ISA Worlds: The future on show at junior race day in Puerto Rico

It was pouring rain in Puerto Rico today — a fitting metaphor, perhaps, for the “storm of young talent” that’s been making their mark on the sport at the ISA Worlds this week.

16-year-old Cecilia Pampinella took gold in a commanding performance to win the girls race for Team Italy, while the medals continued to rain down on Team Spain with Sonia Caimari claiming silver (another one of the Mallorca kids). At just 13 years of age Soryn Preston showed the future is bright for Team USA with the bronze, and Yu Tachibana continued Japan’s success with the fourth-placed copper medal.

Over in the junior men’s race … oh boy.

16-year-old Vaic Garioud won gold for Team France with a brilliant performance. If that name sounds familiar it’s because it is: Vaic is Noic Garioud’s little brother, and apparently he’s following the same path to paddling stardom. How many world titles will the Garioud family win in the next 10-15 years?

Nari from Japan took the silver to continue a stellar run for his country’s youth at this event while Team USA’s Campbell Carter was right behind in the bronze position. And it wouldn’t be a junior ISA podium without Team Spain: Luca Simoncelli claimed the copper and yet another medal heading home to the magic island of Mallorca.

photo credits: @pablofrancostudio / @waterworkmedia

ISA Worlds distance race: 19-year-old Duna Gordillo and 16-year-old “Shrimpy” claim incredible wins to herald the new generation

In brief: Spain’s Duna Gordillo has upset her teammate Espe Barreras while 16-year-old Shuri “Shrimpy” Araki from Japan overpowered Titou and Boothy to win gold in the ISA distance race in Puerto Rico today.

Duna crossed the line in utter disbelief before being mobbed by her teammates, producing some of the most iconic images of the event and symbolising a changing of the guard as the “new wave” of young talent starts to take over the sport.

Duna photo credit: @pablofrancostudio / race photo credits: @waterworkmedia

Connor Baxter, April Zilg find gold on the sands of Puerto Rico as Team USA takes early lead at the ISA Worlds

Could Team USA actually win this thing? The Stars & Stripes got off to a great start in the battle for the prestigious teams trophy at the ISA Worlds in Puerto Rico today, with superstar Connor Baxter adding yet another notch to his GOAT belt and the perennially underrated April Zilg making it a clean sweep in the 200 metre “In-N-Out” sprints.   → READ MORE

As the ISA Worlds begin in Puerto Rico, so too does a generational shift in women’s racing

Duna Gordillo was just five years old when Jenny Kalmbach won the 2008 Battle of the Paddle, an event that kickstarted modern SUP racing. This week, the two women will verse each other at the ISA Worlds in Puerto Rico where the clear theme is a battle of generations.

Duna, now aged 19 and representing the increasingly-powerful Team Spain, has been one of the standout performers on the European circuit this season and heads to Puerto Rico a serious medal contender after taking junior silver at the last ISA Worlds in El Salvador 2019. Jenny, more than double the young Spaniard’s age at 39, hasn’t raced competitively in years and by her own admission only started training on a race board again 12 weeks ago. But there’s no substitute for experience in surf racing, so if we get some waves then anything’s possible.

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