Casper Steinfath Looks Ahead To Season 2015 (The Worlds, The Olympics And More)

Casper-Steinfath-interviewGreat interview with everyone’s favourite viking, Casper Steinfath, looking ahead to the 2015 season and beyond.

Some interesting comments about the ISA, the Olympics and unity among the athletes. I believe this last point in particular is hugely critical right now. The sport entering a new phase of growth that could bring a lot of excitement and potential but also the risk of splintering groups taking the sport in differing directions.    → READ MORE

Fun Waves (And A Few Wipeouts) For Stop #3 Of France’s Swell Beach Race Series

Stand-Up-Paddling-in-FranceThis weekend saw #3 of the 2015 Swell Beach Race Series, a long-running tour held in the French province of Brittany. France has always been the powerhouse of European SUP racing and the Swell Beach Race Series is one of the great local tours that helps drive the sport at the domestic level.

With Swell Beach Race stalwart Greg Closier on an extended trip to California, we’ve got a guest post from Martin Letourneur, who also happens to be the winner of today’s race. Martin is one of the leaders of the new wave of European SUP racing, where the juniors are really starting to step it up and take it to the older guard.    → READ MORE

Slater Trout Survives/Wins The Wild, Grueling “Dusi” Marathon Race In South Africa

Slater-Trout-Dusi-marathonSlater Trout has just completed – and won – one of the craziest paddle races on the planet. The Dusi Canoe Marathon in South Africa sees competitors race down river for up to six hours a day, through wild country and wild waters, for three days straight.

This year Slater took the SUP challenge and survived endless whitewater, wipeouts on the big rapids, crazy portages up and down jungle hills, an unexpected stretch of prone paddling, even some very tight fitting shorts. And he not only survived, he won, breaking the previous SUP race record by over an hour to set a new time of 14 hours, 19 minutes and 12 seconds down the 120km (75 mile) course.   → READ MORE

The Euro Tour: A New Race Series To Unify The European Paddling Community (And Help Settle The Board Class Debate?)

Lost-Mills-Stand-Up-Paddling-Race-GermanySome very cool news out of Europe today, with word of a new, unified tour coming together this summer that’s set to feature Europe’s biggest and best stand up paddle races.

Dubbed simply the Euro Tour, this new series aims to unify the region’s biggest events from mid-May til the end of June. Covering eight races across six straight weekends, the Euro Tour will hit six different countries and bring some much-needed structure to the fragmented racing scene in Europe.   → READ MORE

The Bat Race: The World’s First Underground SUP Event

Alpine Lakes Tour Bat Race in a caveYesterday I wrote an article about the beloved SUP 11 City Tour, where I labeled the famous Dutch stage race the “world’s most unique” stand up paddling event. Yet within just 24 hours I think we have a challenger to that title, because I’ve just gotten word of a new race in Europe that sounds beyond unique.

On March 14, Switzerland will play host to the world’s first underground SUP race. Yes, underground. As in, under the ground…   → READ MORE

Entries Open For World’s Most Unique And Special Race – The SUP 11 City Tour

SUP 11 City Tour - Day 4 - jOne of the most unique and special events on the racing calendar has just opened for registration. The SUP 11 City Tour, the single longest, and also one of the hardest SUP races on the planet will be happening again from September 2nd-6th, 2015.

Held in the Dutch province of Friesland, this five-day, Tour de France-style stage race is like no other stand up paddling event. Meandering its way through the canals between beautiful countryside and quaint little towns, the 11 Cities is a grueling but strangely addictive mental and physical challenge.   → READ MORE

WATCH: 77 Paddlers Surfing The Same Wave… In A River… In France…

Stand Up Paddle surfing French River Tidal BoreIf you’ve been on Facebook at any point in the past 24 hours you’ve likely already seen this clip. But just in case, here it is in all its glory.

The French Tidal Bore Party Wave, as the video is unofficially known, shows dozens (I counted 77) of stand up paddlers, surfers, kayakers, even some outrigger paddlers sharing a very long, very wide wave in a French river.    → READ MORE

Results, Recap From Australia’s Largest Ever SUP Race – The Forster Island Paddle Festival

Forster Island Paddle Festival SUP raceWe’ve just wrapped up the largest SUP race ever held in Australia. The Forster Island Paddle Festival attracted hundreds of stand up paddlers for a weekend of sprint, surf and flat water racing.

