[RESULTS] Lake Tahoe Thunderbird Run


Check out the full results from the Thunderbird Run stand up paddle race that was held @ Lake Tahoe on the 16th June.

Young gun Kody Kerbox (Team Naish) took out the overall victory, making up for his narrow loss at the same venue last month. Meanwhile Jen Fuller made it two from two on Lake Tahoe this year after winning the women’s division.

There was a little bit of drama on the lake after Julianne Brackett was the first female over the lane, before getting an automaic DQ for drafting one of the men. More details here (scroll down and check out the comments on that page ;-)

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Drafting dramas aside, it looked like an awesome day for paddling on Lake Tahoe, with plenty blue sky and snow capped peaks greeting the massive field of 91 paddlers.

Tahoe is becoming a pretty impressive SUP racing destination – there’s plenty of local talent and a whole bunch of races in the region this year (…go check out our list of Stand Up Paddle races for the full guide).

But back to the Thunderbird Run… scroll down for full race results (and big thanks to Steller Grips’ Peter Spain for awesome pics).


2012 Thunderbird Run SUP Race RESULTS 

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M/F #
Class #
Div #
1M1Kody Kerbox1:16:2014'118Open1
2M2Mitch Kahn1:17:4714'25150+1
3M3Rob Pelkey1:17:5114'344Open2
4M4Ronnie Ayers1:18:0714'444Open3
5M5Adam Freeman1:20:3814'532Open4
6M6Dean Christener1:21:3414'622Open5
7M7Patrick Ohea1:21:4214'736Open6
8M8Rand Carter1:23:4314'848Open7
9M9Corry Fitzgibbons1:24:1314'942Open8
10M10Michael Gabor1:24:1314'1043Open9
11M11Austin Young1:24:4312'6"120Open1
12M12Mike Bond1:25:1414'115650+2
13M13Scott Estrada1:25:3114'1244Open10
14M14Dave Meyler1:25:5812'6"240Open2
15M15Derek Dial1:26:2512'6"342Open3
16M16Mike Tessier1:26:5814'1343Open11
17M17Marcus Tingle1:27:3714'1442Open12
18F1Jen Fuller1:28:03F12'6"149Open1
19M18Eli Delaunay1:28:5512'6"41517&U1
20M19Dino Wilson1:29:0012'6"55050+1
21M20Dax Willard1:29:0214'1533Open13
22M21Kevin Crifasi1:30:2914'1637Open14
23M22Sean McHugh1:30:3912'6"640Open4
24F2Nina Oakley1:30:48F12'6"230Open2
25M23Sam Solomon1:31:0212'6"739Open5
26M24Ken Altman1:31:0614'176950+3
27M25Fred Andersen1:31:4012'6"86050+2
28M26Scott Boyles1:31:5412'6"949Open6
29M27Geoff James1:31:5712'6"1049Open7
30M28Mike Day1:32:3512'6"116050+3
31M29Stephen Pugh1:32:5914'185450+4
32M30Alex Pappas1:33:2014'1928Open15
33M31Nick Vivar1:33:5912'6"1248Open8
34M32Larry Ferguson1:34:2514'205350+5
35M33Doug Stoup1:34:3914'2148Open16
36M34Phil Regos1:34:4314'2243Open17
37M35Evan Derdowski1:35:0412'6"1324Open9
38M36Jason Hale1:35:1412'6"1439Open10
39M37Butch Martin1:36:3714'236550+6
40F3Lel Tone1:37:16F12'6"341Open3
41M38Adam McCowen1:38:3414'2449Open18
42M39John Brimm1:39:3914'2540Open19
43F4Shana Kaplan1:40:08F12'6"442Open4
44M40Walker Lewis1:40:2614'2635Open20
45M41Jim Fry1:40:2614'2747Open21
46M42Charles Snyder1:41:2712'6"1531Open11
47M43Joe Quinn1:41:5414'2846Open22
48F5Nichole Hull1:42:52F12'6"533Open5
49M44Joe Bayliss1:43:2014'295050+7
50F6Wendy Ackermann1:43:40F12'6"646Open6
51M45Dustin Ford1:44:3614'3039Open23
52M46Carlo Maravia1:44:4514'3137Open24
53F7Valerie Khachadourian1:45:48F12'6"75050+1
54M47Gary Leong1:46:1512'6"166550+4
55M48Randall Urushima1:46:2414'3245Open25
56M49Jeff Timmons1:47:0112'6"1732Open12
57M50Matthew Kweder1:47:1414'3338Open26
58M51Mark Griffin1:47:2314'3443Open27
59M52Bill Schmidt1:47:2514'356750+8
60M53Josiah Brackett1:47:3112'6"181217&U2
61M54Noel Young1:47:3414'365950+9
62M55Alex Gutt1:47:4112'6"1940Open13
63F8Brie Moore1:47:57F12'6"836Open7
64M56Mitch Boothe1:48:0614'375250+10
65M57Barnie Pugh1:48:1814'386450+11
66M58Jeremy Shapiro1:49:0112'6"2033Open14
67F9Connie Altman1:49:38F12'6"96150+2
68M59Wayne Prouty Jr1:49:5312'6"2133Open15
69M60Dakar Holbrook1:50:4314'3947Open28
70M61Jared Power1:50:5814'405150+12
71M62Charles Bowman1:51:5212'6"2237Open16
72F10Brenda McGirr1:52:06F14'15750+1
73F11Joan Vincent1:52:30F12'6"105650+3
74M63Connor Hollingsworth1:53:1112'6"231417&U3
75F12Teressmarie Tucker1:53:39F12'6"115350+4
76M64Dan Mathis1:54:1614'416350+13
77M65Mike Thayer1:55:0912'6"2435Open17
78F13Kim Field1:56:11F12'6"1239Open8
79M66Phil Segal1:57:1214'426650+14
80M67Brady Flaherty1:58:2312'6"2541Open18
81M68Dan Quam2:04:2412'6"265350+5
82F14Ashleigh Fisicaro2:04:42F12'6"1331Open9
83F15Juliette Urushima2:09:48F12'6"1441Open10
84F16Tricia Carter2:12:39F12'6"1536Open11
85F17Suzanne Ruegg2:15:21Surf149Open13
86F18Nancy Barna2:21:33Surf25350+1
87F19Amy Carnevale2:24:38Surf345Open14
88F20Anne Greenwood2:38:04F12'6"165250+5
89F21Taylor Sperier2:39:25F12'6"1715F17&U1
90F22Rachel Sperier2:39:26F12'6"1813F17&U2
91F23Julie Mitchell2:51:39F12'6"1943Open12