The World Rankings are LIVE!

Welcome back to the SUP Racer World Rankings.

After weeks of staring at gargantuan spreadsheets, I’m proud to say the SUP Racer World Rankings are finally published.

The original SUP world rankings (built in 2013) have ranked the top paddlers in the world every season for the past half a decade.

This year we have a new mission in addition to finding the true world number one: Connecting dozens of regional events to the international community and helping every single paddler in the world feel like they’re part of this sport.

Take a look at the men’s SUP world rankings, the women’s SUP world rankings and the ‘New Race Index‘ that ranks every event around the world and powers the entire system.

The SUP Racer World Rankings will relaunch in less than 24 hrs




Who was the best paddler in the world this year? Which events were the biggest of the season? And just how many of us are there in this great community? 🤔

You’ll have answers to all of the above in less than 24 hours.

After two weeks of staring at a spreadsheet so large it has its own postcode, the 2019 SUP Racer World Rankings are now complete. I still need to make the data presentable, but I should have it all ready for you by this time tomorrow.

It’s been a lot of work, and it’s been a lot fun.    → READ MORE

Chaos of Champions: The “sport” of stand up paddling now has 22 world titles and it’s getting ridiculous

“What did you get on Halloween?”

– “15 gummy bears, three chocolate bars and a couple of SUP world titles.”

“Ooh, I’ll trade you half a pack of M&Ms for your world titles!”

– “Nah, you can have ’em. I’m sick of world titles anyway.”

And just like to kids on Halloween, it appears the world titles of SUP have been handed out like candy this year.

By my count, there were 44 individual “world titles” awarded this season — 22 for men and 22 for women.

Even if ignore the confusing number of junior, master and surfing world titles (which would be generous), we’re still left with at least 18 top-level titles — six from each of the “Three Acronyms” (ISA, ICF, APP). Several athletes won multiple, which means we “only” have 12 different world champions.

12 world champions…

How the hell do we promote a sport that has 12 world champions in a single year? How do we market a sport that has no clear winner, no clear leadership and no clear direction. How do we explain the “sport” of stand up paddleboarding to the wider sporting world? How do we even explain it to ourselves?   → READ MORE

One of the most underrated paddlers in the world, Josh Riccio, joins team Flying Fish

One of the most underrated paddlers in the world, Josh Riccio, has joined Team Flying Fish for season 2020 and beyond.

The Florida native, who spent much of his early paddling career honing his skills in Hawaii, announced the move on Insta last week.

The Florida-based board brand “Flying Fish” has gained a cult following over the past few years — the crew behind it have a distinctly grassroots-driven philosophy that shines through in both their hand-shaped boards and their hand-picked team of ambassadors. In many ways, Flying Fish embodies the theme of going “back to our roots” that I feel has been building in the SUP community over the past 18 months.   → READ MORE