Connor Baxter Wins Maui 2 Molokai Ahead Of Kai Lenny, Dave Kalama And Travis Grant; Devin Blish Fastest Of The Women

Maui 2 Molokai Stand Up PaddleDownwind Month Glides on… Connor Baxter has just won the Maui 2 Molokai race yet again, beating an all star field and firing a shot across the bow ahead of the big one, Molokai 2 Oahu. This must be about the 6th or 7th time in a row that Connor has claimed the M2M title, however this year the win was more hard fought than ever. Connor edged out fellow Maui young gun Kai Lenny by a couple of minutes, while behind him was a who’s who of the downwinding world including Dave Kalama, Travis Grant and Livio Menelau.

Very interesting to look at today’s result in relation to the Molokai 2 Oahu race coming up in two weeks (and which we’ll have live coverage of). Today’s Maui 2 Molokai could be a bit of a form guide for the big one: All five of the top guys from today will be back in action on the 27th.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] GoPro Mountain Games Give Us A Preview Of What To Expect In Idaho

GoPro Mountain Games SUP CrossLooks like a bunch of all-star paddlers were in Vail, Colorado on the weekend for the GoPro Mountain Games. The event featured a couple of interesting SUP races: the downriver sprint and the SUP cross, both of which gave us a glimpse of what’s in store at the big Payette River Games next week.

Spencer Lacy and Haley Mills took out the destruction derby that was the SUP Cross, while Kai Lenny showed he’s one of those annoyingly “good-at-freakin-everything” kind of athletes, taking out the downriver sprint ahead of Mike Tavares. Over in the women’s sprint, Gillian Gibree was the quickest.   → READ MORE

2014 Stand Up World Series Kicks Off In Brazil; Clean Sweeps For Connor Baxter, Angie Jackson

Stand Up World Series BrazilA small but elite field of young talent has launched the 2014 Stand Up World Series in Brazil this weekend, with Connor Baxter drawing first blood by making it a clean sweep of both the Sprint and Long Distance races. Meanwhile on the women’s side it was Angie Jackson all the way, with the reinvigorated Aussie proving too strong for a select group of local and international paddlers.

The Connor/Kai rivalry, the recurring theme of the 2013 Series, returned on Day One of the Alagoas Pro, with the two superstars battling all the way to the finish line in the sprints. Connor got the win by half a second, while one wave  behind was Aussie Jake Jensen, a paddler that I (and many others in Australia) have tipped to be one of the World Series title contenders this year. Coming home 4th was Zane Schweitzer, while rounding out the top 5 in the sprints was the Danish Viking, Casper Steinfath.   → READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Kai Lenny Splits With Naish, Signs To Team Starboard In Multi-Million $$ Deal

Kai LennyIn an extraordinary development that will no doubt go down as one of the biggest marketing coups in SUP history, Kai Lenny, the reigning Battle of the Paddle champion and poster boy for a new generation of paddlers, has left his lifelong sponsor Naish to sign a multi-year deal with Team Starboard.

A full announcement is expected before lunchtime today, however we managed to catch Kai on the phone a few moments ago – while he was in between a Red Bull photoshoot and GQ suit-fitting appointment – to get the full story:

“Firstly I just want to thank Naish from the bottom of my heart for all they have done for me. Since I was a little grom, the Naish ohana has felt like my own family and I’ve been so fortunate to experience everything that the company has done for me over the years. Quite simply, I wouldn’t be the superstar I am today if it wasn’t for their continued support.

It will be particularly hard to part ways with my long time hero and mentor, Robby Naish, who has taught me so much about honour, respect and throwing the perfect shaka. However I hear that (Starboard founder) Svein Rasmussen has some really cool toys in Thailand that I’ll get to play around with, so I’m definitely looking forward to this new direction in my career. Plus (Naish team manager) Chuck (Patterson) kept wanting to take selfies with me ALL the time, so that definitely made the decision easier.”   → READ MORE

And On The Lighter Side…

Giant inflatable SUP boardThere’s been a lot of serious news in the SUP racing world this week. Too much. We definitely need healthy (and occasionally heated) debates to ensure this sport stays on track, but we also need to remind ourselves why we love paddling in the ocean. Because it’s fun. And because it makes us smile.

Thank you Ashley Baxter, Connor Baxter, Kody Kerbox, Kai Lenny and Chuck Patterson for the reminder.   → READ MORE

Kai Lenny Signs With Hurley (And Nike)

Kai Lenny HurleyKai Lenny has just signed with surf brand Hurley (and, by extension, its parent company Nike) to continue his rise up the ranks of ocean stardom and solidify himself as one of the highest profile paddlers on the planet.

