Foil vid of the week: “Downwind Danger Zone” 😂

Jeremy Riggs or Tom Cruise? Check out this great little clip from one of Maui’s original downwind supremos and now a fully-fledged foil fanatic. Filmed recently along the classic “Kihei” downwind run on Maui’s south side.

Must be watched with sound on 😂

(If you don’t get it, you’re too young.)

WATCH: Another Downwind Gem from Jeremy Riggs and the Maui Crew

maui-paddleboarding-video-downwindJust a few days after posting footage of that awesome Kihei downwinder, Jeremy Riggs and friends were back at it again earlier this wek, cruising along Maui’s south shore from Kealia to Makena on some jealousy-inducing bumps.

The course from Kealia to Makena (which is basically a ‘Kihei Run’) isn’t as famous as Maui’s legendary Maliko Run on the north shore, but as you can see from the footage above it can be just as much fun.    → READ MORE

Watch Jeremy Riggs’ Downwind Dream Run on Maui’s South Shore

maui downwind stand up paddleboarding videoTake a ride along Maui’s south shore with Jeremy Riggs and watch as the downwind guru scores a dream downwinder on the Kihei Run.

With a wind advisory forecasting 50 knots, Jeremy joined his friends and fellow downwind experts Randy Royse and Devin Blish for a memorable session.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Insights and Highlights from the Maui2Molokai Race

Maui 2 Molokai paddleboarding videoJust in case you couldn’t make it to Hawaii on the weekend, here’s a great clip from Saturday’s big Maui2Molokai race, aka M2M, featuring some insightful athlete interviews and plenty of endless downwind glides.

The 7th annual channel crossing from Maui to Molokai saw Connor Baxter extend his record winning streak — he has, quite incredibly, won every single edition of this event — while Devin Blish claimed her second crown in the space of 24 months.   → READ MORE

James Casey, Sonni Hönscheid Win the Wet & Wild Bluesmiths Paddle Imua Benefit Race on Maui

Paddle Imua race MauiFresh of her victory at the big OluKai race last weekend, Sonni Hönscheid has taken out the 5th Annual BLUESMITHS Paddle Imua charity race on Maui, as heavy rains turned the usual sunny downwinder into a bit of a grind. Australian James Casey, who also finished on the OluKai podium, took out the men’s race ahead of local expert Jeremy Riggs.   → READ MORE

Yet Another Awesome Downwinder on Maui with Jeremy Riggs and Livio Menelau

Downwind Stand Up Paddleboard Video Maui HawaiiYet another downwind video from Jeremy Riggs, yet another reason for us to be jealous of anyone that lives on Maui.

Jeremy, aka Paddle With Riggs, met up with Livio Menelau and friends for a classic Kihei run the other day, with the boys scoring some pretty epic bumps by the looks of it.    → READ MORE

Once Again, Downwind Master Jeremy Riggs Makes Us Jealous of Anyone That Lives on Maui

videos of stand up paddling in hawaiiJust in case it’s been more than a few days since you were last dreaming of a trip to Hawaii, here’s 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure paddling perfection to set your mind wandering again.

This is another great stand up paddle video from Maui maestro (and downwind coach extraordinaire) Jeremy Riggs, who manages to travel down the famous Maliko run faster than just about anyone despite paddling at a lethargic cadence of around 10 strokes per minute.   → READ MORE

Maliko For Lunch: More Downwind Goodness From Jeremy Riggs On Maui

maliko downwind stand up paddling videoWell now if this video doesn’t get you amped to grab your gear and go for a paddle, I’m not sure what will.

Watch Jeremy Riggs and friends cruise down the coast of Maui on what is probably the world’s most famous downwind run: Maliko. Countless bumps, endless glides and no shortage of smiles from the crew.    → READ MORE

A SUP, An OC And A Ski: Maliko In August

Maliko stand up paddle downwindApparently the wind never stops blowing on Maui. Check out Jeremy Riggs latest downwind adventure, featuring three paddlers on three different craft riding one of the world’s most famous downwind runs: Maliko.

Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Downwind Fun On Maui With Jeremy Riggs And Co.

maui downwind videoMaui. The ultimate downwind playground. Endless bumps blowing like clockwork along a picture perfect coastline and ridden each day by the world’s foremost downwind masters.

Well now that it’s officially Downwind Month, it’s a good time to have a closer look at this unique part of the paddling world. We don’t want to only cover the big races with SIC Downwind Month, we also wanna take a look at what makes downwinding so much fun. And nothing highlights that fun better than these clips from Maui local, SIC team rider and all around good guy Jeremy Riggs.   → READ MORE

Endless Glides And Preaching The Love Of Downwinding: The Jeremy Riggs Interview

 Jeremy RiggsJeremy Riggs is one of the most recognisable faces at one of the most recognisable paddling spots in the world; Maui’s famed Maliko downwind run. He’s one of the fastest guys out there, having won the Maui Paddleboard Champs (rudderless division) for seven straight years and last year claiming top spot in the Molokai-2-Oahu Teams division, alongside 15-year-old Travis Baptiste.

The SIC team rider has long been offering his Paddle With Riggs coaching services at home, but this year Jeremy has started hitting the road to offer the Jeremy Riggs/SIC Glide Camps around the U.S. Last month it was Wisconsin and this weekend it’s off to Hood River, Oregon for another sold out clinic.

But even if you can’t make it to one of the Glide Camps in person, check out a recent chat we had with the downwind specialist below to find out what makes Jeremy Riggs tick, why the Maliko run is so much fun and what the #1 mistake is among rookie downwind paddlers…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Epic Maliko Downwinder

Check out Jeremy Riggs, Livio Menelau and Scott Trudon training on the Maliko Run.

The downwind course from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbour on Maui is world famous (it’s also home to the OluKai SUP race). Click through to watch and you’ll see why…   → READ MORE