Braly Joy, The Heavily-Involved Brand Manager, Departs From SIC

Braly Joy SICIt must be the day of departures. Braly Joy, the long-time SIC Brand Manager and part-time parent to a team of international paddling stars, departs the company today.

Unlike some brand managers, Braly was deeply involved with the SUP racing world and became more of an extension of the brand and team itself, rather than simply being a guy behind a desk. He had a deep understanding of the SIC products and would often travel to and stay with team riders at major events. Braly also loved to race every chance he got.   → READ MORE

Annabel Anderson, Reflecting On Four Years Of Victories & Memories, Leaves Team Starboard

2014 Battle of the Paddle - Starboard - 66World #1 Annabel Anderson has today announced she’s leaving the Starboard team. The New Zealander just put up a lengthy guest post on, where she reflects on four years of victories, memories and pushing the limits of performance.

The only paddler to win the Battle of the Paddle “Double/Double” title and long-time tormenter of male paddlers writes on the theme of change, noting how maintaining the status quo is like “treading water.”   → READ MORE

A Flaw In The System…

GlitchLast weekend’s Manuia 404 SUP Race in Tahiti highlighted a small but significant hole in the SUP RACER WORLD RANKINGS: How do you rate events that have a very high level of competition but where most of the paddlers are virtual unknowns that never compete in the USA?

I’m quite proud with how our World Rankings have turned out. Sure as hell put a lot of time and effort into making it accurate and I’m always stoked to when paddlers come up to me at a race and want to chat about it. But I’m also under no illusions that it’s perfect. I think it’s the most accurate ranking we have, but it can always be improved.   → READ MORE

2015 Payette River Games Just Got Even More Awesome: Beach Flags! Added To The Schedule

Payette River Games Beach FlagsThe Payette River Games – already lining up to be one of the funnest weekends of 2015 – just got a whole lot more awesome.

After weeks of behind-the-scenes discussions with organisers, I can now reveal, in a exclusive, that Beach Flags! will be part of next year’s PRGs. Beach Flags, for the uninitiated, is one of the grandest sporting events known to man. It’s a cross between a sprint race and musical chairs. And it’s awesome in every way.   → READ MORE

Mexico Selects Team To Defend Home Turf At 2015 Worlds

Fernando Stalla SUP mexicoLast week Mexico hosted its annual championship event, with a year’s worth of bragging rights and an all important spot on the national team up for grabs.

Mexico is of course host for the 2015 ISA World Stand Up Paddle and Paddleboard Championship, which gives extra significance to these results. This is a rare chance for paddlers to represent their nation while playing host to the rest of the paddleboarding world at the same time.   → READ MORE

The Tahitians Are Coming: Niuhiti Buillard Wins The Manuia 404 Beach Race/Distance Race Double Against World Class Opposition

Manuia 404 Stand Up Paddle Board Race in TahitiRemember the name “Niuhiti Buillard” because you’ll probably be hearing it a lot more in the future. The 22-year-old Tahitian has just taken out the Beach Race/Distance Race double here at the Manuia 404 SUP Race in Tahiti today. And against some world class opposition I might add.

Starting alongside big name stars such as Danny Ching and Georges Cronsteadt, along with a host of frighteningly-talented local dark horses, Niuhiti absolutely blitzed it. And there were more great performances from a host of other potential world-beating locals that barely rate a mention internationally. Yep, the Tahitians are coming…   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama, Jim Terrell And The Quickblade ‘V-Drive’ Paddle: Game Changer?

Dave Kalama Jim Terrell Quickblade V Drive PaddleThe Quickblade V-Drive paddle made a lot of noise upon its release earlier this year. With its unique double-dihredal design, the Dave Kalama-inspired paddle instantly became a must have among the elite and amateur paddling community alike.

