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Welcome to the SUP Racer World Rankings, the most accurate way to follow, analyse and cheer on this great sport of ours. The Top 100 Men and Top 50 Women in the world are ranked on their performances at the major races of the past 12 months. Only a paddler’s best five results count in their total ranking points.

Our ranking system uses a complex algorithm, which took two years to develop and has been tailor-made to the sport stand up paddle racing. Results from every SUP race in the world are analysed, with each event scoring a “Race Index” number based on the level of competition. Only events with a minimum level of competition (a score of 15% on the Race Index) will count in the World Rankings. The harder a race is to win, the more points you get for winning.

A quick note about changes to the world rankings and star rating system in 2016:  We are now aligning our Race Calendar ‘Star Ratings’ with the World Rankings ‘Race Index’ system. For example, a 4-star race is now guaranteed to count for at least 40% on the Race Index, which means there will be at least 40.00 world ranking points on offer for the winners. There are 23 events that have been awarded a star rating for season 2016.

Read Changes to the World Rankings and Race Calendar for more info.



  • Showing the Top 100 out of 691 total paddlers in the database
  • There are currently 30 races from the past 12 months counting towards the World Rankings (see: Race Index)
  • Maximum of best five results count
  • Last updated May 23
  • Races added this week:  2016 SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime (30.5%)
  • Races dropped this week:  2015 SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime (22%)
  • Next races: The Lost Mills (minimum 40%) on May 28; Iberdrola Bilbao Paddle Challenge (minimum 30%) on June 4


