We're stoked to have one of the most experienced, talented and respected paddlers in the world contributing to SUPracer.com: Bart de Zwart. Mr. Endurace. The SUP Explorer. The wise old man of paddling... Bart is known around the world for not only being a phenomenal racer (regularly beating guys half or even a third his age, including a three-peat at the SUP 11 City Tour) but also for his gnarly solo adventures, which include paddling the length of the Hawaiian Islands unsupported and exploring the wilds of Greenland.

Bart will be posting regular updates from the big SUP races to his bold SUP adventures all around the world under his new column "Beyond The Finish Line". The name sums up Bart for me: He races hard but certainly isn't done when he crosses the line... he keeps going well beyond it and into places no other paddlers have come close to. So keep an eye out for Bart's regular posts on the site and catch up with his latest updates from the world of Stand Up Paddling below.

Bart de Zwart’s Yukon River Quest Recap: “You Go Places in Your Mind You Didn’t Know Existed”

Yukon River Quest

Recently Chris from SUP Racer asked me “Why do you do it?” Why do I paddle these ultra endurance races and expeditions? What’s the motivation?

With races like the Yukon River Quest, easily one of the longest races and most demanding races in the world at 715km (444 miles), you really have to ask yourself this question: “Why?”   → READ MORE

Bart de Zwart Ticks Another ‘Ultra’ off His List, Wins the 92km Great Glen Paddle in Record Time

Great Glen PaddleBart de Zwart has continued to cement his reputation as one of the craziest most inspiring paddlers in the world, taking out the 92km Great Glen Paddle in Scotland last weekend and setting yet another ultra long distance race record in the process.

To put the race in perspective, Bart won in 10 hours 50 minutes, which was a record fast time for this course; some of the other paddlers were out there for 15 or 16 hours.

Click through to read Bart’s race recap…   → READ MORE

Bart de Zwart Overcomes Rain, Fog and Fatigue to Conquer Canada’s 220km Muskoka River X Adventure Paddle Race. Again.

Muskoka River X
The undisputed king of ultra long distance paddling, Bart de Zwart, has done it again. Not long after his victories in the Yukon (715km) and Missouri (547km), and literally straight off the back of his 200+ km effort in the Netherlands last week, Bart has just taken out the Muskoka River X race in Ontario, Canada. Again.   → READ MORE

“This Race Will Change You” — Bart de Zwart’s Interesting Insights into the 11 City Tour

SUP 11 City Tour

Boss Man’s note: Yesterday I previewed the SUP 11 City Tour, aka “The Ultimate Challenge”, the classic five day stage race that begins tomorrow in the Netherlands. It’s one of the grandest events in the world of stand up paddling.

But while I’ve had a bit of experience with this race myself, absolutely nobody can match the experience of Bart de Zwart, the four-time champion who tomorrow will line up for his eighth-straight 11 City Tour; he’s been there every year since this race began way back in 2009. So on the eve of the race, I asked Bart to share some of his personal insights into what makes this race unique and special. Here’s what he had to say…   → READ MORE

MR340: Bart de Zwart and 20 Other Brave Paddlers Are About to Race 547km Across Missouri

Bart de ZwartBoss Man’s note: It’s only been 16 days since Bart de Zwart became the first ever SUP champion of the almighty Yukon River Quest, the 715km (444 mile) voyage through the Canadian wilderness, yet he’s already on to his second race of the ultra long distance season, the 547km (340 mile) “MR340” in Missouri, which begins tomorrow morning (Tuesday 19th).

On the eve of the race, here’s what the Starboard team rider had to say about his next epic challenge…   → READ MORE

Bart De Zwart’s Grueling 31 Mile Paddle through the Scenic Tennessee Countryside (Chattajack Recap)

Chattajack race TennesseeBoss Man’s note: This is a guest post from Bart de Zwart, probably the most famous “endurance athlete” in the world of stand up paddling. Bart is famous for his extreme expeditions across the globe, as well as regularly competing in the longest races on the planet.

Just last weekend he was at it again, paddling 31 miles down the Tennessee River Gorge for the annual Chattajack race. The Chattajack is fast becoming a big event on the calendar, with all 300 entries selling out in record time this year. Read Bart’s insights into this great race, then go and add it to your bucket list…   → READ MORE

Bart De Zwart Wins At Home In Holland, Qualifies For 2015 ISA Worlds

Bart de Zwart SUP NetherlandsBoss Man’s note: Euro Tour. Week #4. There was plenty of action around Europe on the weekend: While the big one was in Bilbao there were also great races happening in Oslo, the UK, France, Austri and the Netherlands.

The race in the Netherlands was the Battle of the Coast, the country’s biggest beach race and this year the Dutch National Championship event as well. That meant a spot on Team Netherlands (or is it Team Holland? Seriously, which one is it?) for the 2015 ISA Worlds was up for grabs. Click through for the recap thanks to our roving reporter and all round adventure SUP pioneer, Bart de Zwart…   → READ MORE

Rise Of The Young Guns: Bart De Zwart’s Reflections On The 2013 Stand Up World Series

Bart de Zwart The 2013 World Series came to an end this weekend. It was all there: The drama, the waves, the fierce competition and the companionship. It made me appreciate that this sport of ours is developing fast and so are the competitors…

Only two years ago I met Jake Jensen when I was racing the 11-City Tour and on the first day, in the first few hours of the race, we had four men in the lead: Jake , Jacko (Paul Jackson), Ryan James and myself. We were doing a good pace when suddenly youngster Jake started to sprint even though there was 30 kilometres still to go. Five kilometres later he fell back and couldn’t keep up with us.

I couldn’t help smiling at this young kid from Australia, who showed the courage to go to the front and paddle hard to prove what he was worth, only to pay the price later that day… Now two years later, he is the one smiling after winning the World Series Finals on Oahu. The last two years Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny have been dominating the World Series (and many other races) but there is some new talent coming up and Jake is certainly one of them.   → READ MORE

Bart De Zwart’s “SUP 11 City Tour” Race Recap & Insights (Final Stage UPDATED)

Bart de ZwartBoss Man’s note: Bart de Zwart is currently competing in the longest Stand Up Paddle race on the planet: the 220km, five-day epic that is the SUP 11 City Tour in the Netherlands.

Bart has won this event the past three years in a row and is paddling hard for a fourth straight victory this week. The race is happening from 4th-8th September and we’ll be speaking with the champ as soon as he steps off his board at the finish line each day. So click through to find out what Bart has to say about this grueling endurance race…   → READ MORE