[RESULTS] Lost Mills: Eric Terrien Wins The Distance Race With Epic Performance, Sonni Hönscheid Claims Women’s Race

Lost Mills 2013
Full coverage of the big Lost Mills event, which is happening this week at Brombachsee, Germany. There’s $33,000 on offer which has attracted several of the world’s best paddlers, including Connor Baxter, Travis Grant and Jamie Mitchell.

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Europe, Day 7: We’re In The Middle Of Nowhere In Germany

Double trouble...After driving through seven countries yesterday, we spent today prepping for the big Lost Mills event, which officially gets going tomorrow.

Jamie Mitchell and Rami Zur went off exploring the lake by foot, I picked up Jimmy Terrell from airport, the Fanatic crew, who’d spent the past couple of days in Italy, rolled into town late this evening, Travis Grant and Rico Leroy, fresh from their Summer snowboarding expedition (look out for the next episode of Trav’s Trippin’ tomorrow!) rocked up tonight, as did Bart and Connor, who spent this morning river surfing near Munich.

All in all there’s probably two dozen international paddlers holed out in the awesome “Strandhotel Seehof”, which is hosting the Lost Mills event and is located literally a stone’s throw from the start line of the races.   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter In Europe: “My SUP Race Cup Insights”

Connor Baxter in FranceConnor Baxter was in great form at the French “SUP Race Cup” on the weekend, leading from start to finish to take out Saturday’s Beach Race in extreme conditions, before battling to the line with Travis Grant in Sunday’s Distance Race.

Connor and Trav had an epic duel all weekend and were the clear standouts of the event, so click through to hear Connor’s thoughts on how it went down…   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 6: Epic Road Trip

Day 6 in Europe and we got to see a good chunk of the continent. No paddling today, just lots of driving.

After the fun and drama of the SUP Race Cup on the weekend, which officially kicked off this whole “European SUP Racing Tour” thing, people went off in all directions yesterday; some to the alps for some summer snowboarding, some were doing random paddling adventures in Germany, others were in Italy and some had just decided to stay on the beach in St. Maxime and enjoy the sun.

For me, I was in Monaco to meet Jamie Mitchell, who I was to sit in the car with for nine hours straight as we drove up to Germany.   → READ MORE

Awesome Photos From The SUP Race Cup

2013 SUP Race Cup beach raceSo the 2013 SUP Race Cup threw up some interesting races, with Connor Baxter claiming Day 1 and Travis Grant snatching Day 2. Both events featured roughly 100 paddlers and were tough, tactical battles, which made for great racing and amazing photo opps.

Michel Terrien, who took those iconic shots at last year’s event (one of which we used in the European SUP racing Tour promo) was back this year and once again snapped a bunch of awesome images.   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 5: [redacted]

redactedMonday the 27th, aka Day 5 of the European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP. After the SUP Race Cup wrapped up yesterday, everyone split in different directions before planning to regroup in Germany for next weekend’s Lost Mills race.

Trav and Rico went to the French alps for some snowboarding (yes, it’s summer next week…), Connor and Bart disappeared on a train for some paddling adventures, Jimmy Terrell flew to Italy for some clinics, the Aussie crew ended up on some random mountain in the Italian countryside, the English lads sat on the beach and enjoyed the sun while I headed for Monaco.

Monaco was amazing…   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 4: Awesome Race

Day 4 of the European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP was a lot more fun than Day 3. No waiting around until 6.30pm to race and no crazy apocalyptic winds coming down off the alps. The SUP Race Cup is split into two races, just like the BoP; a short, technical course race (which they call a ‘Beach Race’ over here) and then a long ass Distance Race.

Today’s Distance Race was a lotta fun and featured all kinds of conditions; flat water, headwind, downwind and sidewind. The wind wasn’t howling like it was yesterday though, so it was pretty manageable.

After Connor gave everything to lead from start to finish in the Beach Race, it was always going to be interesting to see if he could back it up.   → READ MORE

SUP Race Cup: Travis Grant Claims Distance Race And Overall Title On Day 2, Edging Past Beach Race Winner Connor Baxter

2013 SUP Race CupTravis Grant and Connor Baxter have dominated the 2013 SUP Race Cup, which drew a stacked field of 100 paddlers to St. Maxime, France and marked the official start of the unofficial European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP.

This event was a tale of two days; on Saturday the winds were apocalyptic and the Beach Race turned into a survival paddle, while Sunday was much calmer (and warmer), producing an epic Distance Race.

