Dave Kalama’s Bold Proposal For The Future Of SUP Racing

Dave Kalama SUPBoss Man’s note: Dave Kalama is one of the visionary pioneers of this great sport. He’s been around since the early days and is always playing around with new ideas and concepts, recently creating a one of the most innovative new paddles on the market.

Well now Dave has turned his sights to the world of stand up paddle race boards (and racing) in general. The big guy has a very unique and interesting idea that would radically alter the SUP racing landscape, but which could solve a few fundamental problems the sport faces.

Have a read through Dave’s guest post and then leave a comment at the bottom – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.   → READ MORE

[PART 2] Dave Kalama On The Prize Money Debate: “Whoever Has The Gold Makes The Rules”

Dave Kalama Boss Man’s note: This is Dave Kalama’s in-depth follow up to his recent guest post tackling the equal prize money debate.

There’s been a lot of chatter about how the prize purses at major SUP races should be split but, as far as Kalama is concerned, most of the debate has missed the point. Read the entire guest post below but the main two points Dave is making seem to be: 1) The prize money split should be based on the desires of the sponsor or whoever is putting up the money, and 2) we should stop and get some perspective on this whole debate, because it’s not actually as important as it’s being made out out be…

There are some wise words in there and plus, as one of the guys who practically invented modern Stand Up Paddling, I think we should all pause and listen to whatever Dave has to say about our sport regardless of whether you agree or disagree…   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama On Men’s vs Women’s Prize Money: “It’s Not About Equality, It’s About Competition”

Dave Kalama Boss Man’s note: This is a guest post by Dave Kalama on the current debate around equal prize money for men and women in Stand Up Paddle races. There’s already been a lot of suggestions about this but recently the top women came together to have their say.

Before you read Dave’s comments let’s get some background. The top female paddlers recently sat down at the Gorge Paddle Challenge to debate the future of the sport from their perspective. A lot of the biggest names in women’s SUP racing were there and a lot of issues were covered, but the main topic was prize money. The general consensus was that women should receive equal prize money because: Gender equality is important, women train just as hard as men and women race the same courses as men.

But is that the best way to approach it? Click through to read Dave’s response plus his own idea for how to make prize money fairer between men and women. Dave has been around since day one of stand up paddling (literally) and has competed in the ocean for over 30 years, so it’s safe to say he’s got a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to this sort of thing.   → READ MORE