The Maui superstar, known for mastering at least half a dozen ocean pursuits (seriously, is there anything this kid *can’t* do?), announced the deal on his Facebook page on the weekend, in between catching ridiculously oversized waves out at Mavericks.   → READ MORE

What Do The World’s Best SUP Racers Do In The Off Season? (Hint: Involves Giant Waves)

Jamie Mitchell So what do the world’s best SUP racers get up to in the off season? Train on their new 12’6″ prototypes? Practice their buoy turns? Do lots of dips & lunges? Well if your name is Jamie Mitchell, Matt Becker, Kai Lenny, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, Dave Kalama or any of the other SUP racers who clearly have a screw loose, the answer is: Hell no, let’s go surf stupidly large waves instead.

I guess after six months spent grinding across flat lakes, surfing 12’6 race boards on 2 foot waves and riding bumps in the ocean that don’t even break, you might as well take it to the extreme opposite end of the scale, right?   → READ MORE

Who Wants To Sneak Onto The Podium? World’s Top 5 Paddlers All Sidelined With Injuries At The Same Time

Stand Up Paddling injurySo who wants to get on a SUP podium? Now’s probably a good time to have a crack at it, because the five best paddlers in the world are all carrying injuries and are all officially out of action at the moment.

In what is an amazing yet unfortunate coincidence, Connor Baxter, Travis Grant, Danny Ching, Kai Lenny and Georges Cronsteadt – aka the top five guys in our Top 13 of 2013 list – have all suffered problems at the same time. Fortunately for these five guys (and unfortunately for everyone else) it’s the off season right now, meaning there aren’t really any big races that you could jump in on and magically gain five positions on the leaderboard.

The SUP racing “season” (if such a thing exists in our sport) roughly runs for seven months between mid-March to mid-October. All these guy got injured in late 2013, giving them a few months to recover and get back in shape before the big races start rolling again.

The injuries for Travis and Georges are the most serious, with up to six months recovery time, while the others should be back within a month or two. Though it’s worth noting that all these injuries were NOT caused by the normal stresses of Stand Up Paddling; they mostly happened while free surfing, except for Georges, who was just plain out of luck during the Battle of the Paddle. So here’s wishing the world’s finest a speedy recovery. But what exactly happened? Here’s a closer look…   → READ MORE

WATCH: First Look At Kai Lenny’s New (And Very Weird) SUP Race Fin From Maui Fin Company…

Kai Lenny, fresh off his big wins at the Battle of the Paddle and Stand Up World Series in the past few weeks, isn’t slowing down. Next week the star is off to France to further solidify his quest for a third SUP surfing crown, while in the meantime he’s been busy polishing off some new SUP race fin for next year.

Working with Pio Marasco from Maui-based MFC (Maui Fin Company), Kai has helped create a weird-looking new SUP race fin called the “Sprint5”. It looks like a regular fin that hit a rock and got snapped in half… but it clearly works. While a fin obviously doesn’t make all the difference, we did see Kai use this when he won the Battle of the Paddle a few weeks ago (before following it up with a victory in the sprints @ the World Series Finals two week later).   → READ MORE

Kai Lenny And “That” Wave…

Kai Lenny SUP wipeoutKai Lenny: That event. That race. “That” wave…

As he rounded the final buoy and looked set to clinch the season-deciding race by a clean margin, the wave gods decided to throw one more obstacle at Kai Lenny.

A bomb set. The wave of the day.

A wave designed for boards much shorter than 12 foot six inches. A wave that even the two-time SUP surfing World Champ couldn’t negotiate on his yellow, carbon-wrapped, Naish race board.

Kai went down, hard, and suddenly his race (and season) were in jeopardy. Which made it that much better for those of us watching…   → READ MORE

World Series Finals: Jake Jensen Wins The Weekend, Kai Lenny Wins The Sprints + Steals The Overall 2013 Title From Connor

Kai Lenny Stand Up World Series champ 2013
Well that was fun to watch…

Kai Lenny has just taken out the sprints in absolutely macking surf on the North Shore, somehow stealing the overall 2013 Stand Up World Series from Connor Baxter in the process. Australia’s young gun Jake Jensen was the overall winner this weekend though, with a third in the sprints plus his victory in yesterday’s distance race enough to give him both the “World Series Finals” event title and leapfrog him into third place overall for the 2013 season…   → READ MORE

BATTLE OF THE PADDLE: Annabel Anderson Takes The Double-Double, Kai Lenny Wins The Elite Race While Injured Travis Grant Goes The Distance

2013 Battle of the Paddle results

We’ve just finished two amazing days of SUP racing here at the Battle of the Paddle, with epic performances across both the Elite Races and Elite Distance Races producing perhaps the most memorable weekend in SUP racing history. Click through for full results and recap…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Day Two @ Huntington Beach Pro

Video Stand Up World Series Huntington 2013Watch highlights from Day 2 of racing action at the Huntington Beach Pro, the penultimate stop of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. After Kai Lenny took out the sprints in the waves on Saturday, Sunday saw the Distance Race. But unlike traditional distance events, this one utilised the surf as paddlers completed several 1-1.5 mile laps, going in and out of the waves at the end of each one.

