VMG Battle of the Brands
Welcome to the new version of Battle of the Brands presented by our good friends at VMG Blades. After our pre-season reset, we’ll now be ranking the best-performing board manufacturers based only on results from Season 2017.

Updated after race 4 of 33
Next race: Carolina Cup (see the full Season 2017 schedule)
1Starboard47176.65Wylde (2), Honscheid (2), Booth (2), Baxter (1)
2Naish4477.40Steinfath (1), Reickert (1), Gilbert (1), Hill (1)
3Infinity4674.24Trout (2), Appleby (1), Cracknell (1), Gomez (2)
4NSP3365.45Grant (1), Puyo (1), Y. Cronsteadt (1)
5Focus1264.00Freitas (2)
6JM Paddleboards1245.00Dews (2)
7ECS2240.00Black (1)
8ONE3426.75Baker (1), Jensen (2), P.. Jackson (1)
9Fanatic2226.40Arutkin (1), Cyprien (1)
10Mistral2222.00Teihotaata (1), Ebb (1)
11F-One1221.72Riccio (2)
12Sunova2219.23Margetts (1), Casey (1)
13Blue Planet1117.50Judson (1), Lee (1)
14Riviera1115.00Howson (1)
15425 Pro1115.00Cronsteadt (1)
164042211.30Hopper (1), Buillard (1)
17JP Australia118.10Kaneko (1)
18SIC117.02Kerbox (1)
19BIC000.00no results
20BONZ000.00no results
21Brawner000.00no results
22Coreban000.00no results
23Hobie000.00no results
24Hovie000.00no results
25Imagine000.00no results
26Kundaka000.00no results
27Laird000.00no results
28New Advance000.00no results
29Rogue000.00no results
30RRD000.00no results
31Sawarna000.00no results
32Surftech000.00no results
33YOLO000.00no results


– Only results from 2017 are counted
– Only paddlers ranked inside the top 100/top 50 are eligible
– Points: Combined results from top ranked team riders based ONLY on results from Season 2017 so far
– Riders: Maximum of four riders per team; minimum one male and female athlete (or in other words: maximum three male athletes per team)
– Results: Maximum of 20 results per team (maximum best 5 results per individual team rider)
– Team: The top ranked team riders based on results from Season 2017 so far (brackets denotes number of individual results so far this year)
– “No results” means a team has at least one athlete ranked inside the top 100/top 50 but they haven’t yet scored results in Season 2017


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