Fun Times In Canada, aka Results From The 6th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup (UPDATED RESULTS)

Easy Rider SUP CupEarly results are in from the 6th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup in Edmonton, Canada, which saw a 15km down-river race and an indoor SUP surfing contest. Quite possibly the only SUP contest held in a mall…

Team Quickblade cleaned up, with the Mad Scientist himself, Jim Terrell, taking out the men’s race, while Italian QB team rider Silvia Mecucci took out the women’s.

Runner-up in the men’s was Olympic Gold Medalist Larry Cain, which made for a fitting 1-2 given the history Jim and Larry share in the world of sprint canoeing.   → READ MORE

Lunch With Jimmy: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds …And Funky Gym Moves

Lunch with Jimmy - Candice Appleby & Anthony VelaGo behind the scenes at Team Quickblade HQ with the Candice Appleby, Anthony Vela, Riggs Napoleon and the Mad Scientist himself, Jim Terrell.

There’s not a single scene where they’re actually paddling, but it’s always interesting to see what the stars of SUP racing get up to behind the scenes. This was actually supposed to be a technical chat with Candice and Anthony about the sport, but it quickly turned into a random discussion of healthy bodies, minds, and funky gym moves…   → READ MORE

Carolina Cup: On The Road With Team Quickblade

Carolina Cup video - QuickbladeGo behind the scenes at the 2013 Carolina Cup with Team Quickblade’s Jamie Mitchell, Matt Becker and the Mad Scientist himself, Jim Terrell. Check out how the guys spent their first day (including almost missing their flight) as they arrived in North Carolina early to prepare for one of the biggest races of the year.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling with these three in the past and it’s always good times when they’re around, so click through to watch the full clip…   → READ MORE

VIDEO: Quickblade Paddles @ The Hal Rosoff Classic

Video - Hal Rosoff Classic SUP RaceHere’s a good look behind the scenes of the Hal Rosoff Classic and its host venue, the Newport Aquatic Center, which is a bit of a landmark in the SoCal paddling scene.

With the Mad Scientist of SUP leading the way, take a look at what this well-loved race is all about as well as what makes a place like the NAC tick. This video isn’t full of intense SUP racing action, but it’s a pretty cool story nonetheless so click through to watch…   → READ MORE

Joe Bark And The Magic Board

Joe Bark Stand Up Paddle boards videoAnother great clip by SUP filmmaker extraordinaire Chris Aguilar for the Bark crew. This one gives a bit of insight into the philosophy of famous Stand Up Paddle board shaper Joe Bark and one of his chief testers, Quickblade’s Jim Terrell.

Turn up at any SUP race in the U.S. and chances are you’ll see a LOT of Bark boards. Joe has created a well-known and well-loved brand and as you can see in this video, he’s not resting on his laurels either. Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

Ching, Appleby Set To Defend “Orange Bowl” Titles As Solid Field Heads To Miami

Orange Bowl Paddle ChampionshipThe 2013 Orange Bowl Paddle Championship is only a few days away, and it looks like a pretty stacked field will be kicing off the 2013 SUP racing season down Miami way. 2012 event champions Candice Appleby and Danny Ching will be there, chasing the $3,500 first place prize (for both men and women) and the chance to kick-start their 2013 racing campaigns.

Miami’s Orange Bowl SUP race is timed to coincide with the massive Surf Expo in Orlando. The annual trade show attracts every major SUP brand, with team riders often joining in to help promote their sponsors, meaning that a good portion of the world’s best paddlers are in town this week.   → READ MORE

Lunch With Jimmy: The Shaft!

More great stuff from Jim Terrell and the Quickblade team, with another instalment of Lunch With Jimmy. In the second episode of the series, Jimmy chats about paddle shafts; how they work, why they’re stiff and when they break.

If you take your paddling seriously, this is the kinda stuff you wanna know. And either way, who can resist that cheesy intro music…   → READ MORE

Lunch With Jimmy: Planing Hulls Vs. Displacement Hulls In Stand Up Paddleboards

More great stuff from the Quickblade Paddles team. In the first episode of Lunch With Jimmy (love the title), Jim Terrell explains the difference between planing and displacement hulls in stand up paddleboards. Using a ketchup bottle…

If you take your SUP racing seriously, this is essential info, so click through to watch the full clip…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] How To Paddle Faster: Watch This Awesome, Technical Breakdown Of The SUP Stroke…

Jim Terrell, the founder of Quickblade Paddles, is known as the “Mad Scientist of SUP” for a reason. The 4-time Olympian has been experimenting with SUP paddle design longer than anyone, which is probably why the QB brand is so well respected around the world.