1-Connor Baxter236.25-17HawaiiStarboard
2-Travis Grant197.50-8AustraliaNSP
3-Titouan Puyo186.93-10FranceNSP
4-Casper Steinfath174.46-9DenmarkNaish
5-Danny Ching158.43-6USA404
6-Kai Lenny157.18-9HawaiiNaish
7-Mo Freitas151.65-11HawaiiFocus
8-Kelly Margetts135.35-9AustraliaLahui Kai
9-Trevor Tunnington112.23+7.635New ZealandStarboard
10-Arthur Arutkin94.68-9FranceFanatic
11-Jake Jensen94.63-14AustraliaFanatic
12-Matt Nottage91.13-9AustraliaStarboard
13-Georges Cronsteadt79.99-6TahitiSIC
14-James Casey77.55-10AustraliaJP Australia
15-Vinnicius Martins74.65-13BrazilJP Australia
16-Leonard Nika70.83-1.8510ItalyStarboard
17-Kody Kerbox68.30-9HawaiiNaish
18-Beau O'Brian68.10-10AustraliaStarboard
19-Zane Schweitzer61.38-8HawaiiStarboard
20+18Michael Booth52.40+22.884AustraliaStarboard
21-1Kenny Kaneko52.35-8JapanSIC
22-1Paolo Marconi50.99+0.178ItalyRRD
23-1Martin Letourneur49.36+0.5410FranceHobie
24-1Bicho Jimenez45.72-1.337MexicoRogue
25-1Bullet Obra44.97-5HawaiiHobie
26-1Chuck Glynn43.65-4USALairdSUP
27-1Giorgio Gomez43.58-6USAInfinity
28-1Slater Trout43.00-5USAInfinity
29+12Daniel Hasulyo41.97+15.255HungaryStarboard
30-2Niuhiti Buillard41.55-7Tahiti404
31-2Paul Jackson41.32-11New ZealandOne
32-2Chase Kosterlitz40.71-6USAJP Australia
33-2Fernando Stalla39.38-9MexicoRogue
34-2Lincoln Dews36.92-4AustraliaJM Paddleboards
35-1Eric Terrien35.97+2.498FranceBIC
36+11Bruno Hasulyo35.71+12.965HungaryStarboard
37-4Josh Riccio35.12-9HawaiiRogue
38-3Dylan Frick33.38-5South AfricaStarboard
39+13Steeve Teihotaata32.20+10.683TahitiMistral
40-4Bernd Roediger32.14-6USANaish
41-4Roman Frejo32.02-4SpainStarboard
42-3Travis Baptiste26.78-3Hawaii404
43-3Noa Hopper26.76-6USA404
44-2Rete Ebb25.14-3TahitiStarboard
45-2Toby Cracknell25.05-3AustraliaNaish
46-2Jeremy Riggs24.74-3HawaiiSIC
47-2Enzo Bennett24.40-2TahitiNaish
48-2Davide Ionico23.05-0.544ItalyFanatic
49-1Paul Simmons22.59-3UKStarboard
50-1Garrett Fletcher22.55-6USAYOLO
51-1Belar Diaz21.97-12SpainECS
52+1Jérémy Teulade21.81+0.366FranceStarboard
53-2Tomoyasu Murabayashi21.58-8JapanStarboard
54-Riggs Napoleon20.69-5HawaiiNaish
55-Aaron Rowe20.38-6Jerseyfree agent
56+1Ethan Koopmans18.27-5South AfricaNaish
57+1Ryan James18.26-4UKMistral
58-2Davide Codotto18.14-1.354Italy3 BAY
59-Tucker Ingalls17.76-6USANaish
60-Claudio Nika17.31-3Italyfree agent
61+12Ludovic Teulade16.69+3.107FranceStarboard
62-Dane Jackson16.50-1USAPau Hana
63+8Martin Vitry16.24+2.323FranceBIC
64-Connor Bonham16.04-4USABIC
65-Noa Ginella15.98-5HawaiiNaish
66-Larry Cain15.60-2CanadaStarboard
67-Hapowa Mai14.82-3TahitiStarboard
68+1Kieran Grant14.50-2USAHovie
69-1Joseph Gueguen14.10-0.422FranceNah Skwell
70-Dave Kalama14.00-1HawaiiImagine
71+1Jeramie Vaine13.88-6USABOGA
72+2Peter Bartl13.47-5AustriaJP Australia
73+2Pete Holliday13.23-4UKfree agent
74-11Giordano Caparella13.11-3.254ItalyBIC
75+1Ryan Murphy13.10-3HawaiiRiviera
76+1Jayden Jensen13.08-3AustraliaECS
77+1Ben Tardrew12.90-2AustraliaNSP
78+1Chance Fielder12.76-4USAInfinity
79+1Peter Weidert12.71-3GermanyJP Australia
80+1Kai Nicolas-Steimer12.38-2GermanyFanatic
81+1Tino Aja Martin12.25-2SpainSIC
82+29Martino Rogai11.87+4.884ItalyJimmy Lewis
83-Manatea Bopp du Pont11.60-2Tahitifree agent
84+7Greg Closier11.48+1.984Francefree agent
85-24Gaetan Sene11.15-5.502FranceStarboard
86-2Pepe Oltra11.06-2SpainSIC
87-2Sean Poynter11.00-1USAStarboard
88-1Marcus Hansen10.50-1New ZealandNSP
89-1Bart de Zwart10.46-5NetherlandsStarboard
90-1Livio Menelau10.40-2BrazilSIC
91-1Eric Giddens9.71-2USAULI
92+1Ollie Shilston9.26-3UKStarboard
93-7Branislav Sramek9.24-1.375Czech RepublicJP Australia
94-Joel van Backel9.00-1Belgiumfree agent
95-3Hakim Dridah8.64-0.715SwitzerlandRRD
96-1Andy Davies8.52-2AustraliaNaish
97-1Tamarua Cowan8.50-1TahitiStarboard
98-Anthony Vela8.38-4USAInfinity
99-William Lee8.33-2Australiafree agent
100-Christopher Parker8.24-6AustraliaSUP Racer


  • Showing the Top 50 out of 262 total paddlers in the database
  • There are currently 26 races from the past 12 months counting towards the World Rankings (see: Race Index)
  • Maximum of best five results count
  • Last updated May 23
  • Races added this week:  2016 SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime (31%)
  • Races dropped this week:  2015 SUP Race Cup in St. Maxime (16.5%)
  • Next races: The Lost Mills (minimum 40%) on May 28; Iberdrola Bilbao Paddle Challenge (minimum 30%) on June 4


