“T-shirt Storytime” …a trip down memory lane

I found an old bag full of SUP racing event t-shirts from over the years, and I thought it might be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and share some stories from the pages of paddling history.

Live… Tonight… (and hopefully tonight only because I’m still having trouble breathing after putting on a dozen t-shirts at once) I present you with: T-shirt Storytime

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Paddle Royal Title Comes Down To The Wire: Danny Ching And Lina Augaitis Win While Jake Jensen And Eric Terrien Impress

Eric Terrien wins Paddle RoyalDanny Ching and Lina Augaitis have taken out the 2013 Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico after an incredibly tight second day of racing. Danny claimed the overall victory by winning the final round of racing on Day Two, ending the hopes that both Aussie young gun Jake Jensen and Frenchman Eric Terrien had of flying home with the $7,000 winner’s prize.

Danny had all the work to do after finishing third in yesterday’s Long Distance Race and left it until the very last minute to fight his way back into the lead. Coming into the final round of racing, which consisted of a 200m straight-line sprint, Danny was sitting third on the overall points leaderboard, one point behind Eric and two behind Jake. The reigning champ basically had to win the last race and hope Jake didn’t get second. And that’s exactly what happened, allowing Danny to leapfrog his two close rivals and walk away with the title.

Click through for results, recap and pics from Puerto Rico…   → READ MORE

Paddle Royal Predictions: Who’s Going To Win The Last Big Race Of The Year?

Paddle RoyalHere we are in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the “Last Big Race Of The Year” aka Paddle Royal. After taking the red eye from LAX with the Mad Scientist (and randomly bumping into Danny Ching, Thomas Maximus and Chance Fielder as we were all about to board) we were picked up at the airport by the event organisers (who’ve gone out of their way to look after the athletes at this event) and taken to the luxury hotel that’s right beside the start/finish line.

We’re in for a big weekend of racing: Not only have a dozen or more of the world’s finest descended on the island, but the unique format of Paddle Royal will see not one but FIVE different races decide the overall event title.

Paddle Royal starts on Saturday with the epic Long Distance race, before we finish on Sunday with four different short-medium distance course and sprint races. Points from all five races are combined (with the distance race being counted twice) and each paddler’s worst result is dropped before the final rankings list is produced. This means that to win the overall crown and take the lion’s share of the $26,000 prize purse, a paddler has got to be an all rounder. But who’s going to step up? Here’s who I think will win…   → READ MORE

The Last Big Weekend Of The Year: Four Races In Four Very Exotic Locations In Four Totally Different Corners Of The Globe

Exotic SUP racesIt’s not just the last big race of the year, it’s the last big weekend of the year.

In what is perhaps the most exotic weekend for Stand Up Paddle racing ever, we’re going to see four races, in four corners of the globe (can a globe have corners?) and in four very cool locations: Puerto Rico, Paris, Tahiti, Mauritius.   → READ MORE

Six Days Til Paddle Royal: Here Are Some More Classic Aerial Shots To Get You Excited

Paddle RoyalSix days until the “last big race of the year” aka Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico. Six days until we see if Danny Ching can finish the year where he knows he belongs. Six days before we know if the King of Europe (Eric Terrien) can go one better than last year. Six days and we’ll see if Chase Kosterlitz can reclaim his crown from 2011. And only six days until the young guns Slater Trout and Jake Jensen try to spoil their party.

Exotic location. Cool race course. Stacked field of talent. Big prize money. Paddle Royal 2013 is going to be a very solid race and a fun way to end the year. We’ll be there in a few days to bring you all the action as it unfolds, but until then here’s another look back at last year’s epic, where Danny and Candice took the wins while Ben Thouard took some absolute classic photos from the air.   → READ MORE

The Last Big Race Of The Year: Stacked Field Set To Chase $26,000 @ Paddle Royal

Paddle Royal Stand Up Paddle race Puerto Rico We’re just two weeks out from “the last big race of the year” – aka Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico – and it’s starting to look like it’ll be a pretty stacked event. Some very names, including Mr. Danny Ching, have signed up in the past week which, along with the $26,000 prize purse, could make this one of the races of the year.

Plus if stats are anything to go by, there’s already a lot of interest in this event from the fans. We posted 21 awesome photos from Paddle Royal the other day and the post blew up, quickly becoming one of the top five most-viewed articles on SUPracer.com for the all of 2013.

So who’s heading to Puerto Rico? And more importantly: Who do we think is going to win? Click through for some early predictions…   → READ MORE

21 Awesome Photos That Will Make You Want To Paddle In Puerto Rico (Paddle Royal)

Paddle Royal photosThe “last big race of the year” is set for December 5th-8th in Puerto Rico, with Paddle Royal set to cap off what has been a pretty massive year of SUP racing. This one is a bit of a favourite among the paddlers and if you check out the pics below you’ll see why. Though even if the exotic location doesn’t do it for you, there’s also the small matter of the massive prize purse on offer… This year the organisers have stepped things up and are putting $26,000 on the line, which comes close to making this the most lucrative stand up paddle race ever.

But just in case you needed any more motivation to book a flight to Puerto Rico, we got our hands on a collection of epic shots from last year’s Paddle Royal. These photos were captured by the awesome Ben Thouard, who was flying around the course enjoying the best seat in the house and scoring some pretty amazing angles of the battle between Danny Ching, Eric Terrien, Ryan Helm, Chase Kosterlitz, Paul Jackson and the rest of the elite field.   → READ MORE

Paddle Royal 2013: The Last Big Race Of The Year (With Record Prize Money?)