But it’s not just equipment that Jim loves to analyse and improve, he’s also extremely adept at breaking down the paddle stroke technique, showing not only why it works, but how to make it better. So if you want to paddle more efficiently (and faster) then watch the video above as Jim Terrell breaks down the Stand Up Paddle stroke technique. You’ll even get to find out what “Yaw” means…   → READ MORE

EXPOSED: Team Quickblade’s Secret New SUP Race Training Techniques…

Jim Terrell and the Team at Quickblade Paddles are known around the world as one of the most successful Stand Up Paddle racing teams. Their roster boasts the likes of Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, Chase Kosterlitz, Fernando Stalla and dozens more of the world’s finest.

But now in this SUPracer exlusive, we can reveal the secret, ultra-stealth new training techniques being deployed by the Mad Scientist, Jim Terrell, to give his team that extra boost when they paddle. The secret’s out… CLICK THROUGH TO WATCH   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Fun With Ropes…

Here’s a fun, easy little training session you can try out with your mates whenever you’re not on the water. Pretty simple: Grab a few of your paddling mates, some ropes, monkey bars, balance balls, and a bunch of GoPros. Throw in a random rock playlist and you’re set. Fun times. Just don’t do anything stupid like try and keep the pace up for 45 minutes straight… Yes, it hurt. Click through to watch.    → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Quickblade’s Mitchell, Terrell, And Kosterlitz Hit Utah (And Some Awful Golf Shots)

Check out Team Quickblade’s roadtrip to Utah, hosted by Jamie Mitchell and starring Jim Terrell and Chase Kosterlitz.

The adventure features a stop at the H2O Overdrive Summer Series SUP Race (where JM finished 2nd behind Danny Ching and in front of a dozen of the world’s best), a bit of SUP carnage on the river and some absolutely dreadful golf swings (don’t give up the paddling just yet boys!). Click through to watch the full clip…   → READ MORE

Road Trippin’

What have the world’s best Stand Up Paddlers been getting up to the past week? For the elite Team Quickblade, including Jamie Mitchell, Chase Kosterlitz, Matt Becker, Candice Appleby, Fernando Stalla, Tucker Ingalls and Jim Terrell, it’s been a 24 hour road trip from L.A. to Oregon. All in the name of SUP racing.

Click through to check out the Instagram pics of their adventure…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Midwest Standup Paddle Festival

Results are in from the 2012 Midwest Standup Paddle Festival, held over the weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

Despite being a long way from the ocean (and the traditional home of SUP racing), the event drew plenty of big names, including Jim Terrell and Dan Gavere, plus a whole bunch of local paddlers who were eager to race.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Eastern Canadian SUP Championships (updated)

Check out the results from the Eastern Canadian SUP Championships held in Toronto yesterday. Larry Cain narrowly claimed the win ahead of his fellow former Olympian Jim Terrell, with Norman John Hahn rounding out the podium.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] New Territory For SUP @ Cincinatti Paddlefest

While Ohio isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when you think about SUP racing, it’s definitely a major hub for paddle sports in general.

The 2012 Cincinatti Paddlefest attracted over 2,200 paddlers to the Ohio River, with Jim Terrell leading the charge for Stand Up Paddling. The Quickblade Paddles founder was joined by several former Olympic team mates as well as some of the new generation of SUP racers such as Bailey Rosen.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race

Check out results from the 2012 Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race.

Byron Kurt took line honours exactly one minute ahead of Quickblade’s Jim Terrell, while in the women’s race it was the newly crowned U.S. Champion, Brandi Baksic who dominated.

Click through for full results   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Team Quickblade’s V02 Test Training Session

If you ever wondered why Quickblade Paddles are considered the strongest/lightest/fastest SUP paddles in the world, this video sums it all up.

Jim Terrell and the QB crew never stop testing and are always pushing the limits of stand up paddle race training.

Watch Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela go through some intense V02 testing on the Quickblade Flume, under the watchful eye of Coach Jim.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Silver Blade Regatta

Check out results from the 2012 Silver Blade Regatta Stand Up Paddle races.

The event is held each year at the Olympic training centre in San Diego, which gives it an added level of significance. This year it was Jim Terrell and Alison Riddle who dominated.

Click through for full results…   → READ MORE