EuroTour Goes XL Fun with Red Paddle Co’s Big Inflatables

Red Paddle Co big inflatable stand up paddle boardHighlighting that the EuroTour isn’t just about serious, elite racing, it’s also about having a damn good time, Red Paddle Co. has signed on as the official inflatables partner, with the British brand set to feature their boards in a series of fun races at every stop.

In addition to the main events, each leg on the 14-week Tour will feature Red Paddle Co races on both the 10’6 whipper snapper boards and those big, beautiful, 17ft “XL Ride” behemoths.   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama & Friends Take Over Maui on a Big Inflatable SUP

giant inflatable stand up paddleboardIn case you somehow forgot to follow us on Facebook or Insta, here’s a great little clip that’s been doing the rounds the past 24 hours.

Dave Kalama and friends taking over Maui on the aptly-named “Invader” giant inflatable stand up paddleboard from Imagine Surf.   → READ MORE

Is This the Next Generation of Inflatables? Reviewing Red Paddle Co’s Lighter/Stiffer “MSL” Boards

Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPsWhen it comes to performance, inflatable stand up paddle boards are fast closing the gap on their carbon fibre cousins. Inflatables have proven themselves worthy (or even superior) alternatives on the rivers and in the humble world of recreational paddling, but the hardest nut to crack has definitely been the race board market.

Perhaps that’s about to change…   → READ MORE

A Cold Water Review of the Starboard Racer ‘Deluxe’ Inflatable

inflatable SUP boardInflatables are closing the gap on hard boards. They’ve already taken over in the rivers and have eaten into a huge chunk of the touring market, but even in the elite domain of racing, inflatables are rapidly improving. While the carbon fibre machines still have an edge, brands such as Red, Starboard and Mistral are all investing heavily in new inflatable stand up paddle board technology.   → READ MORE

(Very) Rare Sight Captured on Video: Stand Up Paddling with Orcas

Stand Up Paddle orcaOk so this is pretty cool. Earlier this month, a couple of lucky Kiwis went out for a paddle on their Red inflatables and came back in with a very unique experience to share.

The lucky paddler filming the show is Lyndon Chandler, and this all went down at Tahuna Beach, which sits on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island just after new year’s.   → READ MORE

Big SUP, Big Fun: Dave Kalama and Imagine Launch the ‘Invader’ Inflatable Behemoth

Imagine-Invader-big-SUP-inflatable-boardSo I spotted this shot of Dave Kalama on Instagram a couple of days ago. He’s standing in front of what looks to be a ridiculously oversized inflatable stand up paddle board, and he’s got that very subtle grin on his face that you just know means one thing: Fun.

Dave and Imagine Surf have just launched the “Invader” big SUP, an inflatable board that can carry up to 10 riders at once. The Invader is 17 feet long, 58 inches (almost 5 feet) wide and 1,213 litres in volume.   → READ MORE

Why You Should Consider Racing on an Inflatable (and Welcome To “Inflation Nation”)

Battle-of-the-Paddle-inflatable-stand-up-paddlingBoss Man’s note: Welcome to “Inflation Nation” — the new home of inflatable stand up paddling. From inflatable race news to reviews to epic video views, Inflation Nation will cover every angle of the inflatable SUP world.

Whether it be pioneering new SUP racing locations, debating the future of the sport or just doing crazy stuff that no traditional board could possibly handle, inflatables are starting to play a serious role in the sport of stand up paddling. So in 2016 and beyond, we’re going to be giving this side of the sport a lot more coverage.   → READ MORE

Payette River Games: New Course, New Boards, and Everything Else You Need to Know (Rise of the Inflatables?)

Payette River Games SUP CrossThe Countdown to Idaho is on. In just under a month, a whole stack of the world’s best paddlers will descend on the sleepy little hamlet of Cascade, Idaho, for a long weekend of festivities on and off the water.

The Payette River Games, scheduled for June 19-21, is set to be a pretty big show this year. We’ve already listed it as one of the “Majors” for 2015, and I know that more than half the world’s top names will be in Idaho for the showdown. Throw in an exclusive TV broadcast deal with CBS Sports and I think it’s safe to say Payette will be one of the highlights of 2015.   → READ MORE

Bart de Zwart’s Epic Round-The-World Odyssey (Part I)

Bart de Zwart stand up paddling around the worldIs it just me, or is Bart de Zwart one of the most inspiring guys in the world?

