Larry Cain Wins Tennessee’s 31 Mile “Chattajack” Race in Record Time

Chattajack stand up paddleboard raceOlympic gold medalist Larry Cain has won the 2015 Chattajack race, crossing the line in a course record of 4 hours 58 minutes, just seconds ahead of Bart de Zwart and Mike Tavares. In the women’s, 11 City Tour heroine Seychelle Hattingh crossed side by side with Kimberly Barnes to claim equal first.

Chattajack is unofficially known as the Inland Molokai because of its grueling length (31 miles) and the fact it sells out almost every year. The 2015 edition sold out in record time.   → READ MORE

More Great Technique & Training Insights From The Ageless Robot, Larry Cain

Stand Up Paddling TrainingLarry Cain, the Canadian Olympic gold medalist, ageless robot and SUP racing stalwart, is back with another look at the art of stand up paddling technique.

If you’re a fan of Larry’s blog like I am, you’ll know the Canadian regularly posts some deep insights into SUP stroke technique and race training in general. When you consider this guy is a former Olympic champion, school teacher and current top-level coach, you know you’ve found someone who can help you paddle faster.   → READ MORE

The Canoeists Are Coming: Tommy Buday Defeats Larry Cain At Wrightsville’s Surf To Sound

Attila and Tamas Buday junior (C-2 Canoe)The Surf To Sound event is happening this weekend in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina (home of the Carolina Cup) and we’ve just finished the racing on day one. In the 6.5 mile “Surf To Sound Challenge” it was Jessica Rando defeating April Zilg in the women’s race, while Tommy Buday took out Larry Cain in the men’s.

The weekend isn’t finished just yet though: Today’s race will be followed with tomorrow’s 9 mile flatwater challenge. However I think the most interesting takeaway from the weekend is the background of the top two men’s finishers today: They’re both former Olympians in the sport of high knee canoeing…   → READ MORE

UPDATED RESULTS: Larry Cain Wins The Chattajack Race (aka The Inland Molokai)

Chattajack 31 stand up paddle raceResults from today’s Chattajack race in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The race has only just finished but it looks like Larry Cain has taken out the 14′ class and overall line honours ahead of Mike Tavares. We’ll try and round up the full results for you asap. UPDATE: Full results now available.

The Chattajack race winds along the Tennessee River Gorge and the course is supposedly 31 miles, however many a GPS have nudged closer to 32. That’s the same length of the Molokai-2-Oahu race. Combine that with the fact Chattajack also has a strong prone division racing at the same time as the SUPs and I say we call Chattajack the Inland Molokai.   → READ MORE

WATCH: This Feelgood Clip Proves SUP Racing Still Has A Soul…

Feelgood SUP videoAfter all the recent excitement and buzz around the Battle of the Paddle, and then the World Series Finals, it’s good to slow it down for a moment and watch something that just makes you appreciate not only SUP racing, but stand up paddling in general…

Here’s a vid from last month’s Great Lakes SUP Classic in Holland, Michigan, where the Larry Cain and Jimmy Terrell showed that older guys have still got it, while the whole event showed that SUP racing still has a soul.

We missed this when it was released last week, but better late than never. Watch it. Now. It’ll make you wanna go race, or even just go for a fun and relaxing paddle… Oh and it’s also got a Sufjan Stevens soundtrack. What more do you need?   → READ MORE

Larry Cain, Olympic Gold Medalist And Ageless Robot, Wins In Michigan

Great Lakes SUP ClassicLarry Cain took out today’s Great Lakes SUP Classic in Holland, Michigan, defeating Jimmy Terrell and a whole stack of local paddlers to prove once again that he’s an ageless robot sent to earth to humiliate paddlers half his age.

Cain, an Olympic Gold Medalist and now proud Quinquagenarian, defeated fellow Olympian Terrell by two minutes over the six mile course. The two former C1 sprint canoe champs outclassed a local field in what was described as a great, feelgood SUP race.   → READ MORE

If You’re Serious About Paddling Faster, Read This Post…

Larry Cain'sSUP TrainingWant to be a stronger, better, faster stand up paddler? Thn read these SUP race training guides from Larry Cain.

