Stop whatever you’re doing right now and go buy a ticket to the “11 Islands Tour” of Thailand before it sells out

It’s only the first week of January but I’m already excited about November.

The “SUP 11 Islands Tour” was the funnest event I did last year, and while it’s still 10 months away, if you want to join the adventure in 2020 you better be quick.

Tickets for the 2nd annual 11 Islands Tour go on sale TODAY — at 3pm Thai time, to be precise — and there’s a good chance the event will sell out immediately.   → READ MORE

Paddlecast #005: World Rankings insights and analysis

I sat down with Paul Jackson from ONE in the new SUP Racer studio to analyse the World Rankings. We critique each of the top 10 athletes and take a little look ahead at what might happen in season 2020.

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GlaGla countdown: Two weeks until the first big race of the decade

If “more adventure” is part of your New Year’s resolution, add the “11 Islands” to your bucket list

“Paddler of the Decade” — Annabel Anderson and Connor Baxter were the best athletes of the past 10 years

I love analysing this sport. The athletes, the results, the events, the stats. But as I was staring at spreadsheets ranking the best paddlers of 2019, I found myself getting nostalgic and pondering the question: Who was the paddler of the decade?

I was lucky enough to meet, watch, commentate and write about hundreds of very good paddlers from 2010 – 2019, but there are two that stood out. So I decided to create an award that I’ll probably never have to give out again.   → READ MORE