Analysis: Are the Aussies still unbeatable?

Today, Team Australia’s lineup for the ISA Worlds in China (Nov 23 – Dec 2) was revealed. The five-time champions always start favourites for the overall teams title, however 2018 could be their toughest challenge since the U.S. Dream Team briefly stole their crown in 2015, with the French looking particularly strong.

Here’s some light analysis of the squad.   → READ MORE

Brekkie Bites #017

We’re a little light on ingredients today; check back on Sunday morning for a fresh serving of race results from France and beyond.

While you’re waiting, take a look at the Red “Compact” unboxing video that “premiered” yesterday (testing out this new Facebook feature).

WATCH: Unboxing the crazy new “Compact” from Red Paddle Co (world’s smallest SUP?)

UNBOXING: world's smallest SUP?!

This is the new 9'6 "Compact" from Red Paddle Co (aka "The World's Smallest Paddleboard"). It's a pretty impressive piece of engineering. Watch this fun little unboxing we did in Austria recently for a closer look!
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Posted by SUP Racer on Friday, November 2, 2018


I got the chance to play with the crazy new “Compact” board from Red Paddle Co (aka the world’s smallest stand up paddle board) after the Dragon World Championships in Austria next month.

This thing fits in a backpack. I mean a real backpack. It’s a bit of a game-changer…

This thing isn’t as cheap as Red’s other boards, but if you love to travel it’s kinda priceless. World’s first carry-on SUP? The 9’6″ Red Compact will start shipping next month. Click here to see if you can still pre-order one of the first boards.