Unlimited Downwinder Down Under

downwind stand up paddle boardCheck out this great little clip from a new year’s downwinder in Brisbane, Australia.

That’s NSP’s own Dale Chapman wearing the GoPro, paddling the 17’10” unlimited that he helped bring to life along with NSP designer Alain Teurquetil. This is the exact same model board that Travis Grant paddled to victory in Molokai last year…   → READ MORE

Countdown to Carolina: Three Months ’til the First Major Race of the Season

Carolina Cup stand up paddle board race 2016In exactly three months from today, a big chunk of the world’s top athletes, along with hundreds of amateur and first time paddlers, will be standing on the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, for the first ‘major’ of the season: The Carolina Cup.

Carolina has become famous for not only attracting the Travis Grants, Danny Chings and Annabel Andersons of the world, but for also drawing in hundreds of weekend warriors and first timers from near and far. Now in its 6th year, Carolina is not just a race, it’s a festival.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Bart de Zwart and Franz Orsi’s Round the World SUP Odyssey

stand up paddle world tourIf you only watch one short film about a round the world paddling odyssey today, make it this one. Last year, endurance race champion Bart de Zwart and photographer Franz Orsi took off on a rather incredible journey. Spanning five continents and countless adventures, this is surely one of the greatest paddle expeditions ever…   → READ MORE

Another Downwind Adventure in Cape Town

downwind stand up paddling video cape town 2016In case you needed any reminder that Cape Town is an all-time downwind hot-spot, check out this macking clip from last week.

Cape Town is famous for its windy conditions, but this looked like a particularly good day, with winds gusting up to 35 knots. You know it’s going to be a good run when you can hardly carry your board down the beach…   → READ MORE

(Very) Rare Sight Captured on Video: Stand Up Paddling with Orcas

Stand Up Paddle orcaOk so this is pretty cool. Earlier this month, a couple of lucky Kiwis went out for a paddle on their Red inflatables and came back in with a very unique experience to share.

The lucky paddler filming the show is Lyndon Chandler, and this all went down at Tahuna Beach, which sits on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island just after new year’s.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Mo Freitas’ Epic Paddle Journey Through Japan

Mo-Freitas-stand-up-paddling-JapanIf you’ve ever thought about paddling in Japan but needed a little more inspiration to book your trip, or if you just want to sit back and enjoy 7 minutes of SUP magic, watch this video.

Mo Freitas, one of the best paddlers in the world right now, did a solid tour of Japan late last year. And by the looks of it, he had a mighty fun time.   → READ MORE

Top 15 of 2015: The Most Popular Videos of the Year

2015-stand-up-paddling-videosAs the year draws to a close and we reflect back on 12 months of paddling adventures, one thing that stands out is just how many awesome SUP videos were released in 2015.

From Carolina to Oregon to Doheny to Paris to Perth and virtually everywhere in between, there have been a tonne of awesome edits from the paddling community this year. Here are 15 of the best…   → READ MORE

WATCH: Riviera’s Epic End of Year Highlights Reel

2015-stand-up-paddling-video-Riviera-PaddlesurfStop whatever you’re doing and check out this rather epic 2015 highlights reel from the Riviera Paddlesurf crew. There have been hundreds of great stand up paddling videos thrown down this year, but this has surely gotta be one of the best…

From cruising in southern California to the paddling paradises of Tahoe and Tahiti to finless surfing in Mexico and half a dozen other places in between, this clip has got it all.   → READ MORE

Watch the 11 City Tour in All Its Grand Glory

SUP-11-City-Tour-videoIf you’re not too busy for the next 47 minutes and 58 seconds, sit back and watch this very good (and very comprehensive) recap of the 11 City Tour.

