“King Of The Cut” Set To Headline Biggest Ever Week Of Racing In Australia (It’s Aussie Downwind Week!)

King of the Cut stand up paddleboard raceThis Saturday, 29th November, sees the start of what will probably be the biggest week of SUP racing Australia has ever seen. In the space of eight days, Western Australia will play host to four different ocean races. It’ll also play host to pretty much all of Australia’s finest paddlers plus a bunch of elite internationals. While Hawaii is home to Downwind Month in July, this could be Australia’s answer: Aussie Downwind Week.

Australia has always been an anomaly in the SUP racing world: The land down under has produced a solid chunk of the world’s elite athletes, however its racing scene is a relative minnow compared to what’s happening in California/Florida/Hawaii/Europe/etc. But that could change with the following four events lining up in a row for the first time:   → READ MORE

Thought the season was over? The season is never over… Here Are Four Big Races Still To Come In 2014

Bora Bora Liquid Festival Tahiti (3)So you thought the SUP racing season was over huh? Nope… The SUP racing season is never over.

While the Battle of the Paddle may have come and gone for another year, there are still plenty of big stand up paddle races left to run before New Year’s.

From Perth to Paris, Bora Bora to Brazil, here are four of the biggest…   → READ MORE

What (And Where) Is The Fastest Downwind Run? West Oz Stakes Its Claim To DW Speed Record

Stand Up Paddling downwindApparently it’s the week for downwinding records. Yesterday it was Chris Bertish’s downwind distance world record, now there’s talk about what the fastest downwind run in the world could be.

While Hawaii is what usually springs to mind when you think SUP + wind, the paddling crew around Mandurah, Western Australia (just south of Perth) are talking up their local spot as having the potential to be the quickest in the world. The course, from Dawesville Cut to Singleton Beach, was used for this month’s King of the Cut race, which produced some very fast times that in turn generated a lot of chatter about downwind speed records in general.   → READ MORE

This Is What A Real Downwind Race Looks Like (Video + Results From West Oz)

King Of The Cut Stand Up Paddleboard race videoWatch this quality recap of the 2013 King of the Cut race, which was held in Western Australia on the weekend and featured some pretty epic downwind conditions. Takes a little while to get going (the action on the water begins at the 3 minute 50 second mark) but it looks like it was a pretty all-time run.

Newly minted Australian representative Beau O’Brian won the day while Molokai champ Terrene Black took out the women’s (and finished Top 10 overall against the guys), however I’d say every paddler that raced would have crossed the line feeling pretty satisfied.   → READ MORE

Downwind Racing In West Oz

Great clip from last week’s Redink King of the Cut SUP race in Western Australia, which scored perfect conditions to give paddlers a genuine downwinder.

This was the SUP W.A. State Downwind Title race and was held in Mandurah, just south of Perth.   → READ MORE