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Whether it be pioneering new SUP racing locations, debating the future of the sport or creating entirely new paddleboarding race formats, inflatables are starting to play a serious role in the sport of stand up paddling. And when it comes to inflatables, no brand stands up bigger and better than Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co. has been crafting nothing but inflatables since 2008, which has given them the time and focus to become a market leader in the battle of the blow ups. And with their new ultra-light, ultra stiff “MSL” technology, Red has again created the next generation of inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Go and explore Red Paddle Co’s 2017 range, or simply take a look at our latest inflatable stand up paddle board news and insights below…

posted October 30, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Funnest Event of the Year: Here’s What You’re Missing at the Red Paddle Co “Dragon World Championships” on Barbados
Red-Paddle-Co-inflatable-stand-up-paddleboards-video One of the funnest races of the year is happening right now on Barbados: The Red Paddle Co Dragon World Championships. Sunday saw the qualifying round for the main event, the four-a-side race on the 22ft long "Dragon" boards, along with a fun little downwinder along the island's white sandy coast.

posted October 26, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Dragon World Championships: One of the Funnest Races of the Year Is Happening This Weekend in Barbados
Red-Dragon-inflatable-boardOne of the funnest events of the year is happenings this weekend on the golden shores of Barbados, where the first annual Red Paddle Co "Dragon World Championships" will take place. Teams of four from around the world will battle for glory and bragging rights on these ridiculously-fun, 22ft long 'Dragon' boards. Here's a little glimpse we got of the Dragon at the GlaGla Race in France back in January (I expect we'll see a few less wetsuits this weekend...). Follow Red Paddle Co on Instagram and Facebook to join the adventure over the next few days.

posted July 20, 2017 by Christopher Parker

WATCH: “Explore Your World…” — a Paddling Adventure in the Tropical Islands of Thailand
Thailand-Paddle-boarding-adventure-video On the spur of the moment recently, I grabbed my Red Paddle Co inflatables, jumped on a plane and took a last minute trip to Thailand with my old mate Nick and new friend Rachel to explore the islands. We didn't really know what we were looking for, we just knew *why* we were doing it: for the adventure.

posted May 7, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Watch This Teaser of Our Red Paddle Co Adventure in Thailand
Thailand-Paddle-boarding-adventure-videoHere's a little glimpse of our recent adventure through the islands of Thailand with Red Paddle Co. It was such a fun week exploring with Rachel Cook, my old mate Nick and video man extraordinaire Taylor Fischer. I can't wait to share the full edit with you soon, and I'm reeeally excited to go more paddling adventures this year (Iceland, perhaps?).

posted April 11, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Alpine Lakes Tour, Stage 2: The Teulade Brothers Dominate a “Very Flat Race” in France
Alpine-Lakes-Tour-paddleboarding-videoFollowing the massive success of the GlaGla race back in January, the second stage of the 2017 Alpine Lakes Tour took place on the weekend at Lake Aiguebelette (no, I can't pronounce it either) in the French Alps. Aiguebelette is a famously quiet lake in a nature reserve where the wind hardly blows and motorboats are forbidden, which makes for dead flat water conditions. It's actually famous for its rowing events with the world championships taking place here a couple of years ago.

posted March 14, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Create Your Ultimate Adventure (and Win Some Awesome Gear) with Red Paddle Co
Red-Paddle-Co-adventure-paddleboardingSo who else wants to go on a paddleboarding adventure? If you dream of jumping on a board with all your gear, paddling off into the sunset with your best mate/partner/fellow adventurer and finding a deserted beach to camp out and explore, here's your chance to get that dream trip kickstarted. Inflatable pioneers Red Paddle Co. are in the middle of their "Create Your Adventure of a Lifetime" giveaway, where they'll be kitting out a pair of lucky paddlers with not only top of the line paddle boards but also all the gear you'll need for a real adventure on the water.

posted January 22, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Epic Drone Footage from the 350-Strong ‘GlaGla’ Race
GlaGla-paddleboard-race-FranceTake a look at this unreal footage from yesterday's big GlaGla Race in the French Alps, where Martin Letourneur, Leo Nika and Olivia Piana led a field of over 300 paddlers around a very cold but very beautiful Lake Annecy. The sight of hundreds of paddlers charging off the start line is absolutely amazing

posted January 21, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Watch: The Red ‘Dragon’ Unleashed in the French Alps
Red-Dragon-paddleboarding-videoCheck out this awesome drone footage from today's GlaGla Race here in the French Alps, featuring the crazy 22ft inflatable from Red Paddle Co known as the Dragon. In case you haven't been following this story over the past few months, the 'Dragon' is a 22ft long behemoth that's been designed for a unique style of teams racing.

posted January 10, 2017 by Christopher Parker

Big Boards in Barbados: Red Paddle Co Announces the ‘Dragon World Championships’ Teams Challenge in October
Red Paddle CoHands up if you want to go paddling in Barbados. Red Paddle Co, the world's leading inflatable brand, has today announced what might just be the funnest weekend of the year: The inaugural Dragon World Championship, a season-ending headline event for Red's new four-a-board teams racing concept that will be hosted on the paradisaical Caribbean island from October 28-30.

posted December 20, 2016 by Christopher Parker

This Story (and Video) Will Make You Want to Buy an Inflatable and Go on a Paddling Adventure
inflatable-stand-up-paddleboardsHave you ever wanted to grab your paddleboard and just escape? Spontaneously disappear off the grid and explore beautiful destinations from the water? Somewhere in the Greek Islands, perhaps? Well that's exactly what UK couple Jay Haysey and Bethany Mercer did recently, and in case the winter blues are getting you down, they documented the whole thing to give you some new year's inspiration.

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