The Waikiki Paddle Festival is a major new Stand Up Paddle event presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection.

The 2012 event took place the 5th and 6th of May on the beautiful sands of Waikiki.

Stay tuned for details of the 2013 Waikiki Paddle Festival and in the meantime check out SUPracer’s recap of the event.

>> 2012 Waikiki Paddle Festival Results

>> Jim Terrell’s Waikiki Paddle Festival Recap

>> Waikiki Paddle Festival Awesome Race Footage

>> Waikiki Paddle Fesival Post-Race Interviews

>> Waikiki Paddle Festival Photos

>> Preview With The Pros! (watch Travis Grant, Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, Jenny Kalmbach and other SUP race champions preview the race)

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859 Days Later: Finally Has A New Facebook Cover Photo Facebook cover photo
It only took me two and a half years, but the Facebook cover photo has finally been changed.

As you will see, highlighted by the fact that I’m about to write 1,200 words on a topic most would suggest doesn’t even warrant a simple caption, I take my cover photos seriously. Like the exchange of flags between host cities at the Olympic Games closing ceremony or the inauguration of a new President, the changing of our Facebook cover photo is a weighty subject.   → READ MORE

Awesome Waikiki Footage

Check out this slow-mo footage of the action @ the Waikiki Paddle Festival, as well as a private Hawaii Kai training run with the Surftech team.

It might be a blatant plug for Surftech, but when the footage looks this cool who cares. Click through to watch…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Waikiki Race Video + Interview With The Champ

Check out a quick interview with C4’s back-t0-back champion of Hawaii, Travis Grant. There’s some great race footage in there as well.

Grant took out the Waikiki Paddle Festival Survivor Race on Saturday, winning an all-star final that included Danny Ching, Jamie Mitchell, Connor Baxter, Jake Jensen, Kelly Margetts, Paul Jackson and Slater Trout.

Check out the full results from the Waikiki Paddle Festival, or just click through to watch the video of Travis Grant…   → READ MORE

Jim Terrell’s Waikiki Wrap-Up

The Waikiki Paddle Festival has just wrapped up and it was a massive weekend of stand up paddle racing. Quickblade’s Jim Terrell was in town to be part of the fun, so we grabbed a special Mondays With The Mad Scientist! Waikiki Video Edition. Click through to watch Jim’s recap of the event…   → READ MORE

[RESULTS] Waikiki Paddle Festival (All Races)

The Quiksilver Waterman Collection’s Waikiki Paddle Festival has just wrapped up. It was an epic event with awesome paddle racing all weekend.

The big winners from the weekend were C4’s Travis Grant (1st Survivor/3rd Long Distance) and Gillian Gibree (1st Survivor/1st Waterwoman Challenge).

Check out all the results, pics and videos from both Saturday and Sunday’s races.   → READ MORE

Waikiki Paddle Festival – Survivor SUP Race Results

The main event from this weekend’s Waikiki Paddle Festival, the Survivor SUP Race, has just wrapped up. This was one of the coolest SUP races I’ve seen, and I think most of the crowd agreed. It was like having five, short, sharp Battle of the Paddle races all in a row. We’ll have more details later, but here are the elite paddlers that made the final round…

Waikiki Paddle Festival – Survivor SUP Race RESULTS

1st: Travis Grant (C4 / Australia)
2nd: Danny Ching (404 / California)
3rd: Jamie Mitchell (Surftech / Australia)
4th: Connor Baxter (Starboard / Hawaii)
5th: Jake Jensen (Naish / Australia)
6th: Kelly Margetts (Lahui Kai / Australia)
7th: Paul Jackson (Fanatic / Australia)
8th: Slater Trout (Infinity Boardworks / Hawaii)

1st: Gillian Gibree (SUP Company / California)
2nd: Jenny Kalmbach (Naish / Hawaii)
3rd: Candice Appleby (Surftech / California)
4th: Angie Jackson (Fanatic / Australia)
5th: Terrene Black (C4 / Australia)

Get More Results: Waikiki Paddle Festival Final Race Results

[VIDEO] Waikiki Paddle Festival: Preview With The Pros

Watch the pros of the Stand Up Paddle racing world preview the big weekend @ the Waikiki Paddle Festival.

