Molokai Hero Travis Grant Joins the ‘Paddle Monster’ Training Community as Expert Coach

Travis Grant unlimited stand up paddleboardTravis Grant, one of the most respected paddlers on the planet, has joined the Paddle Monster online training community as a specialist SUP and outrigger coach.

As the only paddler to ever win Molokai both standing up and sitting down, Trav is one of the very few people that can offer world class insights into both paddling disciplines…   → READ MORE

WATCH: These Two Animated Skeletons Will Teach You How to Be a Better Paddler

paddleboarding-skeletons-videoWhat’s the difference between an elite and novice paddler? And how much better for your body is a good stroke technique? Watch these two paddling skeletons and find out…

This video comes from the Water Based Research Unit, which is based at Bond University on Australia’s paddling mecca of the Gold Coast and studies the physiological effects of surfing and paddling.   → READ MORE

This Guy’s Inspiring Body Transformation Will Remind You Just How Good of a Workout Stand Up Paddling Really Is

stand up paddle fitness trainingIn case you needed any reminding that stand up paddling is an amazing workout, take a look at this guy’s inspiring body transformation.

Two years ago, Dyllan Constable from Australia had never set foot on a paddle board. He was out of shape, overweight and had zero paddling experience. Fast forward two years and Dyllan is not only in amazing shape, he’s also mighty fast on a race board.   → READ MORE

NZ Training Camp with Molokai Champ Travis Grant

Travis Grant stand up paddlingNice little drone clip out of New Zealand, where reigning Molokai/Carolina champion Travis Grant has been residing/teaching for the past week.

Trav was down in NZ for an NSP training camp, though the current world number two also jumped in to the local Beach Race Series, where he held off a bunch of very talented locals to take the win.   → READ MORE

Larry Cain and The Mullet Get Ready to Launch ‘Paddle Monster’

Paddle Monster SUP race trainingOne of the best coaches in the sport has teamed up with one of the best websites to produce a very cool new offering. Larry Cain and Distressed Mullet have just announced Paddle Monster, a members-only SUP race training site that’ll be launching in April. Think of it as your virtual SUP gym.

Click through for more details…   → READ MORE

Larry Cain: “Improve Your Own Paddling by Helping Others Improve Theirs”

Larry CainAnother great blog post from the wise master (and ageless robot), Larry Cain, talking up the benefits of giving back.

Larry is one of the smartest paddlers in the sport. The 1984 Olympic gold medalist (sprint canoe) is still hitting podiums despite being twice (or 3x) the age of many rivals. He turns 53 in a couple of weeks but you’d never know that from looking at him.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Inside the World’s Greatest Paddling Team

EDT va'a Tahiti outrigger canoe paddlingIf your knowledge of the paddling world ends when the words “stand up” are dropped from the equation, probably not. But if you’ve ever spent five minutes in the world of outrigger canoeing (or its Tahitian equivalent, va’a), the name “EDT” instantly conjures up images of a team filled with mythical ocean warriors that win virtually every race they enter.

If you’re interested to know more about these warriors, you can now watch this great little documentary that’s full of insights into how Team EDT trains and competes, and why they’re just so damn good.   → READ MORE

Pacific Paddle Games: Last Minute Training with the Lahui Kai Boys

Pacific Paddle Games video 2015 Lahui KaiCheck out this great little clip from the Lahui Kai team, with their small but ultra elite squad going through its final paces at Doheny yesterday.

Featuring the hero of the Gorge Paddle Challenge and noted beer drinker, Kelly Margetts, along with whipper snappers Lincoln Dews and Jayden Jensen, this minute-long vid should get you just that little bit more amped for what is set to be a massive weekend.   → READ MORE

How To Paddle Like A Pro: SUPAA’s Chase Kosterlitz Releases Supersized Race Training Guide

Stand Up Paddle race trainingHands up who wants to be a faster and stronger stand up paddler? Stupid question, right? But while the answer is obvious, how many of us actually focus on our SUP training? The training we need in order to become better paddlers and competitors.

Well if you want to step your paddling up a notch but aren’t sure where to begin, Chase Kosterlitz and the SUP Athletes Association have just released an ebook titled “SUP Training The Smart Way – The Ultimate Guide To Stand Up Paddle Training And Racing”. And it’s pretty impressive.   → READ MORE

With An Eye On Molokai, Dave Kalama Officially Partners With PaddleFit

Dave Kalama stand up paddlingPaddleFit announced a new partnership with Dave Kalama last week, which will see the SUP legend become even more involved in the group as it expands its training accreditation programs around the world.

Kalama, who needs absolutely zero introduction, is becoming more and more active off the water these days.   → READ MORE

More Great Technique & Training Insights From The Ageless Robot, Larry Cain

Stand Up Paddling TrainingLarry Cain, the Canadian Olympic gold medalist, ageless robot and SUP racing stalwart, is back with another look at the art of stand up paddling technique.

If you’re a fan of Larry’s blog like I am, you’ll know the Canadian regularly posts some deep insights into SUP stroke technique and race training in general. When you consider this guy is a former Olympic champion, school teacher and current top-level coach, you know you’ve found someone who can help you paddle faster.   → READ MORE

Travis Grant On Technique, Training And The New Trifecta Paddle

Travis Grant Trifecta Paddle by QuickbladeCheck out this great interview with reigning Molokai and BOP champ Travis Grant. The full length clip is a little longer than what we’re used to, but it’s packed so full of great insights that I bet you’ll watch it right through. The reel includes everything from technique and training to Travis’ thoughts on paddle design and his plans for the future.

