Thomas Maximus Wins The 2013 Silver Blade Regatta (On A 14!)

Silver Blade Regatta - Thomas MaximusThomas Maximus and Krisztina Zur dominated Saturday’s Silver Blade Regatta, winning both of the men’s and women’s races respectively. The event, now including SUP races for the third year in a row, is held at the US Olympic Canoe & Kayak Training Centre in San Diego and features both 200m and 2,000m SUP races.

Krisztina, the London Olympic Gold Medallist, won both distances comfortably, while¬†Maximus proved he’s not a one trick pony, trading his well-known unlimited board for a 14 footer and still taking the win in both the 200m and 2k events.

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[RESULTS] Silver Blade Regatta

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The event is held each year at the Olympic training centre in San Diego, which gives it an added level of significance. This year it was Jim Terrell and Alison Riddle who dominated.

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