If you don’t know Larry already here’s a quick bio: Long career as a C1 Sprint Canoe champion, Gold Medal winner for in the ’84 Olympics, hails from Canada and is now a regular winner at the Stand Up Paddle races North of the border. Larry turned 50 earlier this year but can still be seen regularly schooling guys half (or even a third) of his age. I mean c’mon, Larry’s got his own Wikipedia page. That’s bad ass. Plus these days he works as a Phys Ed teacher, meaning Larry doesn’t just have an Olympic-sized knowledge of how to paddle, he also knows how to teach it, something that’s often very under rated (just because someone knows how to paddle fast doesn’t mean they know how to teach someone else how to paddle fast).

So there you go. Larry Cain knows his stuff. Long story short: If Larry Cain says something about SUP race training, you probably should listen…   → READ MORE

Larry Cain Joins The Debate: YES To Board Restrictions, NO To Technique Restrictions

Larry Cain SUPThis whole debate around SUP race board restrictions keeps going. And so it should: We haven’t reached a conclusion yet but I think most of us can agree we certainly need to. A lot of the debate has been played out on these pages, with Jim Terrell’s famous “4 Metre Stock Class” post and plenty of pot-stirring thoughts from Steve West as well.

Well now one of the smartest and most respected guys in the world of Stand Up Paddling, Larry Cain, has jumped into the fray with an excellent guest post over on the Mullet.

Larry, a former Olympic Gold Medallist (who I’m unofficially nicknaming “The Professor of SUP”) writes in response to Steve West’s latest article, which brought up the possibility of technique restrictions, in addition to board restrictions, as a way of keeping SUP racing pure. Larry’s response is pretty clear: He’s all for board specs, but is totally against restrictions on stand up paddling technique.   → READ MORE

Larry Cain’s Carolina Recap: Training, Tactics And Why You Should Be Racing With A GPS…

Larry Cain. Not at the Carolina Cup.While yesterday saw many of us pouring over the OluKai results and the US East Coast already move onto its next big race in the Keys, it seems the Carolina Cup from a couple of weeks back isn’t quite done hogging the spotlight.

Here’s a great, detailed recap of the race from a very fine paddler (and pretty handy writer) – Olympic Gold Medallist Larry Cain. So click through and have a read to get Larry’s insights into one of the biggest races of the year. There are some gems in there, including race strategies, tactics, sparring with his old C1 rival Jimmy Terrell, and racing with a GPS…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Great Lakes SUP Classic: Jamie Mitchell, Larry Cain Dominate

Stand Up Paddle racing in the Midwest seems to be really taking off, with events almost every weekend. The charge is being led by the 10-race “Midwest SUP Championship Series”, which this weekend headed to Holland, Michigan for the 3rd Annual Great Lakes SUP Classic.

It was the Jamie & Larry Show, with two big stars of the SUP racing world, 10x World Champ Jamie Mitchell and 3x Olympian Larry Cain, travelling to Lake Michigan for the race. They didn’t disappoint either, proving too strong for a bunch of hungry locals in the Elite 6 Mile Race to take the top two spots.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Eastern Canadian SUP Championships (updated)

Check out the results from the Eastern Canadian SUP Championships held in Toronto yesterday. Larry Cain narrowly claimed the win ahead of his fellow former Olympian Jim Terrell, with Norman John Hahn rounding out the podium.   → READ MORE

SUP Racing Fitness With Olympic Paddler Larry Cain

The crew from Thorfinn Expeditions have done a great interview with Team Quickblade’s Larry Cain.

Cain represented his country at three Olympic games in sprint canoeing, winning gold @ Los Angeles ’84.

After having long since retired from races, the sport of stand up paddling reignited his competitive edge and now the Canadian trains regularly for SUP events, but also just to stay fit in general. Check out his thoughts on SUP racing and paddling fitness…   → READ MORE