World Rankings: Here Are SUP Racer’s Star Ratings for Season 2017 (aka the Biggest Races in the World This Year)

Pacific Paddle Games

Two weeks ago, I sent out a survey to each of the world’s top-ranked paddlers asking which events they’d be competing in this year. The goal was to paint a picture of the biggest races in the world, which I think is not only an interesting insight for everyone in the sport to analyse, it also helps me to set clear ‘star ratings’ that will produce an ever more accurate World Rankings leaderboard.

Here are the results…   → READ MORE

The EuroTour Announces Final Schedule for 2017: 12 Weeks, 12 Races and a $100k Summer Holiday in Europe

Michael Booth St Maxime EuroTourThe EuroTour has announced its final lineup for the 2017 European Summer of SUP, with one new addition to the popular circuit that now stretches 12 weeks and gives all paddlers a unified tour while offering the pros almost $100,000 in prize money.

After announcing its initial lineup last month, the 2017 EuroTour has added the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup to the schedule, which slots in at week #9, while the opening event in the Greek Islands has been brought forward a week and beefed up with prize money.   → READ MORE

The EuroTour Unveils Its Schedule for the 2017 European Summer of SUP

2017-euro-tour-supWith the snow starting to fall and the water starting to freeze in Europe, now is a good time to start dreaming of some warm water paddling. Well to help out, the EuroTour has just released its schedule for the 2017 European Summer of SUP.

The EuroTour, which is half ‘race series’ and half ‘European summer holiday’, is one of the funnest parts of the season. From France to Finland, Crete to the Canary Islands and plenty more places in between, the Tour combines racing and traveling into one big cultural adventure.    → READ MORE

“Winngingest” Athletes in Europe: Leo Nika, Susak Molinero Claim Penultimate Stop of the EuroTour

Adriatic Crown stand up paddleboarding raceIn brief: Leo Nika and Susak Molinero have saluted in Week 12 of the EuroTour, claiming the Adriatic Crown in Marrotta, Italy to cement their respective statuses as the winningest athletes of this year’s European summer.

Others to impress at Marotta this weekend were runners-up Jeremy Teulade and Amandine Chazot, along with the other top five guys Giordano Capparella, Boris Jinvresse and Martino Rogai, all of which are rising prospects on the European scene.   → READ MORE

Noli SUP Race: Awesome Aerial Highlights from a Great Week on the Italian Riviera

Noli SUP Race videoWatching this footage reminds me just how much fun we all had in Italy last weekend, where the 11th stop of the EuroTour, the Noli SUP Race, surprised us with some of the most beautiful scenery of the entire summer.

The race was won by Leo Nika (who becomes the winningest athlete of the 2016 Tour) and Susak Molinero (who equals Sonni Honscheid’s 3x wins), however Noli was more than just a race, it was a destination.   → READ MORE

Leo Nika, Susak Molinero Win Week 11 of the EuroTour in Beautiful Noli, Italy

Noli SUP Race Italy stand up paddleboardingIn brief: Leo Nika and Susak Molinero have taken out Week 11 of the EuroTour in beautiful Noli, Italy, with a strong field of Europeans enjoying one of the most picturesque stops of the tour so far.

Leo made the most of the moderate breeze to pull away in the final few kilometres, crossing the line almost a minute clear of his compatriot and runner-up Paolo Maroconi, with Frenchman Martin Letourneur finishing third a further half a minute adrift. Jeremy Teulade was impressive in 4th, while Martino Rogai rounded out the top five.   → READ MORE

Great Highlights from Greece as Leo Nika and Susak Molinero Win Week 9 of the EuroTour

EuroTour Greece On Board FestivalCheck out this great highlights reel from the Greece’s On Board Festival, held last weekend in the historic city of Marathon as Week 9 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.

Italy’s Leonard Nika and Spaniard-turned-Italian-local Susak Molinero took out the wins, with Eric Terrien continuing his strong return to form and dark horse Paolo Marconi rounding out the men’s podium.   → READ MORE

Highlights from Week 8 of the EuroTour in Namur

Happy Summer SUP race Namur stand up paddle boardingGreat little highlights reel from the Happy Summer SUP Race in Namur, Belgium, where Jeremy Teulade upstaged a small but elite field of emerging European contenders to claim Week 8 of the EuroTour.

The Frenchman beat home Norm Weber from Germany, Davide Ionico from Italy, along with compatriots Martin Letourneur and Boris Jinvresse, while Petronella van Malsen upset Amandine Chazot in the women’s.   → READ MORE

EuroTour Week 8: Frenchman Jeremy Teulade Narrowly Wins the ‘Happy Summer’ Race in Namur

Jeremy Teulade stand up paddle boardingFrenchman Jeremy Teulade has claimed Week 8 of the EuroTour for Team Starboard, out-sprinting Norm Weber (Siren), Davide Ionico (Fanatic), Martin Letourneur (Hobie) team mate Boris Jinvresse, compatriot Joseph Gueguen (Nah Skwell) and home country hero Joep van Bakel (Fanatic) after almost an hour and a half of tight, flat water racing in the Belgian city of Namur to win the Happy Summer SUP Race.

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The Racing Never Ends in Europe: This Weekend It’s the SUP World Cup in Germany and EuroTour in Belgium

Hamburg SUP World Cup 2013 GermanyAfter a great week of competition at the EuroSUP championship in Lacanau, it’s straight into the next round over here in Europe, with the seemingly-endless European Summer of SUP continuing on to Germany and Belgium this weekend.

