Riding Bumps With The Fanatic Boys On The Gold Coast

Stand Up Paddle downwinderCool little clip from the Fanatic boys, Paul Jackson and Jake Jensen, from a downwinder they scored at home on the Gold Coast this week. While the Gold Coast scene is known for producing BOP racing masters, the region actually gets some pretty awesome downwind conditions on a regular basis.

According to Jacko they were averaging 13.7km/h for the whole run, which becomes more impressive considering they were only paddling 12’6 boards…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] New Zealand SUP Champs

New Zealand SUP ChampsThe 2014 New Zealand SUP Champs have just wrapped up at Ōhope Beach on the North Island, with two full days of racing deciding who the national champs are, who gets the bragging rights for the next 12 months and who has the potential to represent NZ at the upcoming ISA World Champs in Nicaragua.

Saturday featured a unique distance race, where paddlers were ferried 15km straight out into the ocean, lined up for the start and then hammered it straight back to land. It would have been perfect if the expected onshore wind came up, but instead it turned into a flatwater affair. However it’s still a pretty cool concept that, apart from the tricky logistics involved, I’d love to see replicated at other events. Meanwhile Sunday saw a BOP-style SUP race.   → READ MORE

World Series Finals: Jake Jensen Wins The Weekend, Kai Lenny Wins The Sprints + Steals The Overall 2013 Title From Connor

Kai Lenny Stand Up World Series champ 2013
Well that was fun to watch…

Kai Lenny has just taken out the sprints in absolutely macking surf on the North Shore, somehow stealing the overall 2013 Stand Up World Series from Connor Baxter in the process. Australia’s young gun Jake Jensen was the overall winner this weekend though, with a third in the sprints plus his victory in yesterday’s distance race enough to give him both the “World Series Finals” event title and leapfrog him into third place overall for the 2013 season…   → READ MORE

Paul “Jacko” Jackson’s Take On The Age Old Debate: Drafting

Drafting in SUPBoss Man’s note: Paul Jackson is one of the fastest guys on the water and follows the SUP racing scene more closely than just about anyone else. He’s also got some pretty strong opinions. A lot of them. You may not always agree with what Jacko has to say, but at least he’s not afraid to say it. And that’s something I think we need more of in a sport that can be too politically correct for its own good sometimes.

Now after yet more controversy surrounding drafting recently, Jacko weighs into the debate with his take on the tactic. Click through to find out what he has to say…   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter, Annabel Anderson Win Chicago World Paddle Challenge (UPDATED RESULTS)

Chicago World Paddle ChallengeConnor Baxter has taken out the Chicago World Paddle Challenge, claiming both the sprints and distance events to keep his 2013 Stand Up World Series unbeaten streak alive. Kai Lenny was 2nd in both races, while Zane Schweitzer and Jake Jensen finished equal third overall and were forced into a tie-breaker sprint-off. Meanwhile in the women’s event it was all Annabel Anderson, with the Kiwi claiming the double victory ahead of Aussie Angie Jackson.

Click through for full results and pics…   → READ MORE

Kai Lenny, Annabel Anderson Win The SUP World Cup In Hamburg (FINAL RESULTS)

Camp David SUP World CupKai Lenny and Annabel Anderson have taken out the Camp David SUP World Cup in Hamburg, Germany, defeating a solid international field to claim stop #5 of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. It was a clean sweep for both Kai and Annabel, as the stars took out Saturday’s Sprints and Sunday’s Distance Race by clear margins. The battle for second was tight however, with Casper Steinfath, Beau O’Brian and Leonard Nika tied after the two races, while Angie Jackson just managed to take second place from young gun Manca Notar.

Full results are in so click through to see how it all went down in Germany…   → READ MORE

Paul Jackson’s Gale Force Aussie Downwinder

Check out the downwind antics of Fanatic International team rider and full-time SUP globetrotter Paul Jackson, who enjoyed some epic conditions at home in Australia a few days ago.