This definitely made it more exciting to watch and also really mixed up the order of the race. A few paddlers got lucky, a few got unlucky but in the end it was the young Aussie Jake Jensen taking out the win.   → READ MORE

Five Of The Greatest Rivalries At The Battle Of The Paddle

Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell, Danny ChingThere are certain names that are synonymous with the Battle of the Paddle. Names such as Danny Ching, Candice Appleby, Jamie Mitchell, Travis Grant and Connor Baxter. These fine athletes have dominated the BOP and pushed the sport to new levels, while at the same time creating strong rivalries among themselves.

Rivalries are what make sport so enthralling. Federer vs Nadal. Slater vs Irons. England vs Australia. It gives individuals added motivation to perform while giving fans something extra to get excited about and cheer for. And now thankfully we have a few genuine rivalries in SUP racing as well.

So as part of our 24/7 coverage of the 2013 Battle of the Paddle in partnership with Starboard, today we’re looking at some of those rivalries up close…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Connor, Annabel Win Stand Up World Series San Francisco

Stand Up World Series San FranciscoThe 2013 Stand Up World Series continues this weekend with the “AC Open” in San Francisco, which is part of the America’s Cup festivities. Some big names are in town, including Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Eric Terrien, Annabel Anderson, Kody Kerbox, Ryan Helm and Mo Freitas.

Again it was Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson dominating, though not without a fight… Click through for the results and photos:   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson Win Chicago World Paddle Challenge (UPDATED RESULTS)

Chicago World Paddle ChallengeConnor Baxter has taken out the Chicago World Paddle Challenge, claiming both the sprints and distance events to keep his 2013 Stand Up World Series unbeaten streak alive. Kai Lenny was 2nd in both races, while Zane Schweitzer and Jake Jensen finished equal third overall and were forced into a tie-breaker sprint-off. Meanwhile in the women’s event it was all Annabel Anderson, with the Kiwi claiming the double victory ahead of Aussie Angie Jackson.

Click through for full results and pics…   → READ MORE

Kai Lenny, Annabel Anderson Win The SUP World Cup In Hamburg (FINAL RESULTS)

Camp David SUP World CupKai Lenny and Annabel Anderson have taken out the Camp David SUP World Cup in Hamburg, Germany, defeating a solid international field to claim stop #5 of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. It was a clean sweep for both Kai and Annabel, as the stars took out Saturday’s Sprints and Sunday’s Distance Race by clear margins. The battle for second was tight however, with Casper Steinfath, Beau O’Brian and Leonard Nika tied after the two races, while Angie Jackson just managed to take second place from young gun Manca Notar.

Full results are in so click through to see how it all went down in Germany…   → READ MORE

Molokai 2013: Travis Grant, Terrene Black Lead Aussie Clean Sweep On Dramatic Day In Hawaii

Molokai 2013 results
All hail the new King and Queen of the Ocean: Travis Grant and Terrene Black both caused dramatic upsets at the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships today, beating home local favourites in one of the most exciting SUP races we’ve ever seen and claiming Australia’s first ever M2O Stand Up Paddleboard World Titles in the process.

The pair led an Aussie clean sweep of the event, with Brad Gaul and Jordan Mercer winning the men’s and women’s Prone Paddleboard World Titles respectively. What a race… what a performance by the Aussies… Click through for full race results plus a recap and photos of the action.   → READ MORE

RESULTS: Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson Win Oleron (Stand Up World Series France)

Connor Baxter WINS OleronThe latest results from the Oleron Island Stand Up Paddle Challenge, which is the French leg of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. Plenty of the pros are in this one, including Connor, Kai, Eric, Chase, Jacko, Beau, Jake, Casper and Annabel.

The event has just wrapped up and again it’s Connor Baxter taking the overall victory ahead of rival Kai Lenny. Click through to see the FULL RESULTS…   → READ MORE

Danny Ching Signs Up For Molokai; Will This Be The Most Competitive Channel Crossing Ever?

Danny ChingDanny Ching has just signed up for the solo SUP division of the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, setting the stage for perhaps the most competitive channel crossing ever.

Danny’s confirmation means we could be in for an all-star battle royale this year, with Molokai 2013 potentially featuring Danny Ching vs. Connor Baxter vs. Dave Kalama vs. Travis Grant vs. Kai Lenny.

Add in the likelihood of gun paddlers such as Scott Gamble, Jeremy Riggs and Livio Menelau being in the race, and we should be set for an absolute cracker…   → READ MORE