Air France: Marcus Hansen Produces Stunning Comeback to Defeat Michael Booth and the Tahitian Warriors at First Stop of The Paddle League World Tour

Marcus Hansen has announced himself as a genuine contender on the international stage, producing a stunning comeback for Team NSP to overpower Starboard’s Michael Booth and defeat a big field of Tahitian Warriors at the Air France Paddle Festival.

As the first stop on The Paddle League World Tour, the 5th Annual Air France race drew a strong international crowd to compete against the Tahitians, and the battle royale didn’t disappoint. With weather that can only be described as too good, paddlers were met with mercilessly-hot blue skies, light winds and high humidity for a challenge that tested both physical and mental limits.

But in the end it was Marcus who conquered the torture chamber, saluting in an event that produced several rollercoaster stories.    → READ MORE

The Paddle League: Full replay of the Air France Paddle Festival

Watch a full replay of the epic Air France Paddle Festival in Tahiti, first stop of The Paddle League World Tour.

Latest from The Paddle League: We’re partnering with 50 races in 25 nations to help unify the sport.

The Paddle League is today revealing “stage two” of its plan to help unify the sport, with the key announcement being the addition of 41 regional events to the existing 9 majors, which creates a combined platform of 50 independent races in 25 nations that we’re hoping will be the start of a new era in stand up paddling.

After announcing the The Paddle League World Tour in January, which includes “Majors” such as the Air France Paddle Festival, Carolina Cup and Gorge Paddle Challenge, the addition of these 41 “Regionals” completes the first wave of Season 2018.   → READ MORE

Meet the *new* New Zealand beach race champion, Tara Hope.

Last week’s Hoe Toa Paddle Championships in New Zealand produced plenty of great moments, but perhaps the greatest was seeing dark horse Tara Hope claim the beach race national title after battling all the way to the line with top 10 international athlete and overall event champion Penelope Strickland in the beach race.

The understated Kiwi – virtually unknown on the international scene before last weekend – took the points for Team NSP and was clearly thrilled with her victory, one that even she admitted was a little unexpected. It’s always cool to see new names reaching the podium, so we had a chat with Tara post-race to get her thoughts on the victory and paddling in general.   → READ MORE

The Paddle League asks world number one Connor Baxter “Why do you paddle?”

On the eve of The Paddle League World Tour, we sat down with world number one Connor Baxter for a chat about the big season ahead. Connor shared his thoughts on The Paddle League, the next generation, his love of paddling, and… getting married.

Watch above and enjoy, and follow The Paddle League on Facebook and Insta for more.

Connor begins his season this weekend at the major Air France Paddle Festival in Tahit, which you can watch live on The Paddle League from 11am local time Saturday.

ROGUE RECAP ep.03: The Paddle League Pre-Season Wrap

From Santa Cruz to the South of France, here are the headlines that made waves this week.

Hoe Toa Highlights Reel: Here’s How It Looked in New Zealand Today

Rapid fire recap of the Hoe Toa Paddle Champs in New Zealand today, where Lincoln Dews upset the Kiwis and Penelope Strickland took out the women’s race in some pretty nice downwind conditions. The Paddle League pre-season event wraps up tomorrow with the beach race.

Villefranche Paddle Race: The new event on the French Riviera this weekend (here’s how it all started).

With Tahiti and Carolina just around the corner, this weekend marks the end of The Paddle League pre-season as a triple header sweeps New Zealand, NorCal and the French Riviera. But while the NZ SUP Championships (rebranded to the “Hoe Toa” race this year) and Santa Cruz PaddleFest (now in its 32nd year) are mainstays of the early season calendar, the Villefranche race in the south of France is fresh out of the box.

It’s always promising to see new events pop up as this sport evolves, and it’s even better when they’re in such a postcard-perfect location. Add in the event’s claim of being created by paddlers for paddlers, and I’ve been curious about the Villefranche race ever since I noticed their slick Instagram campaign a few months ago.    → READ MORE

BAT Race: Here’s the highlights reel from last week’s bucket list event in Switzerland.

Highlights from last week’s epic “BAT Race” aka paddling on an underground lake in Switzerland. Bucket list.