The Yukon Double: Lincoln Dews wants to paddle 2300km in two and a half weeks

Lincoln Dews knows a thing or two about tough races. The former world champ may have made his mark winning short course SUP races but he’s actually got a decade of experience in ultra territory.

Lincoln first raced Molokai-2-Oahu as a 16-year-old in 2010 and returned several times to that fabled, 52km channel crossing in Hawaii. He’s also competed in the (in)famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race three times – that’s one of the grandest events on the Australian sporting calendar weighing in at 628 nautical miles (1,170km or 722 standard miles). The Sunshine Coast local has completed several adventure paddles at home ranging from 70-200km, and he’s even aiming to row across the Indian Ocean next year…   → READ MORE

Floods, fields and those bloody fences: The ‘Big Clarence’ was a big river adventure

Have you ever paddled a flooded river? Have you ever navigated barbed-wire fences, dodged submerged trees and paddled around a farmer’s shed? Well after this weekend, competitors of the inaugural “Big Clarence” can tick all those items off their bucket list.

The Clarence River is a long, wide and rather beautiful waterway in Australia. The local indigenous name, Breimba, literally means “Big River” and it often lives up to that title — sometimes with deadly effect. The region was devastated by floods a few months ago where many people died and thousands lost their homes. This weekend’s race was supposed to pay respects to them. It wasn’t supposed to recreate similar conditions.   → READ MORE

Meet ‘Clarence,’ possibly the “biggest” new name in Aussie paddling

Australia has always been a curious paddling nation. The country that’s produced more talent than any other eternally struggles with events; the home of Travis, Terrene and Boothy hasn’t ever housed too many big races. With the exception of the 12 Towers (beloved but now gone) and King of the Cut (so far west it’s a five-hour flight), Aussie paddlers have generally looked to Europe, Asia and North America for opportunities.

But while the sport is squarely centered on the Northern Hemisphere, our Southern outpost has one thing going for it: The community.    → READ MORE

Countdown to Costa Blanca: 50 days til the ‘World SUP Festival’ Euro Tour gathering

The countdown to Costa Blanca is on. In less than two months, the paddling community will congregate on the beautiful coast of southeastern Spain for the ‘World Sup Festival’.

The World SUP Festival became one of the fan (and paddler) Euro Tour favourites in pre-covid times, and this year it’ll be one of the European summer’s marquee acts. Spread across three days and with a festival-like setup on the beach that lives up to its name, the World SUP Festival in Costa Blanca will be one of the biggest and most competitive races of the season.

It’ll also be live-streamed here on SUP Racer.   → READ MORE

Ukrainian paddlers are fighting for their freedom – here’s how you can support them

The first thing I noticed when I met Ukrainian paddler George Zamana is that he was always smiling. I thought he was just excited that we were about to paddle in Kyiv’s sub-zero temperatures (adventure!) but it turns out George is one of those happy-go-lucky guys that’s always sharing a positive face with the world. George is smiling in his latest photo, too, except he’s not standing next to his board with a paddle in hand–he’s sitting beside an anti-tank missile launcher.   → READ MORE

OG Anthony Vela announced as “Strategic Advisor” for ISA as surfing defends against canoeing’s Olympic advances

One of the living legends of stand up paddling, Anthony “AV” Vela, has been announced as SUP manager for the ISA as the surfing crew begin to wake from their covid slumber and start getting shit done again now that the canoe boys have made their presence felt.

AV brings his incredible knowledge of paddling to the ISA as its official ‘Strategic SUP Advisor’ in a role that will see him even more involved with the World Championships (where he was already race director) as well as the Association’s overall SUP strategy.    → READ MORE

The Great Danish Paddle: Casper Steinfath is paddling 1400km *around* Denmark

When Casper Steinfath recently told me about a “new adventure” he was planning, I was already excited before he’d even shared the details. The Danish Viking is one of those guys who embodies the spirit of paddling I admire most — a desire to push oneself in the name of curiosity.

In the old days, Casper would have been setting sail on ships for distant lands. In modern times, those who yearn to explore must contend themselves with unfamiliar ways to experience places already on the map. And that’s exactly what The Great Danish Paddle is all about.

Over the next 40-50 days, Casper will paddle all the way around his home country of Denmark in a voyage of some 1400 kilometres (870 miles for the metrically challenged). Paddling 6-8 hours a day and camping most nights, Casper will circumnavigate the entire country. That’s like doing the 11 City Tour seven times back-to-back or 28 lengths of the Chattajack course without a day off. It’s bloody long.   → READ MORE