RESULTS: Michael Booth, Sonni Hönscheid Triumph at the Big Lost Mills Showdown in Germany

2016 Lost Mills
Australia’s Michael Booth has further cemented his reputation as the new guy to beat, out-sprinting team mate Connor Baxter after 18km of grueling paddling to claim the massive “Lost Mills” race here in Germany today — Week 4 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.

In the women’s, Sonni Hönscheid was too strong once again, claiming her third EuroTour race in a row. Click through for early results…   → READ MORE

Preview of the Big Lost Mills Race in Germany (Live Stream Countdown)

The Lost Mills Stand Up Paddle RaceWe’re just hours away from one of the biggest showdowns of the season: The Lost Mills race in Bavaria, Germany, aka Week 4 of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard. The Lost Mills, now in its 5th season, has grown to become one of the main events of the European Summer of SUP, and this weekend’s race is set to be the biggest and most competitive edition yet.   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter and Seychelle Hattingh Crowned “Fastest Paddlers on Earth” at the Lost Mills in Germany

Fastest Paddler On Earth paddleboard raceStarboard’s Connor Baxter and Mistral’s Seychelle Hattingh have claimed the “Fastest Paddler On Earth” time trial event here on Day 1 of the Lost Mills event in Germany, out-sprinting an all-star field to claim early bragging rights ahead of tomorrow’s main event.

Others to impress included Boris Jinvresse, Jake Jensen, Noa Hopper, Manca Notar and Amandine Chazot.   → READ MORE

Watch the Big EuroTour Races LIVE with the “Starboard Live Stream” (Starting This Weekend in St. Maxime, France)

Sainte Maxime SUP Race CupThe European summer of SUP is about to start heating up, with the headline events of the EuroTour beginning this weekend in St. Maxime, France at the 7th Annual SUP Race Cup. And now, thanks to Starboard and the EuroTour media team, you can watch the whole thing live.

With dozens of the world’s best hitting the iconic French Riviera for this classic race, we thought you might like a live window into the action on Saturday and Sunday. So to bring you a front row seat, SUP Racer has teamed up with Starboard – the presenting sponsor of the 2016 EuroTour – to bring you a ‘Facebook Live‘ webcast stream all weekend.   → READ MORE

The EuroTour “Headline” Events Begin This Weekend (St Maxime, Lost Mills and Bilbao)

2013 SUP Race Cup beach raceAfter a couple of fun warm-up rounds the EuroTour gets serious this weekend, with dozens of international athletes heading to France where they’ll clash at the classic SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime this weekend, followed by big showdowns in Germany (The Lost Mills) and Bilbao.

These three races represent the “Headline” events of the 2016 EuroTour presented by Starboard.   → READ MORE

The EuroTour Announces Final Lineup: 14 Races, 10 Countries, 1 Big Summer of SUP

Lost Mills stand up paddle board raceThe 2016 EuroTour lineup has been finalised, with one new race being added to the original baker’s dozen that was announced in January. All up there are now 14 races in 14 weeks across 10 countries, along with $87,000 in combined prize money that many of the world’s best paddlers will be fighting for.

The 2016 EuroTour, presented by Starboard, kicks off in Portugal in early May, then stretches across the entire continent from France to Finland, Portugal to Poreč and plenty of other awesome summer destinations in between, before wrapping up in the UK in early August.   → READ MORE

Germany’s “Lost Mills” Becomes First SUP Race to Be Sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation (ICF)

Lost Mills stand up paddling race in GermanyIn a major and very interesting announcement, the Lost Mills, one of Europe’s premiere SUP events, has become the first stand up paddle race in the world to be sanctioned by the International Canoe Federation (ICF), instantly elevating its status at home in Germany while setting up an interesting debate about the future of governing bodies within our sport.

The Lost Mills, which will see its 5th annual edition run from May 26th-28th this year, has established itself as one of Europe’s largest and most elite stand up paddle races over the past few years…   → READ MORE

EuroTour 2016: New Races, New Nations Set to Make Europe the Place to Be This Summer

Euro Tour
The 2016 stand up paddle race season is starting to take shape, and today another key piece of the puzzle falls into place. The new look EuroTour has just been announced, with new races, new countries and a whole bunch of cool new features set to make Europe the place to be this summer.

The EuroTour is a collection of standalone races spread across Europe from May to July, offering a unified platform to help the events, the athletes, the brands and the local paddling communities grow the sport from the grassroots up. And this season, the Tour is set to be bigger (and better) than ever…   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter And Sonni Hönscheid Conquer The Lost Mills (Full Results, Photos, Recap)

Lost Mills
Connor Baxter and Sonni Hönscheid have just won the 2015 Lost Mills International SUP Race, beating an all star field and establishing a commanding lead on the Euro Tour Leaderboard in the process.

After 18km of long, hot, draining paddling, with a blazing Bavarian sun beating down on competitors, it was the superstar from Starboard who outlasted one of the most elite fields ever seen outside the USA.   → READ MORE

Introducing The Euro Tour Leaderboard: Ranking The Best Paddlers In Europe This Summer

Bilbao World SUP Challenge GuggenheimThe Euro Tour officially begins this weekend in Spain, with the Port Adriano SUP Race set to kick off six weeks of racing festivities across the continent.

