WATCH: Riviera’s Dana Point Downwinder

stand-up-paddle-downwind-californiaAnother great vid from the Riviera crew. This one shows off their latest adventure: The Dana Point Downwinder from the harbour down south to San Clemente State Park.

The clip features everyone’s favourite protein powder spokesperson, Thomas Maximus, as well as the Riviera boys Taylor and Brandon Rambo. A couple of rising juniors (and names to watch) are also in there: Max Fleming and Daniel Russell.   → READ MORE

Casper Steinfath Looks Ahead To Season 2015 (The Worlds, The Olympics And More)

Casper-Steinfath-interviewGreat interview with everyone’s favourite viking, Casper Steinfath, looking ahead to the 2015 season and beyond.

Some interesting comments about the ISA, the Olympics and unity among the athletes. I believe this last point in particular is hugely critical right now. The sport entering a new phase of growth that could bring a lot of excitement and potential but also the risk of splintering groups taking the sport in differing directions.    → READ MORE

WATCH: Highlights From The ‘GlaGla’ Race – Cold Water Paddling In The French Alps

stand up paddle boarding race video franceCheck out this cool edit from the recent GlaGla SUP Race in the Alps. The cold water event attracted over 100 paddlers to Lake Annecy, which is in the freezing cold but incredibly beautiful mountains of eastern France.

The term “GlaGla” is apparently derived from the sound your teeth make when they’re chattering in the cold. And the race certainly lived up to it’s name: Winners had to stand on a podium covered in snow & ice while pretty much everyone was wearing either a wetsuit or even a drysuit. Yes, it was bloody cold.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Stand Up Paddling In The Snow With Slovenia’s Manca Notar

stand up paddling snow SUPCheck out this awesome video of Manca Notar showing off the fledgling sport of SnowSUP at home in Slovenia.

As we showed last week, Manca lives near some very beautiful mountains and loves to make the most of cold winter conditions, which this YouTube clip highlights perfectly.   → READ MORE

Full Length Highlights Reel From The Painkiller Cup (aka The ‘Caribbean Paradise’ Race)

Painkiller Cup BVIsA few days ago I posted a clip that proved very popular. It was a quick edit of last weekend’s Painkiller Cup, an exotic-looking team relay held in the paradise that is the BVIs, aka the British Virgin Islands (it’s somewhere in the Caribbean apparently).

While that first video was a brief highlights reel of the weekend, we now have the full recap video. And this clip makes the Painkiller Cup look like even more of a Bucket List race…    → READ MORE

35 Minute Film Shows Tahiti’s ‘IRONMANA’ Paddling Adventure In All Its Torturous Glory

Ironmana video TahitiIf you want an insight into how crazily awesome the IRONMANA race/adventure/week in paradise really is, watch this half hour film from last month’s epic event on Bora Bora.

IF you’ve been following our coverage of IRONMANA, you’d know this event is something very unique. The Ironmana is part SUP race, part prone race, part swimming race, part torture chamber, part holiday in paradise.    → READ MORE

WATCH: Highlights From A Unique & Exotic SUP Race In The Caribbean (The ‘Painkiller Cup’)

Painkiller Cup Stand Up Paddling videoCheck out this quick little recap of Saturday’s “Painkiller Cup” race in the British Virgin Islands.

Definitely one of the more exotic events on the SUP race calendar, the Painkiller Cup is a 14 mile inter-island relay, where three-person teams battle it out for the $5,000 winner’s cheque. The 2015 champs were Team Mexico, featuring Shelby Dela Rosa Taylor, Ryan Helm and Bicho Jimenez.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Giant Inflatable SUP Madness In Hawaii

supsquatch inflatable stand up paddle boardIn case you’re the one person on Facebook that hasn’t already seen this clip, here it is.

