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Paddlecast #33: Jim Terrell talks building canoes, competing in the Olympics and the early days of SUP…

It’s finally ready. After three attempts and a few days of editing, the marathon Paddlecast with Jim Terrell from Quickblade is done.

Jim Terrell is a four-time Olympian and the founder of Quickblade Paddles. We had a great chat about everything from building canoes to competing in the Olympics, the birth of QB and working with guys like Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton in the earliest days of the sport. We were also joined by Jimmy’s good friend and one of the original SoCal paddlers, Dane DeBoer, to chat about the first-ever Battle of the Paddle.    → READ MORE

Carolina Cup: Elite Start List plus Top 10 Predictions (…and a Full Replay of Our Live Preview Show)

Carolina-Cup-previewIt’s almost time.

We’re just 12 hours away from the first major race of the season, the 7th Annual West Marine Carolina Cup, with the dozens of the world’s best paddlers and hundreds of weekend warriors set to take over Wrightsville Beach tomorrow morning.

But if you couldn’t make it to North Carolina this year don’t worry: We’re going to bring you all the action with our Carolina Cup Facebook Live Stream presented by Quickblade Paddles from 10am Saturday.   → READ MORE

Olympic Tug of War: International Canoe Federation Challenges ISA’s Role as Stand Up Paddling’s Official Governing Body

ISA stand up paddleboarding

In a major development that could drastically alter the future direction of our sport, the International Canoe Federation (ICF) has challenged the long-standing assumption that the International Surfing Association (ISA) is the Olympic-level governing body of stand up paddling, staking a rival claim and forcing a gridlock that has left SUP communities in limbo and blocked a potential inclusion in the 2018 Youth Olympics.   → READ MORE

Countdown to Carolina: Get Excited for This Year’s Race by Watching Quickblade’s Brilliant Edit from 2015

Carolina Cup Stand Up Paddleboard race video 2015We’re just over a week away from the first major race of the season, with dozens of the world’s best and hundreds of weekend warriors set to wake up the sleepy hollow of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for the 7th Annual West Marine Carolina Cup on Saturday April 22nd.

We’ll bring you the race LIVE next Saturday with our Carolina Cup Facebook Live Stream presented by Quickblade Paddles, and between now and then we’re going full Carolina Central with daily updates and insights ahead of the big dance.   → READ MORE

WATCH: An In-Depth Look at the New Quickblade ‘Smart Paddle’ Training Tool

Quickblade-Smart-Paddle-videoIndustry leader Quickblade Paddles has partnered with sports tracking device maker Motionize to produce the QB Smart Paddle, a new training tool that represents the next step in Quickblade’s long-standing commitment to innovation in the world of stand up paddle boarding.

This new paddle, which sees a Montionize device embedded inside an adjustable QB race shaft, tracks metrics such as distance per stroke and number of strokes per side. Some of the kayak-based training gadgets already offer something similar, but what makes the QB Smart Paddle apart unique is that it also measures the angle of your paddle shaft and blade on every stroke, which should give you a greater insight into how efficiently you’re paddling.   → READ MORE

Trifecta for the Trifecta; Team QB Sweeps the Podium in West Oz

Quickblade TrifectaIn one of the more interesting stories behind the news this week, it seems the Quickblade Trifecta paddle has taken the first trifecta of its own, with the top three guys at The Doctor race in West Oz on the weekend – Titouan Puyo (NSP), Marcus Hansen (NSP) and Lincoln Dews (JM) – all using the famous blade.

It’s hardly the first time Team QB has swept the podium – they’re the winningest paddle brand by a solid margin – but any time they’ve made a clean sweep of a big race in the past, it’s always been with a mixture of their current flagships, the V-Drive and the Trifecta.   → READ MORE

San Fran Downwinder with Jonas, Tom and the QB Crew

stand-up-paddleboarding-downwind-video-jonas-letieriHere’s an inspiring little clip that Quickblade posted a couple of weeks ago, featuring adaptive paddlers Jonas Letieri and Tom from San Francisco, who have both overcome the odds to enjoy the world of stand up.