Courtesy of indie filmmaker Greg Fulks, this reel does a great job of capturing the spirit of the 11 Cities, one of the longest and toughest races in the sport. The 2015 edition was a particular challenge, with brutal winds and piercing rain hammering competitors at certain points (we’ll never forget the morning of stage 2…).   → READ MORE

Behind the Scenes of the World’s Toughest Race — Video Journal from Bora Bora’s “Ironmana” Challenge

2015-ironmana-bora-bora-videoTahiti’s annual Ironmana challenge is part race, part torture test, part holiday in one of the world’s most paradisaical locations: The legendary island of Bora Bora. Unique doesn’t even begin to describe it, brutal is an understatement. It’s one of the most challenging yet rewarding events in the world of SUP, and something you should definitely consider adding to your bucket list next year.    → READ MORE

Gale Force Glides: Watch the Extreme “50 Knot Downwinder” in France

stand-up-paddle-downwind-run-extremeThink you scored a good downwinder recently? Your local run has nothing on France, where a few determined paddlers recently braved the frigid winter waters to score a 50 knot downwinder (and with a slick camera crew recording the whole thing).

To put “50 knot downwinder” into perspective: Most good downwind runs in Hawaii and Australia rely on about 25-30 knots, while the crew in Cape Town are known to push 40 knots on extreme days. But 50… that’s almost unheard of.   → READ MORE

The Wind in West Oz: King of the Cut Highlights Reel

King-of-the-Cut-downwind-SUP-videoGreat highlights reel from last weekend’s big King of the Cut downwind race in West Oz, which was won by Matt Nottage and Angie Jackson.

Via Reflex Films, this clip does a good job of showing just how fun the bumps are in this part of the world.   → READ MORE

Once Again, Downwind Master Jeremy Riggs Makes Us Jealous of Anyone That Lives on Maui

videos of stand up paddling in hawaiiJust in case it’s been more than a few days since you were last dreaming of a trip to Hawaii, here’s 4 minutes and 25 seconds of pure paddling perfection to set your mind wandering again.

This is another great stand up paddle video from Maui maestro (and downwind coach extraordinaire) Jeremy Riggs, who manages to travel down the famous Maliko run faster than just about anyone despite paddling at a lethargic cadence of around 10 strokes per minute.   → READ MORE

Watch: First Ever Korean SUP Racing Championships

stand up paddling in south koreaIn brief: Nice little clip from the recent stand up paddle race in Korea. Close to 100 paddlers came out for the inaugural Surf Ocean Cup, which acted as the first ever Korean National Championships.

From all reports, this event was the first major SUP race in the country.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Inside the World’s Greatest Paddling Team

EDT va'a Tahiti outrigger canoe paddlingIf your knowledge of the paddling world ends when the words “stand up” are dropped from the equation, probably not. But if you’ve ever spent five minutes in the world of outrigger canoeing (or its Tahitian equivalent, va’a), the name “EDT” instantly conjures up images of a team filled with mythical ocean warriors that win virtually every race they enter.

If you’re interested to know more about these warriors, you can now watch this great little documentary that’s full of insights into how Team EDT trains and competes, and why they’re just so damn good.   → READ MORE

Noa Ginella’s Tour Notes: Behind the Scenes with the Young Guns of SUP

Noa Ginella Tour Notes SUP videoCheck out this great little behind-the-scenes clip from everyone’s favourite SUP freesurfer/indie film maker, Noa Ginella.

The reel includes a who’s who from the world of the “young guns” – incl. Kai Lenny, Kody Kerbox, Connor Baxter, Mo Freitas, Tucker Ingalls and Riggs Napoleon – as they battle it out at the Huntington Beach Pro and just basically kinda enjoy life in general. Oh and it also features Kai taking an ice bath (so that’s the secret).   → READ MORE

Touring through Tahiti with Team Riviera

stand up paddling tahiti videoIn case you needed even more motivation to visit the paddling wonderland known as Tahiti, check out this recap of Team Riviera’s recent trip to the island.

Surfing perfect waves, paddling race boards through perfectly clear, turquoise-coloured lagoons, and generally just enjoying life in paradise. Sign me up.   → READ MORE