RESULTS: Connor Baxter, Candice Appleby Make It A Clean Sweep At Huntington Beach Pro

Stand Up World Series HuntingtonResults and recap from the racing half of the Huntington Beach Pro, which finished just moments ago. The event saw a very solid group of young stars hit Southern California for a serious warm-up ahead of the Battle of the Paddle.

This event was the penultimate stop of the always dramatic (quite often for the wrong reasons) Stand Up World Series and, with the BOP just two weeks away, was a great chance to see who’s in form heading into the biggest race of the year.

It was cool to see some powerful and determined performances from some very dedicated athletes, however the weekend belonged to Connor Baxter and Candice Appleby.   → READ MORE

Chase Kosterlitz Claims Day One In San Francisco (Battle Of The Bay)

Battle of the Bay Stand Up Paddle Race San FranciscoWhile a bunch of the young guns are duking it out in Huntington this weekend, up in San Fran there’s a solid gathering for the 4th annual Battle Of The Bay.

Today (Saturday) saw the 8.5 mile distance race, which took competitors around the iconic Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Completing the 8.5 mile loop the quickest was Chase Kosterlitz…   → READ MORE

Which Muscles Do You Paddle With? Results From Travis Grant’s Uber-Scientific EMG Testing In New York

stand up paddle muscle testWanna know which muscles you should be using when you paddle? Check out the results from Travis Grant’s uber-scientific electromyography (EMG) test, which was conducted in New York a few months back.

At the end of June, Trav headed to the Big Apple for a full day of testing with the crew from SUP Logix, who are aiming to build the most accurate picture of muscle performance in stand up paddling.    → READ MORE

One Of The Biggest Races In The World Just Opened For Registration …And Then Sold Out In 10 Hours

Paris SUP CrossingThe Nautic SUP Paris Crossing – one of the biggest stand up paddle events in the entire world – opened for registration on Monday morning. By Monday evening the event had completely sold out.

Outside of Molokai, where the solo divisions filled up within just a few hours earlier this year, I’ve never heard of a race being in such high demand. Though it’s not hard to see why: Competitors in the Paris Crossing get to paddle down the famous River Seine, through the heart of Paris and pass iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.   → READ MORE

WATCH: First Look At The Showdown’s CBS Broadcast

Ultimate SUP Showdown CBS Sports Network videoHere’s the first look at the Ultimate SUP Showdown’s TV broadcast, which has been doing the rounds on Facebook the past 48 hours. This is the actual opener for the hour-long program that’ll be on CBS Sports Network this Sunday.

As we revealed last week, the Showdown will be airing the 21st on the CBS Sports Network channel, at 9am Hawaii / 12 noon Cali / 3pm East Coast.   → READ MORE

Cool Pics From The Battle Of The Blow Ups In Germany

Naish Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board raceSome cool shots from Germany, where the 2014 Naish N1SCO Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard World Championships were held on the weekend.

The “World Championship” title is of course just a simple marketing gimmick, but I still believe events like this are important to the growth of the sport. Offering intermediate paddlers a stepping stone from local races to serious competition is vital if the “elite” side of the sport is going to have a future.    → READ MORE

Beautiful Aerial Footage From Lake Tahoe

stand up paddle race drone camera video lake tahoeProving once again that everything looks better from a drone’s eye view, here’s a cool little clip from Sunday’s Tahoe Fall Classic race.

The third and final installment of the 2014 Tahoe Cup series saw 100 paddlers hit the Lake for one last big race before it starts to get really, really cold up there. It’s only 60 seconds long but it’ll definitely get you stoked to go paddling.   → READ MORE

Bart de Zwart Sets Another Crazy Endurance Record: Wins The ‘Muskoka River X’ Race In 18 Hours, 23 Minutes

Bart de Zwart Muskoka River X raceFresh from reclaiming his 11 Cities title in the Netherlands last week, Bart de Zwart has chalked up yet another crazy endurance record: Winning the solo SUP division at the Muskoka River X race in Canada on the weekend. His winning time: 18 hours, 23 minutes. Yep…

Billed as the Longest Single Day Paddling Expedition In The World, the Muskoka River X sees competitors journey 130kms (80 miles) within a maximum time frame of 24 hours. It’s held in the middle of nowhere and the weather was so brutal this year that 46% of competitors failed to finish…   → READ MORE

Jay Wild Wins The Tahoe Fall Classic As Race Season On The Lake Comes To A Close

Tahoe Cup Fall Classic stand up paddle raceJay Wild has defeated Ben Sarrazin, Brennan Rose and a host of local talent to claim the Tahoe Fall Classic at Lake Tahoe. This was the third and final stop of the 2014 Tahoe Cup race series, which also saw the Donner Lake and Jam From The Dam events.

