Paddleboarding In The CrossFit Games

prone paddleboarding CrossFit GamesThis isn’t entirely stand up paddling news, but I thought it was pretty cool all the same: Prone paddleboarding is part of the 2015 CrossFit Games, which are happening right now in LA.

The CrossFit Games, also known as the Olympics for people who do 580 pull-ups before breakfast, run July 21-26 with paddleboarding one of the first events on the schedule.    → READ MORE

Brian Szymanski Talks About His New Boards

Brian Szymanski Stand Up Paddleboard shaperWanna know how/why a 12’6 looks like a 12’6? Then check out this great clip featuring SUP ATX/Lahui Kai head shaper Brian Szymanski.

Yes, it’s basically an ad for Lahui Kai, but it’s also got some great insights from one of the most respected paddleboard shapers in the world. Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

Renowned Shaper Brian Szymanski Joins SUP ATX To Further Develop Their Lahui Kai Race Board Range

Brian Szymanski SUPOne of the most respected paddleboard shapers in the world, Brian Szymanski has joined the SUP ATX team to further develop their Lahui Kai race board range. California SUP pioneer John Becker joins the team along with Brian, in what is a major coup for the brand.

SUP ATX was originally known for mass producing all round SUP touring boards, however in the past year or two they’ve made a serious push towards SUP racing. SUP ATX bought the distribution rights to the boutique Lahui Kai brand in 2012 in order to fuel their move into the elite side of the sport. This move to hire Brian and John will be a major catalyst as they continue the push towards higher end production and more elite racing.   → READ MORE