TUESDAY TRIVIA: Jamie Mitchell Special Edition

Jamie Mitchell has just released his new paddleboarding movie Decade of Dominance on DVD, so to mark the occasion we’re running a very special edition of TUESDAY TRIVIA. For the next 24 hours you’ve got a shot at winning an autographed version of this great new film. All you have to do is answer one simple question: “How many times has Jamie Mitchell paddled from Molokai to Oahu?” Simple enough, right? If you reckon you know the answer then head on over to our Facebook page and leave your answer.

Get Inspired: Jamie Mitchell’s “Decade Of Dominance” Available To Buy On DVD Today

Jamie Mitchell’s new paddling movie “Decade of Dominance” has just been released on DVD. The film charts JM’s quest to win a 10th straight Molokai-2-Oahu World Paddleboard Championship title and features the likes of Dave Kalama, Gerry Lopez, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado.

Winning the World Title 10x years in a row is pretty incredible; I’m trying to think of another athlete who’s achieved anything close to that… So if you want to get inspired then head over to the official Decade of Dominance site and grab your limited edition DVD.   → READ MORE

Jamie Mitchell Talks Paddling On Fox Sports Australia

Jamie Mitchell is back home this week for the Australian Premiere of Decade Of Dominance, his new movie about going for a record 10th straight Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship title.

The Decade of Dominance premiere is happening this Saturday on the Gold Coast (click here for details) but in the meantime JM has been on a bit of a promo jaunt, including a stop off at the Fox Sports studios in Sydney yesterday. Click through to check out the full interview, including a recount of the time Jamie was getting tailed by a massive shark halfway across the Molokai Channel…   → READ MORE

Sneak Peek: Jamie Mitchell’s Decade of Dominance Coming To DVD (Reserve Your Place In Line)

10x paddleboard World Champ, big wave charger and former Battle of the Paddle winner, Jamie Mitchell is about to release his new movie on DVD. He’s also giving you a sneak peek at it for the next few days.

The movie is called “Decade of Dominance” and follows Jamie’s path towards a 10th straight Molokai-2-Oahu title. I was lucky enough to see the premiere of this film in Hawaii earlier in the year. It’s a great story not just about JM’s Molokai career, but also about the spirit, passion and characters that make this such an amazing (and insane) paddle race.   → READ MORE

Jamie Mitchell’s Decade Of Dominance Australian Premiere

If you wanna see what it’s like to race across the 32 mile Molokai Channel, and win, 10 years in a row, and you’re in Australia… then here’s your chance. Jamie Mitchell’s “Decade of Dominance” is having it’s Aussie premiere in a couple of weeks on the Gold Coast.

No it’s not about SUP, it’s a paddleboarding movie, but there’s still plenty of Stand Up Paddle action (including a few classic lines from Dave Kalama). And besides, it’s the 10x World Champ we’re talking about, what else do you need to know…

The premiere is being hosted at the Gold Coast Turf Club, and rumour has it the Captain will be doing a sprint down the track against a race horse. There’ll also be a charity auction with schwag from the likes of Joel Parkinson, who completed the 2012 Molokai-2-Oahu race race and has donated some very cool stuff…   → READ MORE