HE DID IT! After 77 days and 5000km, Antonio de la Rosa has paddled the Pacific from California to Hawaii

Antonio de la Rosa has become the first person to paddle across the Pacific Ocean standing up. The Spanish adventurer completed his epic voyage from California to Hawaii when he stepped onto the dock of the Waikiki Yacht Club on the island of Oahu early Saturday morning — August 24th, 2019.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation of the precise distance, but the estimate is somewhere around 5000 kilometres or 3100 miles in 77 days.   → READ MORE

HE’S ALMOST THERE! Spanish adventurer only 100km from Hawaii after 75 days paddling across the Pacific Ocean

After an incredible 75 days and 4500km (~2800 miles), Spanish adventurer Antonio de la Rosa is less than 100km (~60 miles) from reaching land in Hawaii.

Antonio began his epic voyage in San Francisco 11 weeks ago — attempting the first-ever Pacific Ocean SUP crossing. The expedition is completely solo and unsupported…

And despite the extraordinary challenge, Antonio has been sharing entertaining video updates on Instagram every day. He’s expected to reach Waikiki on Saturday. Follow the GPS tracking map and give him a hero’s welcome if you’re on Oahu this weekend!

Venga, Antonio, venga!!