1-Annabel Anderson219.75-10New ZealandLahui Kai
2-Candice Appleby187.50-9USAInfinity
3+1Sonni Hönscheid165.00+13.9010GermanySIC
4-1Fiona Wylde160.80-13USAStarboard
5-Angela Jackson147.18-11AustraliaOne
6-Terrene Black124.58-7AustraliaECS
7-Shae Foudy110.98-7USARiviera
8-Lina Augaitis75.42-12.384CanadaSIC
9-April Zilg73.11+3.627USAHobie
10-Lexi Alston62.53+0.018USAHobie
11-Kimberly Barnes56.78-6USARiviera
12-Shelby Taylor56.65-7USARiviera
13-Celine Guesdon51.35-4.236FranceBIC
14-Manca Notar50.85-4SloveniaStarboard
15-Marie Buchanan47.13-5UKStarboard
16-Rebecca Giddens45.00-2USAULI
17-Mariko Strickland44.20-4HawaiiNaish
18+13Seychelle Hattingh44.00+15.503USAMistral
19+2Susak Molinero42.83+4.976SpainRRD
20-2Erika Benitez42.03-5USA/MexicoBrawner
21-2Penelope Strickland40.23-3New ZealandZenith
22+11Olivia Piana38.60+11.592FranceStarboard
23-3Kate Baker38.00-2AustraliaNSP
24-2Morgan Hoesterey36.81-4USASIC
25-2Shannon Bell36.30-2CanadaStarboard
26-2Carol Scheunemann32.95-3GermanyJP Australia
27-2Ane Zulaika32.64-3SpainStarboard
28-2Tarryn King30.99-4South AfricaCoreban
29-2Devin Blish30.35-2HawaiiSIC
30-2Kathy Shipman30.00-1Hawaiifree agent
31-2Izzi Gomez29.46-2USAStarboard
32-2Alyson Fromm29.36-3USAInfinity
33-1Jade Howson27.17-5USARiviera
34-Shakira Westdorp26.45-2AustraliaStarboard
35-Jenn J Lee26.00-4HawaiiBlue Planet
36-Sophia Bartlow24.08-2USARiviera
37-Talia Decoite22.19-2HawaiiRiviera
38-Susanne Lier19.08-2GermanyNSP
39-Hannah Hill18.95-3USANaish
40-Joanne Hamilton-Vale18.75-3UKfree agent
41-Victoria Burgess17.56-2USAfree agent
42-Lara Claydon17.46-3HawaiiStarboard
43-Sage Donnelly17.43-1USABadfish
44-Jenny Kalmbach17.25-1Costa Ricafree agent
45-Kelsa Gabehart17.04-3USAfree agent
46-Takayo Yokoyama17.00-1Japanfree agent
47-Amy Woodward17.00-1HawaiiNSP
49-1Sondra Purser15.00-1AustraliaECS
50-1Poema Lirand15.00-1Tahitifree agent
48+2Laura Quetglas15.00-2SpainSIC


Read “Changes to the World Rankings and Race Calendar” for more info on the new features in season 2016

The SUP Racer World Rankings system uses a complex algorithm to provide a fair and accurate ranking of the world’s best paddlers:

  • Every race in the world receives a unique ‘Race Index’ score from 0-100%. This score is based on how many of the current top paddlers (top 50 for men / top 30 for women) are competing. The more competitive a race, the closer to 100% its Race Index will be.
  • Paddlers with a higher ranking inside the Top 50/30 add more weighting to the Race Index score than the lower ranked paddlers.
  • Each race offers a unique amount of points. The higher the level-of-competition at a race (and therefore the harder it is to win) the more points that are on offer.
  • An event’s Race Index score is combined with the Base Points Table to produce the total points on offer at each race. The race winner receives the same amount of points as the Race Index score, while the other finishers receive a diminishing percentage. See the Base Points Table for a full explanation.
  • A race must have a Race Index score of at least 15.0% to be included in the SUP Racer World Rankings.
  • After an event is more than 12 months old it will be dropped from the system.
  • I don’t believe a blanket points system can work in a sport as fragmented as SUP racing, so I engineered this Race Index system to be the most fair and accurate world ranking possible, one that rewards those paddlers who perform better in the bigger races.

Currently there are 30 men’s and 26 women’s races from the past 12 months counting towards the SUP Racer World Rankings:

