[VIDEO] Riviera Take A Boat, Some Big Names And A Drone To Preview The Battle Of Salt Creek

Well that was freakishly good timing.

Just a few hours after we posted our First Look at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle Course Maps, the crew from Riviera Paddlesurf finished uploading their special new video: A preview of the BOP’s new venue at Salt Creek.

The Riviera guys, along with everyone’s favourite man-child Chuck Patterson (plus a few other big names) recently took their boat, boards and drone camera to Salt Creek to inspect the area. On what looked to be a perfect sunny day (is it ever not summer in SoCal?), the gang captured some amazing shots and cool insights about the place we’re all gonna be hanging out on the first weekend of October.

In short: Everyone seems pretty excited about the new venue. Looks like a beautiful beach and has the potential to host an all time race if conditions play along.   → READ MORE

And On The Lighter Side…

Giant inflatable SUP boardThere’s been a lot of serious news in the SUP racing world this week. Too much. We definitely need healthy (and occasionally heated) debates to ensure this sport stays on track, but we also need to remind ourselves why we love paddling in the ocean. Because it’s fun. And because it makes us smile.

Thank you Ashley Baxter, Connor Baxter, Kody Kerbox, Kai Lenny and Chuck Patterson for the reminder.   → READ MORE

What Do The World’s Best SUP Racers Do In The Off Season? (Hint: Involves Giant Waves)

Jamie Mitchell So what do the world’s best SUP racers get up to in the off season? Train on their new 12’6″ prototypes? Practice their buoy turns? Do lots of dips & lunges? Well if your name is Jamie Mitchell, Matt Becker, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Dave Kalama or any of the other SUP racers who clearly have a screw loose, the answer is: Hell no, let’s go surf stupidly large waves instead.

I guess after six months spent grinding across flat lakes, surfing 12’6 race boards on 2 foot waves and riding bumps in the ocean that don’t even break, you might as well take it to the extreme opposite end of the scale, right?   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Chuck Patterson’s Torture Chamber (AKA Water Warrior Beach Festival)

Water Warrior SUP RaceWe’re down here at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base for the debut of the Water Warrior Beach Festival, a brand new event that features an interesting concept in SUP racing: The Amphibious Assault Elite SUP Race, which combines traditional SUP racing with a military-style boot camp to produce a bizarre, punishing race course that’s a whole lotta fun.

The Amphibious Assault, complete with rope climbs, sand crawls and other obstacles, is the branchild of pain-loving Chuck Patterson, who has spent the past two days building a SUP course designed to hurt and humble some of the world’s fastest paddlers…

Click through for results as they happen and find out who survived Chuck Patterson’s Torture Chamber…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Chuck Patterson Likes To Watch Other Paddlers Suffer (This Is What’s Happening Tomorrow)

Chuck Patterson SUP raceTomorrow sees the debut of an exciting new SUP race at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. The Water Warrior is being co-organised by Chuck Patterson and promises to give paddlers a punishing experience both on and off the water.

Crawling through the sand, navigating trenches and scaling cargo net walls are just some of the many obstacles paddlers will face in between each lap of the actual course (and you thought the soft-sand run at the Battle of the Paddle was painful). If you haven’t already heard about the event and booked your place at Oceanside tomorrow, then check out our original Water Warrior Beach SUP Race announcement for more info. Though you might want to check out the video below before you do, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into…   → READ MORE

Chuck Patterson Invites You To The Water Warrior “Amphibious Assault” Elite SUP Race

Chuck Patterson Water Warrior SUPIn case you missed our announcement last week, the Water Warrior Beach Festival is a new SUP event that’ll be debuting in Southern California in 10 days time, combining traditional Stand Up Paddle race formats with military-style beach boot camps to produce the awesome sounding “Amphibious Assault Elite SUP Race.”

