Is This The World’s Most Beautiful SUP Race Series?

SUP Alps TrophyThere are a lot of SUP races around the world but I don’t think too many are as beautiful as these. The SUP Alps Trophy, held high in the mountains of Europe, has just released its schedule for the new year and promises another stunning season of breathtaking scenery alongside serious racing.

The SUP Alps Trophy debuted in 2014 and quickly garnered a reputation for producing some of the finest imagery in the sport…   → READ MORE

Beautiful Images From The Alps…

SUP Alps TrophySo we’ve completed two weeks of the 2014 NSP Euro Tour and already there’s been some very nice action. However it’s not just about the headline international acts, the Euro Tour is all about SUP racing in Europe, period. We wanna showcase the slightly less elite, but no less awesome races happening around the continent. Because there are a lot of them.

So this year there’s a new race series in Europe called the “SUP Alps Trophy” and it looks pretty awesome. No, it’s not going to attract the biggest names in the world, it won’t have the largest field nor will it offer the most lucrative prize purse. However if you want to paddle in some insanely beautiful locations, the SUP Alps Trophy can definitely help…   → READ MORE