How To Paddle Like A Pro: SUPAA’s Chase Kosterlitz Releases Supersized Race Training Guide

Stand Up Paddle race trainingHands up who wants to be a faster and stronger stand up paddler? Stupid question, right? But while the answer is obvious, how many of us actually focus on our SUP training? The training we need in order to become better paddlers and competitors.

Well if you want to step your paddling up a notch but aren’t sure where to begin, Chase Kosterlitz and the SUP Athletes Association have just released an ebook titled “SUP Training The Smart Way – The Ultimate Guide To Stand Up Paddle Training And Racing”. And it’s pretty impressive.   → READ MORE

SUPAA’s Plans For The New Year

SUP 11 City Tour Bart de Zwart Peter BartlAlmost twelve months ago to the day, back in January of 2014, we finally made the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association (aka SUPAA) a reality. Since then we’ve been working to positively impact the SUP racing experience by ensuring races are fun, safe and well organized.

We want to thank those who provided us with their support and feedback in our first year. In 2014 members from our board of directors and myself traveled through Europe, South America, Japan, Australia and the United States to teach SUPAA race official certification courses. We now have 30 certified race officials on 5 continents who will help promote the SUPAA mission in each of their paddling communities.   → READ MORE

Be Part Of The Global SUP Survey, Win Cool Gear

So the SUP Athletes Association wants to get a clearer picture of stand up paddling around the world. To do that, they wanna hear from you: SUPAA has just opened up a big survey that’s billed as the world’s first global SUP survey. And you can be a part of it.

But who wants to do a survey, right? All that time reading and clicking when you could be looking at photos of Chuck Patterson on Instagram instead. So as an irresistible sweetener, SUPAA is throwing in a few prize packs that contain some very cool gear.   → READ MORE

SUPAA On Race Starts: Let’s Make Them More Fair

Battle of the Paddle Elite Race startThe start of a SUP race can make or break your day on the water. In elite racing, falling off your board at the start means you’re instantly behind. It’s not much fun seeing the top guns sprint away while you’re clambering to get back on. Unless you’re a very strong paddler, your race could be over quite literally before it begins.

Sometimes a bad start is entirely the paddler’s fault. Too nervous, inexperienced or whatever the reason may be. However far too often it’s not the paddler’s fault at all, which makes things that much more frustrating. I’ve seen quite a few races where, to put it politely, the starts sucked.    → READ MORE

SUPAA And The ISA Are Working Together “For The Betterment Of The Sport”

2014 ISA Worlds Nicaragua Final Day (19)Saw an interesting press release today from the SUP Athletes Association (SUPAA), which describes their recent collaboration with the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Long story short: SUPAA and its President Chase Kosterlitz have been working with the ISA over the past couple of months to get its World Championship event running at a higher standard. After a couple of meetings in San Diego earlier in the year, the ISA liked what they saw from SUPAA and invited the group to Nicaragua to help ensure a well run World Championship event.

It’s not like the ISA Worlds were lacking for experience before this: Barrett Tester (same guy who runs the Battle of the Paddle) has been the race director for all three annual editions, while the event has the largest budget of any SUP race in the world fueling it. However this is an event with big ambitions (being a “World Championship”) that’s working toward an even bigger goal (getting into the Olympics), so the ISA is gonna need all the help they can get.   → READ MORE

Standardised SUP Race Distances? SUPAA Proposes New 5K/10K-Style Race Formats, Wants To Hear Your Opinion

Lost Mills SUP race germanyThe SUP Athletes Association just released an interesting proposal on the standardisation of SUP race distances. And they wanna hear your opinion…

In a bid to appeal to first timers and create some uniformity in the sport, SUPAA wants to promote a new set of standard race distances: 5km/10km/16km/52km. It’s much the same way that the running world has their 5km/10km/half-marathon/marathon formats. And I think it could work.   → READ MORE

An Anonymous Response To The Board Restrictions Debate

stand up paddleboard measurementsSo last week the SUP Athletes Association said we should have more board restrictions. And the internet subsequently went into melt down… Many are for the idea of limits on board design, however many are also against it. And some of those who are against it are REALLY against it. Judging by some of the responses, it was almost as if the Association’s President, Chase Kosterlitz, had walked into an NRA meeting and said “Hey guys, how ’bout some gun restrictions?”

But now that we’ve all had a few days to cool off, the Mullet has come through with a timely guest post that seems to have a pretty good take on the whole affair.   → READ MORE

This Response To SUPAA’s Board Restrictions Announcement Totally Misses The Point (Let’s Drop The Pitchforks, Shall We?)

Stand Up Paddle race board designSo the SUP Athletes Association announced their recommendations for board restrictions last week. Their proposal is basically three simple rules (for the width, weight and depth of race boards) that SUPAA wants to introduce at their sanctioned events in 2015.

