Greg Closier Wins The Swell Beach Race Series Finale In France

Swell Beach Race Series penfoul franceGreg Closier has notched up another victory in the long running and always entertaining Swell Beach Race Series in France. Closier came home half a minute ahead of rising star Martin Letourneur to claim the 7th and final race of the season at Penfoul Beach.

With its signature fun little waves and enthusiastic crowd of French paddlers, the Swell Beach Race Series ended the year as it began.    → READ MORE

WATCH: Noa Ginella Gets Barreled On His Race Board

Noa Ginella surfing stand up paddle race boardTHIS is how you surf a race board.

Watch Noa Ginella ride a 12’6 better than most of us can surf an 8’6. These things are hard enough to turn, let alone get barreled on, but Noa made it look easy during the recent hurricane swell.

So thank you, Noa, for making the rest of us feel like kooks…   → READ MORE

Chase Kosterlitz, Fiona Wylde Win The SUP Salmon Classic

SUP Salmon Classic stand up paddle race washingtonChase Kosterlitz has won the SUP Salmon Classic in Washougal, Washington today.

A good chunk of the crew from last weekend’s massive Gorge Paddle Challenge stayed in the area for the Salmon Classic, which was less than an hour up the road. Chase was too strong in the 8 mile race – haven’t ID’d who got second but I know Brett Saguid beat home a Superman-style Belar Diaz for third place.   → READ MORE

Sneek? Hindeloopen?! Get To Know The SUP 11 City Tour (All 200kms Of It…) With These Interactive Course Maps

SUP 11 city tour course stand up paddle board raceWe’re just a couple of days away from the start of the 2014 SUP 11 City Tour… As that anxiety-inducing clock over there to the right suggests, we’re into the final countdown for the world’s longest/craziest/why-oh-why-did-I-agree-to-this SUP race.

Just over 200 kilometres (124 miles) of racing across five days. It truly is an epic adventure. Though with its maze of canals, endless green fields and place names that sound like they were plucked straight out of a Harry Potter novel (Sneek? Hindeloopen?!), the SUP 11 City Tour certainly takes some navigating.

So to give you an idea of exactly where we’ll be this week, here are the full, interactive course maps for the SUP 11 City Tour…   → READ MORE

Jake Jensen, Beau O’Brian And Karla Gilbert Win The Queensland State Titles

Queensland state titles stand up paddlingThe 2014 Immerse SUP & Paddle Festival (aka the Queensland State SUP Titles) is happening this weekend at the paddling mecca of Currumbin.

The QLD State Titles are a lead in for the Aussie Titles in a couple of months time, which will decide who represents the three-time-champion Team Australia at 2015 ISA Worlds. Click through for results plus video of both the BOP-style and long distance races…   → READ MORE

This Photo “Won” The Gorge Paddle Challenge

Stand Up Paddling with a dogWho won the Gorge race last week? Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson may have scored the biggest trophies and fattest prize cheques, however one competitor (or rather two) stood out above the crowd.

Matt Willett and his golden retriever Hunter received the loudest cheers of any competitors. Plus if Instagram and Facebook are any measure, the two were the clear winners of the event. The shot below was the most liked pic of the entire Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge…   → READ MORE

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The “SUP 11 City Tour”

11 City Tour Stand Up Paddle raceAfter an awesome week in Hood River, where I got to watch the world’s best paddlers up close, I’m now sitting at the airport getting ready to board another plane.

Next stop: Amsterdam. From there I’ll travel a few hours out into the Dutch countryside to the province of “Friesland” and the city of Leeuwarden. That’ll be my home base for the next five days as I prepare for the craziest SUP race I’ve ever attempted: The SUP 11-City Tour.

The 11 cities is a 200km (125 mile) stage race held over five days. It’s long. It’s tough. And I have no idea why I agreed to do this. But I believe it’s going to be one hell of an adventure…   → READ MORE

Dan Gavere / Drone / Microphone (Day 2)

Gorge Paddle Challenge downwind videoDan Gavere returns with his drone and microphone to give us a look at Day 2 of the Gorge Paddle Challenge.

There’s a great little interview with Connor Baxter, some cool race footage and a slice of music that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Dutch coffee shop…   → READ MORE

Dan Gavere Takes His Drone And His Microphone To The Hood

Gorge Paddle Challenge videoWe’re still coming down from the high that was the 2014 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge. It was an awesome weekend of racing and one that everyone assembled at Hoodriver Waterfront Park won’t soon forget.

But if you couldn’t make it to Oregon in person and the Gorge Paddle Challenge photos and results aren’t enough, here’s some early video highlights of the action.   → READ MORE

RESULTS: Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge – Annabel Anderson, Connor Baxter Sweep An All-Star Field In Hood River

Gorge Paddle Challenge results 2014 day 2

We’ve just wrapped up the second and final day of the 2014 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge, with Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson dominating an all-star field in what will surely be remembered as one of 2014′s best events.

After their respective victories in Saturday’s Course Race, the Starboard duo made it a clean sweep by claiming today’s unique “Double Downwind” event. With the winds lighter than usual for the Gorge (but much better than we’d feared last night), the elite field battled their way up the Columbia Gorge in back-to-back downwind runs. The majority of the world’s top athletes were on show today, which gave us some intense racing and a great spectacle (especially from my vantage point out on the media boat).   → READ MORE

19 Beautiful Photos Of Stand Up Paddle Racing On Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Nalu SUP race Lake TahoeCheck out this great gallery of images from last weekend’s Tahoe Nalu race up at Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe always has and always will be one of the most scenic places in the world to go paddling. Although the Nalu race has lost some of its elite shine from past years, it still attracts a healthy crowd of racers. This year that crowd included French whipper snapper Arthur Daniel, who had a crazy fast start in the race last weekend.   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Arthur Daniel’s Crazy Fast Start In Tahoe

Arthur Daniel stand up paddlerHere’s a lesson in how to break the field within the first 10 seconds of a race.

Arthur Daniel was clearly in no mood for a draft fest at last weekend’s Tahoe Nalu Paddle Festival. The young Frenchman sprinted off the line, using the choke stroke to gap the field immediately. That was a gap that would never be closed… This video shows Arthur’s start perfectly: Watch how quickly the other guys fade into the background.   → READ MORE

Quickblade Presents LIVE COVERAGE Of The Gorge Paddle Challenge (One Of The Biggest Races Of The Year)

Gorge Paddle ChallengeUPDATE #2: The Gorge Paddle Challenge LIVE BLOG has started… Head on over and follow the racing in the Gorge as it happens.

The Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge (or just the Gorge race) is happening this weekend in Hood River, Oregon. And it’s going to be one of the biggest races of the year…

Awesome lineup of competitors. Awesome race conditions. Awesome race format. Awesome event. Almost every big name in the sport will be at the Gorge this weekend to enjoy the trademark downwind conditions and feel good vibe. It’s going to be an event to remember.

And now, thanks to the support of Quickblade Paddles and the all star organising team behind the event, you can follow the Gorge Paddle Challenge all weekend with our LIVE BLOG.   → READ MORE

The “Y Race” – The Unique New Format That Was The Highlight Of The Showdown

Y Race stand up paddle courseThe Ultimate SUP Showdown definitely impressed. A well run event, a deep field of big names, top level prize money paid out (in cash) at the lavish awards ceremony and, best of all, a whole bunch of unique innovations.

Some of those innovations worked very well (loved the Formula 1-style starting grid, the excellent treatment of the athletes and the next level TV production), while others misfired.

However there was one innovation that stood out above the rest, at least from my perspective perched up in the judging tower overlooking the action: The “Y Race” …   → READ MORE