VMG Battle of the Brands
Welcome to the new version of Battle of the Brands presented by our good friends at VMG Blades. After our pre-season reset, we’ll now be ranking the best-performing board manufacturers based only on results from Season 2017.

Updated August 4th after round 18 of 31 (Molokai-2-Oahu)
Next round: Gorge Paddle Challenge on August 20th
(view the full Season 2017 schedule)
See “Notes” for more info on the new leaderboard


1-Starboard750.38+7.5020Baxter (6), Booth (6), Piana (5), Honscheid (3)
2-NSP497.41+67.6020Puyo (8), Grant (5), Lier (4), Hansen (3)
3-Infinity309.29-20Appleby (5), Trout (6), Gomez (6), Cracknell (3)
4-Sunova301.64+66.2514Casey (6), Anderson (3), Margetts (2), Tardrew (3)
5-Naish182.78-12Steinfath (3), Reickert (4), Hill (3), Roediger (2)
6-Focus178.70-10Freitas (10)
7+2SIC175.77+15.0011Hattingh (5), Kerbox (4), Moller (2)
8-1RRD167.77-14Molinero (7), Marconi (7)
9-1Mistral166.85-11Teihotaata (3), van Malsen (4), Ribeiro (2), Ebb (2)
10-Fanatic152.01-16Arutkin (6), Esposito (5), Ionico (5)
11+5ECS129.50-4Black (4)
12+3JP117.79+21.2513Martins (6), Kaneko (3), Bredow (4)
13-2Hobie117.05-7Zilg (2), Alston (2), Obra (2), Letourneur (1)
14-2425112.90-8Cronsteadt (5), Bennett (2), Buillard (1)
15-2F-ONE112.90+7.0816Riccio (6), Palenzuela (4), Diaz (6)
16-240496.85-10Ching (3), Hopper (4), Brito (2), Yasu (1)
17-OXBOW80.39-14Vitry (6), L. Teulade (4), J. Teulade (4)
18-Riviera75.68-7Howson (3), Nordio (2), Yokoyama (1), Foudy (1)
19-ONE71.18-8A. Jackson (2), Baker (1), Jensen (3), P. Jackson (2)
20-JM68.75-3Dews (3)
21+1Blue Planet61.85+4.808Judson (3), Lee (3), Jaggers (2)
22-1Szymanski60.00-1Anderson (1)
23-DEEP55.00+17.502Dews (2)
24-Brawner22.05-2Benitez (2)
25-YOLO12.10-2Fletcher (2)
26-Lokahi11.25-3Rowe (3)
27-BIC9.16-2Capparella (2)
28-Prestol7.00-1Iljins (1)
29-Kundaka4.40-1Oltra (1)
30-Sawarna3.80-1Yoshida (1)


Team VMG: 658.13 points (+15.00)
Michael Booth (6), Olivia Piana (6), Terrene Black (4), James Casey (4)


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A quick guide to how this new ‘Season 2017’ leaderboard works:

– Only results from 2017 are counted (the leaderboard was reset at the start of Season 2017, and will be reset every January from now on)
– Only paddlers ranked inside the top 100/top 50 are eligible
– Maximum four riders per team; minimum one male and female athlete (or in other words: maximum three male athletes per team)
– Points: Combined results from top ranked team riders based ONLY on results from Season 2017 so far
– Results: Maximum of 20 results per team (maximum top 4x team riders; no limit on number of individual results)
– After a team reaches 20 results it can still improve its total score each round by replacing its lowest results with better scores
– Team: The top ranked team riders based on results from Season 2017 so far (brackets denotes number of individual results so far this year)

And a special note on awarding points to free agents or athletes that change teams mid-season:

– Free agents can award points to whichever boar brand they paddle for in a specific race, which may mean an athlete is on two or more teams in one season (eg. Annabel Anderson).
– Athletes that change teams mid-season will leave their previous points with their first team and start accumulating new points with their new team, which again may mean athletes are listed on multiple teams in one season (eg. Lincoln Dews who just switched JM to DEEP in June).
– Athletes that paddle a different brand’s board in specific races will still accrue points for their main team. This is a grey area, but we believe there’s much more to being on a team than simply which board you paddle (eg. teams often pay for airfares and accommodation, so they helped their athlete in that race even if they end up paddling a different board for one reason or another). This is particularly relevant for athletes that compete in the Hawaiian ocean races on custom boards.