Well since that announcement there’s been a LOT of chatter on the various news sites, forums, Facebook and in the parking lot. While a lot of the top paddlers and many leading brands are supportive of the move toward width/weight rules, there are clearly some that are not. In short: There’s been some debate in the SUP world this week… Lots of it. And that debate turned fiery when Corran Addison posted an open letter in response to SUPAA’s announcement, which was then reposted by Standup Journal.   → READ MORE

SUP Athletes Association Announces Board Restrictions; Width, Weight, Depth Limits From 2015 Onwards

SUP board restrictionsIn what may come to be seen as a landmark decision for the sport, the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association (SUPAA) has just released their recommendations for SUP race board restrictions.

After six months of behind-the-scenes activity, which included close collaboration with several leading board manufacturers as well as input from dozens of the world’s leading paddlers, the Association today announced their final draft of board specs. The rules will come into effect from 2015 onwards, when SUPAA plans to begin sanctioning major (and minor) races all around the world.   → READ MORE

Do We Need Professional Athletes In SUP Racing? Here’s Your Answer… (Spoiler: Of Course We Bloody Do)

Battle of the PaddleAfter the SUP Athletes Association came out with their much talked about “prize money payment debate” the other day, a few people responded by asking if we really need pro SUP athletes at all.

What? Do we need professional SUP athletes in this sport…? Really? To me that’s a ridiculous question and one that I don’t have the patience to even bother debating. To me the answer is simple: of course we bloody do!

But fortunately someone with a slightly higher degree of diplomacy has tackled the question…   → READ MORE

The Ugly, Hidden Side Of SUP Racing: Too Many Events Are Failing To Pay Out Prize Money On Time

Stand Up World Series HuntingtonI wish I didn’t have to write this post. Nobody likes whinging about money. Elite paddlers don’t race to try and get rich, they race because they love paddling, they love exploring new destinations and they love the camaraderie of the paddling community. They love having fun. If anyone was trying to earn a cosy life from being a professional stand up paddler, they’d obviously be in the wrong sport.

And in fact the vast majority of SUP races don’t even offer prize money. They don’t need to. Most races can attract plenty of paddlers simply because the event is going to be a fun time on the water.

However if an event does decide to offer prize money, whether it’s $2,000 or $20,000, then you’d kinda expect that it would be paid to the winners on time. But no, unfortunately that doesn’t always happen…

While the vast majority of race organisers do a great job, there are still far too many events (including some of the biggest races in the world) that are failing to pay on time or, in extreme cases, not paying at all. This is obviously hurting our sport and needs to be resolved, so the SUP Athletes Association took a closer look at the issue. Their post set tongues wagging on Facebook this morning, however instead of just banging on drums and complaining, SUPAA has actually come up with some logical, reasonable solutions to the problem, solutions that could help SUP racing become a better and healthier sport.   → READ MORE

SUP Racing Has A Few Issues; SUPAA Wants To Help Fix Them

SUPAA - Stand Up Paddle Athletes AssociationSUP racing is a fast growing sport and that means growing pains are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean they’re acceptable… For all the awesome events around the world there are still far too many problems that happen far too often at far too many races.

Check out this article from the newly-formed Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association, which highlights some of the issues and lays out a bit more of the SUPAA vision, and see if you agree or not. The post first appeared as a guest column on the Standup Journal site, while you can also check it out on the official SUPAA page.   → READ MORE

Who’s Running The Show? SUP Athletes Association Reveals Board Of Directors

Stand Up Paddle Athletes AssociationOn Monday we asked “what” is the Stand Up Paddle Athletes Association. Well now we know “who” it is as well, with the initial Board of Directors line up revealed. And it’s not too shabby…

The new organisation, which aims to promote the sport by giving the athletes a collective voice, will be helmed by: both of the reigning Molokai-2-Oahu Champions, National Champions, State Champions, European Champions, SUP adventure record holders as well as perhaps the most well-traveled SUP athlete in the world.

In case you missed our story yesterday or have completely avoided Facebook the past 24 hours (seriously, every three seconds I see new “such and such likes SUPAA” pop up in my news feed), here’s the elevator pitch (this is the group’s official “Mission Statement”):   → READ MORE

What Is The SUP Athletes Association, And What Does It Mean For The Future Of SUP Racing?

SUPAA - Stand Up Paddle Athletes AssociationSomething very strange took place at this year’s Battle of the Paddle California, though despite it being one of the most important events of BOP Week, virtually nobody saw it and very few people even heard about it: For once, a big chunk of the world’s best stand up paddlers sat down in the same place at the same time and chatted about the future of their sport.

Despite 500+ SUP races around the world each year, the Battle is still the only event that draws all the top athletes, but even then the week is a bit of a circus and paddlers rarely have time to get together. For this reason it was quite an achievement to get so many of the world’s best in the same room for three straight hours of animated discussion about the future of SUP racing.

That’s how the new SUP Athletes Association (or “SUPAA”) was born, though it’s a movement that’s been in the works for much longer than that. For the past six months or more, several of the top names in the sport have spent countless hours working to create an organisation that could play a foundational role in future Stand Up Paddle racing.   → READ MORE