One of the guys behind the Water Warrior is Chuck Patterson, the first ever Battle of the Paddle winner and everyone’s favourite sunset-snapping Instagrammer. While we listed most of the details about the Water Warrior already, Chuck just sent out an email inviting his SUP friends (and the whole paddling community) to the event that provides some more info.   → READ MORE

SUP Racing + Gnarly Obstacles + Chuck Patterson = Fun (aka The Water Warrior Beach Festival)

Water WarriorThere’s another new SUP race about to have its big debut and this could be the funnest one yet. The Water Warrior Beach Festival is happening mid-September in Southern California and is set to bring some military flair and all around gnarliness to the world of Stand Up Paddle racing.

Organised by the crew at multisports.com (which is led by Roch Frey of RidingBumps.com fame) and in close collaboration with everyone’s favourite kid-trapped-in-an-adult’s-body, Chuck Patterson, the Water Warrior is set for September 14th, making it the perfect warm-up for Battle of the Paddle two weeks later.   → READ MORE

Molokai-2-Oahu GoPro Vid

Here’s some cool footage from the 2012 Molokai-2-Oahu SUP race. Get an onboard view of the channel crossing with the likes of Chuck Patterson, Tucker Ingalls and Jamie Sterling.

This year’s race enjoyed epic conditions, with plenty of records smashed as well as the closest finish in race history. Connor Baxter took out the unlimited SUP division, finishing just half a minute ahead of Dave Kalama over the four hour plus course.

Click through to watch the full clip…   → READ MORE

How The 12’6″ Got Its Name

Pretty much every paddler knows the Elite Race at the Battle of the Paddle is 12’6″ and nothing else. Every paddler is on the same length board; no 14 footers, no unlimited boards, it’s all 12’6″. But a lot of people probably don’t know where the 12’6″ standard actually came from, or why it’s exactly 12 feet, six inches, and not an even 12 or 13 feet.

There’s been plenty of debate about SUP board classes lately, so we figured it was a good time to look back at where it all started. We chatted with Barrett Tester to hear about the origins of the 12’6″ board. Barrett has been the head honcho organiser of every Battle of the Paddle going right back to the first event in 2008. So keep reading to check out how the 12’6″ got its name, and of course keep following SUPracer.com for complete coverage of the 2012 Battle of the Paddle.   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Pic ‘O The Day: Chuck Patterson’s Buoy-Turn Carnage (…12 Days And Counting To Dana Point!)

There’s something about Chuck Patterson and the Battle of the Paddle that just seem to go together. Chuck’s made more highlight reels than just about anyone at the BoP. From winning the first ever event in 2008, to being in the middle of the mayhem at just about every buoy turn, the big guy always seems to be there.

I love this shot from the 2010 Battle of the Paddle. It shows the infamous inside buoy turn, where all the great carnage pics originate. That’s Chuck Patterson, sans t-shirt, spearing his board through the legs of Paul Jackson. Look at Chuck’s face; he’s totally got that crazy-excited-mad-man look in his eye…   → READ MORE

Road Trippin’

What have the world’s best Stand Up Paddlers been getting up to the past week? For the elite Team Quickblade, including Jamie Mitchell, Chase Kosterlitz, Matt Becker, Candice Appleby, Fernando Stalla, Tucker Ingalls and Jim Terrell, it’s been a 24 hour road trip from L.A. to Oregon. All in the name of SUP racing.

Click through to check out the Instagram pics of their adventure…   → READ MORE

Chuck Patterson Takes The Reins @ Team Naish

Everyone’s favourite Stand Up Paddler, Chuck Patterson, has just been announced as the new Naish Team Captain.

Chuck will be managing Naish’s growing stable of elite paddlers, which includes team communication, helping out team riders at racers, offering coaching advice as well as how to take awesome pictures of sunsets and post them on Instagram.

The Naish International SUP Team includes the likes of Kai Lenny, Jake Jensen, Casper Steinfath, Jenny Kalmbach, Kody Kerbox, Tucker Ingalls and plenty more of the world’s elite.   → READ MORE