Results/Video from the Rincon Beachboy as Ryan Helm Wins Again in the Caribbean

Rincon Beachboy Stand Up Paddle Board race

In brief: Ryan Helm has taken out the 8th Annual Rincon Beachboy stand up paddleboard race in Puerto Rico, narrowly edging out Josh Riccio for the second week in a row to make it a clean sweep in the Caribbean.

I chatted with Josh after the race and he said it was a great event with a great turnout of stoked paddlers. He had a close battle with Ryan the whole way, switching the lead a couple of times before Helm picked up a bump and paddled clear in the closing stages.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Shark vs. SUP

stand up paddle boarder shark videoCheck out this clip of local paddler Maximo Trinidad, who got a little more than he bargained for while surfing Corner’s Beach in Jupiter, Florida yesterday. Maximo had his GoPro running when a shark smashed into the side of his board just after he took off on a wave, sending him tumbling and producing the classic response of “Holy shit!!”

Hats off to Maximo – he got straight back on his board and paddled out for another wave, apparently unphased by an encounter that probably would’ve sent most people scrambling for the shore.   → READ MORE

Carbon for Lunch: This Video Shows Exactly What Goes into Starboard’s “Carbon Sandwich” Board Construction

Starboard stand up paddle carbon board designIf you’re a little tired of reading those boring, overly-technical product brochures that talk about stand up paddle board design in some foreign language, you might appreciate this new clip from Starboard.

Instead of using those standard old “cross cut” diagrams that show what’s inside a board, Starboard decided to parody Iron Chef (I think?) in order to show you exactly how their “carbon sandwich” boards are made.   → READ MORE

Throwback Thursday: That Destruction Derby Race at Salt Creek a Couple Years Ago

stand up paddleboarding salt creekHow could we ever forget? The 2014 Battle of the Paddle at Salt Creek was one for the history books.

Not only did it produce some of the craziest destruction derby SUP racing footage we’ve ever seen, it was also turned out to be the last ever BOP. A fitting farewell for the event that almost single-handedly gave rise to the sport of stand up paddleboard racing.   → READ MORE

Highlights from the 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Santa Cruz Paddlefest SUP videoThanks to the crew at Riviera, here’s a cool little highlights reel from last weekend’s showdown up in Santa Cruz, where the likes of Fiona Wylde, Shae Foudy, Izzi Gomez, Giorgio Gomez, Mo Freitas, Slater Trout, Ryan Helm, Noa Hopper, Brennan Rose, Brandon Rambo and many more were in fine form.

The Santa Cruz Paddlefest scored a solid swell for its 30th annual edition, with the iconic Steamer Lane lighting up all weekend…   → READ MORE

Drone: Awesome Aerial Footage from the ‘City Surf Series’ in New Zealand

stand up paddle drone videoTo prove once and for all that everything looks better from above, sit back and enjoy this great little clip from last week’s City Surf Series race in Auckland, New Zealand.

The long-running series, which holds a race almost every Thursday from November to March each year, hosted a special ‘Ultimate Paddle Day’ for its 13th and final event of the summer.   → READ MORE

“And for my next trick…”

Stand Up Paddle surfing videoJust in case you were getting bored with your standard training routine, here’s a new challenge for you: One-legged race board surfing.

This rad little vid comes via Casper Steinfath, aka the Danish Viking, who’s clearly enjoying his pre-season training camp on Maui.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Rare Footage of Surf Racing in the 1930s

surf boat race video black & whiteCheck out this classic archival footage from Bondi Beach circa 1938, showing what stand up paddling would have looked like (or at least: Sounded like) in the 1930s.

I’m not sure which is more impressive – the footage or the commentary.   → READ MORE

Dave Kalama & Friends Take Over Maui on a Big Inflatable SUP

giant inflatable stand up paddleboardIn case you somehow forgot to follow us on Facebook or Insta, here’s a great little clip that’s been doing the rounds the past 24 hours.

Dave Kalama and friends taking over Maui on the aptly-named “Invader” giant inflatable stand up paddleboard from Imagine Surf.   → READ MORE

WATCH: SUPerstar Titouan Puyo On Fire in New Zealand

stand up paddle video new zealand SUPGreat clip of Titouan Puyo’s trip to New Zealand last week, where the NSP superstar won four races in the space of six days against some extremely talented locals.

There’s some great footage in here. Pay special attention at the 3:50 mark, where Titou catches a non-existent bump and seems to effortlessly cruise up the inside and into the lead. As the cameraman says: “Amazing…” No wonder this guy is ranked top five in the world.   → READ MORE

NZ Training Camp with Molokai Champ Travis Grant

Travis Grant stand up paddlingNice little drone clip out of New Zealand, where reigning Molokai/Carolina champion Travis Grant has been residing/teaching for the past week.

Trav was down in NZ for an NSP training camp, though the current world number two also jumped in to the local Beach Race Series, where he held off a bunch of very talented locals to take the win.   → READ MORE

Paddling in Norway’s Winter Wonderland

stand up paddling in norwayCheck out this very cool (pun intended) little clip out of Norway, which shows once again that stand up paddling is fun no matter how warm or absolutely freezing cold it is.

Featuring Fanatic team riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht, this nicely edited piece was captured in temperatures as low as -21°C (-6°F).   → READ MORE

Unlimited Downwinder Down Under

downwind stand up paddle boardCheck out this great little clip from a new year’s downwinder in Brisbane, Australia.

That’s NSP’s own Dale Chapman wearing the GoPro, paddling the 17’10” unlimited that he helped bring to life along with NSP designer Alain Teurquetil. This is the exact same model board that Travis Grant paddled to victory in Molokai last year…   → READ MORE

Countdown to Carolina: Three Months ’til the First Major Race of the Season

Carolina Cup stand up paddle board race 2016In exactly three months from today, a big chunk of the world’s top athletes, along with hundreds of amateur and first time paddlers, will be standing on the sand at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, for the first ‘major’ of the season: The Carolina Cup.

Carolina has become famous for not only attracting the Travis Grants, Danny Chings and Annabel Andersons of the world, but for also drawing in hundreds of weekend warriors and first timers from near and far. Now in its 6th year, Carolina is not just a race, it’s a festival.   → READ MORE

WATCH: Bart de Zwart and Franz Orsi’s Round the World SUP Odyssey

stand up paddle world tourIf you only watch one short film about a round the world paddling odyssey today, make it this one. Last year, endurance race champion Bart de Zwart and photographer Franz Orsi took off on a rather incredible journey. Spanning five continents and countless adventures, this is surely one of the greatest paddle expeditions ever…   → READ MORE