Event Name
81.0%Pacific Paddle GamesConnor Baxter09/10/201514'overall results
60.0%Carolina CupTitouan Puyo04/23/201614'Elite Graveyard
56.0%Gorge Paddle Challenge - DownwindKelly Margetts08/23/201514'Elite division
52.0%Gorge Paddle Challenge - CourseDanny Ching08/22/201514'Elite division
48.0%Huntington Beach ProKai Lenny10/04/201512'6overall results
43.5%The Lost Mills - DistanceConnor Baxter06/06/201514'Distance Race
43.0%Victoria CupCasper Steinfath05/15/201612'6overall results
39.5%Barcelona World SeriesConnor Baxter06/27/201512'6overall results
33.5%The Lost Mills - Time TrialTrevor Tunnington06/04/201514'Fastest Paddler On Earth
40.0%OluKai Ho'olaule'aConnor Baxter04/30/2016Unlimitedline honours
31.0%Molokai 2 OahuTravis Grant07/26/2015Unlimitedline honours
30.5%SUP Race Cup (St. Maxime)Connor Baxter05/22/201614'combined results
30.5%World Series FinalsKai Lenny10/17/201512'6overall results
30.0%Saucy Jack ClassicJames Casey03/20/201614'overall results
29.5%Bilbao Paddle ChallengeTitouan Puyo06/13/201514'overall results
22.0%Payette River GamesMo Freitas06/19/201511'overall results
21.5%Maui 2 MolokaiConnor Baxter07/18/2015Unlimitedincluding 14'
21.0%King of the CutMatt Nottage12/06/201514'All 14' divisions
21.0%Race The Lake of the Sky (14 miler)Danny Ching06/28/201514'All boards 14 and below
20.0%Air France Paddle FestivalSteeve Teihotaata05/14/201614'Elite race (24km)
20.0%Key West ClassicVinnicius Martins04/30/201614'All boards 14 and below
19.0%Paris CrossingTitouan Puyo12/06/201512'6Pro division
18.0%The DoctorMatt Nottage11/28/201514'14' divisions
16.0%Poi Bowl (Maliko race)Connor Baxter07/12/2015Unlimitedincluding 14'
15.0%Race The Lake of the Sky (5 miler)Danny Ching06/27/201514'All boards 14 and below
15.0%Italia Surf Expo RaceZane Schweitzer07/26/201512'6overall results
15.0%Adriatic Crown*Paolo Marconi06/20/201514'overall results
15.0%St'Ives Bay Celtic Cup*Connor Baxter05/30/201514'distance race only
15.0%Deep SUP Race Noja*Roman Frejo06/19/201514'overall results
15.0%Happy Summer SUP Race Namur*Titouan Puyo06/27/201514'single race


Event Name
63.0%Pacific Paddle GamesCandice Appleby09/10/201512'6overall results
60.0%Carolina CupAnnabel Anderson04/23/201612'6Elite Graveyard
43.0%Gorge Paddle Challenge - DistanceAnnabel Anderson08/23/201512'6Elite division
42.5%Gorge Paddle Challenge - CourseAnnabel Anderson08/22/201512'6Elite division
41.0%Payette River GamesRebecca Giddens06/19/201511'overall results
40.0%OluKaiSonni Hönscheid04/30/2016Unlimitedline honours
40.0%Victoria CupAngie Jackson05/15/201612'6overall results
34.5%Molokai 2 OahuSonni Hönscheid07/27/2015allline honours
31.0%SUP Race CupSonni Honscheid05/22/201614'overall results
31.0%The Lost Mills - Time TrialLina Augaitis06/04/201514'Fastest Paddler On Earth
30.0%Saucy Jack ClassicAngela Jackson03/20/201614'overall results
28.5%World Series FinalsCandice Appleby10/17/201512'6overall results
27.0%Huntington Beach ProCandice Appleby10/04/201512'6overall results
27.0%Santa Monica Pier Paddle - DistanceAnnabel Anderson06/06/201512'6distance race only
24.0%Santa Monica Pier Paddle - CrossShae Foudy06/06/201512'6SUP cross only
23.5%The Lost Mills - DistanceSonni Hönscheid06/06/201514'Distance Race
21.5%Bilbao World SUP ChallengeLina Augaitis06/13/201514'overall results
20.0%Race The Lake of the Sky (5 miler)Annabel Anderson06/27/201512'6all divisions 12'6 and under
20.0%Barcelona World SeriesCandice Appleby06/27/201512'6overall results
20.0%Key West ClassicApril Zilg04/30/201612'612 miler
20.0%Air France Paddle FestivalSonni Honscheid05/14/201614'distance race
18.5%Race The Lake of the Sky (14 miler)Annabel Anderson06/28/201512'6all divisions 12'6 and under
15.0%Adriatic Crown*Angela Jackson06/20/201514'overall results
15.0%St'Ives Bay Celtic Cup*Fiona Wylde05/30/201514'Distance race
15.0%Noja SUP Race*Ane Zulaika06/19/201514'overall results
15.0%Happy Summer SUP Race Namur*Carol Scheunemann06/27/201514'overall results

* In season 2015 we experimented with “protected events” that received a guaranteed inclusion in the rankings system (i.e. a guaranteed minimum of 15.0%)

Here are the star-rated events that have given guaranteed Race Index scores in season 2016. More big events may be added if/when they are confirmed later in the season. Read  Changes to the World Rankings and Race Calendar  for more info.