Jacko and his training mates scored a solid downwinder that started in Northern New South Wales and finished over the border in Queensland. The winds were firing and there was plenty of swell, making for some super long bumps and a fair bit of carnage too.   → READ MORE

SUP Race Cup: Travis Grant Claims Distance Race And Overall Title On Day 2, Edging Past Beach Race Winner Connor Baxter

2013 SUP Race CupTravis Grant and Connor Baxter have dominated the 2013 SUP Race Cup, which drew a stacked field of 100 paddlers to St. Maxime, France and marked the official start of the unofficial European SUP Racing Tour presented by NSP.

This event was a tale of two days; on Saturday the winds were apocalyptic and the Beach Race turned into a survival paddle, while Sunday was much calmer (and warmer), producing an epic Distance Race.

The field was absolutely stacked, as many of the world’s best paddlers in Europe for the next few weeks, but in the end it was the favourites Travis and Connor who filled the top two spots on both days. Click through for the full results and race recap…   → READ MORE

Surfing In The Desert…

SUP at Wadi AdventureSo we’re out here in the United Arab Emirates for the Abu Dhabi All-Stars Invitational, which is a specialty event combining the Stand Up World Series (racing) and Stand Up World Tour (surfing).

For the past couple of days we’ve been hanging out in Abu Dhabi with the stars of SUP, taking in the crazy sights of this crazy city as well as getting in a few practice paddle sessions in the very refreshing water (Abu Dhabi is HOT).

But today we trekked out about an hour into the desert to the smaller city of Al Ain, which is the home of “Wadi Adventure”. Wadi is a kickass water park that has what is probably the best wave pool in the world. It’s also smack bang in the middle of the desert and has one of the coolest backdrops of any wave in the world: There’s a big, dry, desert mountain rising up just metres behind the wave pool, giving this place an other-worldy kind of feel and providing an awesome contrast to the water below.   → READ MORE

Surprise: Travis Grant Wins Yet Another SUP Race

Australian Longboard Surfing Open SUP RaceNSP team rider Travis Grant has taken out the BoP Race at the 2013 Australian Longboard Surfing Open, which was held a couple of days ago in Kingscliff, New South Wales.

Despite a relatively small turnout there was still plenty of talent stacked up at the front of the field, not surprising given that Kingscliff is only a short drive from the mecca of SUP racing, the Gold Coast. Coming in behind Trav were Naish’s Jake Jensen and Fanatic’s Paul Jackson.   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Travis Grant Channels His Inner Tom Cruise In The Name Of Science

Travis Grant SUP VO2 max testSee that pic to the left? That’s World Champ and Battle of the Paddle winner Travis Grant. See that thing strapped to his chest? That’s a $20,000 piece of equipment that measures VO2 max.

While it might look like Trav is doing his best Top Gun impression, the whole thing is actually part of a study into SUP that’s happening on the Gold Coast. The project aims to quantify the health benefits of Stand Up Paddling and a whole bunch of the world’s best racers have been taking part in it.

Click through for more info plus video…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Noosa Festival Of Surfing BoP Race

Noosa Festival of Surfing SUP RaceCheck out the results and pics from today’s Noosa Festival of Surfing BoP Race in Australia, where Naish young gun Jake Jensen took out the win ahead of team mate Andy Davies and Fanatic’s Paul Jackson.

Jake is in very solid form at the moment, having also won the NZ National Champs a couple of weeks ago, which, despite the name, featured a strong international field (Tahitian strong man Georges Cronsteadt was 2nd in that race).   → READ MORE

ISA World Champs Long Distance Race: Drama, Excitement And Plenty Of Gold For Australia

ISA World Champs Distance Race - Casper and Jamie
What a race… On Day 2 of the ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship here in Miraflores, Peru, the Long Distance race delivered excitement, drama and a clean sweep of the Gold Medals for Team Australia.

This was one of the most exciting SUP races I’ve ever seen, period, and is easily the most entertaining Distance Race our sport has ever witnessed. So click through for the full race recap as well as results, photos and video of the action.   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] 2013 ISA World SUP And Paddleboard Championship In Peru (UPDATED)

ISA Peru World Champs - Distance SUP RaceRESULTS are just coming in from the dramatic Long Distance Race here at the 2013 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship in Peru…

Australia made it a clean sweep, with Jamie Mitchell, Angie Jackson, Brad Gaul and Jordan Mercer all taking Gold. Though one of the stories of the day was young Casper Steinfath (Denmark) who finished just a metre behind Mitchell and almost stole the glory.