Via QB’s resident filmmaker Chris Aguilar, the clip chronicles the trip to San Fran to score a downwind run.   → READ MORE

Return to the Gorge with Team QB

video-gorge-paddle-challenge-sup-race-quickblade-paddlesThere have been so many big races lately that one of the biggest of them all, the Gorge Paddle Challenge, seems like it was way more than six weeks ago. But no, it was only just over a month ago that we saw the community gather in Hood River, Oregon for one of the best weekends of the year.

Well if you’re having withdrawals from the bumps and glides of the Gorge, this three-part series of mini-films from Team Quickblade should keep you satisfied for a while. Featuring the likes of…   → READ MORE

“Train Hard. Go Fast. Have Fun.” Quickblade’s Motivational Trip Down Memory Lane (2008-2016)

Quickblade Train Hard Go Fast Have FunIn case you need some mid-week motivation, or if you just want an entertaining trip down memory lane, watch this four and a half minute montage from Quickblade, which features some of the biggest names and events in stand up paddling accompanied by a couple of iconic speeches from the wider sporting world.

Simply titled “Train Hard. Go Fast. Have Fun.” – the official mantra of QB Paddles – the clip is an interesting look back at the past eight years of not only one of the sport’s most iconic brands, but of the sport itself   → READ MORE

With Stats, Quickblade Confirms What We All Suspected: More Top Athletes Use Their Paddles

QuickbladeI love stats. I love looking at them, analysing them and creating them. I love it even more when somebody takes my stats and expands upon them. And that’s exactly what Quickblade did when they posted an analysis of the SUP Racer World Rankings on their blog, highlighting the paddle brand of choice for the top athletes in the sport.

It’s no secret that Quickblade has one of the most impressive lineups of athletes on its team: Travis Grant, Candice Appleby, Dave Kalama, Casper Steinfath, Shakira Westdorp, Jamie Mitchell and Kelly Margetts, just to name a few, all use Jim Terrell’s famous designs religiously.    → READ MORE

WATCH: Team Quickblade Previews the Pacific Paddle Games

Quickblade Paddles Pacific Paddle GamesLess than 72 hours til the biggest race of the year, the Pacific Paddle Games. I get the feeling this event is going to elevate the stand up paddling world to a new level, and while this is the inaugural edition of the PPGs, the race is happening at the “spiritual home” of SUP racing, Doheny State Beach in Dana Point California, the place it all began way back in 2008.

Speaking of taking it back to the beginning: Quickblade. The QB team have been around since day one of the sport. Literally. Jimmy Terrell made one of Laird Hamilton’s first paddles over 10 years ago, while the Mad Scientist was himself part of the very early SUP races back in 2006 and 2007.   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama, Jim Terrell And The Quickblade ‘V-Drive’ Paddle: Game Changer?

Dave Kalama Jim Terrell Quickblade V Drive PaddleThe Quickblade V-Drive paddle made a lot of noise upon its release earlier this year. With its unique double-dihredal design, the Dave Kalama-inspired paddle instantly became a must have among the elite and amateur paddling community alike.

Some even hailed it as a game changer. Well now in this new video, Kalama and Quickblade’s Mad Scientist Jim Terrell do a hard-hitting (pun intended) analysis of that claim…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell Visits The Land Of The Rising Sun

Stand Up Paddleboarding in JapanI’ve just finished a great few days in Japan, which included a stop at the All Japan SUP Championships. What an incredible trip… Japan has definitely discovered SUP racing and is taking full advantage of their vast amounts of water to explore and have fun.

I was so moved and excited to see all the smiling faces of so many people who have all recently discovered this great sport of ours…   → READ MORE

The Canoeists Are Coming: Tommy Buday Defeats Larry Cain At Wrightsville’s Surf To Sound

Attila and Tamas Buday junior (C-2 Canoe)The Surf To Sound event is happening this weekend in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (home of the Carolina Cup) and we’ve just finished the racing on day one. In the 6.5 mile “Surf To Sound Challenge” it was Jessica Rando defeating April Zilg in the women’s race, while Tommy Buday took out Larry Cain in the men’s.