2016 international stand up paddle race season

* ISA: The ISA World Championship 5-star rating is dependent on “two women per race per team” being introduced in 2016
* Lost Mills: Only the long distance race counts for points this year (the “Fastest Paddler” time trial is simply an exhibition/specialty event)

Read  Changes to the World Rankings and Race Calendar  for more info on the latest changes


The ‘Race Index’ score detailed above is only half the equation though:

  • The Race Index percentage is multiplied with a base Points Table to produce the unique ranking points each of the Top 50 paddlers receive at every major race.
  • This Points Table is designed to give a fair distribution of points for the entire Top 50 finishers while still rewarding those who finish near the front.
  • Just like the rest of this system, the Points Table was created from scratch specifically for the SUP Racer World Rankings – I closely studied the ranking systems used in a dozen different professional sports and designed my own that fits the unique world of SUP racing. What I’ve come up with is a mix of professional tennis, surfing, golf, cross country and half a dozen other major world ranking systems.
  • If you want to see exactly how the Base Points Table converts to real world ranking points, scroll right down and you’ll see the final points distribution from the 2015 Carolina Cup.

Finishing Position
Base Points

Example of How Points Are Calculated At Each Event
Below is a real example of how the Ranking Points are calculated for an event.
The final points are a combination of ‘Base Points’ and the event’s ‘Race Index’ score.
These are results from the 2015 Carolina Cup (Men’s Elite Graveyard Race).
The 2015 Carolina Cup was one of the most competitive races of all time. The event scored a Race Index of 63.5% after attracting a lot of the world’s Top 50 men.

Base Points
Race Index
World Ranking Points
1Travis Grant2:04:42100.063.50%63.50
2Danny Ching2:05:3775.063.50%47.63
3Georges Cronsteadt2:06:3160.063.50%38.10
4Titouan Puyo2:06:5350.063.50%31.75
5Connor Baxter2:07:1042.563.50%26.99
6Jake Jensen2:07:4335.063.50%22.23
7Bicho Jimenez2:08:0430.063.50%19.05
8Michael Booth2:08:5625.063.50%15.88
9Niuhiti Buillard2:09:0022.563.50%14.29
10Eric Terrien2:09:1220.063.50%12.70
11Beau O'Brian2:09:3618.063.50%11.43
12Ryan Helm2:10:2116.063.50%10.16
13Chase Kosterlitz2:10:2315.063.50%9.53
14Vinnicius Martins2:10:2414.063.50%8.89
15Chuck Glynn2:10:2613.063.50%8.26
16Zane Schweitzer2:10:3412.063.50%7.62
17Paul Jackson2:10:4111.063.50%6.99
18Kelly Margetts2:11:0310.063.50%6.35
19Noa Hopper2:11:239.063.50%5.72
20Toby Cracknell2:12:598.063.50%5.08
21Josh Riccio2:13:037.563.50%4.76
22Branislav Sramek2:13:317.063.50%4.45
23Casper Steinfath2:13:516.563.50%4.13
24Kenny Kaneko2:14:206.063.50%3.81
25Giorgio Gomez2:14:305.563.50%3.49
26Kieran Grant2:14:525.263.50%3.30
27Jeramie Vaine2:15:114.963.50%3.11
28Larry Cain2:15:294.663.50%2.92
29Tommy Buday2:16:384.363.50%2.73
30Belar Diaz2:19:234.063.50%2.54
31Billy Jr2:19:273.863.50%2.41
32Chance Fielder2:19:363.663.50%2.29
33Michael Tavares2:19:543.463.50%2.16
34Cyril Burguiere2:20:043.263.50%2.03
35Billy Miller2:20:233.063.50%1.91
36Daniel Russell2:20:382.863.50%1.78
37Garrett Fletcher2:20:522.663.50%1.65
38Brad Ward2:21:102.463.50%1.52
39Bill Kraft2:21:222.263.50%1.40
40Corey Taylor2:21:412.063.50%1.27
41Brian Meyer2:23:151.963.50%1.21
42Jim Terrell2:23:251.863.50%1.14
43Quintin Chiapperino2:25:131.763.50%1.08
44Jesse Kautz2:25:151.663.50%1.02
45Christian Goerloff2:25:301.563.50%0.95
46Tucker Ingalls2:26:071.463.50%0.89
47Jeremy Whitted2:26:311.363.50%0.83
48Christopher Norman2:26:391.263.50%0.76
49Jason Chew2:26:451.163.50%0.70
50Spencer Lacy2:27:221.063.50%0.64