11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The “SUP 11 City Tour”

11 City Tour Stand Up Paddle raceAfter an awesome week in Hood River, where I got to watch the world’s best paddlers up close, I’m now sitting at the airport getting ready to board another plane.

Next stop: Amsterdam. From there I’ll travel a few hours out into the Dutch countryside to the province of “Friesland” and the city of Leeuwarden. That’ll be my home base for the next five days as I prepare for the craziest SUP race I’ve ever attempted: The SUP 11-City Tour.

The 11 cities is a 200km (125 mile) stage race held over five days. It’s long. It’s tough. And I have no idea why I agreed to do this. But I believe it’s going to be one hell of an adventure…   → READ MORE

I’m Doing The ”SUP 11 City Tour” This Year: Five Days, 220kms Of Paddling (And Pain) …Who Wants To Join Me?

SUP 11 City Tour stand up paddle race
So I’m doing the SUP 11 City Tour this year…

Yes, that SUP 11 City Tour. One of the most difficult (and by far the longest) races in the world of stand up paddling. Five days, 220 kilometres (136 miles) and lots and lots of pain. I’m not entirely sure I know what I’m getting myself into here, but I’m really excited about the challenge and adventure that awaits on September 3rd.

And now thanks to the support of Mistral SUP and the SUP 11 City Tour organising team, I’m going to give you an inside look at just how awesome/fun/challenging/crazy/painful this great race really is.   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama’s Bold Proposal For The Future Of SUP Racing

Dave Kalama SUPBoss Man’s note: Dave Kalama is one of the visionary pioneers of this great sport. He’s been around since the early days and is always playing around with new ideas and concepts, recently creating a one of the most innovative new paddles on the market.

Well now Dave has turned his sights to the world of stand up paddle race boards (and racing) in general. The big guy has a very unique and interesting idea that would radically alter the SUP racing landscape, but which could solve a few fundamental problems the sport faces.

Have a read through Dave’s guest post and then leave a comment at the bottom – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Five Famous Paddlers + One Giant Inflatable SUP Board + Waves = Fun

giant-inflatable-stand-up-paddleboardApparently it’s the week for awesome SUP videos… After the epic downwinder in South Africa we posted a couple of days ago, here’s another insta-classic clip. This video really has nothing to do with SUP racing (apart from featuring a couple of famous paddlers) but I don’t care, it’s awesome and everyone should see it. If this doesn’t get you stoked to go paddling I’m not sure what will.

This is what happened when the crew from Gold Coast SUP bought a giant inflatable board and then took it out for a surf. I’ve been on this board myself and it’s absolutely massive… you could fit about twelve paddlers on there if you wanted. Oh and it has no fins, so you’ve gotta steer it like an outrigger canoe. In short: It’s really hard to surf but, as you can see from this clip, it’s also a whole lotta fun.   → READ MORE

This Guy Finished A 220km SUP Race On An Inflatable…

Sam Ross Red Paddle Co race boardIf you had to race over 200kms on a SUP, which type of board would you choose? Probably a nice, sleek, 14 foot carbon fiber design, yeah? That’s what most paddlers would go for, but not Sam Ross from the UK, who last week paddled the entire SUP 11 City Tour on an inflatable.

Up to 45kms of flat water paddling every day for five days straight. On an inflatable.

The SUP 11 City Tour is tough enough at the best of times, even when you’ve got a carbon race board under your feet. Doing it on an inflatable SUP sounds just plain wrong. But Sam’s result on his 14 foot Red Paddle Co. inflatable shows once again that plastic blow-ups aren’t that much slower than their far more glamorous (yet far less practical) carbon fiber brethren.   → READ MORE