Paddle RoyalNow that the BOP has come & gone for another year and Dana Point is slowly returning to normal, it’s time to look at ahead to some of the big races remaining on the calendar. At the end of the month we’ve got the first ever Battle of the Paddle to be held outside the United States (Brazil) while next weekend is the big Stand Up World Series Finals in Hawaii. But after that there’s really just one big race left on the calendar before the new year: The 2013 Paddle Royal in Puerto Rico.

The 2013 Paddle Royal is only eight weeks away (December 5th-8th) and looks set to offer world-record prize money. One of the most the most talked about, most lucrative and, from the competitors’ points of view, one of the best races of 2012 is back with an even bigger prize on the line and, by the sounds of it, plenty of top names chasing the cash and glory as well…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Awesome Aerial Highlights From “Paddle Royal” (aka Who Else Wants To Go To Puerto Rico?!)

If you wanna get inspired to jump on a Stand Up Paddleboard and go race, just watch this video…

Some awesome highlights from Paddle Royal 2012, where Danny Ching and Candice Appleby won against a class field of local and international paddlers. The 2013 edition of Paddle Royal is coming up again in December and looks set to be one of the biggest races of the year. More on that later, but for now just click through and enjoy these epic aerial shots from Puerto Rico…   → READ MORE

VIDEO: Paddle Royal Recap

Here’s a great video recap of the 2012 Paddle Royal SUP Race, which was held last week in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

You might struggle with the commentary if you don’t understand Spanish, but either way there’s plenty to enjoy: The video shows off what an awesome location this is, plus there’s loads of SUP racing action (the Paddle Royal was won by Danny Ching and Candice Appleby, in case you’ve been under a rock the past couple of weeks). Click through to watch the full clip…   → READ MORE

Fun Times In Puerto Rico: Paddle Royal Race Video

In case you somehow haven’t heard, the $20,000 Paddle Royal was held on the weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with Danny Ching and Candice Appleby taking home the cash and bragging rights (check out the finalised Paddle Royal race results).

From all reports it was an awesome weekend: a very well organised event with great racing and in a kickass location. You can get a taste of what the paddlers were enjoying in this clip from Saturday’s Distance Race. This shows the massive line of paddlers heading around the first turning buoy, not long after the start of the 8.5 mile race. Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

Candice Appleby, Danny Ching Victorious At The Paddle Royal (UPDATED With Final Results)

UPDATE 3rd December: Full results are now in (from all divisions) so click through to check them out.

Danny Ching and Candice Appleby have just taken out the 2012 Paddle Royal. Saturday saw the 8 mile distance race, while Sunday was the sprint races. Results were combined to produce the overall event champions.

The Paddle Royal is a $20,000 SUP race in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which has attracted many of the world’s best paddlers. Other standout performances came from Eric Terrien, Ryan Helm, Paul Jackson and Chase Kosterlitz in the men’s division, while Angie Jackson and Gail Vento podium’d on the women’s side. Click through for the full results + pics   → READ MORE

Countdown To The $20k Paddle Royal: 5 Days To Go

Five days to go until the $20,000 Paddle Royal kicks off in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As we mentioned last week, Danny Ching, Candice Appleby and many of the world’s best Stand Up Paddlers will be chasing the prize money and bragging rights at what is set to be the second most lucrative SUP race of the entire season.

But forget the money, the promo pic above shows off how awesome the location is…   → READ MORE

Danny Ching Leads All-Star Cast Heading To Puerto Rico For $20,000 “Paddle Royal”

Danny Ching has just been announced for the Paddle Royal SUP Race in Puerto Rico. This will be Ching’s first serious race since his domination of the 2012 Battle of the Paddle (where he took out both the Elite and Distance Races). However the champ won’t have it all his own in San Juan on the 1st & 2nd December, with a host of SUP racing’s finest lining up for the challenge.

Some of the big names Ching will be up against include defending-champ Chase Kosterlitz, Eric Terrien, Ryan Helm, Paul Jackson, Anthony Vela, Belar Diaz and local boy Nick Leeson, just to name a few. That’s some serious paddling talent, though of course Ching will start favourite, as he does at every race.

Meanwhile in the women’s draw, defending champ Heather Baus will face strong opposition from Candice Appleby and Angie Jackson. They’ll all be in town chasing the $20,000 cash bounty that’s on offer, which makes the Paddle Royal one of the single most lucrative SUP races of 2012.   → READ MORE

Paddle Royal: Exotic Location, $20,000 On The Line (And Only 48 Hours Left For Discounted Rego…)

The 2012 Paddle Royal SUP race in Puerto Rico is still a month away, but if you want to get in on the cheap you’ve only got 48 hours to register at the discounted entry price. The event is happening December 1st & 2nd in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As the photo above shows, the location isn’t too shabby, plus there’s a $20,000 cash purse on the line, which makes Paddle Royal one of the single most lucrative SUP races of 2012 (the Battle of the Paddle is at #1 with $25k). The first place prize in the men’s elite race alone is worth $6,000, more than most SUP race directors around the world could dream of giving away for an entire event.   → READ MORE

Paddle Royal Adds $20,000 Purse, Becomes 2013 Stand Up World Series Season Opener

The Caribbean’s biggest SUP race, the Paddle Royal, is stepping things up this year with a huge prize purse and a spot on the Stand Up World Series calendar.

The 2012 Paddle Royal will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 1st & 2nd of December. It’ll feature $20,000 in cash prizes and officially becomes the season opener for the 2013 Stand Up World Series.   → READ MORE