Some even hailed it as a game changer. Well now in this new video, Kalama and Quickblade’s Mad Scientist Jim Terrell do a hard-hitting (pun intended) analysis of that claim…   → READ MORE

13 Awesome Aerial Photos That Reveal The Beauty (And Hide The Pain) Of Bora Bora’s “Ironmana” Race

Ironmana paddle race Bora Bora
Last week I was privileged to spend a week on Bora Bora – the iconic island getaway that everybody is familiar with from every single travel show ever. Though it wasn’t sipping cocktails and relaxing on the beach, instead my time on the island was a series of punishing ocean races known as the Bora Bora Liquid Festival, aka Ironmana.

The Ironmana race is painful – at times downright miserable – but also oddly rewarding. It also didn’t hurt when you’re in absolute paradise. So to give you an insight into the beautiful chaos of Ironmana, here are 13 awesome aerial photos that tell the story of the event.    → READ MORE

Titouan Puyo, Casper Steinfath Victorious In Paris As 400 SUPs Invade The River Seine (FULL RESULTS + RANKINGS UPDATE)

parisTitouan Puyo, Casper Steinfath and Celine Guesdon have dominated the 2014 Paris Crossing, as a record 400 stand up paddlers invaded the iconic River Seine on Sunday. In what will surely go down as the single biggest race of the year, Titou won the distance event while Casper took the pool sprints and the overall title.

The main event, the iconic long distance race that includes a passage right by the Eiffel Tower, started just after dawn on a crisp but clear winter’s day in the French capital. Right from the start Titou and Casper broke away and were never challenged. Kai Lenny started strong but clearly wasn’t in his element, unable to keep the pace of the main chase pack that was being led by French SUP stalwart Gaetan Sene.   → READ MORE

FULL RESULTS: Beau O’Brian, Angie Jackson Win ‘King Of The Cut’ To Claim Aussie Downwind Week Double

King of the Cut stand up paddle race Western AustraliaBeau O’Brian and Angie Jackson have taken out the Aussie Downwind Week Double, winning today’s King of the Cut race to go with their respective victories at The Doctor last weekend.

Once again Beau defeated Travis Grant to claim the win, this time by a slightly wider margin (1 minute 23 seconds). Actually the men’s podium was identical to what we saw seven days ago, with Jake Jensen finishing 3rd again.   → READ MORE

LIVE BLOG: Bora Bora Liquid Festival / Ironmana (aka Four Days Of Pain In Paradise)

Bora Bora Liquid Festival prone paddleboardingUPDATE: Event is finished so the live blog has been wrapped. Thanks to the Stephan Lambert and the rest of the organising team for the week of punishing racing in what can only be described as an absolute paradise. The Ironmana is definitely a bucket list race that you need to experience first hand.

Congratulations to every competitor that toughed it out, particularly the overall Ironmana 2K14 champions Tamarua Cowan and Morgan Hoesterey. That was a brutal week. You can click through to relive the live blog, aka my daily descent into madness…   → READ MORE

We’ve Now Got 400+ Races In The “Results by Riviera” Archive

Stand Up Paddle Race Results by RivieraSince started in late 2011, we’ve posted the results from of hundreds of Stand Up Paddleboard races around the world. From the Battle of the Paddle to your local beach race. From California to Croatia, Florida to France and everywhere in between, it’s been amazing to watch the sport spread so quickly round the globe.

And now, after a flutter of activity in November, we’ve passed the 400 mark. You can find all of these races on our Results by Riviera page, which lists every race result we’ve ever published.    → READ MORE

Great Photos From Perth’s Fig 2 Fig Social Paddle (aka The “Down-Learner-Winder”)

Fig 2 Fig stand up paddling Perth Western AustraliaCheck out this stack of great pics from yesterday’s “Fig 2 Fig” social paddle in Perth, Western Australia.

The Fig2Fig was the 2nd event in West Oz’s week-long festival of paddling, which we’ve unofficially dubbed Aussie Downwind Week.

The Fig 2 Fig is more of a social paddle than any kind of serious race. While some try and finish the course as quick as possible, the event is mainly designed to get newer paddlers hooked on the joys of ocean paddling.    → READ MORE