The Incredible Stats Behind Team Starboard’s Mammoth ‘Battle of the Brands’ Victory

Team Starboard's Sonni Honscheid, Olivia Piana and Fiona Wylde
Led by perennial world number one Connor Baxter, and with exceptional support from vice-captain Fiona Wylde and deputies Michael Booth and Olivia Piana, Team Starboard absolutely blizted our VMG Battle of the Brands leaderboard this season.

That Starboard won a fourth-straight Battle of the Brands title is no real surprise. Anyone that follows our sport with more than half an eye could tell you how dominant the blue boards are. But this wasn’t just a victory, it was a massacre.   → READ MORE

Singapore’s biggest race happened a couple of weeks ago (yes, Singapore).

singapore-ocean-cup-stand-up-paddlingSingapore might not have the same ring to it as Hood River or Maui, but the small nation state is actually home to a thriving paddling community. They’re not all standing up yet, but the future looks bright.

This was evident a few weeks ago when scores of outrigger and surfski paddlers joined a small but pioneering group of stand up paddlers for the Singapore Ocean Cup, a major even that foreshadows the potential for SUP racing to take off in Asia over the next half a decade.   → READ MORE

Showing positive leadership, Carolina Cup organisers have embraced the “up to 14” board class to give women equal opportunity.

Carolina CupAfter an exhaustive process of consultation with athletes, manufacturers, events and the media, Carolina Cup organisers have announced that women will compete on the same boards as men starting in 2018, switching from 12’6 to the increasingly-popular “anything up to 14 ft” board class for the iconic Elite Graveyard Race.

As announced today on Distressed Mullet (I encourage you to read the full article for more details), the change comes into effect starting at next year’s event on April 21st, and hopefully it’ll be the catalyst to end the board class debate that has distracted our sport for waaay too long.   → READ MORE