You’ll Love It, You’ll Hate It, and You’ll Come Back For More Next Year: Inside the Epic 11 City Tour

11 City Tour

It was around the 44km mark that I looked up and realised, to my horror, I was quite literally paddling backwards.

After more than six hours on the water, and wearing a t-shirt comically ill-suited for such extreme conditions, my body and mind were both screaming out for me to stop whatever I was doing and immediately seek shelter from this nightmarish headwind, piercing rain and bitter cold. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Just get the bloody hell off this lake and into some dry warm clothes, you idiot.

Unfortunately for my body, mind, and self in general, that lake was in the middle of nowhere in one of the Netherlands’ most remote provinces. And I was in the middle of a race.   → READ MORE

Highlights Reel: “Finals Day” at the Pacific Paddle Games

Kai Lenny’s New Surf Film “Paradigm Lost” Is Streaming FREE on Red Bull TV (…This Week Only)

Kai Lenny - Paradigm LostKai Lenny’s brand new blockbuster surf film Paradigm Lost, which charts the superstar’s success in an array of ocean sports, is streaming free on Red Bull TV all this week.

Paradigm Lost is much more than a surf movie. As the name suggests, this is a billboard for a new generation of ocean athletes that are breaking the mould of what “surfing” actually means. That point is highlighted in the film by Kai’s mind-blowing exploits across more than half a dozen sports – SUP surfing, SUP racing, windsurfing, kite surfing, foilboarding, big wave and shortboard surfing – alongside the similarly-impressive performances of his friends, family and contemporaries.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Mo Freitas Paddles Europe (Epic Drone Footage)

Just in case you need any more motivation to take a summer holiday in Europe, this epic edit from Mo Freitas should do the trick.

Mo spent six weeks in Euro land this summer alongside dad Tony and brother Marvin, with the Freitas family following the EuroTour race series while also enjoying what looks to be a pretty amazing holiday in Spain, France, Italy and many other drone-friendly places.

Watch above and enjoy, then go give Mo a follow on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his jealousy-inducing adventures (and you can also watch this clip in 4K over on YouTube).

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