Laird Hamilton Goes Foil Boarding

sup-foil-boarding-video-laird-hamiltonFirst it was Kai Lenny, then Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer. Over the past six months, SUP foil boarding has taken over our collective imagination. And now the world’s first modern-day stand up paddler, Laird Hamilton, is getting in on the fun.

Laird has actually been pioneering and experimenting with foiling longer than just about anyone, spending the past decade or more testing foils designed to ride massive open ocean swells off the coast of Hawaii. Most of that has been tow-in foil surfing though, and this is the first time I’ve seen footage of him foiling with a paddle in his hands.   → READ MORE

An Interesting Interview with PPGs Giant Killer Michael Booth

michael-booth-stand-up-paddleboardingCheck out this interesting little interview with the newly crowned world number two and PPGs giant killer Michael Booth, where he talks about some of the reasons behind his meteoric rise through the ranks over the past twelve months.

After a stellar run in Europe and a string of big results elsewhere on the circuit, Boothy announced himself as the distance paddler with a commanding victory in the Pacific Paddle Games six mile race, aka the most competitive event of all time.   → READ MORE

San Fran Downwinder with Jonas, Tom and the QB Crew

stand-up-paddleboarding-downwind-video-jonas-letieriHere’s an inspiring little clip that Quickblade posted a couple of weeks ago, featuring adaptive paddlers Jonas Letieri and Tom from San Francisco, who have both overcome the odds to enjoy the world of stand up.

Via QB’s resident filmmaker Chris Aguilar, the clip chronicles the trip to San Fran to score a downwind run.   → READ MORE

Watch Mike Jucker’s Behind the Scenes Vlog from the Maui Race

stand-up-world-series-maui-videoMike Jucker from Stand Up Magazin is back with another great behind-the-scenes race recap, this time from the World Series race on Maui, which saw some entertaining conditions for the surf race at Ho’okipa.

When you can’t get to a race, I feel these sort of vlogs give you a better insight than the standard short/sharp recap clips that events put out these days. Mike blends a good mix of race footage, personal commentary and interesting interviews with the athletes themselves.    → READ MORE

Sonni Hönscheid: Champion Paddler, Artist and Mercedes Benz Ambassador

sonni-honscheid-stand-up-paddleboarderSonni Hönscheid needs no introduction. The German powerhouse proved she’s one of the strongest paddlers in the world this year, claiming a record third-straight Molokai 2 Oahu crown along with back-to-back EuroTour titles.

However most people in the paddling community still don’t know Sonnni all that well. She’s quiet, humble and not too fussed about making a fuss.   → READ MORE

Return to the Gorge with Team QB

video-gorge-paddle-challenge-sup-race-quickblade-paddlesThere have been so many big races lately that one of the biggest of them all, the Gorge Paddle Challenge, seems like it was way more than six weeks ago. But no, it was only just over a month ago that we saw the community gather in Hood River, Oregon for one of the best weekends of the year.

Well if you’re having withdrawals from the bumps and glides of the Gorge, this three-part series of mini-films from Team Quickblade should keep you satisfied for a while. Featuring the likes of…   → READ MORE

Awesome Aerial Footage from the Pacific Paddle Games

pacific-paddle-games-videoWe’re slowly coming down from the high of the Pacific Paddle Games, but I don’t think we’ll be forgetting it any time soon. Especially not after watching this awesome clip from Matty Schweitzer and Team Starboard.

This is some of the best footage I’ve seen all weekend, and it’s already getting me amped up for #PPG2017.   → READ MORE

Zane and Connor Just Took the Foil Boarding Craze to a Bizarrely-Awesome New Level

stand-up-paddle-hydrofoil-sup-foil-board-videoZane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter have just taken the hydrofoil craze to a bizarrely-awesome new level, showing off their freakish talents at the Starboard dealers meeting in San Diego the past couple of days.

First up, Zane getting some lift courtesy of a windsurf tow-in behind Connor yesterday afternoon, which I thought that was impressive enough, but what they did the next morning was beyond epic…   → READ MORE

A Brief History of Dave Kalama

dave-kalama-history-stand-up-paddleboarding-videoWatch this very interesting short film about the life of the man, the myth, the legend, Dave Kalama.

Apart from being at the forefront of the SUP movement, Kalama could also list the following on his extensive resumé: alpine skier, pro windsurfer, big wave tow-surfing pioneer, high-level paddle coach, WSL commentator, TEDx talker, and father.

While his humble, laid-back nature means he doesn’t always have the Instagram reach of some of the other big-name paddlers, Dave is definitely one of the all-time most respected guys on the water. Whenever he speaks, people listen.   → READ MORE

This Whitewater Highlights Reel from Team Badfish Is Totally Badass

whitewater stand up paddle boardingNeed a little excitement to start your day? This highlights reel from Team Badfish should do the trick.

With everything from big whitewater runs to river surfing to sliding down a glacier, and featuring the likes of whitewater SUP pioneer Spencer Lacy and river surfer Brittany Parker, if this two and a half minutes of footage doesn’t inspire you to head for the mountains and go paddling, I don’t know what will.   → READ MORE

220kms in 27 Minutes: Daily Video Highlights from Every Stage of the 11 City Tour

SUP 11 City TourThe epic adventure that is the SUP 11 City Tour has been completed for another year, however the memories will linger long.

The 8th annual edition of this iconic race saw records on all fronts, from the massive participation (almost 200) to the number of countries represented (27) to the incredible amount of sunshine the competitors were bathed in (the weather was perfect this year), this small, rural corner of the Netherlands certainly turned it on over the past week.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Surprise Sunrise SUP Session with Orcas in Auckland

stand up paddleboarding with orcasStrike this up to being in the right place at the time. Earlier this morning, a bunch of paddlers in Auckland, New Zealand, enjoyed a very close encounter with a pod of orcas, and fortunately for us it was all caught on film.

The video above comes via the experienced adventure paddler and racer Sam Thom, who told TV NZ “It was great to see the orcas coming right up beside us and touching the boards, we were all both excited and nervous to be so close to them.”   → READ MORE

WATCH: Hot Air Balloon Surfing (Yes, Apparently That’s a Thing Now…)

hot air balloon surfing videoThis has gotta be one of the craziest, most ridiculous and most awesome things I’ve seen in a while: Hot air balloon surfing.

Starboard Germany’s Carsten Kurmis is the guy having all the fun in this clip, swapping out his paddle for the power of a hot air balloon that tows him across this lake in Bavaria.   → READ MORE

Molokai: Mike Jucker’s Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Most Prestigious Race of the Year

2016 Molokai 2 Oahu paddle board race videoGo behind the scenes of the fabled Molokai 2 Oahu race with this excellent (and highly entertaining) video diary from Mike Jucker. The clip is filled not only with plenty of action from the middle of the Ka’iwi Channel, but also some very candid athlete interviews that make this by far the most comprehensive recap of M2O 2016.

Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

This Official Molokai-2-Oahu Teaser Will Give You Goose Bumps

2016 Molokai 2 Oahu paddleboard race videoIn case you’ve been living under a rock, on Mars, with your fingers in your ear, you’d know that next weekend marks one of the biggest races on the international calendar: The Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championships.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the 2016 race from Molokai to Oahu is set to be one of the best yet, with an all-star field battling for pride, glory and the chance to etch their names in the history books. But just in case you weren’t already excited enough about the big dance, which is just five days away, this official promo clip should do the trick…   → READ MORE