“Red Bull Heavy Water” is an invitation-only paddleboard race held in San Francisco since 2016.

The event features several top ranked athletes competing for a record $20,000 first place prize (overall purse: $50k). Red Bull Heavy Water has a weeks-long period, with organisers waiting until the surf is forecast to be 10ft before calling the race on.

Connor Baxter won the inaugural race in 2016, while Casper Steinfath survived crazy conditions in 2017 to salute.

Here’s the latest news about the Red Bull Heavy Water event…

What did ‘Red Bull Heavy Water’ look like from the beach? This clip give us a different angle (and fresh insights).

Here’s a great clip showing that crazy event up in San Francisco from a slightly different angle.

While the Red Bull Heavy Water highlights video has already racked up 50,000 views, that first edit was mainly just “paddle porn” that didn’t really tell much of a story about the race itself. This video from Clay Island certainly does.   → READ MORE

“It Was F#$%ing Nuts!!” Casper Steinfath Goes Full Viking Mode to Win the Crazy ‘Red Bull Heavy Water’ Race in San Francisco

Red Bull Heavy Water

“It was f#$%ing nuts! I’ve never felt so alive and focused in my life…”

That’s how Casper Steinfath described today’s epic Red Bull Heavy Water race to me shortly after he triumphantly crossed the line in San Francisco Bay, with the Danish Viking surviving massive surf at Ocean Beach to claim victory in what is surely the craziest SUP race ever witnessed.

Casper picked up a record $20,000 prize money after beating home a small but all-star field of paddlers, many of whom didn’t even finish after the event lived up to its name and delivered arguably the biggest waves ever seen in a SUP race.    → READ MORE

Red Bull’s $50,000 ‘Heavy Water’ surf race extravaganza has been “green lit” to run this Friday.

Red-Bull-Heavy-water-SUPWhile the off-season unofficially began two weeks ago at the Pacific Paddle Games closing ceremony, let’s face it: the SUP racing season never really ends. There are still a handful of significant events left on the season schedule between now and xmas, and that includes the second-richest race of the year: Red Bull Heavy Water in San Francisco.

In a format befitting a company company that single-handedly created the energy drink industry before going on to redefine extreme sports coverage, Red Bull Heavy Water will see paddlers race through the waves at San Fran’s iconic Ocean Beach only when the surf hits 10ft.   → READ MORE

Connor Baxter Won the Red Bull Heavy Water Event in San Fran (and Pocketed $20,000)

red-bull-heavy-water-sup-raceConnor Baxter took out the much-hyped Red Bull Heavy Water event in San Francisco last week, surviving the solid waves at Ocean Beach to edge out arch-rival Kai Lenny and pick up a record $20,000 prize.

Zane Schweitzer crossed in third to make it a clean sweep for the Maui Boys, with Casper Steinfath having to settle for fourth place.   → READ MORE

Stand Up World Series: The Waterman League Is on the Brink of ‘Going Big’ or ‘Going Bust’

Stand Up World Series by the Waterman League
These are interesting times for the Waterman League. The fledgling company that’s been trying to establish a professional, global racing tour for the past half a decade is now on the brink. On the brink of finally going big, but also on the brink of going totally bust.

For the fourth year in a row, and despite months of promises to the contrary, the Waterman League has begun a new season without having paid for the last one. Athletes are owed tens of thousands of dollars from season 2015, while there are serious doubts about several of the proposed events on the 2016 Stand Up World Series schedule.

But despite all the problems, the Waterman League is confidently talking up a big future. And in some ways they have a good reason to be. Here’s what we know so far…   → READ MORE