Rob Rojas took line honours on his unlimited, making it a clean sweep for the series, however in the battle for the Elite 14′ title it was a close one between Jay and Ben. After 22 miles and over 4 hours of grueling, flat water paddling, Jay crossed the line just a couple of minutes ahead.   → READ MORE

859 Days Later: Finally Has A New Facebook Cover Photo Facebook cover photo
It only took me two and a half years, but the Facebook cover photo has finally been changed.

As you will see, highlighted by the fact that I’m about to write 1,200 words on a topic most would suggest doesn’t even warrant a simple caption, I take my cover photos seriously. Like the exchange of flags between host cities at the Olympic Games closing ceremony or the inauguration of a new President, the changing of our Facebook cover photo is a weighty subject.   → READ MORE

Zane And Fiona Win At Huntington As The Blue Crash Helmets Return

US SUP Tour Huntington Beach stand up paddle raceThe last stop of the US SUP Tour race series was held in Huntington today. With solid little waves and an elite crew that are in town for Battle Month, the event offered up some pretty good action.

After a few rounds of racing (and countless buoy turn carnage pics), coming out on top were Zane Schweitzer and Fiona Wylde. Zaniac edged out Mo Freitas, Bicho Jimenez and Fernando Stalla, while Fiona Wylde was too good for Shae Foudy, Candice Appleby and Halie Harrison.   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle BRAZIL Returns: New Date, New Location, New Prize Money

Battle of the Paddle Brazil resultsDust off your skimpy beach outfits and brush up on your Portuguese: The Battle of the Paddle Brazil is set to return bigger and better this year.

The 2014 Battle of the Paddle Brazil (or Battle of the Paddle Brasil for the purists) will be happening on the weekend of November 22nd & 23rd. Prize money has been ramped up to $25,000 and the whole event is moving south.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Slick Highlights Reel From Round The Rock

Round The Rock Stand Up Paddle board Race videoVery nice video recap of last week’s Round The Rock race in Seattle. The event featured around 300 paddlers and the main event, the 13 mile loop around Mercer Island, was dominated by Chase Kosterlitz and Lina Augaitis.

This clip comes from the crew at, who also gave us that great Payette edit, the awesome video from Carolina as well as the Dave Kalama Speaks film.   → READ MORE

219 Awesome Photos That Tell The Story Of The ‘SUP 11 City Tour’

SUP 11 City Tour - Day 4 - jUnless you were living on Mars, under a rock, with your fingers in your ears all last week, you would have heard about a little race called the SUP 11 City Tour that went down in the Netherlands.

The 11 Cities is a unique race. First: It’s long. Very long. Over 200 kilometres all said and done. Second: It’s held across five days, in five different stages. It’s like the Tour de France of SUP.

It’s an amazing event and one that you should definitely add to your bucket list. The SUP 11 City Tour is long. It’s painful. You’ll hate it. You’ll love it. You’ll make great friends. Lasting memories. Sore muscles. Big smiles. You’ll test yourself physically. You’ll test yourself even more so mentally. Oh and your hands will be full of calluses.   → READ MORE

The Showdown’s CBS Air Date Revealed

CBS Sports Spectacular stand up paddlingAfter all the fanfare in the lead up to last month’s event, we’ll soon get to see exactly what the Ultimate SUP Showdown looks like on TV. The hour-long broadcast on CBS Sports Network – one of the Showdown’s main selling points – is happening in just 10 days.

So if you weren’t on the beach in Waikiki last month and wanna see how it all went down (and if you live in the States…), you don’t long to wait: The Showdown will air on CBS Sports Network Sunday 21st September @ 3pm East Coast, 12 noon California and 9am in Hawaii.

This TV broadcast is absolutely critical to the entire Showdown model. The organisers are literally betting everything on this first broadcast being a success: The plan is to have CBS (or any of their competitors) frothing over the coverage and wanting to order a multi-stop, full broadcast tour for next year.   → READ MORE