Next Stop… The Netherlands for the Epic “11 City Tour” Five Day Stage Race (UPDATED)

SUP 11 City Tour

We’re currently on the road from Denmark to the rural Dutch province of Friesland for one of the most epic and challenging events of the year: the five day, five stage, 200km SUP 11 City Tour.

To long-time readers of SUP Racer, the 11 Cities needs no introduction. It’s one of the classics on the calendar, offering bold competitors a challenge that is as much a mental test as it is a physical one.

Now in its 9th year, that mental test gets even tougher with the introduction of individual time trials, which will cement this race’s reputation as the “Tour de France of SUP.”   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Hong Kong for the 3rd Annual ‘Hong Kong International’

Hong Kong International Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Championship 14We’re still coming down from the high of the Gorge but there’s no time to rest: we’re already moving on to the next race on the international calendar.

One of the (many) things I love about the SUP racing world is just how far and wide the community has spread, and I’m always up for an adventure to some place new. So I jumped at the chance to be part of this weekend’s 3rd Annual Hong Kong International SUP race.   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Jersey (the island) for a 34-mile charity race: The ‘Round Island Challenge’


Before heading to Oregon for the massive Gorge Paddle Challenge next week, I decided I needed one last European summer adventure. So when the local paddlers from the island of Jersey* invited me over for a race called the ‘Round Island Challenge’ I was seriously considering it.

It sounded like a real adventure: Paddling 55kms (34 miles) non-stop around an island steeped in history. However, when they explained it was all to raise money for a very worthy charity, I decided that my lack of training and general fear of endurance competition was no excuse. Next stop: Jersey.   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Ibiza for the ‘Vuelta’ (Or: “Why Did I Just Sign up to Paddle 345km?”)

Es Vedra, IbizaThe European Summer of SUP has been a blast so far, but most of my time has been spent on the media boat following the action rather than being part of it. It’s been a hell of a lotta fun, but I’ve also been itching to get out from behind the live stream camera and onto the water.

That all changes next week, because I just signed up for the Vuelta Ibiza – the five day, 125km stage race that’s basically a smaller, warmer version of the famed 11 City Tour.   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Iceland for a Paddling Adventure in One of the Wildest Places on Earth

Paddle boarding in IcelandI’m still recovering from our Capital SUP weekend in Maryland (where I was still recovering from the Carolina Cup), but there’s no rest before the next adventure. And what an adventure this next one is going to be…

In collaboration with Starboard, SUP Racer is headed to one of the wildest places on earth, Iceland, for a week of paddling adventures in support of the new ‘Starboard Blue’ initiative.   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Annapolis, Maryland for This Weekend’s 300-Strong ‘Bay Bridge Paddle’

Bay-Bridge-Paddle-AnnapolisWe’re still coming down from the high of Carolina, but it’s already time for the next round of events as the paddling community disperses across the States and around the world for another big weekend of racing.

Some of the crew are headed south to Florida for the long-running Key West Classic, Maui’s downwind specialists are praying for wind at Saturday’s OluKai showdown, while the EuroTour is getting an early start over in the Greek Islands this weekend. But we’re headed north to Annapolis, Maryland to hang out with the crew from Capital SUP and check out one of the world’s fastest-growing regional events: The Bay Bridge Paddle.   → READ MORE

Next Stop… Lake Annecy, France for the Massive ‘GlaGla Race’ in the Snow-Covered Alps

gla-gla-race-stand-up-paddlingThe New Year brings with it fresh new excitement and anticipation, so today I’m starting a new feature called ‘Next stop…’ that’ll focus on the races I’m really excited about traveling to and being part of in 2017.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’m going to highlight some of the awesome international events that offer paddlers incredible experiences. And my first stop in the new year is Lake Annecy, France for the GlaGla Race on Jan 21.   → READ MORE