The field was absolutely stacked, as many of the world’s best paddlers in Europe for the next few weeks, but in the end it was the favourites Travis and Connor who filled the top two spots on both days. Click through for the full results and race recap…   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 3: Apocalyptic Winds

We’ve just wrapped up day 3 of the European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP, which saw the first big race of the Summer hit the water at St. Maxime, France.

Read the full recap over on the SUP Race Cup results page, but basically it went like this: Gnarly winds, long delays, chaotic start, grinding paddle, 4.5km sprint, Connor won…

The young gun held off a big field, including a determined effort from Aussie Travis Grant. I crossed the line a couple of minutes after these guys but even then Connor was still on the ground looking half dead. He gave it 100% today and was obviously spent, though the apocalyptic winds didn’t help; every breath chilled the lungs, and the way you suck in air during a short SUP race just compounded the problem.   → READ MORE

Trav’s Trippin Episode #2: Downwind Time In Biarritz!

Trav's Trippin' in Europe with Rico Leroy
Boss Man’s note: We’re stoked to have one of the world’s best paddlers, Travis Grant, sharing his global paddling adventures with us over the next few months on SUPracer.com. The World Champ has just landed in Europe for a few weeks of big races, so click through to see the latest instalment of Trav’s Trippin’…   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 2: The Stars Roll Into Town Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Big “SUP Race Cup” (Plus: Even More Wine & Bread…)

Europe, Day 2It’s “Day 2” of the big European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP… We’re in France for Week 1 of this mega tour and that means the big SUP Race Cup is going to hit the water in less than 24 hours time. Now in its 4th edition, this year the event is set to feature the biggest cast of international SUP stars ever assembled on French shores…

After yesterday’s tourist time, the rest of the big names rolled into town today. I picked the Danish Viking up from the airport. Travis Grant rocked up with Rico Leroy and their NSP entourage. The Aussie contingent were doing downwinders in macking 35 knot winds. The Italian crew drove 10 hours to get here. And guys and girls from France, the UK, Spain, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and beyond started to converge on St. Maxime for a great weekend of SUP racing…   → READ MORE

Trav’s Trippin: The Awesome Adventures Of Travis Grant, One Of The World’s Best Paddlers

Trav's Trippin'
Boss Man’s Note: Travis Grant is one of the most under rated paddlers in the world. He’s won the Battle of the Paddle, the ISA World Champs and is almost unbeatable downwind. He’s also a very cool guy. I know Travis personally and can definitely say he’s a lotta fun to be around. Very humble but always up for an adventure and looking for a laugh.

Trav has got some big adventures in store over the next few months, so I’m really stoked he’s agreed to share his travels with you through SUPracer.com. Trav’s Trippin’ – Europe, Hawaii, Australia, California and beyond. It’s going to be epic! So click through to hear what it’s all about from the man himself…   → READ MORE

Europe, Day 1: Sunshine And Wine In St. Tropez

I’m calling Thursday May 23rd as the official “Day 1” of the European SUP Racing Tour (presented by NSP!). Even though I’ve been in Europe for a good six weeks or so, it’s only now that the really serious racing will start to happen.

In a couple of days we’ll see the biggest and most competitive race ever held in Europe, as a whole stack of international stars join elite paddlers from France, Germany, the UK and right across the Continent for the “SUP Race Cup” in St. Maxime. And that’s only the beginning…   → READ MORE

Introducing The European SUP Racing Tour Presented By NSP

European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP
It’s going to be a BIG Summer of SUP racing in Europe… Starting this weekend we’re set for six straight weeks of massive races that’ll feature an elite cast of international paddlers.

It’s an exciting time for the sport of SUP racing in this part of the world; never before have so many big names competed in Europe at the same time. The SUP Race Cup, Lost Mills, Oleron, Bilbao and more… Every week from now until the end of June, Europe will play host to several of the world’s best paddlers and several of the world’s biggest events.

There are so many big races happening in the next six weeks that we just had to give it a fun nickname, and as we mentioned a few months ago, the “European SUP Racing Tour” is what we came up with. Well now thanks to the champs at NSP (the home of Travis Grant and Rico Leroy), SUPracer.com will be on the ground in Europe covering every event live and going behind the scenes with the international stars as they travel the continent.   → READ MORE

It’s Gonna Be A BIG Summer Of Racing In Europe…

SUP Races in Europe (© Michel Terrien)SUP racing in Europe is blowing up. From the 25th May to the end of June, we’re going to see six straight weeks of big events that boast a combined prize purse of $80,000. That’s attracted many of the world’s best paddlers to Europe, with the likes of Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell, Travis Grant and a tonne of other big names set to battle it out in France, Germany and Spain.

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