Welcome to Mondays With The Mad Scientist! This is a guest column by four-time Olympian, Quickblade Paddles founder and all round SUP guru, Jim Terrell.

Jim will be sharing his secrets for becoming a fitter, faster, smarter and better Stand Up Paddle racer. Check out the Mad Scientist's current posts below and keep following SUPracer.com for more great insights...

Jim Terrell Visits The Land Of The Rising Sun

Stand Up Paddleboarding in JapanI’ve just finished a great few days in Japan, which included a stop at the All Japan SUP Championships. What an incredible trip… Japan has definitely discovered SUP racing and is taking full advantage of their vast amounts of water to explore and have fun.

I was so moved and excited to see all the smiling faces of so many people who have all recently discovered this great sport of ours…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell On Prize Money: “How To Make It Fairer AND Encourage More Women To Race”

Mondays With The Mad Scientist
I’ve noticed that more and more of the races I’ve been to over the past few years have been getting serious and offering solid prize money to competitors. This is a good thing for the sport in my opinion, as it makes us more professional and helps support the elite athletes, some of whom literally train full time for these events.

But first let me just say: I am a big believer that if you host a well run, organized, fun event, then people will participate regardless of prize money. I don’t believe we should be paddling just for the money, and a cash prize purse is not absolutely required to draw good paddlers, however it can definitely help if done right.

But here’s the thing… what myself and probably everyone else has noticed is that *some* of these events don’t seem to be giving women their fair share of the prize money split. In fact it’s not just some SUP races, it’s almost all of them…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell: The New 4 Metre International Stock Class, Part II

Jim Terrell - Mondays With The Mad Scientist
Boss Man’s note: In this week’s Mondays With The Mad Scientist, Jim Terrell follows up on his massively popular article about board restrictions and the future of our sport.

Thousands and thousands of people viewed the article last Monday. There were over 1,000 Likes (a record on SUPracer.com) and 100+ comments, the majority of them positive and most of them agreeing that *something* had to be done, though often with questions about exactly how Jim came up with his proposed restrictions. So this week Jimmy responds to the five most popular questions about why this would be a good idea. Take it away Jim…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell: The Death & Rebirth Of SUP Racing (aka The New 4 Metre International Stock Class)

Jim Terrell - Mondays With The Mad Scientist
Boss Man’s note: Jim Terrell is one of the most influential figures in Stand Up Paddle racing. As a 4x time Olympian, founder of the iconic Quickblade Paddles and an established SUP racer in his own right, Jim is in a unique position to comment on the current and future trends impacting our sport.

The debate about board classes and design restrictions has been raging for months now (partly thanks to us) and now the Mad Scientist is having his say. Jim believes the sport is at huge risk due to radical new designs, and that something has to be done to save it. During his time in canoe racing, Jim had his finger on the pulse of board design evolution more than perhaps any other paddler in the world. He’s seen this exact same problem (and fierce debate) before, when Olympic and Marathon Canoeing went through extreme growing pains as designs became too extreme and inaccessible for beginners.

So read the guest post from Jim Terrell below. It’s a controversial one for sure… But whether you love it or hate it, leave your comment as we’d really like to hear your thoughts.   → READ MORE

Mondays With The Mad Scientist: SUP Racing @ The Olympics…?! [Part 1]

On this week’s “Mondays With The Mad Scientist!” you can find out what Quickblade’s Jim Terrell thinks about Stand Up Paddling in the Olympics. Should SUP racing ever make the Olympic Games? If it did, what would it look like? And when would it get there?!

Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

EXPOSED: Team Quickblade’s Secret New SUP Race Training Techniques…

Jim Terrell and the Team at Quickblade Paddles are known around the world as one of the most successful Stand Up Paddle racing teams. Their roster boasts the likes of Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, Chase Kosterlitz, Fernando Stalla and dozens more of the world’s finest.

But now in this SUPracer exlusive, we can reveal the secret, ultra-stealth new training techniques being deployed by the Mad Scientist, Jim Terrell, to give his team that extra boost when they paddle. The secret’s out… CLICK THROUGH TO WATCH   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Jim Terrell’s Battle Of The Paddle Preview

Watch Jim Terrell (aka the Mad Scientist from Quickblade Paddles) preview this weekend’s big Battle of the Paddle race.

Jim has raced every Battle of the Paddle going right back to the first event in 2008, so he’s seen more BoP action than most. Listen to his predictions for the Elite Race plus find out what he thinks about racing in the waves. Click through to watch:   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell: How Do We Make SUP Bigger and Better?

Time for another Monday’s With The Mad Scientist! This week, Quickblade’s Jim Terrell shares his thoughts on the future of SUP and how we can get bigger crowds, larger audiences and more lucrative sponsorships.

As always not everyone’s going to agree, so click through and see for yourself, then join the debate by leaving a comment after you’ve read Jim’s post…   → READ MORE