I’m excited about the Euro Tour. I’ve been racing in Europe the past three summers (and was living here the past five summers before that) and it’s always a super fun adventure. But this year we’re stepping it up a notch, with a unified series connecting the biggest standalone races in the region under a common board class (14′) and a common rankings system: The new Euro Tour Leaderboard.   → READ MORE

The International SUP Racing Season Keeps On Rolling, Next Stop: The Euro Tour

Eric Terrien @ the SUP Race Cup, France // photo (C) Michel TerrienWe may still be coming down from the high of the ISA Worlds, and directly before that OluKai and the Carolina Cup, however it’s already time to look ahead at the next big race. Or rather, the next big races. As Sayulita returns to its quieter ways, a good chunk of the paddling world now turns its gaze to Europe.

Starting this weekend, the Euro Tour officially kicks off the summer racing season in Europe, where many of the world’s best will compete alongside the hometown heroes in some of the best paddling destinations on the planet.   → READ MORE

Lost Mills 2015: Big Additions To Europe’s Most Classic Race

The Lost Mills Stand Up Paddle Race
In exactly 12 weeks from today, a good chunk of the world’s best stand up paddle athletes will come together in one of the more obscure SUP racing hot-spots: A lake in the middle of the Bavarian countryside.

Germany’s “Lost Mills” International SUP Race, now in its 4th year, has become one of the most prestigious stand up paddle events outside the USA. Last year was an absolute classic and this year, with the backing of the new Euro Tour and a host of very interesting upgrades, the Lost Mills looks set to be an absolute cracker.   → READ MORE

The Top 14 Most Competitive Races Of 2014

Battle of the Paddle Salt Creek
There were a lot of SUP races this year. We had over 400 listings on the Rogue Race Calendar. We sent 137 race results to the Results by Riviera archive. You couldn’t go a week without your Facebook feed being flooded with photos of SUP races here, there and everywhere.

Some of those races were fun, local events. Some were grand, international spectacles. Most fell somewhere in between. And that’s just fine. Most races don’t need to be grand to be successful, they just need to be well organised, encourage a few extra people to give the sport a try and offer everyone a fun day on the water.

But some races push the boundaries a little more than the average. Some races attract, either through deliberate marketing or incidental brilliance, a disproportionately large amount of attention and elite talent. Quite simply: Some races are a lot more competitive than others. Click through to see the full list and read my overly-thorough analysis…   → READ MORE

Follow The Leader (Or: What Happened At The Lost Mills?!)

Lost Mills Stand Up Paddle raceThe 2014 Lost Mills was one of the most competitive races of the year. Perhaps the single most-elite race ever held outside the States.

A dozen or more of the best guys in the world were in Germany to battle it out at Europe’s premiere SUP race. It was supposed to be a duel between the big guns such as Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, Eric Terrien, Georges Cronsteadt, Casper Steinfath, Chase Kosterlitz and half a dozen other international stars. And that’s how it started, but that’s not how it finished. Because somewhere in the middle of the race, something went totally wrong…

Flat water racing isn’t exactly known for being unpredictable and dramatic, but that’s exactly what happened in Germany on the weekend. It took a few hours for the full story to emerge, but here’s a summary of how one of the biggest races of the year went totally off the script.   → READ MORE

WATCH Danny Ching Set A New World Record: 200 Metres In Just 47 Seconds

Danny Ching SUP speed world recordRemember how Danny Ching blitzed an all-star field to win the Lost Mills time trial in Germany last week? Well here’s the video.

Thanks to the German SUP Mag, you can now watch Danny’s crazy performance as he sprints like a man possessed across the 200 metre “Fastest Paddler On Earth” time trial race course, setting what is surely a new world record in the process.

Despite the event featuring over a dozen of the world’s fastest guys, Danny crushed it. The 404 front man averaged over 15km/h to stop the clock at 47.60 seconds, almost three seconds ahead of defending champ Connor Baxter (who himself produced what would have probably otherwise been a record).   → READ MORE

Eric Terrien Wins An Action-Packed Lost Mills Race Ahead Of Danny Ching And Connor Baxter; Lina Augaitis Wins The Women’s

Lost Mills 2014
Euro Tour. Week #6. Germany.

Eric Terrien has just won the 2014 Lost Mills, repeating his heroics from twelve months ago to claim victory ahead of a star-studded field. In a race that more than lived up to the hype, Eric won by three minutes from Danny Ching and Connor Baxter, while behind them were another dozen of the world’s very best paddlers.

This was an incredibly competitive race – perhaps the single most-elite SUP race ever held outside the States – and it didn’t disappoint.   → READ MORE

The Lost Mills: LIVE UPDATES From Germany

Follow one of the biggest races of the year with live, play-by-play updates from the Lost Mills race in Germany. Danny vs Eric vs Connor vs Georges vs Chase vs… you get the point. This is a massive race. Click through to see how it all unfolds…   → READ MORE

WATCH: An Inside Look At The Lost Mills Course (Paddle 18km In 80 Seconds)

Lost Mills videoWe’re less than 48 hours until one of the biggest events of the year: The Lost Mills race in Germany.

With a formidable lineup of talent and a unique flat water course, the 2014 Lost Mills is going to be a big race. We’ll have live updates on Saturday as the race unfolds, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the course itself.   → READ MORE