Everyone’s favourite bizarro pro surfer Jamie O’Brien and friends charging solid Sunset on a ridiculously oversized inflatable SUP board. Sunset isn’t usually a wave you mess around with, but then again JOB doesn’t really do anything by the book.   → READ MORE

Throwback: To When Nobody Knew What A Race Board Should Look Like (And Chuck Was The Terminator…)

Battle of the Paddle 2008In the world according to Instagram, Thursday is a day of reflection. It’s when we go memory-lane tripping and look back on some of our fondest times.

Throwback Thursday is basically just an excuse to post cool pics and vids from ages ago (plus fill a hole on a slow news day…). And what could be cooler than Chuck Patterson sporting a pair of Terminator-style sunnies as he races his way to a $10,000 prize in the first ever Battle of the Paddle?! Throwin’ it way back to 2008…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Riviera’s Awesome 2014 Highlights Reel

Riviera Stand Up Paddle Board VideoHere’s one last post for 2014 (or one first post for 2015 if you’re in Australia’s part of the world).

While we already counted down the Top 14 Videos of 2014 last week, this last minute entry from Riviera Paddlesurf would have been a very worthy addition.   → READ MORE

WATCH: The Year In Review With Quickblade’s 2014 “Mix Tape”

Quickblade Paddles mix tape videoWhile we already posted the Top 14 Videos Of 2014 a couple days ago, this one would have been a worthy addition to the list.

In typical Quickblade fashion, this new clip titled “Mix Tape” gives us the iconic paddle brand’s year in review in an unorthodox style. It’s a six minute montage showing highlights (and outtakes) from all the clips they’ve released over the past twelve months. And it’s awesome.    → READ MORE

The Top 14 Videos Of 2014

SIC Showreel preview pic
The Top 14 Of 2014 continues. Yesterday it was the Top 14 Races of 2014 and later this week we’ll have the Top 14 News Stories, the Top 14 Most Competitive Races and a few other highlights from the year past.

But today let’s check out the most popular film clips of the year. Which stand up paddling videos captured your imagination the most in 2014? Let’s find out…   → READ MORE

Ironmana: Drone’s Eye View Of Bora Bora’s Painful Paradise

Stand Up Paddling Drone VideoEarlier this month I had the pleasure/pain of competing in the epic “Ironmana” race, which is a cross between stand up paddling, prone paddling and swimming (the latter of which I’m still having nightmares about).

Ironmana takes place on the beautiful Tahitian island of Bora Bora, also known as the honeymoon capital of the world. But our week was no honeymoon… It was TOUGH.   → READ MORE

This Is How You Surf A Race Board…

Stand Up Paddle Race Board Surfing Boat WaveThis rad little clip has been doing the rounds of Facebook today. Click through to watch and you’ll see why.

It shows Brazilian paddler Marinho Cavaco putting on a masterclass in wash riding (or wake riding) behind a boat. This clip was filmed somewhere in Brazil, most likely Marinho’s home town of Sao Paulo. Though he’s not actually behind the boat, Marinho is surfing beside it…   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama, Jim Terrell And The Quickblade ‘V-Drive’ Paddle: Game Changer?

Dave Kalama Jim Terrell Quickblade V Drive PaddleThe Quickblade V-Drive paddle made a lot of noise upon its release earlier this year. With its unique double-dihredal design, the Dave Kalama-inspired paddle instantly became a must have among the elite and amateur paddling community alike.

Some even hailed it as a game changer. Well now in this new video, Kalama and Quickblade’s Mad Scientist Jim Terrell do a hard-hitting (pun intended) analysis of that claim…   → READ MORE

Watch The Battle Of The Paddle Brazil In 2 Minutes

Battle of the Paddle Brazil videoIf you’re the type of paddler that can’t sit still for more than two minutes, this little promo video from last weekend’s Battle of the Paddle Brasil should suit you nicely.

It’s only 1 minute, 45 seconds but shows pretty much everything from the weekend (except for the epic Beach Flags tournament, which is strangely absent…).    → READ MORE