Countdown to Carolina: Three Months ’til the First Major Race of the Season

Carolina Cup stand up paddle board race 2016In exactly three months from today, a big chunk of the world’s top athletes, along with hundreds of amateur and first time paddlers, will be standing on the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, for the first ‘major’ of the season: The Carolina Cup.

Carolina has become famous for not only attracting the Travis Grants, Danny Chings and Annabel Andersons of the world, but for also drawing in hundreds of weekend warriors and first timers from near and far. Now in its 6th year, Carolina is not just a race, it’s a festival.   → READ MORE

2016 Race Calendar: Changes to the ★Star★ Rating System

Carolina Cup SUP raceIf you’ve visited the Rogue Race Calendar in the past few days you probably noticed a few changes. Firstly, there’s a very cool new Rogue photo/ad covering the whole background (if you’re viewing on desktop). But secondly, and most importantly, there’s a big difference in the sixth and final column on the calendar…

The star ratings.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Bart de Zwart and Franz Orsi’s Round the World SUP Odyssey

stand up paddle world tourIf you only watch one short film about a round the world paddling odyssey today, make it this one. Last year, endurance race champion Bart de Zwart and photographer Franz Orsi took off on a rather incredible journey. Spanning five continents and countless adventures, this is surely one of the greatest paddle expeditions ever…   → READ MORE

Another Downwind Adventure in Cape Town

downwind stand up paddling video cape town 2016In case you needed any reminder that Cape Town is an all-time downwind hot-spot, check out this macking clip from last week.

Cape Town is famous for its windy conditions, but this looked like a particularly good day, with winds gusting up to 35 knots. You know it’s going to be a good run when you can hardly carry your board down the beach…   → READ MORE

Larry Cain and The Mullet Get Ready to Launch ‘Paddle Monster’

Paddle Monster SUP race trainingOne of the best coaches in the sport has teamed up with one of the best websites to produce a very cool new offering. Larry Cain and Distressed Mullet have just announced Paddle Monster, a members-only SUP race training site that’ll be launching in April. Think of it as your virtual SUP gym.

Click through for more details…   → READ MORE

‘JP Australia’ Signs Chase Kosterlitz as the Brand Looks to Cement an International Team

Chase Kosterlitz JP Australia SUPDistance race master and SUPAA founder Chase Kosterlitz has just signed with JP Australia, as the orange & grey brand looks to cement a solid international race team.

Long known as the fastest paddler on the East Coast (though he’s since moved to San Diego), Chase has made a name for himself in some of the toughest long distance races in the world, including the Carolina Cup (3x top five finishes), Lost Mills and the original BOP Distance Race.   → READ MORE

(Very) Rare Sight Captured on Video: Stand Up Paddling with Orcas

Stand Up Paddle orcaOk so this is pretty cool. Earlier this month, a couple of lucky Kiwis went out for a paddle on their Red inflatables and came back in with a very unique experience to share.

The lucky paddler filming the show is Lyndon Chandler, and this all went down at Tahuna Beach, which sits on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island just after new year’s.   → READ MORE

PHOTOS: World’s Top SUP Athletes Surfing Crazy Big Waves in the Off-Season

Jamie-Mitchell-big-wave-surfingWhat are some of the world’s top SUP athletes doing in the off season? What they love most: Surfing big waves.

Jamie Mitchell, Kai Lenny, Mo Freitas, Connor Baxter, Zane Schweitzer and 7-time OluKai champion Andrea Moller were just some of the stand up paddlers to feature recently in a string of historic big wave sessions.    → READ MORE

7 Ways to Save the Waterman League’s “Stand Up World Series” (It’s Now or Never…)

Stand Up World Series

The Stand Up World Series is a fascinating part of our sport. Almost five years after it began, the Waterman League’s bold vision of a pro tour for the sport’s top athletes has been both a success and a failure, depending on how you look at it. The franchise has attracted outside sponsors and mainstream media, but continually stumbles by not paying the paddlers on time, canceling events and failing to attract many of the top names.

I want to love the World Series. I really do. I’ve given it more positive coverage over the years than most. But as much as I admire their hard work and resilience, following the Waterman League often feels like watching Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, only nobody’s laughing. The Stand Up World Series is equal parts excitement and frustration for the athletes, the fans, the brands and the media.   → READ MORE

Dear ISA, We Really Need to Know What’s Happening with the Worlds…

ISA Stand Up Paddle World ChampionshipI woke up to a familiar sight this morning: A Facebook message from a top paddler asking me when/where the 2016 ISA World Championship is going to be held. It was from an athlete who has already qualified and is trying to plan their entire season around the Worlds.

Unfortunately I couldn’t really help them or the other 87 paddlers that have messaged me in the past two months, because it seems nobody really knows when/where the ISA Worlds will be held this year. And that’s a problem, because it already is this year.   → READ MORE

Big SUP, Big Fun: Dave Kalama and Imagine Launch the ‘Invader’ Inflatable Behemoth

Imagine-Invader-big-SUP-inflatable-boardSo I spotted this shot of Dave Kalama on Instagram a couple of days ago. He’s standing in front of what looks to be a ridiculously oversized inflatable stand up paddle board, and he’s got that very subtle grin on his face that you just know means one thing: Fun.

Dave and Imagine Surf have just launched the “Invader” big SUP, an inflatable board that can carry up to 10 riders at once. The Invader is 17 feet long, 58 inches (almost 5 feet) wide and 1,213 litres in volume.   → READ MORE

With Stats, Quickblade Confirms What We All Suspected: More Top Athletes Use Their Paddles

QuickbladeI love stats. I love looking at them, analysing them and creating them. I love it even more when somebody takes my stats and expands upon them. And that’s exactly what Quickblade did when they posted an analysis of the SUP Racer World Rankings on their blog, highlighting the paddle brand of choice for the top athletes in the sport.

It’s no secret that Quickblade has one of the most impressive lineups of athletes on its team: Travis Grant, Candice Appleby, Dave Kalama, Casper Steinfath, Shakira Westdorp, Jamie Mitchell and Kelly Margetts, just to name a few, all use Jim Terrell’s famous designs religiously.    → READ MORE

Dave Boehne Joins Danny Ching to Put the ‘Hip’ in HippoStick

Hippo-Stick-Paddles-stand-up-paddling One of stand up paddling’s most colourful and entertaining characters, Dave Boehne, has joined Danny Ching’s team at HippoStick Paddles.

Boehne will pair Ching’s carbon creations with his own craft – the Infinity SUP boards he’s become famous for shaping – and forge a partnership between two of SoCal’s (and the world’s) best ’boutique’ brands. As a bonus, we also get to hear Boehne in full rap mode, click through to watch…   → READ MORE