Warriors on the March: Tahitians Dominate the Lost Mills as Steeve Teihotaata and Sonni Honscheid Claim Victory

Lost MillsIn brief: As if we needed any more of a reminder that Tahiti’s powerful paddling warriors are on the verge of dominating long distance SUP racing in the same way they’ve done for years in the outrigger world, just take a look at the Lost Mills results from the weekend where Tahiti claimed all four top spots courtesy of Steeve Teihotaata, Georges Cronsteadt, Enzo Bennett and Bruno Tauhiro.

Going a couple of spots better than they did in Carolina, where Georges was 3rd and Steeve finished 4th, Tahiti’s star duo were clearly too strong for everyone else in the field except for fellow Tahitian Enzo Bennett, better known as a sprinter but clearly someone who has some endurance potential after he hung onto the lead pack right to the line.   → READ MORE

World Rankings: Here Are SUP Racer’s Star Ratings for Season 2017 (aka the Biggest Races in the World This Year)

Pacific Paddle Games

Two weeks ago, I sent out a survey to each of the world’s top-ranked paddlers asking which events they’d be competing in this year. The goal was to paint a picture of the biggest races in the world, which I think is not only an interesting insight for everyone in the sport to analyse, it also helps me to set clear ‘star ratings’ that will produce an ever more accurate World Rankings leaderboard.

Here are the results…   → READ MORE

VMG Blades Predictions Contest: Pick the EuroTour Winners and You Could Be a Winner Too

VMG Blades stand up paddle race finsThink you know your elite paddlers? Here’s your chance to test your SUP racing knowledge and WIN.

To spice up our live coverage of the EuroTour this month, we’ve started a fun new contest with the good folks at VMG Blades. If you tune in to one of our EuroTour Starboard Live Streams on Facebook AND correctly predict the winners, you could score yourself a brand new VMG race fin.   → READ MORE

Battle of the Nations – Lost Mills, St Maxime Update

Lost Mills Battle of the Nations rankings

Following two big weeks on the EuroTour, there’s been some movement on the “Battle of the Nations” leaderboard.

Spain makes its Top 10 debut at the expense of Canada, while Tahiti edges a little higher and France zeroes in on the top four. It’s still USA, Australia and Hawaii way out in front, and that trio is locked in a tight race for the top spot. Take a look at the full leaderboard to see which other nations are +/- this week.

Battle of the Brands – Lost Mills Edition: Titouan Puyo’s Heroics Help Team NSP Edge Past Naish

Battle of the Brands 2016 Lost Mills

Following the big Battle of Bavaria on Saturday, there’s been plenty of movement on the Battle of the Brands leaderboard. The big news is that NSP has edged past Naish to take over the number 2 ranking, with Titouan Puyo putting in a heroic performance on the weekend to defend his Lost Mills points from 2015.

Titou finished runner-up at the Lost Mills last year but almost didn’t race on the weekend after battling illness all week. But not only did he take his place on the start line, he battled all the way to the finish with Michael Booth and Connor Baxter, ensuring he held onto almost all of his points from 2015 and allowing NSP to move past the yellow boards from Maui.

Other big movers include Team Hobie, who’s been very well represented on the EuroTour so far, and Team Mistral, who crack the Top 15 thanks to big efforts from Seychelle Hattingh and Steeve Teihotaata. Take a look at the full Battle of the Brands Leaderboard

WATCH: Connor Baxter Is The “Fastest Paddler on Earth” (incl. Side-by-Side Showdown with Trevor Tunnington)

Connor Baxter Fastest Paddler On Earth VideoHow fast can you paddle 200 metres? Not as fast as Connor Baxter…*

Although the main event at the Lost Mills was the 18km distance race on Saturday, the sideshow event, the 200m time trial on Friday afternoon, threw up its fair share of action as well, including a heartbreaking fall and a return to the top for the 2013 champion.   → READ MORE

Video Highlights from Week 4 of the EuroTour (Lost Mills)

2016 Lost Mills paddleboarding videoCheck out these video highlights from Week 4 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard, which saw over 200 starters on the line for the big Lost Mills showdown in Germany, aka the Battle of Bavaria.

The EuroTour continues on this week to arguably its biggest stop, the Iberdrola Bilbao Paddle Challenge in the Spanish Basque Country. Look for top three guys from the past two weeks – Boothy, Connor and Titou – to once again set the pace in the land of pintxos and patxaran.   → READ MORE

The Lost Mills “Jigsaw Puzzle” 2016 Edition (Can You Identify All 27 Paddlers in This Photo?)

Lost Mills Jigsaw PuzzleThe 2016 Lost Mills race in Germany was an absolute cracker of a race. With over 200 competitors on the line for the fourth stop of the EuroTour, including 125 in the elite men’s division, there’s been no end to the epic photos coming out of Bavaria the past few days.

And of the best shots is this great angle from EuroTour media boss Kerry Powell, which shows the top 27 guys at around the 5km mark. But who exactly is in this photo?   → READ MORE

SUP Racer World Rankings: Lost Mills Edition

World Rankings for Stand Up Paddling

We’ve just updated the SUP Racer World Rankings with results from Saturday’s big showdown in Germany, the 5th Annual Lost Mills. Week 4 of the 2016 EuroTour was an epic encounter, with the men’s race scoring 48.0% on our Race Index to set a record for most competitive race of all time outside the USA.