Travis Grant // Danny Ching // Paul Jackson // Jenny Kalmbach // Connor Baxter // Steve Walker // Tom Carroll // Angie Jackson // Jake Jensen

Waikiki Paddle Festival – Event Schedule

The Quiksilver Waterman Collection’s Waikiki Paddle Festival is just three days away. It’s set to be one of the biggest weekends of Stand Up Paddle racing in 2012, with almost all of the world’s elite SUP racers in town for the event.

The whole weekend will be webcast live on as well as right here on Also make sure you’re following SUPracer on Facebook, so you get all the exclusive race updates, pics, videos and interviews from inside the event.

If you want to join in the fun, click here to register and race alongside the world’s best. Or click “Read More” to see the FULL SCHEDULE…   → READ MORE

Hello Hawaii

Four days until the big race!

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is happening this weekend. SUPracer is in town, are you?

The biggest stars from the world of Stand Up Paddle racing will be battling it out on May 5th & 6th at Waikiki.

Be part of the fun – click here to register now.   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Jamie Mitchell Chats About Waikiki Paddle Festival’s “Survivor” SUP Race

Time to start getting excited: The Quiksilver Waterman Collection’s Waikiki Paddle Festival is just over a week away!

SUPracer will be on location, bringing you all the action live from Waikiki, including coverage of the epic new “Survivor” SUP race.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the new Survivor format, then watch the video of Jamie Mitchell chatting about this new type of stand up paddle race. It’s basically the Waikiki Paddle Festival’s own take on the “Elite Race”. CLICK TO WATCH:   → READ MORE

SUPracer On Location @ Waikiki

The flights are locked and now SUPracer is heading to the Waikiki Paddle Festival.

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is happening May 5th-6th at, you guessed it, Waikiki.

It looks set to be one of the biggest stand up paddle races of the year and will be on location to bring you every minute of the action.

Stoked!   → READ MORE

First Look @ The Full Waikiki Paddle Festival Course Maps

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is only four weeks away, with all the action happening on the 5th & 6th May.

The weekend looks set to rival the Battle of the Paddle as one of the real gotta-be-there races of the year.

Quiksilver Waterman Collection have just released the race course maps, so check out where the action will be happening and start booking your flights to Hawaii!   → READ MORE

Start Booking Your Flights: Waikiki Paddle Festival Registration Is Now OPEN

Start looking for some flights to Honolulu in May… registration for the Waikiki Paddle Festival presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection is now open.

All the action is happening on the 5th & 6th of May and the event is shaping up to be one of the biggest and most exciting SUP race weekends the year.

Click through to find out how you can register for the event and claim your spot on the beaches of Waikiki…   → READ MORE

Waikiki Paddle Festival: More Race Details Revealed…

More details are emerging about the Waikiki Paddle Festival, and it just keeps getting better…

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is a major new Stand Up Paddle event presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection on May 5th & 6th.

We announced details of the main event (the “Survivor SUP Race”) here on last week.

It’s going to be a unique new race with a really cool new format, and from the sounds of things, everyone in the paddling community seems pretty stoked about as well.

But there’s another race on that weekend that’s going to be just as cool: The Ultimate Waterman Challenge.

Click through for all the details…   → READ MORE

[VIDEO] Jamie Mitchell Talks Waikiki Paddle Festival (Big Names, Big Races, Big $$…)

Here it is! We’ve heard rumours and whispers about this one for weeks, but now the details are finally out of the bag and it sounds like this will be one of the biggest and most exciting SUP races of the year…

The Waikiki Paddle Festival is a major new Stand Up Paddle event presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection on May 5th & 6th.

It will be a two-day event filled with a tonne of races, a tonne of big name paddlers, and a tonne of prize money. Plus the whole thing will be streamed live via webcast around the world. The focus is on Stand Up Paddling, though in the true waterman spirit, there’s also going to be OC-1, OC-6 and Prone Paddleboard races.

Click through to watch the video of Jamie Mitchell and Peter Mel announcing all the cool new details…   → READ MORE