Up on the north coast of Germany we’ve got the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup, an iconic event that dates way back to 2009, and which will see many international names on the line including Connor Baxter, Michael Booth, Jake Jensen, Casper Steinfath, Sonni Hönscheid and Fiona Wylde. Meanwhile just over the border in Belgium we’ve got Namur’s annual Happy Summer SUP Race, which is Week 8 of the EuroTour.    → READ MORE

EuroTour Week 7: Awesome Aerial Highlights from Croatia

SUPer Surfers Challenge Porec Croatia paddleboarding raceCheck out this great highlights reel from the SUPer Surfers Challenge in picture-postcard Poreč, where Michael Booth and Fiona Wylde scored big wins for Week 7 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.

Poreč sure looks like a mighty fine place to go paddling (oh and how cool is that floating playground…).   → READ MORE

EuroTour Week 7: Michael Booth, Fiona Wylde Claim Big Wins in Croatia (Updated)

Paddleboard race Porec CroatiaIn brief: Starboard team mates Michael Booth and Fiona Wylde have taken out Week 7 of the EuroTour, claiming big wins at the SUPer Challenge in picturesque Poreč, Croatia this afternoon.

Boothy continued his summer-long rivalry with Connor Baxter, however this time there were no close finishes — the Aussie crossed the line more than two minutes clear of the Hawaiian. The Hasulyo Brothers, Bruno and Daniel, finished 3rd and 4th to continue their rapid rise through the ranks and give Starboard a clean sweep of the top four spots, while France’s Martin Letourneur rounded out the top five for Team Hobie.   → READ MORE

Aerial Highlights from the Showdown in San Sebastian (EuroTour)

San Sebastian paddleboard race videoCheck out this great little highlights reel from last weekend’s San Sebastian Paddle Tour in the beautiful Basque Country, where Titouan Puyo and Olivia Piana claimed Week 6 of the EuroTour.

Despite the bumpy and challenging conditions, this was certainly one of the best events of the Tour so far…   → READ MORE

Battle of the Nations Leaderboard Update

Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race 6We’ve just updated the Battle of the Nations leaderboard with recent results from Europe and California.

Thanks to strong gains from Titouan Puyo, Martin Letourneur, and San Sebastian champ Olivia Piana, Team France moves ahead of NZ into fourth. Plenty of other teams gained points this week, so check out the full country-by-country contest…

Battle of the Brands Leaderboard Update

Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race 4Following a couple of big weeks in Europe and the showdown in Santa Monica, we’ve updated the Battle of the Brands leaderboard to show you which race teams are on a tear and which are trailing off.

NSP holds onto the #2 spot ahead of Naish, however Starboard has extended its already-massive lead at the top of the table. Thanks to Danny Ching and Noa Hopper’s heroics at the Pier, Team 404 is +1 this week and could easily move higher in the coming weeks, while the Infinity Speed Freaks can smell a top 4 spot.

World Rankings: San Sebastian, Santa Monica Update

World Rankings for Stand Up Paddling

The Top 100 and Top 50 leaderboards have been updated following the showdown in San Sebastian and the paddle battle at the Pier.

Danny Ching has started creeping back up to the top territory where he belongs, while Boothy continues his meteoric rise towards the top five. Slater Trout returns to form, with his Infinity team mate Giorgio Gomez joining him in knocking on the door of the top 20. Italy’s Leo Nika has proven to be a top 10 contender over the past month, while Californian young gun Noa Hopper busts into the top 30 for the first time.

Plenty of movement on the women’s rankings as well, so check out the latest SUP Racer World Rankings to see who’s in form and who’s on fire…

EuroTour Leaderboard: San Sebastian Update

San Sebastian paddleboard race 2016We’ve just updated the EuroTour Leaderboard with results from the wild and bumpy showdown in San Sebastian, which, with its unique course, challenging conditions and amazing host city, proved to be one of the standout events of the Tour so far.

After victory in San Sebastian, Titou has locked in a top three spot, while the increasingly impressive Leo Nika from Italy will be hard to remove from the top four. Connor Baxter is still on top of the table, and the door is probably shut for his only challenger, Michael Booth, who missed a chance to overtake his Starboard team mate in San Sebastian. But while the top spots are virtually sealed, further down we’ve got battles aplenty in the race for the top 10 and top 20 as we head to Croatia, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Italy, Portugal and the UK.

On the women’s side, Sonni is pretty much unbeatable, despite eight weeks of the Tour still remaining (the biggest points were on offer during the “Headline” events over the past month). The 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard continues on into Week 7 with the primo paddling destination of Poreč, Croatia, where once again the likes of Connor and Boothy will battle it out for points, prize money and personal pride.

EuroTour Week 6: Titouan Puyo, Olivia Piana Triumph at the Wild and Bumpy ‘San Sebastian Paddle Tour’

San Sebastian Paddle TourTitouan Puyo and Olivia Piana have made it a clean sweep of the San Sebastian Paddle Tour for Team France, overcoming rough conditions and a strong field to claim Week 6 of the EuroTour here in the beautiful Basque Country.

TItou had a four-way battle with Michael Booth, Leo Nika and Connor Baxter, eventually pulling clear as he milked the messy bumps for all they were worth, with Boothy having to settle for second while an impressive Leo Nika claimed his second podium in the space of 8 days.

In the women’s, Fiona Wylde started strong early and led, however Olivia showed her strength in the flatter sections of the bit-of-everything course to storm away with the win.    → READ MORE