or to sacrifice their race to help another in need. All 600 of you are incredible, badass humans in my mind. I was on the new @sicmaui RS 21.5 and just cruising along so nicely all day. no wonder the RS was the most popular board on the course for the second race I’ve been to this month. 3 out of the top 10 men and 1&2 for the women’s 14’ division all riding rs. Way to represent team SIC! And the @pdlmnstr members were out in force! My extended paddle family! I love you guys. I love this community. I love this sport. Thank you to my sponsor for their amazing support @sicmaui @the_good_inside @kttape @vmgblades (I used the time trial fin) I am already stoked to come back next year. (And lobby for open drafting @chattajack 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏻💪🏻) Or better yet, where my ladies at? (@yu_ka.17 @linaaugaitis @applesteeze @sonnihoenscheid @petronella_van_malsen 😘) #chattajack2018 #lovetheconditions #trainingworks #ohana

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We’re also tracking the highly-competitive French National Titles that are being held in Hossegor this weekend. The racing continues today, so we’ll have a full update on Monday’s Brekkie Bites.