Watch Some Great Video Highlights From Bilbao

Bilbao SUP challenge videosAnd the Euro Tour rolls on… Check out these great videos from Spain on the weekend, where Angie Jackson and Zane Schweitzer took out the Bilbao World SUP Challenge event.

This was a fun event in a really fun city, with the unique course along the river banks giving spectators (and cameramen) an excellent view of the action. Click through to watch some of the highlights…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Awesome Edit From 2014 Carolina Cup

Carolina Cup paddleboard race videoCheck out this great highlights reel from the 2014 Carolina Cup, featuring plenty of action, plenty of artistic angles and a few entertaining words from the paddlers themselves.

This is another classy edit from Fin Film Company’s Chris Aguilar (who’s released a LOT of cool videos over the years) on behalf of the Surftech/Bark crew.

I know we’re not even halfway through 2014, but I believe the Carolina Cup will go down as one of the races of the year, probably right behind the Battle in terms of exposure, hype, prestige and the level of competition on show. Do your best to get out to Wrightsville Beach in 2015…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Riviera Take A Boat, Some Big Names And A Drone To Preview The Battle Of Salt Creek

Well that was freakishly good timing.

Just a few hours after we posted our First Look at the 2014 Battle of the Paddle Course Maps, the crew from Riviera Paddlesurf finished uploading their special new video: A preview of the BOP’s new venue at Salt Creek.

The Riviera guys, along with everyone’s favourite man-child Chuck Patterson (plus a few other big names) recently took their boat, boards and drone camera to Salt Creek to inspect the area. On what looked to be a perfect sunny day (is it ever not summer in SoCal?), the gang captured some amazing shots and cool insights about the place we’re all gonna be hanging out on the first weekend of October.

In short: Everyone seems pretty excited about the new venue. Looks like a beautiful beach and has the potential to host an all time race if conditions play along.   → READ MORE

Video Highlights From The New South Wales State Titles

Southern Cross SUP FestivalA couple of good little clips from last weekend’s Southern Cross SUP Festival in New South Wales, Australia. The event, which acted as the official State Titles and a gateway to the Australian National Titles later this year, drew a small but quality field to Port Stephens, a few hours north of Sydney.

New South Welshman Toby Cracknell, who represented Australia in Nicaragua a couple of weeks ago, was the standout of the weekend, defeating young Kai Bates in the course race before claiming the distance event as well. Queensland’s Sondra Purser also made it a clean sweep on the women’s side of the draw.   → READ MORE

Watch As Over 300 Paddlers Compete In Puerto Rico’s Rincon Beachboy Race (Drones!)

Rincon Beach Boy SUP Race videoCool little clip from the 2014 Rincon Beachboy SUP race, an event that attracted hundreds of paddlers to Puerto Rico last month.

While the race was eventually won by Ryan Helm and Helga Goebel, it was more famous for having 310 competitors (aged between 4 and 72 years old) while also raising a whole lot of money for local charities.

Oh and there’s drone footage in there… what more do ya need?   → READ MORE

WATCH: A Very Unique, Insider’s View Of The OluKai Race

OluKai SUP race videoWe were sent this great clip this morning by Buzzy Kerbox, who had an insider’s view of last weekend’s OluKai Ho’oluale’a and used it to produce a really cool race video. Buzzy was on his jetski during the entire race, filming from inside the pack of 300+ paddlers as they made their way along the world famous Maliko downwind run, in what is one of the biggest SUP races of the year.

The video gives not only some really cool close-up shots of the action but also some very interesting commentary and insights…   → READ MORE

48 Hours With Andrea Moller: Watch The Downwind Queen Go Straight From The Plane To The Podium

Andrea Moller surfing jawsAndrea Moller is a machine. There’s no other way to describe some of her performances, especially the 48 hours of May 2nd and 3rd…

The Brazilian-turned-Maui-local flew to California last week to attend the Billabong XXL Awards (the Oscars of big wave surfing), where she was nominated for surfing some ridiculously large waves during the Hawaiian winter.

Despite the festivities, Andrea got up super early the next morning and jumped straight on the plane back to Hawaii. After landing on Maui just before lunch, Andrea went straight from the airport to Maliko Gulch for the start of the Paddle Imua race at 1pm. One hour and 23 minutes later, Andrea was crossing the line to claim yet another victory.   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama Speaks: Some Inspiring Words From The Carolina Cup

dave kalama motivational speechOne of the highlights of this year’s Carolina Cup was hearing Dave Kalama speak on the eve of the race. The big guy shared a story from his 2009 Molokai campaign, which didn’t end the way he wanted it but still taught him a very good lesson about quitting (or in Dave’s words “Being a whiny little bitch”).

It’s a little longer than the usual SUP edit, but definitely worth paying attention til the end. Watch above and enjoy. And remember: No matter how many excuses you can come up with, you don’t get in that boat…   → READ MORE

This Video Sums Up Why The Carolina Cup Is So Popular

Carolina Cup SUP videoWith the Carolina Cup just seven days away, I figured it was a perfect time to look back at 2013 and see why this event has grown so big.

There are hundreds of stand up paddle races out there, yet in just three years this event has grown to become one of the absolute biggest in the world. The Cup attracts hundreds of first time paddlers, hundreds of weekend warriors and dozens of the world’s elite to a small town in North Carolina for a true festival of paddleboarding.