The weekend isn’t finished just yet though: Today’s race will be followed with tomorrow’s 9 mile flatwater challenge. However I think the most interesting takeaway from the weekend is the background of the top two men’s finishers today: They’re both former Olympians in the sport of high knee canoeing…   → READ MORE

First Look At The New ‘V-Drive’ Paddle From Dave Kalama And Quickblade

V-Drive SUP PaddleI was very lucky to get my hands on one of the most eagerly-anticipated new paddles recently: The Dave Kalama inspired “V-Drive” paddle from Quickblade Paddles.

As luck would have it, I was on the same flight as Quickblade founder Jim Terrell (as well as Danny Ching, Thomas Maximus and Chance Fielder) from LAX to Puerto Rico last month. We were all heading to the Paddle Royal event and, as luck would also have it, I had no paddle with me while Jimmy just happened to have two, both of them new, secret prototype models.   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Dave Kalama Unveils His Latest Contribution To The World Of SUP – The “V Drive” Paddle

Dave Kalama V Drive Quickblade PaddlesAs a SUP pioneer, downwind king and occasional guest pot-stirrer, Dave Kalama needs no introduction. The man was there from day one of modern-day stand up paddling and has more experience in this sport than just about anyone else on the planet. Dave is also a keen tinkerer and innovator, constantly working on new types of equipment to make himself and others go faster and further on the water.

Dave Kalama has also had a long association with another pioneer of the sport, Jim Terrell from Quickblade Paddles. The two recently collaborated to create a unique new design called the Dave Kalama “V Drive” paddle. Click through to see what it’s all about…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell Sets New Record: Only Paddler To Compete In Every Single Battle Of The Paddle

Jim Terrell Stand Up PaddlerJim Terrell: Four-time Olympian. Quickblade Paddles founder. Equipment (and technique) pioneer. Forward thinker. The Mad Scientist of SUP…

Well now Jimmy has a new feather to put in his crowded cap: The only paddler in the world to have competed in every single Battle of the Paddle Elite Race.

All nine of them… Six in California, two in Hawaii and now one in Brazil.

From that first ever Battle of the Paddle way back in 2008 (where he got 5th) through to Dana Point 2013, as well as side trips to the 2x Battle of the Paddles Hawaii and his recent adventures in Brazil, Jim Terrell is the only paddler that’s been on the start (and finish) line of every single Elite Race.    → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Brazil: 1 Day To Go (aka 29 Random Photos From ‘Friday Fun Day’)

Battle of the Paddle BrazilLess than 24 hours until the Battle of the Paddle Brazil hits the water… Less than 24 hours until the first ever BOP outside the USA gets underway…

With the main event site a hive of last minute activity today, the Mad Scientist (Jimmy Terrell), Tarzan (Fernando Stalla) and myself headed off in search of an adventure. There was a strong Southerly side-wind blowing across the main beach, so we decided to drive South to the next headland and see if we could find our first Brazilian downwinder. This is how it went…   → READ MORE

WATCH: This Feelgood Clip Proves SUP Racing Still Has A Soul…

Feelgood SUP videoAfter all the recent excitement and buzz around the Battle of the Paddle, and then the World Series Finals, it’s good to slow it down for a moment and watch something that just makes you appreciate not only SUP racing, but stand up paddling in general…

Here’s a vid from last month’s Great Lakes SUP Classic in Holland, Michigan, where the Larry Cain and Jimmy Terrell showed that older guys have still got it, while the whole event showed that SUP racing still has a soul.

We missed this when it was released last week, but better late than never. Watch it. Now. It’ll make you wanna go race, or even just go for a fun and relaxing paddle… Oh and it’s also got a Sufjan Stevens soundtrack. What more do you need?   → READ MORE

Larry Cain, Olympic Gold Medalist And Ageless Robot, Wins In Michigan

Great Lakes SUP ClassicLarry Cain took out today’s Great Lakes SUP Classic in Holland, Michigan, defeating Jimmy Terrell and a whole stack of local paddlers to prove once again that he’s an ageless robot sent to earth to humiliate paddlers half his age.

Cain, an Olympic Gold Medalist and now proud Quinquagenarian, defeated fellow Olympian Terrell by two minutes over the six mile course. The two former C1 sprint canoe champs outclassed a local field in what was described as a great, feelgood SUP race.   → READ MORE