The Great Danish Paddle: Casper Steinfath is paddling 1400km *around* Denmark

When Casper Steinfath recently told me about a “new adventure” he was planning, I was already excited before he’d even shared the details. The Danish Viking is one of those guys who embodies the spirit of paddling I admire most — a desire to push oneself in the name of curiosity.

In the old days, Casper would have been setting sail on ships for distant lands. In modern times, those who yearn to explore must contend themselves with unfamiliar ways to experience places already on the map. And that’s exactly what The Great Danish Paddle is all about.

Over the next 40-50 days, Casper will paddle all the way around his home country of Denmark in a voyage of some 1400 kilometres (870 miles for the metrically challenged). Paddling 6-8 hours a day and camping most nights, Casper will circumnavigate the entire country. That’s like doing the 11 City Tour seven times back-to-back or 28 lengths of the Chattajack course without a day off. It’s bloody long.   → READ MORE