DONE. The SUP 11 City Tour Is Finished – Get The Full Results, Pics And Recap From This Crazy / Painful / Awesome Race

11 city tour of friesland stand up paddling
The 2014 SUP 11 City Tour is DONE. What a crazy adventure that was. Congratulations to Bart de Zwart for reclaming his crown and showing he’s still the king of endurance paddling.

We’ll have a full recap of this crazy/painful/amazing/awesome event soon, but in the meantime here are the final standings from the solo divisions. You can also relive the week-long live blog, including daily recaps and photo highlights.   → READ MORE

“Where Did We Come From And Where Are We Going?” Steve West Continues The SUP Race Board Restrictions Debate

Steve West - Stand Up Paddling's agent provocateur
Boss Man’s note: Yep, the board class and board restrictions debate rages on. It’s not going to stop either, because this is a mildly important topic that could have mildly huge implications for the future of the sport, depending on which way the dust eventually settles. One of the chief protagonists so far has been our guest columnist Steve West, a highly respected author from the world of paddling who is also highly opinionated, especially on the topic of board restrictions (oh and he also has a kickass SUP book available to buy).

We threw Steve to the lions in April and May when he talked about board restrictions killing the sport, and now he’s back to do battle once more. So click through to read his latest pot-stirring thoughts and then leave a comment at the bottom…   → READ MORE

An Existentialists Guide to SUP

Steve West SUP
Please accept my silence of late. We’ve made the journey to Fiji to a small island paradise called Leleuvia Island – a place to immerse oneself in paddling, sailing and surf and to contemplate ‘stuff’ the universe and what it’s all about. I hope to start on another book very shortly, but in the meantime, I offer this as a ‘palate cleanser’ of sought, after the foray into the world of board specification rulings. I have in fact drafted a 2000 word consideration of the topic and in response to Jim Terrell’s fine post on the matter, but I need a break from it and would rather change direction for a moment…   → READ MORE

The Box Rule, The Missing 18 Inches, A Cultural Clash And A Race Director’s Nightmare

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note: Last week Steve West stirred up the bees nest with his strongly worded guest post about board design & restrictions. We loved the response from you guys, even if half of it was negative (how boring would it be if we all agreed?), so we’re back this week to throw Steve to the lions once more.

So click through to hear Steve’s latest piece, and, as always, leave your comment below if you agree/disagree/love it/hate it…   → READ MORE

Jamie Mitchell Returns To The Motherland, UK Racing And Clinics Set For This Weekend

Jamie Mitchell UK Tour 2013All along it was my mate Travis (Grant) who was to visit me up here in this antipodean northern outpost, the father-country from where many Aussies can track their heritages, either on account of free-will or on account Her Majesty’s pleasure. I’m not entirely sure which category Grant falls into, but when we both finally concluded that a better offer of racing in the Pyrenees contested a possible visit to the UK and the logistics involved were proving testing, he dumped me. I was inconsolable for a minute or two, but then within a few hours another equally dodgey Aussie character PMs me on FB and casually tells me the time is right for him to visit and what’s this Battle of the Thames London race all about?   → READ MORE

SUP Racing Needs A Paradigm Shift In Thinking (aka The Irrationality Of Restricting SUP Race Board Designs, Part II)

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note:Steve West is back with another important guest post/rant about the state of SUP race board designs. After last week’s article set off the debate, Steve continues it by suggesting what we need is a total shift in thinking at the fundamental level.

Interesting stuff as always, so check it out below. Also feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post when you’re done reading. Love to know if you agree or disagree…   → READ MORE

Steve West: The Irrationality Of SUP Racing Board Restrictions…

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note: This week we’ve got an excellent and very important guest post from Steve West, author of the Stand Up Paddling book Stand Up Paddle: A Paddler’s Guide.

The issue of board classes and restrictions on SUP race board design has always been a hot topic, so I’m sure this post will stir up some debate. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the post when you’re done reading. We’d love to hear what you think about this one…   → READ MORE

Steve West: Choosing The Right Paddle Length (And Avoiding Injury) Part II

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note: Another week and another guest post by the excellent SUP author Steve West, who created the awesome SUP book Stand Up Paddle: A Paddler’s Guide. Steve is sharing slices of his book every week on, so click through for the latest instalment and get some insights into optimal paddle length (and how it’ll help you avoid injury…)   → READ MORE

The Age Old Question: How Do I Choose The Right Paddle Length?

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note: Time for another great guest post by SUP expert author Steve West, creator of the awesome new SUP book Stand Up Paddle: A Paddler’s Guide. Steve is sharing excerpts out of his book with us each week, so click through for the latest instalment and learn how long your SUP paddle really should be (and what can go wrong if it’s not the right size…).   → READ MORE

Steve West: Know Your Paddle

Steve West Stand Up Paddle
Boss Man’s note: Steve West is back with another great article on the inner workings of Stand Up Paddling. Steve is the author of an awesome new SUP book (Stand Up Paddle: A Paddler’s Guide) and is sharing excerpts from it here on every week.

So click through to check out the latest instalment and then grab a copy of the “Bible of SUP”. If you love Stand Up Paddling, you’ll love Steve’s book….   → READ MORE