As the leading athletes summed it up:   → READ MORE

WATCH: Casper And The Greeks Cross The Aegean Sea

Stand-Up-Paddling-in-the-Greek-IslandsThe Danish Viking, Casper Steinfath, recently joined the local Naish crew in Greece to complete an epic crossing of the Aegean Sea. The Greek Islands odyssey started on Paros and went 35 kms (22 miles) across the open sea to the world famous Mykonos (that island with all the cool white buildings/perfect blue water).

The Viking, looking very viking-ish with his new beard, summed up the crossing as “special” and sounded pretty stoked to share the experience with a diverse group of local paddlers, who ranged from stoked out groms to Greek national champions.   → READ MORE

“The Champs” Sum Up The Spirit Of Molokai

Molokai-2-Oahu-Champions-videoWith the 2014 Molokai 2 Oahu race just three months away (time flies…), it’s a good time to look back on last year’s event and reflect on what makes this race so irrationally enticing to so many paddlers. In a video released this week, titled simply “The Champs,” the leading contenders have their say about what makes Molokai so… Molokai.

While the video is technically about the 2013 event, it’s actually kinda timeless: This clip isn’t so much about last year’s race itself but more about the spirit of Molokai in general. There are some interesting comments from Kai, Danny, Andrea and a few others who took on what is perhaps the biggest challenge in the world of paddleboarding.   → READ MORE

A New Zealander Just Paddled 88kms Non Stop. Because He Could.

Sam-Thom-Stand-Up-Paddle-marathonIn yet another episode of New Zealanders Who Make Us Feel Lazy, here’s the story of a Kiwi doing an insanely long, solo paddle, just because they could. On Tuesday April 15th, Sam Thom paddled non-stop from Great Barrier Island back to Auckland city. That’s 88 kilometres (54 miles).

Departing at 7am from the island, the 25-year-old paddled for almost 11 hours before reaching Auckland just before 6pm. Despite having an escort boat for support, Sam stayed on the water the entire time. Eleven hours straight. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the guy was getting escorted by a pod of dolphins for part of the trip as well (check the vid at the 1 minute 34 second mark).   → READ MORE

From The Crew That Brought You Ocean Paddler, Here’s A TV Show All About SUP

What-SUP-Stand-Up-Paddle-TV-showCheck out this great promo clip for an interesting new TV show called What SUP, which is pretty much exactly what the name suggests: A program dedicated to all things stand up paddling, from racing to cruising to surfing and everything in between.

“What SUP – The World of Stand Up Paddling” comes from the same crew behind OceanPaddler.TV, so you know it’s going to be a slick production. Check out the promo clip above and you’ll see what I mean. The show is airing weekly on Time Warner OC16 in Hawaii and across the States on the Universal Sports Network.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Head Of The Dart Highlights Reel (SUP Racing In The UK)

Stand Up Paddling UK: Head of the Dart raceNice clip from the Head of the Dart race that went down in the UK over the weekend. The race, won by Starboard duo Ryan James and Marie Buchanan, drew 150 paddlers in yet another sign that the UK is emerging as a serious paddling nation.

According to the video that 150 number was actually the registration limit for the race (“sold out within a week”), which highlights just how much the UK SUP scene has grown over the past few years. Apart from sheer numbers, the nation also has plenty of solid talent plus a few super quick juniors rising through the ranks, so the future looks bright. Hell even powerhouse paddling nations such as Australia can’t muster 150 paddlers for a race, let alone sell out the registration, so good work to the community over there for getting their stuff together.   → READ MORE

Three Videos That’ll Get You Stoked To Go Downwinding…

Downwind SUP videoSo who’s up for a downwinder?

Downwinding, aka the most fun you can have on a stand up paddleboard, has gotta be the epitome of stand up paddling fun (you’re not a card-carrying member of the Cult of SUP until you’ve done a downwinder). And the only thing better than a good downwinder is capturing an epic session in HD. So if you need a bit of motivation to get out there or just wanna sit back and watch some awesome downwind clips, here are three of the best…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] This Is What SUP Racing In Lanes Looks Like

Australian-Flatwater-SUP-fest-videoNice highlights reel from the Australian Flatwater SUPfest that was held last weekend (aka SUP racing in lanes). This was the event that took over the Olympic canoe/kayak course in Adelaide for a couple of days and subjected a bunch of paddlers to the strange world of automatic start gates and straight line drag racing. It was, by all reports, a tremendous success.

So if you want to know what SUP racing in lanes looks like, click through for a great edit of the action. Plus, as seems to be a downright mandatory requirement for SUP videos these days, there’s some cool drone footage in there too…   → READ MORE

In Case You Needed Some Motivation To Get Out And Train…

Training for Stand Up PaddlingCheck out this short, sharp clip from the Quickblade crew that’ll definitely get you amped to get out there and train. With the 2014 SUP racing “season” unofficially starting this week – there’s a big race almost every weekend for the next six months – it’s probably a good time to find some added motivation.

I’ve always been a fan of QB’s motto (Train Hard. Go Fast. Have Fun.) and this footage sums it up pretty well. The small but elite squad featured in the video includes no less than three Olympians (and a 10x world champion). Not too shabby.   → READ MORE