Bart is currently on a round-the-world trip with photographer Franz Orsi, visiting and paddling in some of the most remote destinations on earth. The world tour includes stops in Micronesia, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Istanbul, and finally to Mexico, where Bart will meet up with the rest of the paddling world (and compete) at the ISA World Champs.   → READ MORE

Meet The World’s First Self-Inflating Stand Up Paddleboard

SIPA self inflating stand up paddleboard inflatableMeet the world’s first self-inflating stand up paddleboard: The SipaBoard. Launched today on Kickstarter by a group of Slovenian entrepreneurs, the Sipa SUP board is probably the most technologically advanced stand up you’ve ever seen.

Sipa includes a smorgasbord of technical novelties, however its most unique feature is the “SipaDrive” system. This is the motor that powers the self-inflation during setup, then fits snugly into the center of the deck and can be used as a mini little jetski motor to help propel you along out on the water.   → READ MORE

World’s Most Unique SUP Race? Results & Photos From The ‘Bat Race’ – Held On An Underground Lake In Switzerland

Bat Race 8Remember that underground stand up paddle race we announced a couple of months ago? The Bat Race. It was set to happen on a lake inside a cave under the earth in Switzerland, which instantly gave it the title of “World’s Most Unique SUP Race.”

Well it happened on the weekend. And it was rather spectacular…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Giant Inflatable SUP Madness In Hawaii

supsquatch inflatable stand up paddle boardIn case you’re the one person on Facebook that hasn’t already seen this clip, here it is.

Everyone’s favourite bizarro pro surfer Jamie O’Brien and friends charging solid Sunset on a ridiculously oversized inflatable SUP board. Sunset isn’t usually a wave you mess around with, but then again JOB doesn’t really do anything by the book.   → READ MORE

Now That’s A Pump: Red Paddle Co. Unleashes The ‘Titan’ To Get Inflatable Paddlers On The Water Faster

Stand Up Paddleboard Inflatable SUP Pump The TitanI don’t usually respond to random sales pitches that drop in my inbox. I get 100s of offers every week but I’m a total snob about which news makes it onto

However today I came across a press release that made me stop and take notice. And while I won’t copy & paste the whole thing, I am more than happy to talk about what seems to be an awesome (and very much needed) new product.

Today, Red Paddle Co. – one of the original inflatable board brands – released the Titan Pump, a dual-chamber, badass-looking invention that promises to pump up your inflatable stand up paddle board twice as fast.   → READ MORE

This Awesome Video Will Make You Want To Buy An Inflatable…

inflatable stand up paddle board videoThis video is awesome. Watch Starboard superstar Titouan Puyo and his good friend Vincent Verhoeven pack their inflatable SUPs on a light aircraft and fly out to the magic “Ile des Pins” (Isle of Pines).

The island is part of the South Pacific outpost of New Caledonia and sits a short flight away from the main atoll. Ile des Pins is nicknamed “l’île la plus proche du paradis” which roughly translates to The Closest Island To Paradise. Watch the clip above and you’ll see why.   → READ MORE

219 Awesome Photos That Tell The Story Of The ‘SUP 11 City Tour’

SUP 11 City TourUnless you were living on Mars, under a rock, with your fingers in your ears all last week, you would have heard about a little race called the SUP 11 City Tour that went down in the Netherlands.

The 11 Cities is a unique race. First: It’s long. Very long. Over 200 kilometres all said and done. Second: It’s held across five days, in five different stages. It’s like the Tour de France of SUP.

It’s an amazing event and one that you should definitely add to your bucket list. The SUP 11 City Tour is long. It’s painful. You’ll hate it. You’ll love it. You’ll make great friends. Lasting memories. Sore muscles. Big smiles. You’ll test yourself physically. You’ll test yourself even more so mentally. Oh and your hands will be full of calluses.   → READ MORE

DONE. The SUP 11 City Tour Is Finished – Get The Full Results, Pics And Recap From This Crazy / Painful / Awesome Race

11 city tour of friesland stand up paddling
The 2014 SUP 11 City Tour is DONE. What a crazy adventure that was. Congratulations to Bart de Zwart for reclaming his crown and showing he’s still the king of endurance paddling.

We’ll have a full recap of this crazy/painful/amazing/awesome event soon, but in the meantime here are the final standings from the solo divisions. You can also relive the week-long live blog, including daily recaps and photo highlights.   → READ MORE