CLICK THROUGH to see the early results then come back later for full results, photos and video from Miraflores. We’ll also have a full recap of the incredible action in a few hours. This was one epic race…   → READ MORE

Fun Times In Puerto Rico: Paddle Royal Race Video

In case you somehow haven’t heard, the $20,000 Paddle Royal was held on the weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with Danny Ching and Candice Appleby taking home the cash and bragging rights (check out the finalised Paddle Royal race results).

From all reports it was an awesome weekend: a very well organised event with great racing and in a kickass location. You can get a taste of what the paddlers were enjoying in this clip from Saturday’s Distance Race. This shows the massive line of paddlers heading around the first turning buoy, not long after the start of the 8.5 mile race. Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

Candice Appleby, Danny Ching Victorious At The Paddle Royal (UPDATED With Final Results)

UPDATE 3rd December: Full results are now in (from all divisions) so click through to check them out.

Danny Ching and Candice Appleby have just taken out the 2012 Paddle Royal. Saturday saw the 8 mile distance race, while Sunday was the sprint races. Results were combined to produce the overall event champions.

The Paddle Royal is a $20,000 SUP race in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which has attracted many of the world’s best paddlers. Other standout performances came from Eric Terrien, Ryan Helm, Paul Jackson and Chase Kosterlitz in the men’s division, while Angie Jackson and Gail Vento podium’d on the women’s side. Click through for the full results + pics   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Kai Lenny Takes The Jetty To Jetty Race (UPDATED)

Kai Lenny’s whirlwind tour of Australia has wrapped up, but the young Maui gun snuck in one more race before he left. On Sunday it was the Jetty To Jetty SUP Race in Adelaide, South Oz.

Kai took the win ahead of Fanatic’s Paul Jackson, who paddled well but could never recover after a botched start, while Steve Morrison rounded out the podium. Jacko’s wife (and fellow Fanatic team rider) Angie Jackson took out the women’s race, which saw a solid turn out of 22 competitors. All up there were close to 100 paddlers in the event, which is a good sign for SUP racing in South Australia. Click through for the full race results…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Fun With Ropes…

Here’s a fun, easy little training session you can try out with your mates whenever you’re not on the water. Pretty simple: Grab a few of your paddling mates, some ropes, monkey bars, balance balls, and a bunch of GoPros. Throw in a random rock playlist and you’re set. Fun times. Just don’t do anything stupid like try and keep the pace up for 45 minutes straight… Yes, it hurt. Click through to watch.    → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Battle Of The Bay (UPDATED)

The Battle of the Bay SUP race has just wrapped up for another year. Aussie Beau O’Brian was the big winner this weekend, taking out a double victory by winning both Saturday’s Course Race and Sunday’s Distance Race. Paul Jackson scooped two second places, while Jim Terrell put in a strong performance in Sunday’s Distance Race to claim third in the overall combined results.

Meanwhile in the women’s it was Krisztina Zur with the double, taking out the overall title ahead of Angie Jackson and Julianne Brackett. Click through for full results from the Battle of the Bay…   → READ MORE

Battle Of The Paddle Pic ‘O The Day: Chuck Patterson’s Buoy-Turn Carnage (…12 Days And Counting To Dana Point!)

There’s something about Chuck Patterson and the Battle of the Paddle that just seem to go together. Chuck’s made more highlight reels than just about anyone at the BoP. From winning the first ever event in 2008, to being in the middle of the mayhem at just about every buoy turn, the big guy always seems to be there.

I love this shot from the 2010 Battle of the Paddle. It shows the infamous inside buoy turn, where all the great carnage pics originate. That’s Chuck Patterson, sans t-shirt, spearing his board through the legs of Paul Jackson. Look at Chuck’s face; he’s totally got that crazy-excited-mad-man look in his eye…   → READ MORE