Watch the Chris Bertish Interview: “Why I Paddled Across the Atlantic Ocean…”

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While I was in Italy for the excellent Protect.Blue eco summit on the weekend, I caught up with Chris Bertish and asked him *why* he spent 93 days and nights paddling alone across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a long, fascinating chat with an extraordinary individual. Here’s a small snippet that we decided to film on Monday morning…

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Chris Bertish’s Other Atlantic Crossing Record: Making Paddleboarding Front Page News

Chris-Bertish-Transatlantic-Paddleboard-CrossingChris Bertish set a monumental record last week by completing the first ever transatlantic crossing on a paddleboard after 93 days alone at sea.

But while his 6500km (4050 mile) voyage is clearly an extraordinary achievement, one that may never be matched, Chris set another “record” that’s almost just as impressive: making paddleboarding front page news around the world.   → READ MORE

He Did It! After 93 Days and 6500kms (4050 miles), Chris Bertish Becomes First Person to Paddleboard Across the Atlantic Ocean (UPDATED)

Chris-Bertish-transatlantic-crossing-paddleboardIn brief: Early this morning, Chris Bertish made history by becoming the first person to paddleboard across the Atlantic Ocean, hitting land in Antigua after 93 days alone at sea to complete a monumental journey many thought he’d never make and perhaps nobody will ever match.

The South African big wave surfer and ocean adventurer departed Morocco on the 6th of December in a custom-built stand up paddle board that would become his home for the next three months.    → READ MORE

Epic Voyage: Chris Bertish Has Just Begun His 7,300km, 120 Day Solo Transatlantic Crossing

chris-bertish-paddleboarding-across-atlantic-oceanEarly Tuesday morning in the Moroccan port of Agadir, Chris Bertish took the first of what will be more than 2 million paddle strokes over the next four months, with the South African big wave surfer and SUP explorer seeking to become the first person to paddle across the Atlantic Ocean standing up.

The solo transatlantic SUP crossing will take roughly 120 days and cover approximately 7,300kms (~4,500 miles) of open ocean from Africa to Florida via the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. The unsupported voyage will see Chris eat/sleep/live on his specially-designed, futuristic-looking stand up paddle board.   → READ MORE

The Incredible Story of Nicolas Jarossay’s Abandoned Attempt to Paddle Across the Atlantic Ocean

Nicolas Jarossay Stand Up Paddle TransatlantiqueLast weekend, Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay boldly attempted to become the first person to stand up paddle across the Atlantic Ocean, however his brave voyage ended almost as soon as it began, with equipment failure forcing him to be rescued in rather dramatic fashion.

The 4,690km (2,915 miles) solo, unsupported crossing was expected to take 70-80 days, with Nicolas departing from Cape Verde (off the north west coast of Africa) and hoping to reach the Caribbean island of Martinique by the end of June. But instead of almost 5,000kms, Nicolas made it just 50kms before his historic crossing (and almost his life) ended in an instant.   → READ MORE

Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay Begins 4,690km Solo Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean (UPDATE: First Attempt Abandoned)

Atlantic Ocean Stand Up Paddle CrossingThe first ever Atlantic SUP crossing has begun. Just hours ago, Frenchman Nicolas Jarossay started his 4,690km (2,915 miles) journey, which will see him paddle his 21ft board all day every day for the next 2-3 months as he makes his way across the Atlantic from Cape Verde (off the north west coast of Africa) to the Caribbean island of Martinique.

Nicolas departed Cape Verde at noon on Sunday under sunny skies, with a stiff breeze at his back helping propelling his very long (and very heavy) board out into the wide open expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. If all goes to plan, the next time he sees land will be at the end of June…   → READ MORE

Top 15 of 2015: The Most Popular Videos of the Year

2015-stand-up-paddling-videosAs the year draws to a close and we reflect back on 12 months of paddling adventures, one thing that stands out is just how many awesome SUP videos were released in 2015.

From Carolina to Oregon to Doheny to Paris to Perth and virtually everywhere in between, there have been a tonne of awesome edits from the paddling community this year. Here are 15 of the best…   → READ MORE