Watch the Chris Bertish Interview: “Why I Paddled Across the Atlantic Ocean…”

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While I was in Italy for the excellent Protect.Blue eco summit on the weekend, I caught up with Chris Bertish and asked him *why* he spent 93 days and nights paddling alone across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a long, fascinating chat with an extraordinary individual. Here’s a small snippet that we decided to film on Monday morning…

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Chris Bertish’s Other Atlantic Crossing Record: Making Paddleboarding Front Page News

Chris-Bertish-Transatlantic-Paddleboard-CrossingChris Bertish set a monumental record last week by completing the first ever transatlantic crossing on a paddleboard after 93 days alone at sea.

But while his 6500km (4050 mile) voyage is clearly an extraordinary achievement, one that may never be matched, Chris set another “record” that’s almost just as impressive: making paddleboarding front page news around the world.   → READ MORE

He Did It! After 93 Days and 6500kms (4050 miles), Chris Bertish Becomes First Person to Paddleboard Across the Atlantic Ocean (UPDATED)

Chris-Bertish-transatlantic-crossing-paddleboardIn brief: Early this morning, Chris Bertish made history by becoming the first person to paddleboard across the Atlantic Ocean, hitting land in Antigua after 93 days alone at sea to complete a monumental journey many thought he’d never make and perhaps nobody will ever match.

The South African big wave surfer and ocean adventurer departed Morocco on the 6th of December in a custom-built stand up paddle board that would become his home for the next three months.    → READ MORE

Epic Voyage: Chris Bertish Has Just Begun His 7,300km, 120 Day Solo Transatlantic Crossing

chris-bertish-paddleboarding-across-atlantic-oceanEarly Tuesday morning in the Moroccan port of Agadir, Chris Bertish took the first of what will be more than 2 million paddle strokes over the next four months, with the South African big wave surfer and SUP explorer seeking to become the first person to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean standing up.

The solo transatlantic SUP crossing will take roughly 120 days and cover approximately 7,300kms (~4,500 miles) of open ocean from Africa to Florida via the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. The unsupported voyage will see Chris eat/sleep/live on his specially-designed, futuristic-looking stand up paddle board.   → READ MORE

Chris Bertish To Attempt 24 Hour, Open Ocean World Record Paddle For Charity

Chris Bertish stand up paddlingChris Bertish is at it again. The wild man of stand up paddling, already in the record books several times over, has his sights on a new goal: Paddling 170km (105 miles) in 24 hours. In the open ocean…

And not just any open ocean but one filled with big sharks, big waves and plenty of other big challenges.   → READ MORE

What Do The World’s Best SUP Racers Do In The Off Season? (Hint: Involves Giant Waves)

Jamie Mitchell So what do the world’s best SUP racers get up to in the off season? Train on their new 12’6″ prototypes? Practice their buoy turns? Do lots of dips & lunges? Well if your name is Jamie Mitchell, Matt Becker, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Dave Kalama or any of the other SUP racers who clearly have a screw loose, the answer is: Hell no, let’s go surf stupidly large waves instead.

I guess after six months spent grinding across flat lakes, surfing 12’6 race boards on 2 foot waves and riding bumps in the ocean that don’t even break, you might as well take it to the extreme opposite end of the scale, right?   → READ MORE

South Africa’s Wild Man Does It Again: Chris Bertish Paddles 130km In 12 Hours To Set Downwind World Record

Chris BertishChris Bertish has made a name for himself doing things a little differently: First guy to paddle in (not tow) at Jaws in 2000, winning Maverick’s Big Wave Invitational in 2010, in the biggest wave in recorded paddle in history (on a borrowed board because his didn’t show up) and then stand up paddling 320km up the South African West Coast in 2012, completely unassisted & unsupported, facing sharks, massive waves and unfavourable winds whilst carrying everything (tent, food, comms etc) on his board.

This time round he’s turned his focus back on one of his first loves of SUP – downwinding. Chris was the first guy to do our local 10km Cape Town Milnerton downwinder which has since grown into the annual PRIMI Naish 20x race series. He was unbeatable for the first 3 years and held the course record up until recently as well. I had the pleasure of joining him in 2011 on a 65km downwinder from Cape Town Waterfront to Yzerfontein – it took us 7 hours and I spent an hour in the support boat because he’d gotten too far ahead…. That was one of many occasions where I realised this guy is not your average Joe….

The latest challenge Chris decided to tackle, was the 12 hour open sea record, which supposedly stands at 120km. Chris reasoned that our South Easter would help propel him up the coast at speeds in excess of 10km/h, meaning 120km was his goal.   → READ MORE

Chris Bertish’s Wild South African SUP Adventure (Crazy Story…)

Chris Bertish SUP South Africa expedition (17)South Africa’s surfing hellman, adventurer and leading SUP racer, Chris Bertish, has just completed one of the maddest SUP missions I’ve heard about…

Paddling along the wild coastline of Western South Africa for 8 days, covering 320kms, with no assistance, carrying 40kgs of supplies on his board, battling 3-5 metre swells and crazy shorebreaks, in very cold (and shark infested) waters, fighting side-winds almost the entire way, sleeping in a tent, blistering like crazy, going blind from sunburn… and all for charity.

This is one amazing story, so click through to get the full story from our South African correspondent Peter Petersen, plus see some cool pics of Chris’ adventure.

But a fair warning: This story will make you feel really, really lazy by comparison…   → READ MORE