Battle of the Brands stand up paddling

Welcome to Battle of the Brands: A new way to analyse the best-performing race teams in the sport.

We thought it might be interesting to extend the SUP Racer World Rankings and look beyond just the individual athletes. So, inspired by the Formula One Constructor’s Championship, we created Battle of the Brands to rank the world’s best race teams.

How does it work? It’s basically a virtual team relay race. Based on the World Rankings, we find the four best-performing athletes from each team and then combine their points (based on their best five results at the big races over the past 12 months). The leaderboard is updated after every major race or whenever an athlete changes teams. Keep in mind this isn’t necessarily about who makes the best boards, it’s about who has the best race team.

Only paddlers ranked in the Top 100/Top 50 are eligible, and there must be at least one guy and at least one girl on each team. So if a brand sponsors 10 world ranked guys but 0 world ranked girls, their team will only contain the 3 highest ranked guys while the 4th spot will remain empty. We did this to try and encourage/promote the women’s side of the sport.

Last updated February 13th with team changes from SIC and F-One



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