Norfolk Broads: The ultra-marathon that’s haunted by the devil himself

There’s an old windmill a few hours north of London where they say the owner made a deal with the devil to help drain his lands of sea water in the 1700s. The owner apparently reneged on his side of the bargain (he was to hand over his soul, obviously) and so the devil attacked the mill at night and cursed it for all eternity.

You’ll find “Brograve Mill” in the Norfolk Broads, a picturesque slice of England that’s also home an ultra marathon I’m particularly curious about – one you might want to add to your own bucket list. The ‘Norfolk Broads Ultra’ is a two-day, 80km race through countryside so reminiscent of the Netherlands you could refer to this event as the ‘British 11 Cities.’    → READ MORE

Biggest race of the summer? Watch the ‘World SUP Festival’ LIVE on Saturday as the Spanish Euro Tour double-header concludes

The fun in the Spanish sun doesn’t stop after Mallorca, as the Euro Tour continues on to Costa Blanca in mainland Spain for the big World SUP Festival, an optimistically-titled event that may just live up to its name.

Judging by everything I’ve heard from the paddlers, the World SUP Festival will probably be the biggest race of the summer. It’s got the highest prize money on the Euro Tour this year and will probably have the most professional event setup to go along with it. Costa Blanca will definitely have the most legit live stream and will almost certainly be the most-competitive race of the summer.

Here’s when to watch live on Saturday…   → READ MORE

Titou tames wild ocean, Espe overpowers local hero to win Euro Tour on Mallorca

The sea was angry that day, my friends.

Week 2 of the Euro Tour and we found ourselves on the idyllic island of Mallorca for the classic Port Adriano SUP Race. The event that kicked off the 2014 Tour – the first official season of the Euro summer – returned in style with blue skies and good vibes.   → READ MORE

Mallorca’s Mar Balear: The little club full of big hearts

I didn’t know much about the Spanish island of Mallorca when I first arrived in 2013. I’d only booked my flight 24 hours earlier (typical), and all I’d heard was “Stay away from Magaluf,” the wild British party town whose reputation preceded it. But flying in over a rocky outcrop in the Mediterranean, sitting in my obligatory window seat, I stared down in awe at the beauty of a dramatic coastline. From the moment I saw Mallorca I knew it meant adventure, and I already sensed it wouldn’t be my last trip to the island.

I visited Mallorca nine years ago this month for the inaugural Port Adriano SUP Race. I’m returning this week in part to livestream the same race on Saturday, as part of the Euro Tour, though I mainly just want to catch up with my friends from the Mar Balear SUP Club, hosts of the Port Adriano race and home to one of the best junior training squads in the world.    → READ MORE