And with his victory in the big dance, Aussie Michael Booth has rocketed up the rankings and cracked the top 10 for the first time. The Starboard team rider now occupies the world number nine position as he continues his stated quest for a top five ranking before the season is over. Considering he was ranked #38 in the world just 10 days ago, I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Boothy” continue his meteoric rise over the coming weeks and months.

On the women’s side, Sonni is closing in on Annabel and Candice at the top of the table, while one of the standouts on the EuroTour thus far, Mistral’s Seychelle Hattingh, breaks into the Top 10. Check out the full SUP Racer World Rankings to see who else made a move this week.

UPDATED: Michael Booth, Sonni Hönscheid Triumph at the Big “Lost Mills” Race in Germany

Lost Mills
Michael Booth and Sonni Honscheid have claimed the prestigious “Lost Mills” race in Europe, defeating an all-star lineup at the fourth and largest stop of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.

Sonni’s victory makes it five wins in five weeks, a streak that stretches right back to last month’s OluKai race on Maui, while Boothy’s triumph reinforces his meteoric rise and growing reputation as one of the men to beat on the international scene this year. Suddenly, the Aussie has gone from a dark horse to having a target on his back.   → READ MORE

Preview of the Big Lost Mills Race in Germany (Live Stream Countdown)

The Lost Mills Stand Up Paddle RaceWe’re just hours away from one of the biggest showdowns of the season: The Lost Mills race in Bavaria, Germany, aka Week 4 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard. The Lost Mills, now in its 5th season, has grown to become one of the main events of the European Summer of SUP, and this weekend’s race is set to be the biggest and most competitive edition yet.   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter and Seychelle Hattingh Crowned “Fastest Paddlers on Earth” at the Lost Mills in Germany

Fastest Paddler On Earth paddleboard raceStarboard’s Connor Baxter and Mistral’s Seychelle Hattingh have claimed the “Fastest Paddler On Earth” time trial event here on Day 1 of the Lost Mills event in Germany, out-sprinting an all-star field to claim early bragging rights ahead of tomorrow’s main event.

Others to impress included Boris Jinvresse, Jake Jensen, Noa Hopper, Manca Notar and Amandine Chazot.   → READ MORE

Watch the Big EuroTour Races LIVE with the “Starboard Live Stream” (Starting This Weekend in St. Maxime, France)

Sainte Maxime SUP Race CupThe European summer of SUP is about to start heating up, with the headline events of the EuroTour beginning this weekend in St. Maxime, France at the 7th Annual SUP Race Cup. And now, thanks to Starboard and the EuroTour media team, you can watch the whole thing live.

With dozens of the world’s best hitting the iconic French Riviera for this classic race, we thought you might like a live window into the action on Saturday and Sunday. So to bring you a front row seat, SUP Racer has teamed up with Starboard – the presenting sponsor of the 2016 EuroTour – to bring you a ‘Facebook Live‘ webcast stream all weekend.   → READ MORE

The EuroTour “Headline” Events Begin This Weekend (St Maxime, Lost Mills and Bilbao)

2013 SUP Race Cup beach raceAfter a couple of fun warm-up rounds the EuroTour gets serious this weekend, with dozens of international athletes heading to France where they’ll clash at the classic SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime this weekend, followed by big showdowns in Germany (The Lost Mills) and Bilbao.

These three races represent the “Headline” events of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.   → READ MORE

The EuroTour Announces Final Lineup: 14 Races, 10 Countries, 1 Big Summer of SUP

Lost Mills stand up paddle board raceThe 2016 EuroTour lineup has been finalised, with one new race being added to the original baker’s dozen that was announced in January. All up there are now 14 races in 14 weeks across 10 countries, along with $87,000 in combined prize money that many of the world’s best paddlers will be fighting for.

The 2016 EuroTour, presented by Starboard, kicks off in Portugal in early May, then stretches across the entire continent from France to Finland, Portugal to Poreč and plenty of other awesome summer destinations in between, before wrapping up in the UK in early August.   → READ MORE

Germany’s “Lost Mills” Becomes First SUP Race to Be Sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation (ICF)

Lost Mills stand up paddling race in GermanyIn a major and very interesting announcement, the Lost Mills, one of Europe’s premiere SUP events, has become the first stand up paddle race in the world to be sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation (ICF), instantly elevating its status at home in Germany while setting up an interesting debate about the future of governing bodies within our sport.

The Lost Mills, which will see its 5th annual edition run from May 26th-28th this year, has established itself as one of Europe’s largest and most elite stand up paddle races over the past few years…   → READ MORE

EuroTour 2016: New Races, New Nations Set to Make Europe the Place to Be This Summer

Euro Tour
The 2016 stand up paddle race season is starting to take shape, and today another key piece of the puzzle falls into place. The new look EuroTour has just been announced, with new races, new countries and a whole bunch of cool new features set to make Europe the place to be this summer.

The EuroTour is a collection of standalone races spread across Europe from May to July, offering a unified platform to help the events, the athletes, the brands and the local paddling communities grow the sport from the grassroots up. And this season, the Tour is set to be bigger (and better) than ever…   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter And Sonni Hönscheid Conquer The Lost Mills (Full Results, Photos, Recap)

Lost Mills
Connor Baxter and Sonni Hönscheid have just won the 2015 Lost Mills International SUP Race, beating an all star field and establishing a commanding lead on the Euro Tour Leaderboard in the process.

After 18km of long, hot, draining paddling, with a blazing Bavarian sun beating down on competitors, it was the superstar from Starboard who outlasted one of the most elite fields ever seen outside the USA.   → READ MORE