I’ve long said that Travis is the single most under rated paddler in the world: For someone who’s won just about every major race, Trav still flies under the radar. That might change now that he’s got a signature paddle on the market though. The Trifecta by Quickblade is a paddle the Aussie not only used to claim his two major victories last year (Molokai and the BOP Distance Race) but also one he personally helped design.   → READ MORE

Winter SUP Training

Winter Stand Up Paddle trainingThere’s another great post over on that you should have already seen, but that I’m going to post here just in case you haven’t.

While the Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas gear up for a long hot Summer and the Hawaiians shrug their shoulders at the very slight change in seasons, those situated a little further North actually have a problem when it comes to training for Stand Up Paddling from December to February…

If you’re not fortunate enough to get year-round warmth then the Winter months can be pretty brutal on your SUP race training, and the further North you go, the worse it tends to get. So what do you do when it’s too cold for SUP race training on the water? The Riding Bumps crew have a few pretty handy tips…   → READ MORE

Fun Times On Maui: Fresh Workouts With Suzie Cooney That’ll Make You A Fitter (And Better) Paddler

Suzie Cooney training MauiDuring my completely spontaneous but totally awesome two and a half weeks on Maui (which, sadly, ended yesterday) I was fortunate enough to catch up with a whole bunch of Stand Up Paddling’s who’s who. One of those was Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui fame.

I’m not usually a fan of one-on-one personal training, but Suzie gave me some solid workouts that turned out to be just as fun as they were effective. Not only are they entertaining, but Suzie’s training routines have one other big plus as well: They’re not only about making you fit, they’re entirely geared towards making you a better stand up paddler.   → READ MORE

If You’re Serious About Paddling Faster, Read This Post…

Larry Cain'sSUP TrainingWant to be a stronger, better, faster stand up paddler? Thn read these SUP race training guides from Larry Cain.

If you don’t know Larry already here’s a quick bio: Long career as a C1 Sprint Canoe champion, Gold Medal winner for in the ’84 Olympics, hails from Canada and is now a regular winner at the Stand Up Paddle races North of the border. Larry turned 50 earlier this year but can still be seen regularly schooling guys half (or even a third) of his age. I mean c’mon, Larry’s got his own Wikipedia page. That’s bad ass. Plus these days he works as a Phys Ed teacher, meaning Larry doesn’t just have an Olympic-sized knowledge of how to paddle, he also knows how to teach it, something that’s often very under rated (just because someone knows how to paddle fast doesn’t mean they know how to teach someone else how to paddle fast).

So there you go. Larry Cain knows his stuff. Long story short: If Larry Cain says something about SUP race training, you probably should listen…   → READ MORE

WATCH: SUP Race Training (The Fun Version…)

Stand Up Paddle TrainingBored with your current SUP training routine? Here’s how to get ready for your next big race and have a lot more fun at the same time. Watch this vid courtesy of Maui charger and Naish young gun Kody Kerbox and see how it’s done…

Kody’s been home training all Summer before hitting the road for two solid months of racing (first stop the Gorge this weekend). If that old cliche about “the person having the most fun is the winner” rings true, then I think Kody’s picked up a few podiums spots already…   → READ MORE

Larry Cain’s Carolina Recap: Training, Tactics And Why You Should Be Racing With A GPS…

Larry Cain. Not at the Carolina Cup.While yesterday saw many of us pouring over the OluKai results and the US East Coast already move onto its next big race in the Keys, it seems the Carolina Cup from a couple of weeks back isn’t quite done hogging the spotlight.

Here’s a great, detailed recap of the race from a very fine paddler (and pretty handy writer) – Olympic Gold Medallist Larry Cain. So click through and have a read to get Larry’s insights into one of the biggest races of the year. There are some gems in there, including race strategies, tactics, sparring with his old C1 rival Jimmy Terrell, and racing with a GPS…   → READ MORE

Here’s A Very Cool SUP Race Training Video…

Roman Frejo SUP videoHere’s a cool Stand Up Paddle training video (and good lesson in self-promotion) from Starboard paddler Roman Frejo.

Roman is one of Europe’s leading paddlers, having represented Spain at the recent ISA Worlds in Peru, and also having recorded an impressive result @ last year’s BoP (28th in the insanely competitive Elite Race). Click through to watch. Some very cool camera angles in there…   → READ MORE

EXPOSED: Team Quickblade’s Secret New SUP Race Training Techniques…

Jim Terrell and the Team at Quickblade Paddles are known around the world as one of the most successful Stand Up Paddle racing teams. Their roster boasts the likes of Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, Chase Kosterlitz, Fernando Stalla and dozens more of the world’s finest.

But now in this SUPracer exlusive, we can reveal the secret, ultra-stealth new training techniques being deployed by the Mad Scientist, Jim Terrell, to give his team that extra boost when they paddle. The secret’s out… CLICK THROUGH TO WATCH   → READ MORE

The SUP Race Training Week Continues: Jacko’s Gym, Day 5

Almost there! We’re up to Day 5 of Jacko’s gym and after this there’s only one day left… before you start it all over again next week 😉

Hope you’re feeling fit and ready for another SUP race training session!   → READ MORE