With close to 250 competitors all up, this would be Australia’s biggest ever SUP race in terms of participation (by a long way). The level of competition didn’t exactly match the Battle of the Paddle, however there were still quite a few well known, world ranked paddlers on show. The strongest performances came from Angie Jackson, Titouan Puyo, Paul Jackson, Karla Gilbert, Jake Jensen and Celine Guesdon.    → READ MORE

Chris Bertish To Attempt 24 Hour, Open Ocean World Record Paddle For Charity

Chris Bertish stand up paddlingChris Bertish is at it again. The wild man of stand up paddling, already in the record books several times over, has his sights on a new goal: Paddling 170km (105 miles) in 24 hours. In the open ocean…

And not just any open ocean but one filled with big sharks, big waves and plenty of other big challenges.   → READ MORE

Fiona Wylde Gets Set To Take On The World One Paddle At A Time

Fiona Wylde Stand Up PaddleGet to know Fiona Wylde a little better with this great Tiki Team Talk interview from her new sponsor Starboard.

Hailing from Hood River (home of the classic Gorge race), the always-smiling Fiona is one of those unstoppable young guns that seems to be annoyingly good at everything they try.

The SUP racer/surfer/windsurfer/kitesurfer is currently ranked #4 in the world, and with a big travel schedule lined up for 2015 the sky’s the limit for Starboard’s latest Dream Team recruit.   → READ MORE

Rob Rojas Is A Bloody Legend: Paddles 24 Hours Straight For Charity

Rob Rojas stand up paddlingA few days ago Rob Rojas did what not many of us will ever do: Paddled for 24 hours non-stop.

The long-time stalwart of the SoCal SUP scene completed the overnight odyssey early Sunday morning in Dana Point, accompanied by his charger of a son, Conrad, and a bunch of supporters.   → READ MORE

Australia’s East Coast Comes Alive With 4x Big Races In 6x Weekends

Stand-Up-Paddling-in-lanesOver the next six weekends we’ll see four big SUP races on the East Coast of Australia, with everything from flatwater to downwind to surf to distance to sprints and everything in between. With a few internationals joining a plethora of local talent, and with the great summer conditions, we should be in for a solid month and a half of paddling.

Australia has always been a bit of an anomaly in the SUP racing world: The country is home to a disproportionately high number of elite racers but a disproportionately low number of elite races. There have always been a few decent events here and there but no international majors.    → READ MORE

Mexico’s Punta Sayulita Classic Revived, Sets Dates For March

Punta Sayulita Stand Up Paddle raceOne of the staples on the early season, international racing calendar, the Punta Sayulita Classic in Mexico, is set to return after being briefly put on ice. Until recently it looked like the long-running event would be shelved for 2015, however thanks to the crew behind the excellent new Mexico SUP Tour, the beloved race will run once again.

The 2015 Punta Sayulita Classic dates are March 20-22, with the usual combo of a BOP-style race and distance event on offer. And as if the lure of a holiday in Mexico wasn’t enough, there’s also $10,000 prize money courtesy of the Punta Sayulita company.   → READ MORE

RESULTS: Hal Rosoff Classic At The Newport Aquatic Center

Hal Rosoff Classic stand up paddle raceFull results from today’s Hal Rosoff Classic at the Newport Aquatic Center in California.

The 5.5 mile (9km) Short Course race was won by Thomas Maximus on his unlimited, with Daniel Russell narrowly edging out Chance Fielder to claim the 14′ division. Chuck Glynn was 5th over the line but the fastest of the 12’6 paddlers.

Meanwhile in the women’s, Shae Foudy put in a massive effort to claim both the division and overall victory.   → READ MORE

BIC Announces The ‘Earth SUP’ Brand – Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Wooden Stand Up Paddle Boards

wooden stand up paddle boardToday BIC announced a new range of eco-friendly boards called Earth SUP, which combine environmentally friendly materials with beautiful design. These limited-edition wooden stand up paddle boards will be marketed towards higher end paddlers who want a great looking touring board without harming the environment.

BIC’s Earth SUP range is made from 100% Paulownia, an extremely fast growing tree that produces light and strong wood. That does away with the majority of harsh chemicals that are found in traditional boards.   → READ MORE